Arsenal 2-1 West Ham: 6 reasons why this win looked good on paper

I didn’t see last night’s 2-1 FA Cup victory over West Ham – but even on paper it looked pretty damn good.

Here are 6 reasons why:

1. Before the Liverpool game I believed that this was not a side that could come from behind. To my eyes our style of football relied on getting in front to get results, to prevent teams nicking a goal and then stifling our passing game by getting every man behind the ball. The win at Anfield gave the suggestion that this team had the fight from behind and last night’s victory just reconfirmed it.

2. Aaron Ramsey has stepped up since Cesc Fabregas went off against Tottenham. Two trademark crisp finishes from two games shows he has not hid in the captain’s absence and bodes extremely well for the future. He certainly loves a shot too, something I think every Arsenal fan appreciates.

3. Eduardo’s predatory instincts are on the rise again. By all reports he wasn’t great last night but his goal was of a kind that no-one else in the team is capable of scoring. That’s two in two for the best finisher in the squad and a confident Eduardo could mean all sorts of trouble for opposition defenders in the coming weeks and the likes of Chelsea, United and Liverpool in a month’s time.

4. Lukasz Fabianski’s goalkeeping looked as impressive as his new haircut. It’s clear he is the long-term replacement for Manuel Almunia but strong performances like this one will only improve our defensive record by ensuring the Spaniard keeps on his toes.

5. Carlos Vela gave his most telling contribution of the season by providing the assists for both goals. The first required sharp reactions to a tight situation while the second was the sort of cross that we have been crying out for all season. Some may say the young Mexican has been a disappointment this season but those two moments illustrated the qualities he possesses.

6. With Bolton and Everton coming up in quick succession progression to the next round justified Arsene Wenger’s decision to rest Andrey Arshavin and a number of other first-choice players. There will be no excuses for a lacklustre performance on Wednesday night and with the likes of Abou Diaby and Samir Nasri rested only a fool would bet against us beating Bolton at The Emirates.

Well done boys! Well done!

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  1. I think you were right, our young side has never had a good track record from coming behind & win the match but last night’s match proved otherwise. It is nice to see both E9 & Vela made an impact right after two subs coming in; it showed that our players compliment each other really well. Sadly, Merida & Wilshere didn’t take up this opportunity to win fans’ hearts, perhaps loan move will do good for the boys. And as for Ramsey, only 1 word to justify his performance, brilliant. Next season, he’ll be more decisive. Good job boys

  2. Agree on Fabianski but would go further to suggest he is ready to replace Almunia now. Not that I think he is Seaman or Lehmann material but certainly better than Almunia.

    Does anyone know why Rosicky was not even on the bench yesterday?

  3. Hey guys – thanks for your input. New readers or just new commenters? 🙂

    I think Almunia is JUST doing enough to keep his spot at the moment, so hopefully Fabianski’s good showing will force him to up his own game. The thing with both our keepers is that they are both good shot-stoppers – I don’t think Fabianski made any saves that Almunia wouldnt’ve. Almunia’s issues at the moments are with the crosses.

  4. Hmm, Mixed bag really. It was a bit like amateur night for the first half- Wilshere and Merida’s passing and decisions were woeful and the expediancy of the Hammers broke up our play and concentration. The intro of Diaby and Nasri to tired West Ham legs was the difference- Diaby really does look unplayable when he is in this form- the incisiveness was lifted immediately and instantly we looked dangerous. Well done to Ramsey and Velas – his contribution in the second half was good to see. Vela and Eduardo as a front line was not that convincing before the changes though, Eduardo was floating ineffectually in the first half and only looked better in the more central position after the subs. He looks unhappy and we can only hope that confidence and game time will bring back a smile and the goals that will surely follow. It says something about his ability that he is still scoring whilst obviously not being ‘on song’. And on that somewhat trite segway, it is seriously concerning on how we are going to cope without Alex Song while he is away on ACN duty- he has been inspirational over the last year and i challenge anyone to name a better performing defensive midfielder in the premiership this season. We can only hope that Le Boss gets the old cheque book out this week to bring in some much needed cover- Denilson is out, Ramsey and Nasri too offensive and Diaby is a bit too box to box to not leave our back 4 exposed. I would like to see another CB as well as I am sure Lord Lucan …. er…I mean Phil Senderos will be off. Interesting times- our second string showed themselves to be a ways off the first team at the mo and loans would be helpful – we are really well placed and if we had no injuries and all our best players up to speed I think we would be the best team in the league this season- sadly that isnt the score so a couple of smart purchases may bring the depth to make this a championship winning outfit.

  5. I thought Wilshere was good, Merida was the one who didnt do it for me, and Silvestre was slow for the offside trap which lead to their goal, other than that the rest were okay.

  6. proud of the arsenal squad to get back amongst the title race. at one stage we were 11 points behind chelsea and now should we win at home against a manager less Bolton we are 1 point behind going into a period were chelsea will have no essien and drogba. mind you we will be without song who has been a revelation this year. when we needed a holding midfielder we needed a player with passing skills and the ability to retain the ball (not just win it). essien, Fletcher, mascherno none have songs ability on the ball nor can they pass like him. he is a perfect fit. yaya toure was the only other midfielder i hoped we would get as he is similar to song. scott parker, lorik cana ect these players have nose bleeds when the ball comes to their feet – they aint arsenal type players. i never bought into the idea arsenal needed a thug in midfield. we needed a classy holding midfielder and we have found one internally. back to the title race. if current form continues arsenal will be the new league leaders. man united have been questionable all year as have we and chelsea. it¿s there to be won. arsenal can very easily win it. this is our chance. with fabregas playing like a super hero (at present moment the best midfielder in the world) supported by a born again diaby the newly consistent song and the youthful energy of aaron ramsey along with the plain but handy denilson we have a midfield capapble of being champions. clichy needs to get fit again and gallas and vermaelen have to stay fit (they have managed half the year and they need to manage the second half). arsenal look fresh. man united look ordinary and tired. chelsea look a bit stale to and ancelotti seems insecure and intimidated my his upcoming battle with mourinho. long may mourinho continue to bait him. things seem to be falling into place.

  7. with every performance Ferguson feels sick he sent the nev to greet aaron ramsey. we really are lucky Ferguson cocked up here. ramsey was old Trafford bound. he went to Carrington but was greeted by stuffing gary Neville!!! youve missed a trick here man united. he could have been your player. not just one for the future but one for the now

  8. Diaby and nasri was great yesternite, the team lack composure before d introduction of d 2 subs. I hope mr wenger bring in a striker and dm to bolster d team. Am pretty sure we are winning a silverware dis season. UP GUNNERS

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  9. All big clubs will be on a decline for the simple reason of the finance. Boards are becoming more nervous about the credit crunch which has hit the premiership late. It means boards don’t want to spend ridiculous anmounts as they are unsure if they can actually fund it where as before they just smiled and handed it over. Liverpool used to be a big player in the windows is it any wonder that they have been found to have financial difficulties it is coming back to haunt them even before they have started paying out for a stadium! Man United I am not too sure about but I would ask questions as they recieved 80 million yet have had to sign a striker on a free ?!? Yes they signed Valencia but how much did they cost? It is also well published that Llajic or whatever his name was fell through as they couldnt finance it! It was only 9 million, so are the Man U board actually starting to worry? Chelsea and Man City have sugadaddies in the seats so they will be fine as long as they remain interested. Other clubs such as Villa, Tottenham and others in that mold generally try to break even over a season money spent normally comes from selling which is why they have caught up so well this year. The big four havent really improved their teams due to the credit crunch and the effects it is having whereas smaller big clubs have improved and more importantly have improved effectively. The January window could be interesting as I can see the likes of Van Der Vaart and Huntelaar and other top players sitting on benches being gained through loans so that they are able to get into the world cup squad.

  10. we’ve just seen off West Ham with most of our team out injured or having a rest and Man U have lost at home to a third division outfit using a team that cost £65m?

    Ah the joy of football, the smell of the fish, the crash of the iceberg, and pickled herring for tea.

  11. we arsenal fans real need to see more goals being scored, and that can only be achieved by wenger buying a strong experienced striker like hunteler. we do not like to see arsenal playing playoffs.

  12. Ianinja – Silvestre wasn’t slow for the offside trap, he was out in time, but others played Diamanti onside. Under the circumstances it was the wrong choice to try to step out, c’est la vie…

  13. it was one of those wins that makes you relax and feel the season is ours. wenger should just fortify the squad more and be hopeful for atleast a double this season. Lanre from Berger,Lagos, Nigeria. Gunner for life

  14. I underline the item 5. The cross by Vela to assist Edu’s header was outstanding ❗ 😉

  15. Sad new year gooners. I thought my boys put up a very good fight considering the depletion of the squad. We had a very good 1st 1/2 and even better 1st 15mins in the 2nd half but……didn’t take our chances. As the second half went on our legs began to tire and yr subs finished us off. Diaby, who is looking so powerful, took total control and began to boss things with Song who was again your titan. Fantastic header by Eduardo. Did Vela mean that cross or was he slightly stretching! As i have been saying about young Jack, e has lots to learn when it comes to decision making, tries to hard to beat players. He needs to go out on loan in order to sharpen up and get a few hairs on his chest. I take positives out of the game by the way we played. Our commitment to the cause was excellent. If we can maintain that level and stay away from any more injuries we might just make it. Gooners, Andy, Shambo, did any of our youngsters catch your eye. What did you all think about young Frank Nouble up front, in the mold of Carlton Cole but not quite as quick but a very good prospect. He caused 1 or 2 problems to Gallas. Good cup tie Gooners…….Up de ammers.

  16. hey ice
    i liked the look of junior stanislav,nouble is very raw but the fact that zola prefers him to sears already shows he must hav something about him…behrami put in his best shift in your colours thus far,i think kovac isnt up to much at the mo mate,i hear u may be swapping upson for pavelachenko…..dunno if ud want that cos tomkins isnt ready yet…can u see us signin any1 in this window?
    andy wot afl team do u follow dude

  17. with regards to song at the last acn he was cameroon,s best player, many have said he,s the most improved player in the last season but song has always been class he just needed games to prove it, i have to say ramsey is starting to look the part i hope his development for the west ham game i thought the hammers acquitted themselves very well and were with out doubt the better team in the 1st half but a big shout out to our fitness coach because we always finish games the stronger team. wenger got the subs spot on as merida and wilshere didn,t really cause the hammers any problems but when nasri and diaby came on it was a different ball game and to be honest we could have scored 2 or 3 more goals towards the end of the game.

  18. Shambo, yr right about Kovac but i hear that Wenger was looking at him. Upson is now going nowhere because he cant get his salary matched. Tomkins is a very good prospect but far from the finished artical. Concerning signings, look at my list on available players linked to transfer rumours: Henry, Van Nistelrooy, Benzema, Mahamadou Diarra, Dudek, David Villa a must because it will take Van Percy ages to get anywhere near his previous level, Diego Forlan, Wenger should not let this one pass him by, Cristian Molinaro, Mavi Rodriguez, Mohamed and Sandro from Borussia Dortmund, Miguel of Sevilla and finally Franck Ribery. Any chance……………..yeh right.

  19. Andrew, im always tuned to talk sport radio. 1089mw. What chances do you think we ave of staying up this season, considering we pushed your boys for over half the game.

  20. @ ice – I’ve always been of the opinion that West Ham will stay up. I’ve been telling a mate of mine all season.

    You have the players, the manager, everything. You’ll be fine – I think..

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