Arsenal 2-1 Newcastle: Gunners getting their groove back

Arsenal are somewhat of a landmark club, often being the first to set many firsts, and against Newcastle Arsene Wenger’s men did it again.

After Vermaelen’s last minute strike completed our comeback, we became the first team in the league to win four games in a row after conceding the first goal.

It’s debatable whether or not that’s something to be proud of. On the one hand it means we’re conceding sloppy, early goals. On the other, it means we’re finally showing some balls.

Exactly this time last year our form went into free fall. From almost challenging for the title we descended into a shambolic scrap for third. And we lost.

Until recently we never recovered from that form, as inconsistency defined our results we put on some gutless displays summed up by the 4-3 loss at Blackburn.

One year later, and nicely epitomised by our latest record, we seem to be finally doing something about it, giving some industrious performances, winning ugly, and getting late goals to do so. The last few matches are proof of this and it gives me hope to see that we are moving in the right direction. Most notably, up.

So, the game. It was what my Granddad would call a humdinger. Despite their time wasting shenanigans Newcastle were playing a shrewd away game, soaking up pressure and looking dangerous on the break.

They didn’t have to wait long for it to pay off. On the 15th minute Ben Arfa drilled past Wojciech Szczesny’s near post after we gave the ball away in our own half. It was schoolboy stuff and they made us pay for it.

Less than a minute into the restart the ball was played wide to Walcott who spotted Robin lurking in the box, fizzing a low cross into his feet. Two touches and one lagging Newcastle defender later and he’d smashed his shot past panto villain for the night, goalkeeper Tim Krul.

The Dutchman took his sweet time over every goal kick he had, infuriating the Emirates crowd and, as the second half went on, our captain too, who had a few choice words for his countryman.

The best chance in the second half came after clever work from Walcott and Rosicky  down the right hand flank. Theo cut back inside leaving his tracker sliding into the Clock End and offloaded the ball eight yards out to Rosicky who fluffed his lines, shanking his shot well wide. To be fair Theo’s pass was a bit hard and not on the ground so they’re both guilty of wasting a great opportunity.

Yet, they were two of our best performers last night, Rosicky marking his resurgence in form with a contract extension signed earlier that day.

Still, it looked like we were going to rue a lot of missed chances, even after the fourth official’s board gave us a hopeful five minutes of injury time. Four minutes into that period Newcastle had a throw in in our corner and a point seemed the best we could hope for.

But there’s a twist. Whether it was tired legs or inexperience, we easily dispossessed them when they really should have just set up camp by the corner flag.

Song sent the ball out wide to Theo who ended up in a position to provide the vital cross for our supporting attackers in the box. In earnest, I wasn’t hopeful, such is Theo’s dependability in such situations. But he has the air of a new man since the Spurs game and is strutting some long absent pinache of late.

His cross was–almost–perfect. After Robin and Ramsey got into each other’s way the ball dropped for Thomas Vermaelen–who had sprinted the length of the pitch to get into the box–to win us three points, set a new record and keep the momentum up.

You just got Verminated

You just got Verminated

There was some scrapping and shouting between van Persie and Krul after the goal, the latter upset at Robin’s suggestion that he might like to consider not wasting time any more now that his team were losing.

It led to some petty scenes but the fire in Robin’s belly got the crowd in full voice and showed that the team have really bonded; the goal celebrations and the team’s tribal defence of the captain were evidence enough. Dare I say it but he looks like the best captain we’ve had in a very long time.

In other news things are  heating up on the Lukas Podolski front. After a torrid spell at Bayern he’s having an excellent season back at FC Köln and while some in England are getting their knickers in a twist believing that he’s already signed let’s just say we should hold our horses for a the time being.

Thumbs up if you hate Tottenham

Thumbs up if you hate Tottenham

The only paper to claim he has officially signed is Das Bild, the German equivalent of The Sun. If you’re not familiar with British press then imagine a newspaper full of so much crap you need to wash your hands after reading it.

Saying that, the ever reliable German football correspondent, Raphael Honigstein, did say that the deal is looking very likely, so here’s hoping.

Also on the transfer front and just as pleasing to hear, equally repulsive manure stirrers in England have been circulating reports that van Persie has done a deal to go to Manchester City. I’m crossing my fingers, toes and any other part of my anatomy that can overlap another part that it’s the lady that wears the trousers in the van Persie relationship, as his wife tweeted:

Rumours, rumours, rumours pfff getting tired of them. Please don’t believe anything unless it comes from @Persie_Official him self.

Interesting stuff, indeed. And while it doesn’t mean he’s definitely not off in the summer, it does suggest the rumours are, well, just that, rumours. Let’s just sit tight and let him know he’s adored until it’s crunch time.

It’s been a very pleasing period being an Arsenal fan after the start to the season we’ve had, and I’m full of hope for the near future. Somehow things seem to be getting back on track again.

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  1. PS sorry for the lack of action recently, I was away on holiday (Bosnia if you’re interested, and it’s a lovely country, well worth a visit).

    I completely missed the Milan game too, so I’d appreciate your thoughts if you have any on the game.

  2. Just wondering, how did you manage to miss the Milan game?! I can maybe understand if you thought we were going to play out a dull 0-0, I personally rushed home from work to see it! What a cracker of a game! I’d say it was like watch Arsenal vs Barcelona, when they dominated first half by pressing us at every waking moment before tiring in the second half and letting in a couple of goals. This was us doing a Barca, pressing high up the pitch, getting 3 goals and then being way too tired to continue such a pace for 90mins. Shows what we need though, in terms of our bench, didn’t have anyone to bring on!

    As for the transfer news, I don’t know why we’re being linked with so many midfielders when Wilshere is due back soon, as is Diaby. I’d like to see us get the versatile Ajax defensive player, Vertoghan? He looked great against Man Utd! We need someone who can fill in at right back or center back, someone not being Djourou! Also, despite what I said about having too many midfielders already, I wouldn’t mind seeing M’Vila come to us, we need a defensive midfielder for when Song goes AWOL (quite often these days). A few strikers too? Kinda need to take the burden off RVP, our tactics have been very one dimensional at times, 4-3-2-1/4-2-3-1-. We’ve essentially written off Chamakh, because we changed our tactics with him in the team, focusing on crosses (for the first time) and getting goals from set pieces! However, by not having any full backs and by not using such tactics, he’s rendered pretty useless!.

  3. The Milan game – you missed a classic. Not for the result, but for the “total football” we played. We gave it everything we had, and it was a proud, proud moment to be a Gooner. That being said, we dug ourselves an unforgivably deep hole from which to climb.

    The Newcastle game – proof positive that we have some measure of mojo back just in time for the run in. The Toons packed the midfield, tried to jam us, but we just would not rollover. Twice now TV15 has been the goat and the hero in the same match. A cheap giveaway and the spectacular touch as we poured forward deep into injury time.

    The pendulum of luck which has so often swung away from us is now arcing toward us. And with that luck has come the accompanying skill, touch and determination in front of net. ALL our goals recently have been quality strikes.

    All that spells a very real chance for 3rd and automatic CL qualification. It’s never dull being a Gooner…

  4. Regarding transfers Podolski is a start, a striker would be good. The centre back from Ajax would be great too. We need to release Djourou and Squilacci.
    IMO to keep RVP , we need to show him that we are not just going to fight to finish in the top 4 every year , but that we can win the league and challenge for the champions league. Thus we to acquire a world class midfielder like Hazard or similar level. Diaby inconsistent often injured , Rociski has the skills , but age and injuries worries me. Wilshereis also very talented , but is he good enough to guide a team to the title ?
    We have 2 basic choices we either bring in new players to bolster the team or we lose RVP this summer then struggle for next few years to finish in the top 4.

  5. Woooooohoooooo!!!!!
    A fresh posting,Yes!
    Thanks Mark, Hope you had a nice vacation.
    Now get back to work!!!
    BTW: Since you asked the Milan game was nice for an emotional lift but obviously did nothing for our CL advancement. Still, in the larger scheme of things we may be better off just having the league to contend with. More time off to prepare for fewer fixtures at a time where the other top teams in the league have mid-week games to deal with.
    Well, good to have you back and leave us get ready for the Toffees next week.

  6. @Robin: Dunno how really dude just got caught up while I was on holiday, not sure exactly what I was doing but the food there is amazing so I was probably stuffing my face somewhere.

    Hey leftcoast, just sieved through all the last post’s comments. You ratted me out to Andy! I’m not angry, just disappointed 😉

    Everton looked good against sp*rs and put up a good fight (despite the scoreline) against Liverpool tonight. But if we maintain this tempo and style we won’t come unstuck against the Toffees. I’ll get my coat…

  7. Welcome back Mark. Never been to the Balkans. I could bore you to death witht he story about the time I never got to Slovenia but I’ll spare you. Did involve the Arsenal though.

    Anyway, Everton just got beat 3 zip to the red hubcap thieves and then play an FA Cup quarter final a few days before we meet while we have an eight day break. I reckon that gives us a sizable advantage.

    Let’s leave the transfer speculation to the tabloids and the end of season. It’s great to be enjoying some positive news for a change and I hope it keeps up.

    COYG and In Arsene we still trust – maybe not quite as much as six years ago but a little bit more than we did a month ago! Not quite catchy enough for a banner but you get my drift.

  8. Welcome back Mark you probably missed our best spell of the season. As has to often been the case over recent years we find ourselves in a cat fight for a place in Europe. good bot see some of our out of formers performing,,
    Rosicky is on some form of performance enhancing drug!!!!! And Ramsey showed how committed he is the other night.
    Good to have full backs as well.

    I am one of those sad people who analyse things to death and have come to the conclusion that the Everton game could be pivotal in deciding the season. Most of the big boys have done badly at Goodison and Everton always have a stronger 2nd half to the season. If we can take the points, Spurs next game is at Chelski by then they could both be chasing our shirt

    Having watched Everton quite a bit recently, I don’t believe they have a lot to offer up front and Cahill hasnt scored for about a year. However where they are very strong is there two raiding full backs, Baines and Coleman, they really attack well.
    Go Gunners

  9. @Mark T.
    Firstly, the button says “contact” and not “ratting” or “snitching” so if you’re up to something nobody knows,then nobody knows it.
    Secondly, if you want either anger or disapointment read some of the commentaries left concerning the lack of a relavant posting.
    Lastly, having spent half a life in the service I can appreciate the difference between furloughed and AWOL.
    Though yours is a voluntary commision letting your readers now you’re planning a 24 day hiatus is appropriate and a nice touch. It gives them the impression that the blog is a prority in your world, that they are important to you and that you prize their participation. Even if it isn’t,they aren’t and you don’t. 😉

  10. Hey Leftcoastgooner, Mark had let me know about being away for a week-and-a-bit, I should have been on here a bit covering the time, but had some stuff come up.

    If any blame lies with anyone it’s me. That’s my job as the editor, after all.

    Glad you’re back Mark.

  11. At last. Nice post and welcome back. We are trully on the way up.

    Unfortunately, being an Arsenal fan does not exempt you from being an utter twat.

  12. @davem – Shame on you…Did u see Andy’s post?

    Better avoid me…
    Do not comment on top of my comment unless you are making a valid point…
    Ur comment had a cold humor attached to it…that can never even be the last thing on ur mind, but u defended it to my amazement…
    Maybe u can’t read properly

  13. I dislike their owner intensely, but it was hard not to admire Chelsea last night. Drogba looked like he turned the clock back 10 years. The old dogs may have a few tricks left yet. Their ongoing CL participation is good for us in that they continue to have less time and energy to devote to the Premier League, while we have had more than a week to rest and prepare for Everton away – always a daunting proposition.

  14. i’ve always believe in the future of the ‘gunners’ and i think here it comes….with the signing of lukas podolski, i think arsenal will get more praises from the fans…keep it up…i love arsenal

  15. Somewhat unrealted, and I never thought I would say this, but I really hope Manure win the title now. I just want to be hear Nasri and Clichy talk about how it feels to join a big club and win things. Wankers!

    Carling Cup – no
    Champions Leagie – no
    FA Cup – no
    Europa League – no
    EPL – ?

    It’s in our hands to stop them.

  16. @Terry
    Ccouldn’t agree more. I don’t so much have a problem with clichy but Nasri Yuk. Same issue with Cashley at Chelsea. as much as it pains me Manure have to win the league.
    interestingly always hated Gary Nevillewhen he played for United, but have a new found respect for him since he has been a commontater

  17. It’s really interesting that our team in recent games have found the nerves of steel which they were lacking last season. The new crop of players must have instilled the confidence in our team and our renewed captain must have learnt he is capable of and need to provide performances like goal against tottenham to pull his team back. I probably say this must have been spurred by the Ox effect. The youngster showed lot of character , resilience (which wilshere alone showed last season along with Szczesny) ,willing to shoot when things not going well , running at defenders at will and gaining fan favourite , which resulted in arshavin departure along with contention for Gervinho and Walcott to prove it on the stage .Also our inform captain might have got his memory back that he was once a similar player and now need them back as captain.

    The effect has richotted to the entire team and with Rosicky’s renewal to form proved worthy for us.I am always an admirer of his talent and his abilities in milan game proved that he is better than Fab on his best. Some of the dynamism and passes he did was mind blowing.

    If we can continue and grow strength to strength by every game ,with senior players showing character when things get tough, then i am dreaming and overambitious that we can secure 30 points in the last 10 games making it to 82 , which i think is worthy for a title if manu and mancity manage to secure less than or equal to 14 points in the last 10 games.

    I am very proud of being an arsenal fan and almost jumped out of my roof even we lost champions league in milan game.

  18. Hello all. It seems the mood has changed for the better of late. I wonder why? 🙂
    I’ve just gotten back home from spending 6 weeks in England, in the meantime managing to watch 4 Arsenal matches (7-1 Blackburn, 5-2 Spurs, 3-0 Milan, 2-1 Newcastle) What an absolute joy it is to watch this team. I think the people who get to be at the stadium week in, week out, are so blessed. I love my team. Come on Arsenal.

  19. As bad as it sounds, real Arsenal fans prefer Manure to nick the EPL ahead of shittey. Good they don’t have to play us anymore.

    This is to winning all our remaining games…

    Glad to see Santos back, Gibbs is doing very well and I guess Santos will have to play from the bench till he can prove to be better. I don’t ever want to see Vermaelen in left back again. We really need speed at the back(sorry BFG).
    Gervinho is trying to show Wenger he wants to be on the right or maybe he prefers to be swapping wings more often. I’ve noticed he puts in better effort when he plays on the right.
    Walcott is more of a threat than Gervinho, but seriously, the Ox seems more up for it performance and attitude wise than both of them.
    I’ve told us about Rosicky already…
    Song Song Song, maybe I should start singing…He often interchanged with Arteta, but Arteta was the main DM on the night…
    Arteta bossed the midfield and showed real attitude, my only problem with him is that he runs more than how he makes the ball run…I’ve said this before, he should take a cue from how Rosicky turns when players are on him…
    Sagna and Gibbs are really back to form…
    Keeper and VP are perfect…apart from a lack of cover and supply respectively, they are individually responsible for their areas and they are marshalling their positions perfectly…
    Defense has always been perfect…the Newcastle goal was as lucky as any we will ever see.

    Finally, my main problem with the team is that we have to bring up/out different modes/chains of supply to the frontline to enhance our scoring chances.
    I wish we could work more on perfect through-balls, diagonal-balls, sideways-balls, one on one chances, finishing. Right now, we are just four good players away from knocking on the doors of UCL finals next season. Is Magreed that good? I beg to differ…they just have lots of players that can run very fast and shoot accurately…didn’t stop them loosing home and away to Barca in the SPL. I don’t care how fast or how accurate you can shoot, a clean through-pass is a more valuable asset to any football team. How do you score without the ball? When we beat Barca, by divine providence we had Wilshere as DM, FABs as CM, Nasri as ACM, we had three strikers in front of them too. The attacking potential was there, but we still had the quality passes from deep…passes from people who could shoot accurately too if they got into those positions…this is the difference…

    I remain GunnerBoss

  20. @Terry,
    I feel the very same way although its goes against my very being, I think that Utd must win the League….we are a model of how a football club should be run off the field..we operate within our means and have never inflated the market or tapped up a player, maybe weve offended with the size of offers but thats another story.
    All that said I feel it would be a victory for football and management were Utd to finish on top.
    Yes they have spent disgusting amounts of money in years gone by but I dont think anyone would tell you
    that Rooney, Ferdinand or Ronaldo.wernt worth their fees..then theres vidic, hernandez, park…etc et not to mention the tune Ferguson has got out of Giggs and Scholes at this stage of their careers.
    Excuse me one moment while i wash the bad taste out of my mouth.
    Right, bottom line it would be great for football if any team or manager were to finish ahead of a club who find it senseable to spend 25M on a
    player with less than a year on his contract..its insane.
    I hate their manager, players and fans…but i tip my hat to tham because they have absolutely no right to be where they are right now with sich a bad team….yet they are there be ause the loathing tbey feel towards city, combined with old purple noses high standards sees them top of the pile.Its inexplicable but lets hope they stay there and City finish empty handed, sack their manager, go spend another 200M and appoint Ballotelli as Chief Executive..
    About the Everton game, they rested half a dozen v Liverpool so they wont be as tired as you think come midweek, still they should be no match for the big red machine.

  21. Shard,
    Three things.
    1.Welcome back my friend.
    2.Delighted to hear you got to those amazing games….and why havnt you stayed you were bringing luck!!
    3. Baby Farrah arrived thur morning 10 days late a healthy 9lbs and doing great…cant wait to get her first Arsenal kit.

  22. @shard
    Wow you really picked some great games and your presence Obviously affects the team. I am sure there are others here who would chip in with me to buy you a season ticket.
    @ shambo
    Whilst I agree with the majority of your thoughts, you gotta feel for city supporters. They have lived under the shadow of united forever and they are a pretty loyal fan base. It’s a shame success has to be purchased these days, but you can’t blame their fans for that.

    Finally a thought struck me this morning whilst walking the dog. For the past 6 years or so we’ve nearly always threatened to win something and lacked a superstar type player (Rooney etc) to carry us over the finish line. This year we certainly have the superstar, but lack strength in depth. Oh well there is always next season.
    No game today so am converting to a Bolton supporter for the day

  23. I am a great admirer of Song’s tackling ability but his tackle on Gervinho looks a tad over the top to me. See top of page lol

  24. Shambo, thank you for your kind words, and heartiest congratulations on becoming a father.

    Haha. Thank you, and there’s no way I’d turn down a season ticket if I were offered one 🙂 Bolton have our own Ryodinho. Let’s hope he can contribute towards a Spurs defeat.

    I can’t agree with people wanting ManU to win the title. I mean I get why, and I think it’s a reasonable view, but the main reason I can’t wish that is because I think ManU don’t deserve it because they get too much help from referees. If City win it, it’ll just be universally thought that they bought it. Which means it’ll be less valued anyway. But yuck..I can’t choose between the two. Both are scum.

  25. Hey Shambo,

    Congratulations and welcome to the club of proud fathers. My girl is just two months old now and she is making me proud everyday.

  26. Congrats Shambo…
    @Shard – You make a very valid point, but as bad as it sounds, which is the lesser evil?
    If they win, they feel vindicated their policy is working and would this not encourage others?

  27. For those of you not watching the spurs game. It appears Fabrice Muamba ex arsenal suffered a hear attack on the pitch. Not looking good. Pray god he’s ok

  28. Shambo + volley_gun — Congrats on the new kids! Great to hear everything’s going well. You’ll have to tell us how their love of Arsenal develops.

    It’s been a good few weeks, that’s for sure. A shame I haven’t been able to get on and write as much as I’d like, but hopefully that will change with time.

    All the best to Fabrice Muamba too, he’s in a really tough state at the moment after a heart attack. Lovely guy when he was with the Arsenal, apparently, and hope he can overcome this terrible situation.

  29. @Andy, Retsub, Boss, Shard and fellow dad volleygun,
    Thank you all for the kind wishes.
    Andy I hope that her inevitable love of the gooners will develop naturally as opposed to me giving her no choice!
    Thoughts and prayers are with Fabrice Muamba, still critical, only 23 years old please god he pulls through.

  30. News today of Muamba sounds more positive, so fingers crossed he pulls thorugh. Everything I have read suggests he is a very decent young man who has already been through more in his short life than most of us will ever experience.

    Looking forward to the Godison Park game. For once we seem to be relatively well off in terms of injuries and the xtra break we have had over the Toffees gives me cause for optimism. Which always worries me!

    Gervinho or the Ox seems to be Wenger’s main selection question mark. The rest of the team should pick itself after our last few games. Morning kick off for us arse end of the world Arses which is always nice, cup of tea on the lounge, cuddle up with the kids and the dog and start the day off with a win.

  31. Thanks Andy . I am pretty you can count on one more arsenal fan .

    As for Muamba ,let our prayers get him through his worst time of life and give him back his good health.

  32. The Verminator picking up where he left off!
    Let’s drive on and see if we can’t catch those S***s yet.

    Come On you Gunners!!!!

  33. So far,so good. We’re still up one,Stoke is up one on Hots****s and Chelsea and Man$ity are one all.

  34. Wahaaay well done the boys. Watching the match on a dodgy stream that froze every time it went in the Arsenal area is heart attack material

    Well done Stoke

  35. The spuds played a draw, they nearly lost. Chelski lost and WE WON, not a convincing win but a win nontheless. Koscielny was great throughout. The lineman saved us

  36. From 17th to 3rd…..

    Smooth rolling, verminating all vermin, really beautifull…

    Now, we should try to grab some more quality players so we lift ourselves a step higher…manure and shittey are not so strong, beaten all over europe etc

    Very high hopes for next season, expecting M’vila and vertongen to join us soon.

  37. A good and vital three points. The offside trap was too dodgey and Alex is right we did get some help from the linesman. Anyway well done team and thank you Mr. linesman. 3rd place is now ours to have and to hold.
    Well,what have you got to say now Jason S***s. Our worst side in a decade just past your best team in 30-plus years. You poor, deluded chimp.

  38. Near perfect morning! Shame Stoke couldn’t hold out for a win over the Spuds but with Chelski and the scousers losing you can’t ask for much more.

    Great defensive effort after the first 20 mins when I though we were going to crush them. Well done Everton, they were unlucky but I’ll take that for once!

  39. bottlin’ham in the rearview mirror… awesome. funny how none of them are anywhere, heard, or read now. keep pushing you gunners!

  40. well well what a turn around by Arsenal this team can give you hypertension ehh!!!
    A grimey win shows some guts, a bit Fortuitous but a win none the less.
    I must say i have been impressed with the recent results and this bodes well for third place BUT i still want wenger gone, with him this is the best we can do.
    good win though the FANS most of all deserve it.

  41. Oh shut up Kel…. Wenger is arsenal. Every top side in the world want him.

    If and when Wenger leaves it will cause great upheaval for Arsenal. You don’t want to be a chelsea and get a new manager every year. It would be like Sir Alex leaving Man U… It would take Arsenal years to re-build if wenger leaves.

  42. I must say I am alarmed at Van Persie’s run of poor form. That is ninety minutes at least since he last scored.
    For god’s sake give Chamakh a run.

  43. Yep sell him quick before he’s devalued!!!!!!

    Made my flesh crawl seeing Nasri score, but I guess he did us a favour. Was it me or was he looking a little rounder around the waist!!!!!

  44. @Retsub,
    Nope, it’s not you. He used to be a little chinless twat.
    Now he’s a chubby little chinless twat.

  45. @ Opus Boris-Aus
    You two can bury your heads in the sand and pretend that all is well, Not me noway in hell, if we lay off wenger and this team they will go back to the same rubbish they were doing for the last 7 years.
    ” Every top side in the world want him” yeh!!!!! name them???
    No top European team would put up with the SHIT we’ve had from wenger for 7 years.
    And please don’t compare wenger and Alex in the same sentence because their totally different, one’s a winner and the other only make excuse.
    When i see them top of the league it hurts me because their rubbish this year and last year too BUT the manager has a winner mentality not excuses.
    They have and have had as much injuries to big players as we have and look where they are they sold there best player to madrid and still they have what it takes to win.
    So, think what you want of wenger BUT don’t compare him to Alex Ferguson
    because they not in the same boat the fans accept rubbish and excuse because if we didn’t he would be gone along time ago.
    The talk of podolski has cooled it seems since the season ticket people have started to sign up, only a trick to fool the feeble minded.

    I’m taking nothing away from the performances they were quite amazing and the fans deserve it, BUT for me i still want wenger gone…………

  46. Kel you muppet..

    Do you think the podolski rumours are made up by arsenal?? Hahaha now I know you are a moron. Beside that fact anyone buying a season ticket on a rumour of another. Quality player signing is also a moron..

    Real Madrid have wanted wenger for ages.. Inter milan want him.. I’m not sure about you but both are top sides..

    I’m not happy about no trophies in the last however many years.. But it was because we had an inexperienced side.. He had a plan and has tried to carry it through.. It has not worked. Thus the apparent “panic signings”… Which have now brought some much needed deoth and experience Look I don’t claim wenger has always been right but look at what he has done for the club since he has been here. I don’t think I need to rattle off these things to you. I want to be behind the team and manager not whinge about a great manager and one that has done so much for us… Its bloody hard to win the EPL these days. 92.5% of the time the team that spends the most money on players win. Think about that stat and then think how often are we really going to win the EPL? We don’t ever spend the most because we can’tm we are not owned by a sugar daddy.

    The landscape of football is now a different place. We need to keep all our players we have now besides the obvious and sign 2-3 more high quality players and then we have a team that can compete.

    So please stop yoiur whingeing..

  47. Kel

    I’m not a fan of getting into arguments and you are of course entitled to your opinion. However we are talking about the most successful manager in Arsenals history here. If you had supported this team as long as i have i think you would appreciate Wenger much more. Sure the last 7 years have been tough and he has undoubtably made mistakes (so has your buddy Alex). But to rubbish the last 7 years is just wrong. I know they have flattered to deceive and won nothing, but they have challenged and entertained virtually every season. How many teams would you have traded places with over the last 7 years…. two probably. How many teams are better positioned, two maybe three and two of these are financed as a toy. I know there have been false dawns, but I can see a team forming now. If we can stengthen the midfield I really belive we can challenge next year. Players like Szs. Kos, Ox are beginning to look the part, in addition the Verminater is beginning to return to form. Personally i have great faith in Ramsey I think he will captain the side one day. and then theres wilshire and the new great one. I could go on about Coquelin (who looks really good). Sagna. Song (just worry about his concentration sometimes)

    In short I think we have the beginning of a great side hear, getting rid of Wenger would be a huge mistake in my opinion.

    Now Arry down the road has won virtually nothing, Spurs got 10 points clear of us and led 2 – 0 at the Emirates. Harry for England he;s the best manager around!!!! He’s not fit to clean wengers shoes

    And just for the record

    1996 – present
    3 league, 4 FA Cup:

    The Premiership and FA Cup Double in 1998
    The Premiership and FA Cup Double in 2002
    The FA Cup in 2003
    The Premiership (unbeaten) in 2004
    The FA Cup in 2005

  48. @ Opus Boris-Aus retsub

    @ Boris were you hibernating these last 7 years, you PUSS!!!!

    As said above am entitled to my opinion and so too are all of you.
    BUT let me ask you this what has changed with Arsenal over the last 7 years???
    we’ve always been where we are now no different. And that’s a fact.
    Wenger has lied to us before and he will do it again, we have a whole lot of young players out on loan do you really think he will spend heavy on any new player???? You guys are dreamers.

    I can find a thousand reasons why wenger should go BUT that’s just me.
    It’s your wright to trust him as much as you do i have no problem with that BUT am of a different opinion, that should not make me anti Arsenal
    I really want the team to do well BUT i cant see wenger doing that.

  49. @kel
    Fair point, the world would be a boring place if we all had the same opinion, but am interested why you think Wenger is a liar (other than I never saw anything)

  50. Thank you Retsub, but Ramsey is already fuckeddddd…plus, it seems you forget Song plays to instructions, Wenger WILL NEVER drop Song…that Arteta is the one playing deeper could mean M’villa is high up in the shopping list.
    Mark my words, you know I often smell our broth from very far-off these days…meaning: I seem to interpret whatever Wenger does very accurately…

    I hope Ramsey will be different and pick up some amazing form sooner, but he is just too mediocre for now. When Wilshere comes back, Ramsey will not smell the bench. He will be hoping Arteta or Song gets injured or something…

    Aside Walcott, RVP and Song who seem assured, the Ram will be vying for places with Gervinho, Ox, Rosicky, Wilshere, Arteta, Coquelin, Diaby…could add Arshavin, Miyaichi, Park, Podolski, Frimpong and Chamakh.
    In other words, if anyone of Miyaichi, Ox, Podolski, Gervinho, Arshavin starts on the left, the rest will have to slug it out for the remaining two spots in midfield. Santos, BFG, goalie will have spots on the bench, leaving four/five spots for all those players earlier mentioned, it’ll be war. Junior Hoilett could come, same with Hazard/Odemwingie, then what? He would be very lucky to get a place on my bench for next season.

  51. @gunnerboss
    We have had the Ramsey conversation before, we,re not going to agree, but considering he nearly had his leg amputated, I think he’s heading in the right direction.
    My point on Song is whilst he has the potential to be a top player, he does turn off now and again and play a sloppy pass. He did it again the other night and nearly cost a goal

    I don’t see Arshavin coming back and I think Chamakh will go as well. I really don’t know what’s happening with Park, he is due back on army service in a year or two. It said it all in the Milam game, 5 minutes to go Song comes g
    Forward sees Park in acres of space and it wasn’t hard to read his mind, not going to waste the ball on him

    Anyway at the end of the day it’s nice to be spoilt for choice . Just got a ticket for the Villa game so am a happiy bunny

  52. Retsub, enjoy the game. Am going to show my age here but I still remember standing on the north bank as a young boy when we played Villa in the year they won the title. Yes that’s right you young gooners, Aston Villa actually won the championship in the ancient prehistory of the game before Sky and Uncle Rupert took it over. Anyway we needed to win to qualify for the UEFA cup. We beat them 2-0 but the biggest roar of the day went up when the villa fans in the old clock end with their pocket transistor radios (you can research these on wikipaedia if you are not familiar with the technology) heard the news that Liverpool (at least I think it was liverpool, they used to be pretty good back then too) had lost and the title was going to the brummies. It was mental. 60,000 packed into the old library. Pele was a guest that day as well.

    Them were the days!

    Sorry, got a bit lost down memory lane there! Fingers crossed we can make it six in a row and the spuds and chelski kick seven bells out of each other in a 0-0 stalemate!

    Terry the Old Fart

  53. @retsub

    Just a correction there. News broke recently that Park’s military service has been delayed and he won’t have to appear for it for 10 more years. His signing is still strange though.

  54. @terry
    I am probably an older fart, I remember being at a packed Highbury when Arsenal played United, they included Best, Charlton, Law etc if I remember correctly Jon Sammels scored from about 35 yards (that didn’t happen often)

    I nearly knocked myself out celebrating a winning goal at the 72 semi final replay against Stoke at Goodison (Radford or Kennedy) not a good idea to hit your head on the steel barrier and just for good measure got attacked by Liverpool thugs outside the ground

    Bobby Gould shoulder charging Gary Sprake and getting knocked out

    Sorry everyone couldn’t resist it

    I get my ticket from a friend when his son doesn’t want to go, which is about half the games. It’s a club level ticket, amazing to think it costs around £100 per game. you do get a free beer though lol

  55. Villans at our place tomorrow. It looks as if two of their better players (Darren Bent and Richard Dunne) won’t be fit to play. That’s the good news. The bad news is that Phil (Blind Pig)Dowd is the ref so I hope we practiced playing with ten this week because it may come in handy. We haven’t dropped Premiership points in 6 matches on the trot so you can sense it coming but maybe, just maybe we could get all 3 again and consolidate our freshly gained grip on 3rd.
    Anyway, that would be my plan. Anybody got a clue as to who’s starting for us? COYG!

  56. the team is as follows:
    sagna kolschielny vermaelen gibbs
    song aterta rosicky
    walcott van persie gevinho.
    AOC is the only reserve worth mentioning


    Nice work from Theo today – why can’t he do that every week? Song is the king of the lob and Areta’s freekick was a stunner.
    I thought we were going to fuck it up for a while with the showboating, but got back on track. Another great set of results in other games for us to enjoy.

  58. Another good day for us gooners. It’s going so well I hope I don’t get spoiled.
    Gibbsy goal,Theo and Gervinho both looking dangerous and a sublime free kick by Arteta to put the icing on a Phat,fat cake. Nice.
    So good to see Santos out there again it was almost well, like a new (you know what so I won’t say it).
    Chavs and Hots***s in a goaless knot and the Merseyside miscreants go down to (hold on whilste I guffaw) Wigan.
    My goodness, we should have gotten rid of Arshavin sooner. Nothing but good luck since. Could there really be a connection?

  59. If we go by the name, it seems Arsene Wenger was born to manage Arsenal. Maybe by the time he is finished we will know him as “Arsenal Wenger.” No other manager in recent club football history has done so much for a club with the limited resources as Arsene has done for Arsenal.

    David Dein must have been insane for discovering and proposing an electrical engineer and holder of a Master’s degree in Economics as a successor to the sacked Bruce Ricoh in 1996. Little did he know that the man Ricoh replaced will turn out to be a genius and usher the club into its most successful phase in history.

    In the last five years, Arsenal has not won a trophy. But in the same period it has moved to a new 60,000 seat stadium which fills to its capacity each match day and has a season ticket membership wait list of over 35,000. The club has also reached the final of the Champions League in 2006 and has qualified for the lucrative group stages of Champions League in each of the last 13 years under Wenger. But most notably, Wenger has built a team from scratch with literally little or no money spent and a team capable of playing one of the most breathtaking brands of football on the planet.

    So apart from the on field accomplishments, what is it that makes Wenger a tactical genius? Let’s begin with some raw data. From 1992 till 2010, Chelsea spent a net amount of GBP 381 million (That’s not a typo. An amount which could buy Blackburn eight times over) on player transfers whereas the corresponding figures for Manchester City, Liverpool and United are GBP 428 mn, GBP 188 mn and GBP 135 mn respectively. In the same period Arsenal have spent a net of approx GBP 35 million, an amount which is lesser than comparable figures of Aston Villa, Everton, Sunderland, Birmingham, Fulham, Wolves and even West Brom. Even our self proclaimed successful north London rivals, whose perpetual claim to dislodge Arsenal have been going on for years, have spent an astonishing GBP 192 mn over the same period with no qualification into the European elite before this year. More recent data from 2003 shows only Arsenal, Wigan and Blackburn, among the current 20 EPL teams to be in a transfer surplus.

    If we take manager expenditures, Jose Mourinho spent a net of GBP 134 mn on player transfers whereas Alex Ferguson has spent a net of GBP 135 mn (He should thank one Mr. Ronaldo for keeping this figure reasonable). Arsene Wenger during his tenure with Arsenal has just had a net outflow of GBP 25 mn. Moreover, it cannot be argued that Arsenal is currently sitting on the most valuable squad in the premier league in terms of money potential.

    Instant Success and Rivals’ Reckless Spending

    Alex Ferguson took seven years before he could deliver a league title for United. Wenger did the double in 1998; his first full year in charge and after Arsenal had gone without winning the league for seven long years. Alex Ferguson, apart from winning titles for the Old Trafford outfit, is also known for blowing money on established players and youngsters. Carrick, Valencia, Nani, Anderson, Hargreaves, Nistelrooy, Veron, Berbatov, Ferdinand, Rooney were all bought for amounts greater than 15 mn GBP with the last five names costing over GBP 25 Mn each. Compare this to Arsenal where Andrey Arshavin is their only purchase for over GBP 15 mn and also the most expensive Arsenal signing ever. I am not even putting in Chelsea players here because then the number of United players mentioned above will look outrageously paltry in comparison.

    United have also had expensive players like Veron, Forlan and Saha who have had better professional successes after leaving United. How many players can one think of who have enjoyed greater success professionally after leaving Arsene Wenger’s Arsenal?

    Few can argue (except stubborn united fans may be) that Wenger’s eye for unearthing talent is next to none. He has picked players from obscurity and turned them into super footballers. Surely the wily Scotsman can also boast of nurturing talent during his reign at Old Trafford, but the sheer gulf in number of players developed can easily be compared with the enormity of Tiger Woods record breaking 1997 Masters victory.

    Mourinho had loads of cash to splash which bought him two league titles. Ferguson inherited a strong United brand and may well leave the club in a far worse position than he took over. Wenger on the other hand will leave a legacy which other managers can only be envious of. Unlike his peers, Wenger has been successful in building two distinct teams over the last 10 years. The invincibles of 2004 were a stronger lot with the skills of Bergkamp, Henry, Pires mixing well with the steel of Viera, Parlour, Gilberto etc. The current squad is more technically gifted with the likes of Fabregas, Nasri, Van Persie, Walcott, Wishere etc and is a joy to watch for their football.

    A large part of Arsenal’s robust financials is also due to Wenger’s frugal approach over the last few years. Just for a perspective, Arsenal would have had zero net profit for last four years had the spending mentioned above matched United’s spending. The debt on the books is fast diminishing and unlike United, it’s taken for an appreciating asset. The club is already in the top five football clubs worldwide in terms of annual revenues and could soon topple United. With an ever growing loyal fan base, a majestic money spinning stadium, annual profits of over GBP 50 mn and a supremely talented and hungry young squad, there is surely only one way ahead for Arsenal. A major silverware sooner than later will open the floodgates and could unleash an era of English and European domination.

    A true test of manager’s talent is derived by how much he can accomplish relative to the resources at his disposal. Wenger has proved that he stands all alone here with none other even close to him. No other manager would even dare to think of taking a challenge like “Project Arsenal”, let alone trying and achieving success. Wenger may not be around managing Arsenal in 10 years time but the club will owe its future successes to the genius of the man who believed in doing the right things the right way.

    Success for Arsenal on the football pitch is due soon. For neutrals and rationalists it will be a success of craftsmanship, hard work and self belief. It will also be a victory for the beautiful game of Football and will establish that titles can be won; by believing in and playing attractive football, without uncontrolled spending, by believing in a dream amidst criticism and most importantly by developing supremely talented footballers along the way for the future.

    No wonder then, the one line which all Gooners swear by, can never be displaced…

    “In Arsene, We Trust”

    References – (Proof that the above mentioned data is genuine) & Deloitte Football Money League

  60. @Opus
    You can go on with that noise until the cows come home.
    I love my team but I do NOT trust Arsene, You do and that’s your business but there is no “WE” in it for me.
    I’m an Arsenal and not an Arsene supporter period.

  61. Great win today the fans deserve every single second of it
    @ Opus
    Are you for real????

    All am going to say is this, as long as wenger remains in charge we will win SHIT
    Tell me what has changed in the last 7 year??? we’ve always been where we are, 4th mostly BUT its always been this and nomore.
    All this boast about champions league every year BUT really we should have @ least won this thing once. One final in fifteen years and you call that success GET REAL!!!!!
    All wenger has done is lower the standard of the club from a football perspective all he and the money grabbing board is concerned with is selling tickets every year.
    And for the record wenger put himself under financial ristrictions he chooses to buy cheap its as simple as that.

    I must be honest wenger has done exceptionally well for Arsenal BUT to compare him to Alex ferguson is a big joke a real slap in the face.
    How do you judge a top manager BUY how much money he make??? or how much he wins, What has wenger won lately.
    so how could you compare him to Alex when we’ve struggled for so long, any top manager worth his salt would have won the league already.
    BUT you love him and that’s your right BUT me noway i think wenger’s time has come BUT hey time is longer than twine we shall seeeeeee…………

  62. Can’t we just enjoy the moment for what it is? We are putting a good run together, we are playing well, scoring goals (except for that useless Dutchman of ours!) and are above Spuds and Chelski. Not perfect, but not too shabby either.

    Let’s leave the manager debate til the end of the season or more like as not, his contract, because let’s face it, he is not going anywhere before then, whether you are either from the IAWT or AWON camp.

    How about that Arteta free kick? I would have said it was the goal of the day until I saw Peter Crouch’s effort against $ity. That was a belter! Who stood out for you in the match? I thought Song was outstanding again and Rosicky is having a real Indian summer. Walcott managed to shoot down most of my opinions of his shortcomings as a player – running don blind alleys, poor first touch, poor decision making. He had a blinder.

    When I saw Djorou was in the side I was nervous and when he got injured in the first minute I nearly went back to bed thinking Squillaci would be on next! In the end he had a pretty solid game – although it must be said Villa are dire.

    Time for another post me thinks before this chain goes down an all too familiar pattern.

    QPR next – two of my favourite panto villains, Mark Huges and Joey Twathead. Hope we can hammer another nail or two in their EPL coffin. Which is a shame because I used to have a soft spot for the hoops. Stan Bowles and Gerry Francis – back then they even challenged ‘pool for the title.

  63. Well said Terry a man after my own heart. We should rejoice in our teams form. As I stood in an annoyingly long queue at Arsenal underground, I got talking to a Villa supporter with his two young kids decked in claret and blue. His day out had cost him upwards of £200 and he had arrived in London
    to see that Heskey was their striker. Just imagine what that must be like? A bit like a centre back pairing of squillaci and Gus Caeser (the worst player I ever saw wear a red shirt)

    having said you are a man after my own heart, the Van Persie crisis etc you have let me down badly. You don’t seriously think Crouch was shooting do you? Lol

    Finally having my beer at half time I heard an old Arsenal joke which I hadn’t heard for years. If the young gooners will forgive me I will repeat below just in case they haven’t heard it.

    The arsenal team were away at the Spuds and had arranged to meet at a local pub before the game. They were enjoying a game of pool when Song noticed it was the Chinese dentist (tooth hurty) and they were going to be late for the 3pm kick off. Van Persie being the captain that he is said “look lads the Spuds are crap you carry on playing pool and I will go and play them alone. So the lads chucked a beer or two down their throats and carried on playing. At 3.45 Arteta suddenly remembered the match, so they switched on the TV for the score.
    spurs 0 Arenal 1 Van Persie 14 minutes

    Happy that their captains goal scoring drought was over, they forgot the games carried on drinking and playing pool. At around 5pm Jack who legless along with most of the team switched on the TV for the score Spurs 1 Arsenal 1 (Defoe 89 minutes) a few minutes later a very sad looking captain walked in. Those that were still standing looked at him in disgust. ” what the hell happened we thought you had the game sown up”.
    Sorry lads everything was going fine then I couldn’t resist having a kick at Adebayor and got sent off just after half time”

  64. Has anyone else noticed our new secret weapon? Szc boots the ball out to the right wing and Sagna is the master of the glancing header setting Theo away. I saw it 2 or 3 times against Newcastle and the same thing yesterday and it seems to work every time. Not to difficult to Suss out defensibly but nice to see the direct approach now and again

  65. @leftcoastgooner

    Just to let you know that I have always been a fan of Arsene Wenger when so many fans including both of you were suggesting he should be sacked.

    Again, in Arsene I truly trust.

  66. Happy to see the team doing well and saving us the embarrassment of finishing outside of the top4. I completely agree with Kel, we have seen this movie before… A few good results and Wenger is satisfied and thinks , next year we will challenge for the title with the same players. Almost all football observers agree that we are 2 or 3 quality signings away from challenging for a title.
    Van Persie will not stay if there is no injection of quality, he wants to win a trophy like fab .
    If the fans give the impression that they are just happy finishing in the top 4 , well Wenger like he has for the last 7 years will only do some minor changes. He will tell us that Wilshire and Frepomg are like new signings…blah,blah
    With Fabregas and RVP we were assured to finish in the top 4
    With only RVP we are fighting to finish in the top 4
    With RVP gone top 4 will be a struggle

  67. Why this debate right now? Wenger is going nowhere. At least till 2014. Will the people predicting we’ll never win when Wenger is in charge, despite their intellectual belief, just give in to the passion of following a club? I mean when push came to shove last season, people would rather predict that we won’t win and be proved right, than back the team and say we are with you and you will win, and take the risk of being proven wrong? See, I don’t get that. I don’t understand this need to predict and criticise and prove we know better. Arsene Wenger knows..not everything..of course not.. But his understanding of football management is higher than all of us here combined.

    As far as the trophy count is concerned, I firmly reject the suggestion that Wenger doesn’t want to win and is satisfied with being in the top 4. He has full right to be proud of that record of top 4 finishes (especially in light of the money the opposition has had to spend) but that doesn’t mean he’s content with it. Out of the 7 years, there have been I think 3 years where we haven’t really been competitive. 2006-CL Final, 2007-not competitive (but Carling Final) 2008-should have been champions, 2009-lost 3/4ths of midfield, not competitive, 2010-not competitive, 2011-competed for 4 competitions.. It’s not been a steady decline as most people claim, and it hasn’t been a single monotonous affair or finishing in the top 4 either. There have been ups and downs, some of which can be put at Wenger’s door, and some of which cannot. Looking at just the empty trophy cabinet confuses the real issues with the team, and where they stood/stand. Of course, at this point, people just roll their eyes and say EXCUSES.. Easy enough to say that.. But to look for reasons beyond blame takes a little more thought than that.

    I was just thinking today about how the Emirates finally feels home after leaving Highbury. I identify with it. It’s had its glory European nights, its had some good moments and some bad. But finally, it’s home. The next step is to bring a trophy into our new home. It’ll happen. It has to. Till then however, I’m just going to enjoy the ride. And regardless of what happens, I love it enough to keep getting on it season after season. Lucky that this season is still not over. Bring on the next game already.

  68. Lads, whats goin on here, eh?
    Were on our best run in years, TWO clean sheets in a row and nearly a clean bill of health across the board, yes their are questions to be answered about the manner of the CL and fa cup exits, but if your an Arsenal fan and not happy out right now I dont know what you really want.
    This is as good as its been for us in years, we thought we had a huge batrle on our hands to claim 4th and now weve overtaken our bitterest rivals to go third…..way ahead of big spenders chelsea and pool.
    Its no secret that I have slated Wenger and the board for lack of endeavor in the transfer market…and even this week Wenger said he wouldnt be buying again this summer!!!…but still, right now, its serioulsy good to be a gooner!
    ps, I may be wrong but I dont recall leftcoast ever lobbying for Wenger to be sacked, just challenging his policy is all I ever read.
    Kel if you cant lay back and enjoy how we are doing now then your argument when we fail will have no merit cos everybody will claim you are bitter all the time mate….I know where your coming from but just enjoy it whilst were on an upward curve.

  69. guys am one of those who can,t get overcarried with these results. We should have been in the race for the premiership not overjoying over finishing third. The reason we are winning is because we are not in any competition at all apart from racing for third spot. All players are fit and we can only play as good as now if every season we had be kicked out of all competitions earlier otherwise the playing staff is so small to maintain performance in all competitions. It is so ironical and ridiculous that Wenger can suggest he is not going to buy in the transfer. This is utter rubbish and we must renew our campaigns for his exit again. It is stupid to win seven games in row and instantly forget the problems the team has faced for the last seven years.He must buy 3 quality additions and stop blind folding the fans with trophyless win at the moment. Why should i be happy when am not going to win any thing. I can’t rejoice for the future because a same Wilshere or Ox or Persie may be injured the whole next season.The coach must buy players.

  70. Wenger says he not going to buy next season? He said he would only go for quality players incoming and not quantity. I guess Podoski is coming.

  71. most guys on here have labelled Wenger as liar well i really hope he is just being that liar when he says he wont buy any players in the summer.
    I would prefer Wenger to say (now in March) he will not sign anyone but then sign somebody when the window opens than him saying ‘it’ll be a busy transfer period’ and then not sign anybody when the time comes or sign players like squillachy and park.

  72. What I read was that he wanted to do business differently this close season, not right at the 11th hour of the transfer window. And then all I saw was he said he was interested in quality not quantity which sounds like a platitude to the media. No Arsene I would rather take half a dozen crap players over two good ones. Come on people,lighten up.
    I was interested in Shard’s comment about the new stadium finally feeling like home. As an expat Gooner who only has find memories of the old one I would love to hear how others feel. I dream of being able to get back over to the old dart and seeing us play and one day I’ll get back.
    Retsub,how was your day at the Emirates you lucky old fart?!

  73. @terry
    It was good thanks, but Villa were pretty poor and the game was pretty much over by half time (even by Arsenal standards). Strange really although we celebrate goals in games like this, you just can’t beat a last minute goal. I was at the Newcastle match and the guy I go with always leaves at the end of the 90. He missed the Verminater goal which gave me a buzz for days. He also missed the Arteta goal

    Aa a kid I used to go to Highbury when it was nearly all terraced, you could choose where you wanted to stand. If you wanted to sing or have a punch up go to the North Bank and sing “you’ll never take the North bank” of course if any tried I legged it..

    Now you get a season ticket and you sit where you are told. My friends seats are in the club area behind one of the goals, I couldn’t tell which end because I don’t know, other than its the opposite end to the opposing fans. ( now i Cant sing where I am) I’m sure someone will enlighten me, but it’s very quiet their. As I look down to my right the lower tier by the right corner flag is extremely noisy. I think this is where the library quote comes from, you just can’t pick a noisy seat and sing along.

    That said I think the ground is getting noisier, which can only help.

  74. Wenger is always and will be a great manager . But the only problem that stoods with him and title is his adamant nature to accept failure about a player he holds faith in, and not replacing him immediately with the right sort of player(not biased on money or fame but interms of talent in which arsene is an expert). He tries that player in different position to make him succeed and risks the title , also in his experimentation makes the player life difficult and also eventually his role as manager. Let’s hope he learns this fast in this season transfer .

    Let’s leave it for the future and enjoy the newly renewed mental strength of our team and their ability to win in style.

    Great to see Arteta screamer , good to see he remembers his attacking instincts, though he kept it down for the team’s performance.

    I don’t think Spurs have a good chance of catching us up.

  75. I still believe in a miracle of us winning the title by securing the 24 points in the last 8 games.

    If Manu and mancity find themselves in a bad run of form to secure less than 12 points.

  76. Voley Gun
    I thought I was the worlds greatest optimist. I sincerely hope you are right, but I don’t think we have a snowballs chance in hell

  77. We’re having this debate after a good run of form because of the previous bad run of form.( not just this year’s but the last 7) We are having this debate because some of us would like to win something in the next seven or eight years and the LAST seven or eight has convinced us that we cannot do it employing the same on-the-cheap methodes we have been employing during this barren spell.
    Some of us simply do not trust the powers that be to invest int the team to the degree necessary to challenge for anything other than 3rd or 4th place.
    There are some darn good reasons for us believing this and all of you know what they are though some feel the need to make excuses for them.
    If fininshing 3rd or 4th is enough for you then you are happy with the status quo. If it is not then you are in the camp that wants a change.
    You Arsene supporters are good people and fine gooners and have your hearts in the right place. We simply disagree with you that’s all.

  78. lefty
    As usual you make a good point, but as Shambo pointed out I (we) do not believe for one moment that Wenger is content with 3rd or 4th, he wants to win every bit as much as we all do.

    As I have said before, I do believe this team is very close to being title challengers next season and I think we are only 2 or 3 players short of achieving this. I do believe Wenger will invest ( I would like to see vertongen, Goetze and Podolski excuse spellings. Wenger has aside he will invest in the right players and he will invest early.

    What’s left then is the magical ingredient of experience. I don’t believe
    United are necessarily a better side than City they just know how to handle the situation, which is why I suspect they will win the league. similar story with Spurs, I don’t profess to be clairvoyant, but long suspected they would get a nose bleed they just couldn’t handle it.
    This ‘latest’ young Arsenal side are gelling together and we nowhere have a nucleus of players who are playing for each other ( Szs, Sagna, Kos, RVP, Song, Jack when fit and Theo) plus others queuing to join the nucleus, Jenkinson, coquelin ( I think this boy will be a top player) , Arteta Ramsey Gibbs etc.oncek a team starts playing as a team I believe they have that magic ingredient.

    I haven’t mentioned Gervinho ( not convinced yet) or Rosicky who has been brilliant but can he maintain it? And I think I am in a small minority who thinks if Diaby could get some games under his belt he could become a good player.

    If in two years time I am singing from the same songbook I will consider changing camps, but for the time being in Arsene I trust.

  79. ManU will win the league because of referee decisions like they got today, and have been getting for all of two seasons at the minimum.. Sorry..I hate City..They are the antithesis of Arsenal’s spend wisely approach after all. But ManU winning the title will be a bigger travesty for me.. No one else has to agree with me, but that’s my opinion. However, I will argue with people who say referees don’t make a difference. They clearly do.

  80. @Shard.
    Too bad but you are right. Sir Alex has long had the refs cowed.
    If Fulham had lead by one there would have been no less than 5 or 6 minutes of extra time. It isn’t a one-off it’s the usual.
    @Retsub we have had experience talent and traded off to be replaced with what? Nothing before the 8-2 ManU drubbing. We have been at this for years. Veiera,Ljundberg,Pires,Edu,Henry,Gilberto,Toure,Adebayor,Gallas,Flamini,Hleb,Cesc,Nasri. You can argue that some of these players were no longer at there prime but they were sold for good money and replaced with what? Bentdner,Denilson,Squillacci,Vela,Traore.
    I don’t want to spend money like Man$ity but a few key transfers last January when we had lost both fullbacks and both replacements BEFORE the transfer window opened might have meant the difference between competing to win something and trying to salvage a CL spot.
    I know Wenger wants to win but not if it means doing anything he has already made up his mind not to(in a tactical sense also). This stubborness and inflexabilty of ego has cost this team countless times and will do so again mark my words.

  81. To all Arsenal fans who pay a pound and a crown to go to the games, You deserve all that you’re getting now and hope you get more you deserve it, I watch on the teli so no hard feelings
    Sorry i sound like a scrooge BUT
    I’ll tell you what, NOT SHIT has changed.
    Well except for the fact that
    In the last 7 seasons we played well at the start and fell away in the end this season is the total opposite, which enforces the fact that we play well when there is know pressure. can we win anything significant with this combination???
    If any of you think things will be done differently next summer go get your head examine.
    We have a whole heap of young players out on loan some of them will surely come in this summer i will bet my house on that and
    “Wilshire and Diaby will be like new signings” (can’t believe i said that going to wash my mouth out with soap) BUT you know the drill.
    Maybe podolski will come and that will be good BUT if that’s all then at whose expense does he come?? If that’s all then Robin might fly.
    And that’s really the point why hipe yourself up when the same thing will be done next summer, best judge of the future is the past and that’s a fact.
    We enjoy qualifying for the CL every years BUT we never make a big big big fuss about winning the dam thing were satified with the round of 16. 15 years and one final and never won this thing, noway, somethings wrong.

    And i never said wenger does not want to win of course he does i want to win the lotto as well, the facts are i haven’t and this is facts, 7 long years.

    I really want this team to do well so that my MAU mate can stop talking the piss, BUT wenger i can never trust, trust to BUY rubbish!!h sure trust to buy cheap!!! sure trust to sell our best players!! sure trust not to replace them with like for like quality!!! sure and the list can go on.
    So whilst the team has done well these last 7 games the major problems remain in general:
    nothing has changed and will not as long as wenger remains in charge
    nothing personal folks and i respect you if you think he is the best thing we have BUT I JUST CANT TAKE HIM @ HIS WORD.
    The last statement he made about buying quality not quantity, just bought back memories of the past, is that a new statement from wenger???? he’s said that almost every year and look who he buys, i don’t even want to mention.

  82. I’d like Wengerto sign Podolski, Matias Suarez, Vertonghen and Gotze…and now you have talk of M’Villa… But lets be realistic.. Instead of focusing on ‘big names’ Let’s see what the team needs. First priority has to be Robin’s new contract. Second would be getting in a new striker of some reknown. Podolski would fit the bill. Third must be Alex Song’s contract, and Theo’s contract.

    So far, that would require at an estimate an extra outlay of 25k + (11m+100k) + 20k + 15k per week. 11+8.3m = 19.3m for the year..

    We should also get some of our loanees back.. Ryo seems to be a safe bet to be in the squad. Joel Campbell should get his work permit as I think he’s now a regular for Costa Rica, and he will provide another striking/wide option, and maybe Benik Afobe as well. Ozyakup might get a chance in midfield from among our youth, some might say Lansbury as well but I’m not sure he’ll make it. But lets ignore the addition of their salaries for now.

    The thing to do is to offload some of the players not in our plans. Denilson, Bendtner, Vela, Arshavin, Squillachi, maybe Chamakh and Park (depending on striking options available to us)

    I’m having a tough time calculating how much we can get for them because some people keep saying they are useless so I don’t know how much people will pay for useless players, so at a random guess, lets say.. 15-20m.. That might be an optimistic estimate. Plus we won’t have to pay the salary of Chamakh and Squillaci and Park (the others being on loan means we wont be paying the majority of their wages, or none of them) that means (again estimating) 150k pw = 7.8m.. oh and Almunia is out of contract so another lets say 3m ..

    So to recap, our outlay increases by about 20m, and reduces by about 30m.. of this 8m is annual increase in wages, and 11m is decrease in wages. so we have a gap of 3m in wages, and 10m in transfer fees.

    Lets say we can outlay another 20m on transfers that gives us 30m.. but our wage bill will need to increase.. 3m in wages is about 55k per week. Which won’t be enough to sign a Gotze, and definitely not if we sign more than one player (apart from Podolski)

    So what else does the team need. I think we are set at CB. Djourou as 4th choice is good enough, and we have Miquel and Bartley coming through. At Cm we have Song, Arteta, Wilshere, Rosicky, Ramsey, Diaby (hopefully), Coquelin, Frimpong (hopefully) I guess we could sign a midfielder.

    Out wide we have Gervinho, Theo, Ox, Ryo, Podolski (can play there), Joel Campbell, Benik Afobe should be able to contribute as well.

    Up front we have Robin, Podolski, Campbell, Afobe.

    So if we sell Chamakh AND Park then I think we need another wide player/Striker but someone who will be willing to rotate games, and be on the bench most days. That’s not easy to find. In fact, I would say it won’t happen.

    To put my preference, I would be happy if Podolski signs, and we sign someone like Vertonghen who can play CB, CDM, and cover at LB. If as I suspect Ryo, Campbell, and Afobe are deemed good enough.

    anything else would be a bonus, but I think with this team we should be well set, especially if we keep one of Chamakh or Park. But all this is dependent on us being able to offload the players we want to, at what I think is an optimistic price. If we can’t do so, our outlay becomes more restricted.

    P.S. I usually hate arguments like sell him for so and so, and buy him for such and such amount, and I don’t stand by these figures as such. It’s just to get an understanding of what we can do and what our limitations MIGHT be. Also, I’d like to find out what positions people think we need to add players in, keeping in mind the 25 man squad rule, and how it’ll affect us in the next 2-3 years (which would be at least the length of contracts of players we sign)

  83. @voley_gun84 – Just said it all…

    @shard – I saw why manure win matches cheaply in EPL…referees. They cant even beat bilbao but they are top of the EPL, bull shit….lots of it all over the place

  84. @Shard – I hope we have Ryo, Frimpong and Arshavin back and sell the rest. We need only the best of the youth set-up to mix occasionally in the Carling and FA cup so first team can concentrate on EPL and champs league. I actually dont know how good Joel Campbell is, but I bet the Ox will be pushing seriously for that starting place next season…this development means we CANNOT guarantee Goetze starting playing time, but we need like for like replacements in the tough games so this is hoping Ryo learns more about intelligent soccer cos I would want him and Gervinho to be the super-subs. Podolski may not come if we keep on doing the 4-3-3 thingi, but we need him as a back-up for VP(I doubt he will take that). This is where we need another Eduardo…I guess the Ox wouldn’t mind if we get a Hazard(now that would be a real signal of intent from Wenger). My take for frontline; VP, Walcott, Podolski, Hazard, Ox, Gervinho, Ryo, Arshavin, Park, Ramsey(we just found out he is not the playmaker we have been dreaming about) = 10

    Another playmaker (offensive midfielder) is needed badly in the team alongside M’villa(we need him for our depth to be unquestionable).
    My midfield would be Song, M’villa, Rosicky, Wilshere, Arteta, Coquelin(I have so much hope in this guy), Frimpong, new playmaker = 8

    Defense and goalie is sorted…Cant choose between Santos and Gibbs and this is what the other positions should be like…
    Defense would be Vermaelen, Koscielny, Gibbs, Sagna, Santos, BFG, Ignasi, Djourou, Jenkinson = 9

    Every team has atleast 3 goalies, but I know we have about 5

    So, lets say we have 3 goalies, Podolski, Hazard and Arshavin dont come, M’villa and new playmaker dont come….we have from attack 7+6+9+3 = 25 squad players.
    I know we have oxyakup, joel campbell etc
    So, who still thinks Wenger wants to buy?

  85. Shit, I completely forgot Vertongen (he wants to come too). Wouldnt mind him taking Djourou’s place, that would mean Djourou takes Squilachi’s place leaving him out of the squad altogether. I heard Wenger wants to get a free Junior Hoilett and that Hazard really wants to come. Dont know if anyone told him we dont buy above 11mil…
    Thus, our list of CBs would be Vermaelen, Koscielny, Vertongen, BFG, Ignasi, Djourou, Squilch(If we dont release or sell him). This would ensure we challenge for all trophies from day 1. Does this mean we have been fooling ourselves since about our chances?

  86. GunnerBoss

    Where do you place Mertasaker? Not even on your CBs list. I guess you forgot.

  87. Yup, he’s the BFG(bloody fuckin german or BigFuckinGerman as I interpret it). Ask leftcoast what it means, he uses it that way and I like it. He really helped fans nerve’s settle early in the season cos we were no longer bullied on set pieces etc. I love him for that, but for now(after settling), speed at the back takes pre-eminence. This is why I would prefer him as 4th choice if Vertongen comes. And if you noticed, I picked the names in order of best preference too.

  88. Gunnerboss

    Actually attacking midfielder was one of the positions I wanted a player in. But thinking about it, with the midfield prospects we have coming up like Aneke, Ozyakup, and further back in the age group, Bunjaku, Gnabry, Toral and Jebb, as well as Eisfeld who we bought in January, plus with Wilshere and Diaby there, as well as Ramsey playing there..It won’t happen. Besides, if we buy a wide player, as extra cover, we can play the Ox in the AM role as well. He played there against Milan (a game I was there for) and did quite well. Also, I think Vertonghen will be more a luxury player than a need. He can cover for Song, but I wouldnt put him ahead of Koscielny or Mertesacker right now. Djourou I feel is a good 4th choice CB. The only place I can see for Vertonghen is as occasional CB and cover for Song(especially if Frimpong goes on loan next year)

    I’d be happy with Podolski and Vertonghen/M’Villa (or similar type of players) Another Winger/AM, or winger/striker will be a bonus.

    Arshavin I think is done. He won’t be coming back in my opinion. Though I still like him. I would like to see Ryo, Campbell, Afobe and Ozyakup promoted, maybe Eisfeld too since we bought him we must have some plan for him.

  89. Leftcoastgooner-24/03 u said u not an arsene supporter,okay thought u wouldn’t c da clear picture until now,I havnt blog 4 a while becoz I hate keep on scrolling down the article comments for long n opposite sex problems whoeva thought finding da perfect female partner could b so diffcult,anyway da one thing is stil a concern 4 me is wenger arrogants as the team is functionally well with 7straight wins n now wenger might throw out the book of dangers of not buying quality players next season,we havnt face barc, real or any really top team to determine da need not 2 buy quality,polodski might b coming but the useless stock n stock returning from loan must b dealt with,yes some of these players have lighten up but stil what happen when da going gets rough?

  90. Another of a concern is wenger usually does not make much changes when playing which leaves most players demotivated on da bench,I got n feelin chamakh,park,benayoun probably diaby would want 2 b loan out or 4 sale.
    Leftcoastgooner and others-wats this crap about giving every country’s homeclub in europe n chance 2 play in europe cl, so if real wins da laliga then barc misses out,I do understand that da money clubs re getting stronger n weaker teams re not rich n well establish but shouldnt uefa stop clubs from paying so much for a player n epl n laliga reduce the amount of tv revenue given 2 da top clubs n spread it lightly more to others or is this da starting of a new league from europe that’s clubs misses out on ecl n start forming a new league.

  91. In that case, I would prefer a more versatile Vertongen (CB, LB and DM positions) to M’vila. Wish we would take the risk with Hazard instead of Junior Hoilett or Odemwengie. I wouldn’t mind a Rosicky/Wilshere, Song/Wilshere, Mvila/Song/Arteta midfield next season(options galore).
    There are some players you buy and you show real intent, Hazard is one of them…
    But, if we had Podolski(eliminating the bare bones of Chamakh), Hazard, Vertongen and M’vila, believe me we would be in the final of the champs league. Right now we have no sub for VP,I guess Walcott could do a decent job…but against quality opposition? It is not enough beating EPL teams, its how you fare against the Barca’s, Bayern Munich’s and Magreeds that matter to me. Those are the top teams every season and we deserve to stand up and be counted like them also.

    When Manure was beaten to pulp by Barca last final, they said they would get someone creative…they didn’t and again they were so vulnerable in Europe to such an extent they were disgraced out of it entirely. But, the fact they are top in EPL makes a complete mockery of every team beneath them. It is just pathetic.
    We compete season in season out with mediocres, what if we buy some real talent? What if we get some real experience? You tell me what?

  92. Firstly, ManU being top of the league is, frankly, a mockery of the league. Not of the other teams. But anyway, the point is not what we should ideally buy, but what we can buy. We cannot spend the same amount of money that ManU do. Not yet, because ManU have had their growth as a club, much earlier than ours. But I agree with you that a signing like Hazard or someone of that ‘name’ will make a statement. The thing is, I’m not sure we need Hazard. I wish I knew more about how our finances were, but considering that we still have low commercial income, I would think we won’t buy a 30m player. Not least because the output to the team may not be much different from someone who costs half the amount. Besides, we cannot get into an auction with other teams, unless the player himself wants to join us over the others. Gotze has signed a new contract with Dortmund and he seems happy enough there. I doubt we’ll get him either. Actually, Junior Hoillett won’t be bad. He’s looked a skillful player, he’s still young, would come free, and wouldn’t demand too many games and an automatic starting spot.

    Anyway, if we can manage to get rid of the players who are excess to requirements, we should be able to get in 2-3 players. Not all of them will be someone the media dubs ‘World Class’ and I’m ok with that. I don’t think we need the name players (though they help, and I’d be very happy if that were to happen) as long as we get the right players.

    Oh and I’m not sure Fabianski will be happy to play a backup to Szczesny at both club and international level. If he wants to leave, and if Mannone doesn’t come back from loan, then we will need to buy an experienced keeper as backup to Wojciech.

  93. @ Byo

    I know, i plan to, am working on it day and night, I might have to win that lotto i spoke about, i’ll hire Pep and keep my tickets cheap and most of all be honest with fans because they deserve it not charge them an Arm and leg and feed them with crumbs from the dog table.
    Am not getting my hopes up until i see a real sign of intent and a real statement by the powers that be.

    We have so much young players out on loan who wenger will bring in, are they good enough?? Maybe some are BUT not all so hence we need to insert the pins tactfully and lift the level of the team, Because THIS POLICY HAS NOT AND WILL NOT WORK because while the idea is good the dynamics of the playing field has change so much and so quickly that we must change, not totally but in key areas.

    I heard some talk about chamberlain getting a pay raise i hope to heaven that’s not true.
    So again sorry if i sound like a real grump BUT these last 7 seasons have taught me that there is no easy fix and no CHEAP fix to the problems we have.

  94. I remember when we played milan, No subs to take us to the promised land, it was an eyesore. We know what we need, don’t we?

  95. Howdy Dutch good to here from you.
    @GunnerBoss Yeah, we need to beat QPR this Saturday pick up the 3 points and increase our goal differential. We’re in the catbird seat for a CL spot but we are by no means home and dry. This January should have proven to everyone that we can lose 4 in a row as fast as we can win em’.

  96. @leftcoast – incredible, incredible sense of humour…always refreshing

    We know the kind of players we need, dont we? Yeah, we need to beat QPR…

    Yeah, pls help us interpret BFG, will you?

  97. In case Lefty is out enjoying the sunshine, unless I am missing the point BFG is the big friendly giant a cartoon based on a book by Roald Dahl. However at the Emiates the BFGi is the Big Fxxxxxing German ie mertesackery

  98. Gosh, I never thot of a giant big and friendly…Never read or heard of that book.

    Poor me…

  99. @ GunnerBoss
    You should pick it up sometime.
    Roald Dahl was born in Wales though both his parents were Norweigian.
    He served in the RAF during the second World War and was subsequently badly injured in a plane crash in Alexandria Egypt.
    What Dahl saw of war and undoubtedly his Norweigian roots made him a staunch pacifist and anti-capitalist. “Charlie and the Choclate Factory” From which the “Willy Wonka” movies are made is his best known work.

  100. While we wait for Andy or Mark to put up a post and thuse rescue this blog from irreleveance, I am happy to chip into the Roald Dahl chat! If you ever get a chance read his short stories for adults and his autobiographies – Boy and Flying Solo. The best English language writer of the 20th century in my opinion. Can reach out to kids and grown ups. Brilliant stuff. Me and my son have read them all!

    Now back to football – what’s the team news for the weekend? Can RVP end his goal drought?! Gervinho or the Ox?

    Can the Swans do us a favour and nick a win at the Spuds?

  101. @Terry Goal drought hah! He’s already scored 2 years worth this year alone.
    I think the beauty of our position now is that we don’t have to worry about what anybody else does now. Our fate is firmly in our hands and if we win the ones we should we will be fine.It’s time for Spuds and Chavs to do the scoreboard sweat-it-out for a change.
    Oh… and “James and the Giant Peach” is good too. 🙂

  102. Fantastic to see the picture of Muamba sitting up , nothing short of a miracle. Tremendous support from all the players wearing get well t shirts etc. When torres scored against Leicester the other week he lifted his shirt and it said Free the Chilean Miners

  103. What on earth is Ramsey doing starting two games in a row now on the left wing? It is true what some say….Wenger is truly mad.

    Sad, but true assesment…

  104. Is Vermaelen at fault? Noooooooooo

    Ramsey is killing us by staying on the pitch…we make no progress on the left wing whatsoever.

    What is wenger doing not changing him? Does he think this guy is gonna be a Fabregas or what?

  105. Deluded Ramsey.
    Ramsey is not fit to be an arsenal player. I pray he get injured. Period.

  106. Arsenal just got tried of winning thought I wouldn’t of said it but from what I saw arsenal wasn’t panicking as da ball was played on the ground at slow pace,another rare picture was seeing the qpr gettin da worst of vermaulen,that two mistakes cost us da game also having to lose again sparky n mr twitter. The most biggest dissappointed was seeing us lose after seven matches without putting up a real fight,now what shape wil the team be in against man city? Ramsey what da hell is wenger thinking I believe chamberlain or benayoun would be better suited 2 play
    Vermaulen why or why?

  107. Well here comes the drama. Will we recover with a point against $ity or will we figure a way to bumble out of 3rd?
    Opus (Mr. In Arsene I trust) Ramsey is hand selected, trained and placed by your boy Wenger. If he’s deluded so is the guy who keeps putting him in the lineup. Personally I think he’s a good player who needs to improve both his skills and awareness. Perhaps he’s a project but I think a worthwhile one. On the other hand I said that about Denilson so great is my understanding of football.

  108. @lefty
    I am of a similar view on Ramsey, but you make a good point about Wenger. That said why is Ramsey getting all the flack. I think the Verminater is great, but he was poor. today and not many others can hold there head up and say they played well. In short they took QPR for granted.

    I watched the game on a dodgy stream but it was enough to add another to my pet hate list. Tony ( I hate arsenal ) Gale

    Ps I thought Denilson was good once

  109. I have lost faith in Wenger a long time ago…the team overall did not play well today. Vermaleen struggled today, but he lost his footing twice. I love him our starting pairing it is the best since we had kolo and Sol .
    Shocking today our midfield was outclass by a technically gifted Maroccan player called Tarat.
    Some of our players at the club like Ramsey ,Theo are good but overrated, we won’t win the league with them.
    The idea that players on loan will be like new signings next year , will signal the departure of RVP .
    We have a deluded manager who actually thought that Denilson could play cover for Song.
    There is one thing that noticed that does not make sense to me, why is Gervinho often drift toward the middle of the box,? he should stay wide to create space for RVP , instead of crowding him, it is not like he can win any headers in there.
    On corners too why is Theo in the box instead of covering for Sagna?
    Ramsey on the wing and leaving Ox and Gervinho on the bench? !

  110. First of all, I would like to say Kel is very right about Wengers deceit even-though some of the moments he picks up this argument is wrong especially cos Ramsey was out of the team then. You know, I thought Wenger understands Ramsey is not good enough and i was equally encouraged when he refused to throw in Santos immediately after his comeback, but ease him in as a sub. Just when i thought things are changing with news of Podolski’s wrap-up at a time we were on a winning run, talk of signing new quality players etc…Right now, I seriously doubt Wenger wants to win. Whenever he picks his team this way with nothing really at stake, he reminds me of that Carling cup final we gave away to the chavs very easily cos of his useless tinkering. We are no longer in europe, I mean why the resting of key players? I will come back to this.

    Secondly, voley_gun84 and dutch101 have made extremely useful summaries of everything we have known for the past few years. Especially that Wenger refuses to substitute is no more news, but what happens when he refuses to replace people out of stubbornness? He is messing up Ramsey like he did with Arshavin instead of allowing the little boy to learn and grow under Rosicky etc. I am very afraid the boys confidence is gonna get extremely shattered. He will start becoming nervy whenever he plays for us.

    I have watched every single game of ours this season in HD, I mean with previous years experience watching Arsenal, I can safely read anything Wenger does from miles away. I was mad when he played Santos in that useless UCL last game, and the result? He has played atleast four different players in that LB position ever since that injury. We lost the game 3-1 but had already topped our group by a point. Can anyone tell me the sense in playing your only fit left-back in a meaningless UCL match when you are mid-table and just picking up some kind of form in your domestic league? Only a mad person would do it, someone who has no trust whatsoever in the reserve players he has, but never hesitates to tell everyone how many players he has and uses this same excuse not to buy and strengthen the squad.

    I remember seeing that Ramsey was out of sorts in some consecutive games he played in and immediately reported it here and how Arshavin, Rosicky or Benayoun could do a better job in attacking midfield. We have all seen it later and while some still fail to see it, it remains the truth. I dont hate any of our players, but i want the team to function properly. Why have i never criticized the defense? Why have i never criticized Walcott? Why do i not criticize Arshavin? See, some players dont even deserve it considering the team they are in…you see a lot of the present crop are playing for two people cos of the tactics on the day and the fact that the person next to him is just mediocre. It was the same with my Chamakh criticism, i stood my ground even when we were winning games with him in the side. Now?

    What baffles me is that the coach noticed we lost games in-which Ramsey started as an attacking midfielder(Sunderland and Milan) and won the next games Rosicky started as attacking midfielder which prompted me to say “We will never win anything with Ramsey in the side”…anyone remember? Yet, he had the audacity to change Ramsey’s position to a wing player( I mean this guy does not even qualify as a speedster or trickster) in the last two games…How foolish is this?

    When i listed Ramsey as one of our forwards for next season, Shard tried to correct me, but he is wrong, I saw it all Shard. Are we amazed that with no quaterfinal UCL football on tuesday/wednesday to look up to, no Carling cup or FA cup and having played our last match a week ago, we felt we should joke around in the league? Do we think we have secured 3rd place? Even if we have, is it the best time to try out Ramsey on the wings? We have Chamberlain and Gervinho for goodness sakes…why can Ramsey not come on as a sub? I had said Wenger is planning for reinforcements and that is why he is tinkering with the midfield. Now, he has gone to the flanks…

    The Ox is a revelation this season, he has been doing marvelously on the flanks…he is also a very good player and can do a decent job in midfield too as proved against a hapless milan. Let me tell us the reason he tinkers with the Ox is because he wants to get Hazard, so he pushes the Ox more centrally. Pushing Song(whom he will never bench) up is because he probably wants M’vila and Song in the middle next season. Dont say I didn’t tell you. It is also because he encourages Song to lay-up that killer pass more often. Now, after Arteta’s belter of a free-kick in the last game, he seems confused about who should be going more further….did we see the result today? Arteta went up but never tried to shoot at goal cos he is not used to it. The defense was exposed more often cos of this.

    I have to go now

  111. I was going to let it go, but since I’ve been personally singled out (not that I remember any discussion of Ramsey being a forward) I’d like to point out that Ramsey played (nominally) on the left away at Everton as well. A game we won mostly because our defense did the job (and would you expect Vermaelen to make two mistakes- can you legislate for that?) Ramsey doesn’t play as a winger and this concrete definition of what positions are is wrong. The graphic on the tv doesn’t really tell you much. With Ramsey we are more like a box 4 in midfield than a 4-3-3. Sometimes, it works, sometimes it doesn’t, and mostly the likely thinking behind it is that it’ll help us keep possession better. Would Gervinho or the Ox have fared better? Maybe, but QPR sat pretty deep. Anyway, we lost because we played badly. Not because Ramsey did anything wrong, and not because he was on the field.

    P.S. Ramsey is a good player, and this need to have a scapegoat for everything is what ruins players. Denilson was actually good once upon a time. If that sounds like a fairy tale it’s because by the time he left, the notion that he was bad had become a self fulfilling prophecy. No sympathy for Denilson from me though. He’s supposed to deal with that and improve and he didn’t. But it’s something worth thinking about because it is us who lose out as well.

    P.P.S. So we lost. The situation still remains the same. WE HAVE A BLOODY FIGHT ON OUR HANDS!! UP THE ARSENAL!!

  112. @shard
    Well written Shard I wish I could have put it down as well as you have. Seems to me someone loses their cat and it’s Ramseys fault. I have seen players crucified over the years and not everyone has Eboue’s temperament

    Whilst walking the dog this morning with my Spurs supporting friend I mentioned Ramsey. His response was how can you criticise the guy who won the world cup lol

  113. I agree with you Gunnerboss, let’ s be honest Wenger is not getting Hazard because he is cheap. Can we complete for the league title with the midfield we currently have? The best we can hope for is the FA in the coming years. RVP will be gone.

  114. I dont know why King Shard is trying to deny …I will not push it anymore, I have made my point a little bit. Let others judge, so far its a 1-1 Shard, so far…

    I really admire the way you defend the Arsenal project Shard, but you are wrong here…You see I can pick on Ramsey because a bloody fuckin frenchman plays him in the first instance… A frenchman who feels Ramsey is Fabregas…A frenchman who is already destroying Ramsey’s career or atleast denting it…
    Do you guys know I used to prefer Ramsey before his injury? His injury ended and Ramsey has been playing since for us, when did I start about him? If you guys think I hate him, ur wrong…

    What do we say about Arshavin who was rated 14th best in the world? He came January and in May, was rated 14th….way above Fabregas…

    He scored 4 against Liverpool with mad accuracy. I feel ashamed when I see our fans complain about him. We knew from the beginning this guy wanted to play for us hence he took up a role on the left…a role he tried to adapt to. A lot of players normally complain about not being played in position, but he didn’t, did he?
    Why could the coach not play this guy in his normal behind the striker role? The role the whole world saw him destroy others at the Euro’s with Russia. Beats the fuckin crap out of me…
    I guess this is his way of trying to freeze out Ramsey when we should cut all this ego crap and make the guy hunger and wait for his time understudying Rosicky. Its so foolish that we have better and probably fitter wingers sitting on the bench for no reason. Then, towards the end we had about 5 strikers on the pitch trying to SCORE? Did we even want to win? Where was the intent? Starting Ramsey on the left? Doesn’t make any sense, Wenger just makes things too hard for us at times…a lot of times really.

  115. I dont know why King Shard is trying to deny …I will not push it anymore, I have made my point a little bit. Let others judge, so far its a 1-1 Shard, so far…

    I really admire the way you defend the Arsenal project Shard, but you are wrong here…You see I can pick on Ramsey because a bloody fuckin frenchman plays him in the first instance… A frenchman who feels Ramsey is Fabregas…A frenchman who is already destroying Ramsey’s career or atleast denting it…
    Do you guys know I used to prefer Ramsey before his injury? His injury ended and Ramsey has been playing since for us, when did I start about him? If you guys think I hate him, ur wrong…

    What do we say about Arshavin who was rated 14th best in the world? He came January and in May, was rated 14th….way above Fabregas…

    He scored 4 against Liverpool with mad accuracy. I feel ashamed when I see our fans complain about him. We knew from the beginning this guy wanted to play for us hence he took up a role on the left…a role he tried to adapt to. A lot of players normally complain about not being played in position, but he didn’t, did he?
    Why could the coach not play this guy in his normal behind the striker role? The role the whole world saw him destroy others at the Euro’s with Russia. Beats the fuckin crap out of me…
    I guess this is his way of trying to freeze out Ramsey when we should cut all this ego crap and make the guy hunger and wait for his time understudying Rosicky. Its so foolish that we have better and probably fitter wingers sitting on the bench for no reason. Then, towards the end we had about 5 strikers on the pitch trying to SCORE? Did we even want to win? Where was the intent? Starting Ramsey on the left? Doesn’t make any sense, Wenger just makes things too hard for us at times…a lot of times really…

  116. If I’m King, does that make you my queen? 🙂 I wonder if anyone even knows what they are supposed to ‘judge’. A beauty pageant? A battle of wits? A fair trade in one-upmanship?

    Look i don’t know why some of you see me as some sort of nemesis, and apparently even keep score. There is no clear duality on anything. No ONE right and no ONE wrong. Unless you quote someone like Patrice Evra to try and ‘prove’ your point, or you resort to abuses, I don’t even disrespect different points of view. At least, I don’t intend to disrespect them. Not sure how it comes across really.

    the point I’m trying to make is..I don’t think there needs to be such divergence in supposed viewpoints. there doesn’t have to be camps that people’s opinions are divided into. . Even if you and others want Wenger gone..Fine.. I don’t agree with you, but that’s ok. We don’t have to agree.

    All I actually rail against is that people feel the need to disrespect, abuse and use stupid, but popularly expressed phrases about the manager’s character, and try to read someone’s mind. example..”RVP will leave if…. (insert reason of choice)”.. who knows what he is thinking? If he leaves, it’s up to him..sort of..we still have one year on his contract.. another example.. “Wenger starts Ramsey because he likes to prove everyone wrong, rather than winning points.” Again. How do you know what he was thinking? You can just say, I can’t understand it, rather than assign some inane reason to it.

    And actually I agree that of late Ramsey’s performances haven’t been worthy of earning him a start. Ok. So I’d even agree that Wenger is wrong to start him. I would say I don’t know why he does, and why he chose to play him on the left. So far, so good right? We have no conflict at all. We all agree. But when people then start assigning reasons to this thing we can’t understand is when I go to the other side of the argument. If you didn’t slate him as much, rather stuck to a discussion, I wouldn’t defend him as much. I don’t mind discussing the manager’s flaws. In fact, I’d like it. But with the sheer vitriol that flows through the internet sometimes, it becomes impossible to have a discussion. Rather people just become typecast as ONE point of view. Any discussion is more complex than that. Wenger can and is wrong at times. That doesn’t mean he’s wrong for Arsenal in general. On the other hand, Wenger is often right, and that doesn’t mean he is above criticism or even dismissal. There is a middle ground in there somewhere..something a score of 1-1 doesn’t reflect..

    Oh and another thing. The use of Wenger’s nationality in a disparaging way.. It’s quite distasteful. I don’t care if he’s French, Australian, German, English, or Libyan.. It’s irrelevant, and the use of his being a Frenchman is generally used to prejudice the reader into thinking of all the national stereotypes that are put forth.

    SO basically..if you really want a discussion, I think you should stop all that nonsense and ….anger.. It’s not how it should be.. Or you can just indulge in playing ‘I am better than you and I know more than you’ and it’ll get us nowhere.

  117. Well said Shard old son. It is the lack of respect, vitriol and outright racism that I find distasteful. And as for the knob who said he wishes Ramsay gets injured – given that young lad’s history I think that is a disgrace.

    And like Shard, that does not mean I don’t find Wenger’s selection of Ramsay over Gervinho or the Ox strange. But did that cost us the game or TV5’s two errors? Perspective please.

  118. @King Shard,Queen Gunnerboss,The Duke of Kel,The Earl of Terry and Sir Retsub OBE.
    Wow, we lose our first game in 8 and a scrap over the departed Arshavin breaks out. Are we the lot or what? I sometimes think if they took away our computers and made us sit in a room alone we would eventually pick a fight with ourselves.
    Leave us hope for a return to form against the wealth of $ity least all anarchy and belligerence descend upon us. And perhaps witjout being too pushy a new blog posting is in order. By the way, where’s my cat?? Damn, that Ramsey!!!

  119. Ha Ha very good Lefty, but it’s only fair to bestow an honour (or in your case) honor upon you. I am going to assume you are a native Left Coaster as opposed to an expat, so you don’t qualify for some of the honours. I think in your case we’ll have to award you the OOB otherwise known as the order of the Beckham as he is close to Royalty.

    But getting back to serious matters, we have City next, I can’t dislike Vieira, Clichy, Toure or even David Platt but The Chinless One Grrrrrrrrrr. We should save all our polite abuse for him.

    I think the discussion around postings has probably run its course, personally I’m not a fan of foul language as generally it’s just creating bad feeling. As Lefty pointed out we desperately need a new topic. now where’s that damn Corgi?

  120. Ya i didnt see this comming but the team selection could tell it all. I haver always said this on the blog. I have never rated Ramsey at all even before he broke his leg. He is a complete joke full of useless runnings and taking hard shorts while completely sure he is off target. I strongly blame the deluded coach for Benching Ox in the previous games and starting this moron. Two wingers for heavens sake and you bring on Ramsey. Totenham is breathing under ournecks and they seem to have modest games than us. Is any one blaming Vermaleen. I dont but i think he needs a rest and thats why we need Vertenhogen in the squad next season because his weaknesses were apparent. But wait a minute, where was Gibbs for that second goal. He is always up front ever since he scored that gooal and thats why i fancy Santos immediately starting the game on Sunday. Gibbs must be reminded of where he belongs as he was no where near his position. I there any reason why Persie is not scoring. I hope he does on Sunday cause we are surely struggling without his goals .

  121. @all – I’m sorry about the whole “frenchman thing”. but it could have been “englishman” or “african” or whatever…
    Please take it in the context i put it, I did not mean any prejudice to anyone french or anything like that..was just tired of using “Wenger”.
    You see, whenever we loose badly, i vent out like anyone else…I make my point, but I could go far as being rough on the manager doesn’t mean any of you love the club more than i do. I’m very angry because we lost to QPR under no pressure at all whatsoever, and risk loosing our 3rd place.

    What stops anyone from saying “You are right King Boss, but I dont like this or that in the way you tried to make your point”….rather its like everyone wants to look at the irrelevant points i make about why we drop points as to the main facts i pointed out. This is what i dont like and a lot of you guys are as prejudiced as anything i have ever seen before. If its jealousy, its plain stupid.

    @leftcoast – nice humour again…and my cat is missing too. You know the cat thief, don’t you?

    @Shard – First of all kudos to you for your write-up, you earned my respect with it a long time ago. Credit where its due, so, do not panic…
    I want to let you know that i was let down with the way you refused to agree with me earlier about the Ramsey issue, its ur little dent so far…
    I made a point and it took nothing away from you agreeing that I was right.
    That i said i agree with what Kel said about Wenger being a liar does not mean I want wenger sacked…I have never said so. Why do you make me look bad? Why did you have to say that? You on the other hand was opposed to my listing Ramsey as one of our forwards(95,99), yet you seemed to forget it.
    Again, I do not go round scouting for what to read about my team on the internet…that I watch the team is enough news. Do you know how long it took before I starting blogging seriously in-here? I do not blog anywhere else too. Andy’s read is often-times spectacular, boy, i enjoy myself reading his stuff. He is the reason i started blogging in the first place. I could go to or to see why a certain player is not available etc. But, where did I have to go to see that the Ox and Gervinho were kept unnecessarily on the bench? No name calling and thats it.

    Oh and posts 119 to 122 all talk about a certain Ramsey.

    @Retsub – Did Ramsey play well? Why do we have to note Verminator’s mistakes? Did he not score the winner the other day? Must you talk about his mistake? When last did he make a mistake? I pity people like you…On the other hand who has been doing poorly and yet has unbelieveable playing time? Why cant you judge for yourself? You seem angry with me over something cos i dont just get it. Must we have a scapegoat? I just said Ramsey did bad and I was not alone….Did you watch the match? Do you even need to watch the match to understand that there was serious injustice to certain wing players?

    I rest my case

  122. @gunnerboss
    Please do not waste your pity on me I neither want or need it.

    I watched this blog for a long term and enjoyed some of the banter that takes place before committing myself to paper. I don’t always agree with what people say, but respect postings from knowlegable people such as Shambo, shard, Terry and Lefty to name but a few.

    Now I don’t doubt you love your team, but you asked so I will answer you. Your posts are very predictable, Wenger is an idiot, Shouldn’t have played ?santos in Europe, Ramsey is a Wuss , i know what Wenger is thinking (yeah right)etc etc. Other people post opinions, your posts suggest you really are the Gunnerboss and on occasions you have attacked people and asked if “they even watch the matches”. Personally I find that a little insulting. Of course you are entitled to your opinion, but so is everyone else!!!!

    Why did I attack Vermaelon? I didn’t I am just fed up with the constant rants against Ramsey and compared to his high standards Vermaelen he isn’t at his best. As shard pointed out its Wenger who picks the team. Here’s a lad who had a horrific injury trying his best for his team and getting slated… Hardly his fault. I can tell you from personal experience at the Emirates, that the crowd got far more frustrated with Arshavin than they ever had with Ramsey. That said Ramsey isn’t at the top of his game at the moment and I wouldn’t pick him at the moment

    Then again I would have unloaded Rosicky years ago, so what do I know?

    I could rant on and on but it seems a little pointless

    And back to the pity thing, I am actually quite a successfull guy, I even have an HD tv

  123. There’s no need pandering on issues that are crystal clear. The time worn cliche of calling a spade exactly what it is holds forth here. Its unbelievable sometimes the kinda selections Wenger makes atimes. Whether we have an indepth understanding as to why he does is entirely a different ball game. Bottom line is such decisions as in the last game where Ox and Gervy (both tried, tested and trusted wingers) were left on the bench and Ramsey was ask to start on the wings speaks a whole volume of crass ”madness”. I don’t care what anyone says but that is what it is. Like Lefty pointed out, two games in a row Ramsey was absent and we did very well, what happened to do-not-change-a-winning-team? I have watched season on season , how Wenger contrives to lose matches based on his once-in-a-while erratic team selection and its stuff of which the bleeding of the heart is made!

  124. @9jaGunner – How u dey? We have shittey next, spurs and Chelsea are breathing down our necks and it makes the whole team tinkering thing seem absolutely insane, doesn’t it?
    @Retsub – Atleast you agree, why you couldn’t agree earlier is my main problem cos it ends up seeming like the person does not watch our matches or the match in question. I dont have any problems with you, but did you just talk about Vermaelen again? Ramsey has been consistently doing badly and you found it very easy to attack Vermaelen on his one blip this whole year? The coach messes up and you attack Vermaelen? How dare you? Amazing, why didn’t you talk about VP, why didn’t you talk about goalie? I bet they didn’t do their job very well too, ehn?

    @all – What about Song? He goes way too forward and the coach is still sitting on the bench? Was the coach banned from talking to the players? Then, if we lose, we end up talking about Song leaving his place as if it was not a part of the plan? He goes up again and again, week in week out and people blame him….its amazing. You are indirectly saying the coach does not know what he is doing and some of these same people say “In Wenger we trust”.

    Yes, i call the manager names when i think he has gone mad again (i dont know how many of us haven’t). He is our most successful manager does not mean he should play with our emotions because we are on a 7 match winning run and will demand more from the team, so “let me tinker down their expectations”. There is no logic in this whatsoever. Let us not qualify for UCL next season and see what names the manager would be called then.

    Let me put it more succintly here, Hazard(I dont care how much he costs) really wants to play for Arsenal cos he has limited his movement to the EPL. He also wants to play where he will develop and be guaranteed first team football. He has kinda turned down spurs and will not go to shittey for all their money, it leaves Chelsea and Arsenal. This is why we MUST qualify for UCL next season.
    M’vila too wants to come to Arsenal, he says he would prefer to play for a french coach than go to Magreed or Barca. Check stuff up, he really wants to come. Junior Hoillett is free and wants to come too. Do you think i make this stuff up?

    A lot of people dont understand why wenger suddenly seems crazy and starts switching players cos who can fathom the Ox or Gervinho being dropped for Ramsey on the left wing? Ramsey is not even a wing player, but has played in there the past two games, hasn’t he? I’ve seen all this stuff before, so when i see it, i try to add one to one and come up with something. We’re here to discuss and learn from one another for goodness sakes. When i try to explain it, Retsub138 says “Yeah right” even though there is some element of truth in it.
    @Retsub – I may not be able to write everything up in its proper perspective at the time cos of hurrying. You never asked a question on why i felt it was so or so and you held the grudge? Just give credit where its due else you’ll look pety when you admit it later. Thank you

    I feel much better now.

    Will remain GunnerBoss

  125. @gunnerboss
    Let’s just agree to disagree you are missing my point and I am probably missing yours. I will repeat my point again to clarify it further anyway.
    Fact the reason we lost to Qpr was we took them for granted, Vermaelon made two uncharacteristic errors (didn’t he
    Make an error in Milan as well? Vermaelen is one of my favourite players i’m not slating him i’m merely pointing out that it easnt Ramseys fault we lost And then the avalanche comes its Ramseys fault, I’m not disagreeing he,’s out of sorts, I just dont think you can blame him for everything. I am a big Wenger fan but he failed to bring in adequate cover when fabregas went. I suspect Ramsey is knackered… But that’s neither here or there. I am not convinced by Gervinho yet, would he have done a better job? The Ovx probably

    You seem to want to play this one upmanship game all the time, I predicted this, I knew this would happen, I told you guys etc etc. at the end of the day I’m not interested in fighting with you. You are perfectly entitled to your opinion and I to mine let’s leave it at that

  126. Cor Retsub, was impressed that you have an HD tv. What’s it like then? Nudge nudge wink wink!

    With any luck Man$ity will be 8 points behind Manure on Sunday and will be deflated and there for the taking. In an ideal worked we would be 3-0 up with five minutes to go and we can send on Almunia to take Nasri out with a sliding tackle from behind that ends his season and we can all ask how much he has enjoyed warming the bench and winning all those medals!

    Not that I am bitter.

  127. @Terry
    I’ll take it from here…
    I’m extremely bitter and would very much like to see that fat, chinless twat crippled for life which with any justice in this world would ideally be short and constantly painful.
    Thus ALWAYS to traitors.

  128. @Retsub – Fact that we lost to QPR is we tinkered with our play and ended up inefficient. Didn’t you see we looked out of sorts? What happened second half then? We still inderated them?

    Vermaelen has been doing very well. Very bad for you to even think he messed us up against milan…
    Too bad, you failed to see Ramsey was huffing and puffing (without controlling the midfield) all over the place when Rosicky and Benayoun were available for selection in attacking midfield.
    Did you see the second leg? See, this is why i ask if you watch our matches…Imagine ur argument, Vermaelen cost us milan first leg? With Rosicky restored to attacking midfield next game, we won and have been winning since…cant you take ur answer there? How old are you Retsub? You have no arguments, i’ve said everything already…

  129. @gunnerboss

    How old am I? GROW UP

    Strange thing whenever the nastiness appears on this site there appears to be a common dennominater…. Work it out

    And check out Milans 3rd goal

    I await your torrent of abuse In HD,but probably won’t bother to reply I will only deal with adults

  130. Did we even notice that Song and Arteta often came up too far and blotted out the space between Rosicky and the strikers? Do we think it was not how they planned to play? Why change the way we play and why the unnecessary introduction of Ramsey all of a sudden into the winning set-up?
    When we play bullshit like this at an away ground, we make our defense nervous cos they see if that ball overlaps the midfield, everything is now on them…
    Why do we not criticize the strikers? Surely, they must have a part in this…
    Inter won 5-4, their defense leaked in four and they won…Do you think they will blame their defense or they will praise their strikers?

    For me, we have the best defense in the league. Let any other team not sit back against us and see what will happen(Spuds and chelsea anyone). Whichever team plays us, they do so with utmost respect cos they know us. If it was as a result of injuries(to Gervinho and Chamberlain), then we understand there is nothing that could be done. But, must we make things hard on ourselves? Look at magreed and barca, they keep churning out RESULTS cos that is what matters. Do teams not park the bus on them? You can say they spend, but this is what matters. We (the way it seems) are not even ready to win even when we have what it takes…Why couldn’t we change the set-up half-time or even in the first half (if we knew they were out to defend)and aim for that win? No no no…..we have to delay the substitution unnecessarily and make everyone ask questions(go googling) as to why better people are left on the bench. Make us seemingly hate the one not doing well(everyone will notice) cos of our incessant complaints.

    I remember when VP came back from injury and needed to slot back in place of Chamakh, the coach changed the pattern to accommodate both of them…we seemed to be doing a 4-2-4 cos we still had two wingers. In other words, he risked stretching and over-working those two midfielders and if they became tired, fans would complain they are not doing fine, but forget they are doing the work of more than one person each. When we loose, he reverts back to what we know(4-3-3) and now gives reason to bench Chamakh…Why do we need reasons to play better people on the pitch? Why cant the coach be firm and say “This guy is on form, doing well and should start today.”.
    It is a team game and the best overall team always wins the league…this is why talk of strength-in-depth usually comes up. Knock-out competitions could be decided on the form of the day/injuries, but you need to play your best available selection in the league.

    Yes, we have wrapped up Podolski(confirmed), we want to get other quality players in….but why tinkering(in preparation for next season) when we have not even secured UCL football?

  131. @Retsub – No hard feelings and no HD abuses, just felt like asking. Hit the submit button before considering it again. Sorry it hurt…its the same way i feel cos of how you choose to respond to me indirectly. Avoiding Terry too, i know he’s an old boss…

    Oh, I saw my cat, so i guess its not the cat thief…

  132. Players who Wenger played ‘out of position’

    Henry: Left Wing to Striker
    RVP: Left Wing to Striker
    Song: Centre Back to Midfielder
    Kolo Toure: Right midfielder to Centre Back
    Lauren: Midfielder to Right Back
    Petit: Centre Back to Midfielder

    Ljungberg and Pires used to cut in from the wings to great effect, when everyone wanted their wingers to stick out wide. Arshavin had a similar role too. And actually offensively it suited him. Defensively, maybe not so much. But that was more down to him not tracking back rather than anything he lacked technically.

    Can we please get past this argument on ‘position’. The modern game doesn’t have those hard and fast positions for players. Rooney plays in Midfield sometimes you know. If Ramsey played on the left, I may not agree with it, in hindsight. In hindsight, maybe Wenger won’t agree with his own decision either. But it wasn’t a terrible decision, and it wasn’t what lost us the match. It didn’t work. The whole team is guilty of that. And yeah, the stupid Wenger is the one who brought in the Ox in the first place. He’s brought through numerous young players. Give him at least a little credit that he does know what he’s doing, even if he gets it wrong sometimes. The hyperbole over Ramsey playing on the left is insane and it’s getting annoying now.

  133. Guys i framed this critic or joke last year before Fab left and forgot to post it.
    Let me hope professor learns from his mistakes and be serious about our UCL qualification.Let god help poor Ramsey to not become the next denilson .

    Professor:How is the day?
    Assistant: Great and i have listed possible team for today’s match
    Professor: Okay then call up one by one and fix them positions
    Assistant: “Calling Koscienly”

    Professor: What position do you know other than cB?
    Koscienly: Nothing
    Professor: You are the best CB i have ever seen and you are going to play cB today
    Assistant: you can get ready for the match now
    Koscienly: “Leaving the hall”

    Assistant: “Calling Djourou”
    Professor: You have a great engine to become DMF , i can see it
    Djourou : What is meant by DMF?
    Professor: That’s a topic for another time. You are a very good CB and partnering Koscienly today.
    Assistant: you can get ready for the match now
    Koscienly: “Leaving the hall”

    Assistant: “Calling Szczesny”
    Professor: Do you like to play any other position other than GK?
    Szczesny: No
    Professor: You are the best GK. Go ahead my boy.
    Assistant: you can get ready for the match now
    Szczesny: “Leaving the hall”

    Assistant:”Calling Clichy”
    Professor: You are playing LW today
    Clichy: Denying strongly in French
    Professor: You are the best LB.
    Assistant: you can get ready for the match now
    Clichy: “Leaving the hall”

    Assistant:”Calling Gibbs”
    Professor: You have the ability to become best LW in the world
    Gibbs: But you told before that i can become a best LB
    Professor: Have I.
    Assistant: Yes.
    Professor” Okay then have him on the squad. But still thinking he can become the best DMF.
    Assistant: you can get ready for the match now
    Gibbs: “Leaving the hall”

    Assistant:”Calling Eboue”
    Professor: what position are you playing ?
    Eboue: I don’t know
    Professor: you have a great spirit. You are playing RB today and you are the best RB.
    Assistant: you can get ready for the match now
    Eboue: “Leaving the hall”

    Assistant:”Calling Sagna”
    Professor: You have a great potential to play DMF.
    Sagna : “Saying strictly that he will play RB in French”
    Professor: That’s the determination i required from my best RB.
    Assistant: you can get ready for the match now
    Sagna: “Leaving the hall”

    Assistant: But you have already told eboue as the RB
    Professor: Call eboue again
    Assistant: “Calling eboue”
    Eboue: I am ready for the RB
    Professor: You are the best RW but i told RB to make you mentally prepare for the role
    Eboue: Okay
    Assistant: you can get ready for the match now
    Sagna: “Leaving the hall”

    Assistant:”Calling Song”
    Professor: You are the best CB i have ever seen
    Assistant: “Silently whispering” .We already have that position filled and noone else to play DMF
    Professor:But your natural position is DMF .
    Song: Does that mean i need to play CB or DMF?
    Professor: You become great when you play in your natural position only.
    Assistant: you can get ready for the match now
    Song: “Leaving the hall”

    Assistant: Denilson wants to meet you
    Professor: Call him
    Assistant: “Calling Denilson”
    Professor: I hope you have injured and sorry you are not playing today
    Denilson: Yes. But i have a doubt regarding my position in the team.
    Professor: What is it?
    Denilson: At first you told me i am the best playmaker and played in cesc position.
    Then you told i am the best to partner Cesc. This season you have told that i am the best
    DMF. And also you told to Song that he becomes great when he plays in natural position
    What is my natural position?
    Professor: Have you seen the sky? . One day it is shining and the other day it may be cloudy or raining.
    The same goes for you.You are a guy with enormous talent and you will become a great DMF.
    Denilson: I don’t understand .
    Professor: Stop worrying about your natural position now. I will take care of it
    Denilson: Thanks. “Leaving the hall satisfied”

    Assistant: This guy is not doing DMF well
    Professor: Then we will replace him with Eboue and let him play RW.
    Assitant: Also Bendtner is worried about playing RW.
    Professor: Tell him that Walcott improved by playing in RW and so does he.

    Professor: “Phone ringing” . What my cook is on leave today? Okay i will manage. “Looks at the assistant”
    Professor: You are the best cook i have ever seen.
    Assistant : “Faints and falls to the floor”

  134. @King Shard – this is no argument…..
    There is no argument here at all…Dude…there are just facts, loads of them.

    How many people have blamed Wenger in on here for benching Gervinho and the Ox?
    I said Ramsey will be a winger next season, you disagreed and now you agree and are you seriously trying to defend the conversion thing? I noticed the conversion thing first and obviously have no qualms about it whatsoever. I only feel Shard that we had better people on the bench.
    This has nothing to do with any form of conversion. Afterall, i stated some of the obvious reasons why he is switching and said it would be okay if we are winning while tinkering. Problem is we lost and the whole thing looks silly. We were on a seven game winning run, third is not yet secured and we tinker to self-destruct mode? I’m surprised cos i’ve stated this already…

    Even the best of writers will NEVER win this one. This is just fact, after fact, after fact. Thanks for the history, this is why we blog so we learn…

  135. Queen Gunnerboss.. Give it a rest is all I’m saying . I think we are all agreed that it was a mistake and didn’t work. Ramsey however, is not, and did not play as a ‘winger’. No matter that he was nominally positioned on the left. Not that it matters anyway. You just want to be right.. Ok.. You are right and I lose.. I submit to thy greater knowledge, or at least to your greater ability to dig your heels in. I’m bored and annoyed of this discussion. you win.

    Mark, Andy.. We need a new blog post. Please!?

  136. If Ransey start in our next game, no way I am going to watch that match. I will be waiting for the team selection against Mancity, minutes before kick off.

  137. urgent message to Mark and/or Andy

    This blog is descending into farce and lord of the flies territory. It’s anarchy I tell you! We need stucture, we need order, we need a left winger who’s not a midfielder but most of all we need a new post.

    I enjoy the banter with fellow Gooners, and don’t mind a god healthy debate but we need something new to discuss. PLEASE!

    Talk about posible new signings. Tactics for the Man$ity game. What you had for breakfast, I don’t care, just post something.

    In the meantime enjoy your Easter if you are that way inclined. Go easy on the eggs.

  138. Thanks King Terry,

    Never knew you could talk so highly of me…I guess you’re the only one on this island with a knife then, well could you kindly lend it so i could use it to cut and roast my freshly caught boar?

    Thought u heard i saw my cat, no, its not the cat thief…it went off on its own. Thanks for ur concern Terry.

    If you click the AGREE button, you can join in on the feast too…but Apple’s terms and conditions will apply(i’m a proud Samsung fan though).

    Thanks again Terry and heres hoping we start the startables against shittey((not that starting VP at left-back and moving Koscielny who makes no errors to centre-forward matters Terry, we just want to win and lay a good foundation(momentum-wise) for next season))…and Cheers in advance to a beautiful win…

    Well, if the coach feels there will be an over-whelming feeling amongst the fans to strengthen so we could go for the EPL title next season and he wants to yet again “tinker-down” our expectations…there’ll be no problems whatsoever.

    I’ll just state what i see and beg ur approval and when others are man enough to admit it, dont Terry, just dont cos it would take everything away from you and also you would have violated Apple’s Terms and conditions.

    Thanks Terry, thanks

  139. I don’t know what you’re smoking GunnerBoss, but i think I’ll pass! A bit more potent than Chamakh’s hubbly bubbly methinks.

  140. I think Arsenal looked great throughout the game, but Vermaelen’s goal showed the teams true desire to win. The goal started off with great defending at the back, everyone tucked in and crowding the ball. We were already deep into extra time, so it could have been easy to let the tiredness take over, but we got back, showing great winning spirit. Once the ball was won, almost every Gunner went sprinting up the pitch. Newcastle was staring down 8 reds as they burst into the box, and a goal was eminent. Great goal, great spirit.

  141. I am still waiting. . .If I see Ramsey on the starting line up on Sunday, no way I am going to watch that march. Mtcheeeew

  142. Mark, Andrew

    I’m relatively new to the forum and hope i’m not speaking out of turn, but it appears to be drying up. Its 3 weeks since the last post and as Terry said Anarchy is taking over .

    I and I am sure many others would appreciate an update

  143. Hey you guys.
    If you want an update then you have to go to the home page, use the “contact” button and e-mail Andrew. I did that last time and as you know Mark Thompson accused me of “snitching” on him. You can easily see however that we care a good deal more for this forum than he does despite his protestations.
    Please e-mail Andrew or try to contact Mark T through twitter or I’m afraid we will have to find another blog.

  144. Am quite new but can tell it’s a great blog. Enjoy the heated convos, and beautiful posts, and yes keep them coming Andrew and Mark.

    Arsenal hit a rough patch at the beginning of the seanson, but it makes me love this team even more seeing how they pulled out from a very unfavourable position. Great effort, great team and remarkable spirit.

    I merely decided to post my first comment on an older post because of leftcoastgooner. I share your views, and respect them well, but petty posts about snitching and accusing just dont fit this blog and dont look nice, grow some balls and take a joke mate, these two guys deserve some respect.

    After all, we’re all gooners

  145. It is great to see the Arsenal getting their groove back. Now if the midfield/defense could start playing more consistent and give v. Persie and the other attacking players some support and not put all the pressure on them to score goals.

    It seems too often they start getting a head of steam and then trip up and lose some gimme game. Now lets hope they continue playing well into next season and start off well instead of waiting till towards the end of the season to get it into gear. I want a title!

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