Arsenal 2-1 Barcelona: No headline required!

I’m taking a day to soak in the absolutely awesomeness of last night’s game to provide a report to do the moment justice.

I’m just too emotional and confused and excited and overwhelmed by what our boys managed to achieve and I wanted to enjoy that before I put my rational cap on. I’m sure you can bare with me!

In the meantime I’ve posted some photos to help you re-live the game over and over again.

Until tomorrow…


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  1. Great win, as usual top class, and trust me something happened at half time in that dressing room, i remember when spurs beat us this season the verdict was just that they wanted it more and last night showed how much we wanted it.

    Btw those pundits or whoever on ten action really suck they cant even pronounce names correctly ffs and they have a job to review the best footballing game, good lord he couldn’t even pronounce DJ’s name correctly, embarrassing totally and then to grin at the end of it all saying that my prediction was correct, seriously……….

  2. Ten action “sports pundits” last night :

    Before the kick off :
    “If Arsenal beat Barcelona in their own passing game, it would be as big an upset as **xyz** beating Mohd. Ali in 1960.”
    At Half Time:
    “If Arsene Wenger continues to stick to his arrogance, he will not only lose the match, he will lose the tie and get humiliated.”

  3. at least we can enjoy it until the 8 th march of 2011,,,,,,,,, as long as we think about this game, you know …….. 😉

  4. @Aman: You misinterpreted it. I never blamed Koscielny. In fact, I mentioned in my comment earlier that Koscielny was great in this game too. I just told that “Koscielny kept Messi in his pocket” is not fair.

    Cheers 🙂

  5. The last ten minutes of that game was orgasmic. it proved who we are and what we can do.

    where i come from – when someone tells you that he can fight you with one arm folded, we call that “MADHARAU” and that is exactly what Barca did when David Villa was substituted but they forgot the words of Daryl van Horn in our last blog “Catalans are not unbeatable” no more comments, i wait for tomorrow.

  6. Last night!! i’m still buzzing about it now!

    The ITV pundits were doing my head in though! They were saying “but this but that”… but come on our defense was immence and our overall play was just……”wow” im speechless!

    This will shut everyone up who says we can’t keep it up against the best, and our defense was unstoppable after the first goal blunder!!

    Love it!!!!!

  7. Though we had an accident of bomb blast at least we have something to console us…thats all thanx to them Big Boys Gooners who prove wrong the world to believe the game was over after Villas score.Thats him man himself RVP and the Andre23!!!we are coming together there at Nou Camp,get ready!

  8. Yes We are underdogs again.

    I always savour the times when we win as underdogs. Fair play to Barca they were outstanding, maybe we had a bit of luck but our goals were definitely not lucky.

    Arshavin’s goal remind me a bit of Pires heh…yeah…the good old simple counter attacking we use to play with Bob cutting in and sidefooting the ball.

    MOTM should be Kos. Thought Jack was better than Fabregas, Hope Jack stay grounded and away from page 3 girls aspiring to-be WAGS.

  9. @^_^GUNNER^_^ -: D cheers to that, i am sorry but i am still in awe of what Koscielny was able to achieve something that even the likes of vidic and ferdinand couldnt. And you know what vermalen might just play this FA Cup tie, i am saying this because AW said he is ready for his reserve games, but def those 2 deserve a rest after pressing so hard…

  10. Great game, great result. I still insist that Arsenal is big team. So those who have been underrating us insisting we cant hold when playing big games-and for that matter it’s only big teams that play in the uefa champions league-let me hope you learnt your lesson well. Who said Barcelona cannot be defeated. We might have made mistakes in the first half but we corrected them in the second; not just by a goal but two; and great goals! Wow!

  11. Just go to the barcelona blog and you will enjoy their rantings.On a serious note we shall need to have our first eleven fit for the return leg and thats why from now on wards the fringe players should begin playing in these less serious fixtures we are having at the moment.Nuo camp is a bigger pitch than emirates and we shall therefore need to pack the bus and rely on counter attacks. We must not fool our selves that we can compete with them in passing the ball. We must play as underdogs at Nuo camp because the pressure is on them to attack and in truth they should have beaten us or at worst drawn. Wenger must not be overcarried away or complacent with the win to think we are at the same level with them.

  12. Does anyone know of a good site to RELIABLY stream games? Homeland Security seized my usual site before gametime, and seized the link I was using when the score was 1-0, and I couldn’t find another!! Being reduced to following the game on ESPN gamecast and celebrating from text was embarrassing.

  13. @Delano-
    At least give credit when due! You are still a cynic? Are you saying anything that Wenger did not say earlier about Arsenal being the underdog? It seems you always see impending doom.
    Now you still have advice for Wenger?- Go to Nou Camp and “park the bus”?
    Less serious fixtures? Even after Wenger has always said every fixture and competition is important?
    Me? I’m glad Wenger did not listen to the various internet managers in the past. And am sure will not start to listen now.

  14. @Aaron- In the US, i catch most matches at (plus the site provided by Andrew)

    DHS has been on a rampage of late. Good luck.

  15. @Andrew and Byo, Thanks guys! I “missed” the game, but I didn’t really MISS the game. It still counts if you’re running around your apartment in a drunken stupor in celebration, right? And yeah, DHS seized like 70,000 links in a child pornography crackdown yesterday, then admitted none of them had to do with child pornography. God bless America!

    Seriously, though, that game was absolutely amazing. I got chills when I saw Arshavin’s goal and saw the crowd go completely bonkers.

  16. Very interesting to see the papers in Spain today – there is a lot of talk about Barca being over the hill, the manager losing it, poor substitution and the like.

    Reads like the way the English papers talk about Arsenal at every opportunity. Absolutely no eulogising about Barca – they thought it a poor show.

  17. That was the site I was using, the links I were using (but not the site itself) got seized around the 50thth minute.

  18. When arshavin scored that goal,i wanted to slide on my knees,but the tiles ai!!!
    wilshere played realy well,that last 20 or so minutes u could see that we will not settle for a draw,
    fabregas = C4!!

  19. Great performance by the squad, still buzzing. My motm was Jack, but can’t argue with Kos having a terrific match.

    Now the hard part. The squad literally has a match every 3-4 days for the next three weeks with Barcelona at the very end of that three week stretch. The Boss is going to have to make some tough decisions about rotations, and we’ll need the likes of Diaby, Denilson, and Rosicky to be massive. These next three weeks will really test the depth of the squad!

  20. The Gooner nation celebrates a massive victory, the emergence of Jack onto the world stage and we no doubt picked up a good few thousand new fans across the globe. Those of us lucky enough to be there are still beaming from ear to ear like idiots whilst looking for throat pastels and the chloraseptic.

    Barcelona had by far the most of the possession and closed us very well indeed, but football is a ninety minute game and they charged around way too much too early. No doubt they are used to pressurising Spanish sides and squeezing them to death at the same time as they steam-roller their defenders. We however covered pretty well, worked hard but didn’t waste the same amount of energy. We paced our game, we were patient and only partially because we had to be. Either that or we are actually fitter which I somehow doubt. More probably we’re just used to playing high pressure football week in and week out. Barca are usually able to get ahead, stay ahead and watch their opponents capitulate whereupon they can then ease off, stroll around the pitch pinging passes at will. I suspect they thought they could do that to us and to a certain extent they did. But what we didn’t do was roll over and wave the white flag in the manner that Real did in their 5-0 drubbing. Our players know a game lasts ninety minutes, they know they will get chances and they now know they are good enough to match Barca move for move. They know we can turn defence into attack very effectively. They believe.

    What Barca did was what Arsenal have often been guilty of in the past, they outplayed us for long spells at times but they didn’t out score us. They didn’t out play us in our box. We did for them when the game became stretched, when they could no longer close as quickly. We did them because we really, really believed we could. And now we know we can, the mental edge gained last night is massive. Massive. It’s not just about the away leg its about what the team now know about themselves. More importantly the whole world knows we have a squad capable of seeing off FC Barcelona and that fear factor in future may well be enough in some games when all else stands equal. Certainly Barcelona could have been more than one goal up, but we too could have been ahead in the game and had that been the case I really do wonder if they would have coped as well as we did. Or would they have burned up even more energy chasing the ball whilst we pinged it about?

    The core of the Barca team has peaked together to become the world’s best, anyone who doubts that doesn’t know football. They are still a supreme side and still favourites. Arsenal have yet to reach their peak. When our boys have been playing together as long as their World Cup stars we will be as good as Barca. This is what Wenger has believed, this is what Wenger has understood all along, this has been his game plan. It matters not what we won last season, or even what we might win this season, when you create an ultimate work of art it doesn’t matter how long it takes. Michelangelo was lucky – no one was nagging him because it took him four years or more to complete the Sistine Chapel ceiling. He wasn’t taunted by the media or his own followers, he knew what he wanted to achieve and he saw it through.

    Arsene doesn’t get it 100% right, no one does. But he has always considered the health of our Club short term, medium term and most importantly long term. His long term beliefs have been justified because the vast majority of this particular team have been at the Club for years. No matter where they may have come from: Fabregas, Szczesny, Eboue, Clichy, Djourou, Wilshere, Song, van Persie and Walcott – they are all Arsenal men now. They used to be Arsenal boys.

  21. The most beautifull game Ive seen performed by our boys. Some of my Manure fans friends were tellling me yesterday: ” Why didnt you guys play like that all these times??? ” I said we ve been waiting for Barca to show who we really are????? If we win the 2nd leg at Nou Camp then Im sure that we would win at least triplet this season. All will be decided at the Nou camp.The Moral boost that our boys gonna have if we win there would be massive and could give us an unbeatten run till the end of the PL season, which I dont think Manutd could do.This would be our decisive game. That was such a good Freeflowing , fast, Arsenal esque football.
    Go Gunners!!!!
    Remember Gonners: We ve only won a battle not the war.

  22. Great day yesterday for all Arsenal supporters. It was on TV in the States for those who get FSC. Martin Tyler’s “Arshaaaaaaaavinnnn” gave me chills.

    One concern from this Yank, admittedly new to following this game:

    My New York Jets faced a big challenge in the play-offs against the rival New England Patriots. If it’s possible, there was as much hype surrounding that game as there was going into this Arsenal-Barca match. The Jets emerged victorious, but there was some concern the NY boys “played their Super Bowl” in beating the heavily favorited Patriots, even though the big game was still three weeks away. Those of you who watched the Super Bowl know- the Jets weren’t in it. They came out flat the next week and were down by four scores near the end of the first half. They made it close, but never recovered.

    Obviously, even winning yesterdeay doesn’t give the Gunners the tie, nor will beating Barca in Catalonia give them the Champs League trophy. There’s a long road ahead, PLUS a Leyton Orient side that we can’t overlook, no matter what our starting XI looks like.

    Not to mention a League Cup Final and a domestic championship that we’re still after. Hopefully there won’t be a hangover.

    Ok that’s it for my word of caution. Back to celebrating……

  23. I predicted the same and became among one of the 14% who got it right.It wasn’t possible to stop Barc to score and thus become a lesson to Wenger’s squard.Which eventually was a wippon to stop them keep in scoring, their tacts were then brought to ground and no more advance were tolerated by the Gunners. Yes, I want now a 1-1 draw at Nou Camp. Song was booked! I don’t want him be booked at Nou Camp, Wenger has to figure out and come up with a solution. Arsenal Bravo.

  24. Great performance by the Arsenal, What a win. Now were half way there.

    I see my friend Vanpersie is earning his bread, Hope he keeps it up.

    The best player for me is Koscielny he was great

    Don’t want to get excited lets see what happens in Spain………………..

  25. its 23 hours after the match started yesterday and I’m still watching the highlights… Am still in an extremely emotional condition heheheh


  26. There’s a link on footytube of just the Arshavin goal, and I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve watched it over the past twenty four hours. Incredible. Even at view number two hundred, it still sends chills up my spine.

    Andy, good idea on holding off on the review. I re-watched the game last night in an attempt to view it analytically and without my Gooner glasses, but alas, no such success. I think it’ll be a while until any of us can truly look at the game objectively.

  27. DJ-Kos partnership have conceded a total of 5 goals in 15 games while Arsenal have scored a total of 39 goals in those games

  28. Hey Aaron you can catch a replay of the game here. you will need the veetle player.
    It works with voice over protocol.But if you pull more than 2megs from your IP it works great .
    copy and paste the link.
    the game will be replayed in its entirety starting at 19:57hrs PDST.
    That”s half an hour from now.
    Hey Gruggy your back. Surfs huge in Santa Cruz dude.hop on it.
    Arshavin for Gov.of California. He’s cooler than Arnold and his English is a lot better.

  29. Enjoy the replay LCG – It’s nice to know exactly when to pay attention. In particular the leadup to AA23’s goal. Phenomenal.

    “Ze Arshavin-ator”.

  30. Practically the whole team was great as a unit and I especially liked, that the midfielders went back to help the defense + at last we had formidable counter attacks and not the slow build-ups. Koscielny was superb (of course all the others as well, but he was outstanding and less expected to do good, than for example Jack). We needed this historic victory. No matter what happens in the re-match it was one of the greatest (football) night of my life.

    @ delano Believe me mate the fans/players are not stupid to underestimate Barca (especially at home). Fabregas was modest after the match reminding us that we have to be extra careful in the re-match. There is a time to criticize and there is a time to sit back and enjoy the moment. For now sit back and enjoy it, otherwise we will think you just enjoy the failures.

  31. And I forgot to mention the strong character we showed. No collapse this time!!! It was a real joy to watch. After the break I felt something would happen in the end and it did.

  32. Does anybody have a link of the crowd screaming hands of Cesc Fabregas abs legendary please post it…

  33. In the second half we were excellent,not to mention the opening few minutes.
    If only we can play with the same intensity from now on….sky is the limit for us.
    One game at a time boys…and we will be at the summit,hopefully 4 times this year!!

  34. From Barcelona to Leyton Orient! It’s funny old game! I am really curious to see how many of the team from Wednesday start in the FA Cup. I just hope they are focused and don’t mess up. Last thing we need is a replay. Last time we played Orient if my memory serves me , is 1979 on our way to winning the FA Cup that year. Supermac scored a flukey goal I seem to recall.

    Best night of football for ages on Wednesday. I scared the hell out of the kids when Arsh’s goal went in! Lord knows what the neighbours here thought of the noise so early in the morning.

  35. We’ve been waiting since our move from Highbury in the summer of 2006 for this to happen, and when it did, we never saw it coming. For 78 minutes we had witnessed a demonstration from a team who had proved that they are the best club side in the world. What happened next was amazing. The catalyst was Gael Clichy’s right foot. Right in front of me, he produced an inch perfect Vela-esque dink into Percy’s (Robin van Persie) path. We saw Percy’s left foot swing round and a split second later he had twatted the ball home from an impossible angle. Perhaps their keeper showed Percy the inside track, but how ironic it was to see an almost carbon copy of the goal that Barcelona scored against us in Champions League final when Almunia got the blame.

  36. Five minutes later, I have never witnessed such joyous scenes from my position in The Gods at the back of block 103. Two visionary passes, both under pressure, out of defence from Jack to Cesc (what outstanding games they both had), led to Cesc finding Sammy (Samir Nasri). Sammy, who had run his heart out in his first game back after injury, who by then must have been truly knackered, found himself sprinting in space. He held up play long enough for The Dwarf (Arshavin) to provide the magnificent end product.

    And we never saw this coming, and it all started with Gael’s right boot. This was only the second time that Gael had done this. Has he been fooling us for all those years? Earlier in the season at home to West Ham he proved that he could kick the ball with his right foot. Gael’s 88th minute curler allowed One Song (Alex) to bundle the ball home for a scrappy 1-0 win.

    But back to the game. The first half was compelling. Barcelona always seemed to have an attacking player on either touchline, and they were regular picked out by immaculate passing. Their camouflage green tops made it difficult for me to see where the call was heading until it landed right at their feet. At times it seemed as if they had 15 players on the pitch. The crowd on the far side of the pitch gave a clear indication that their opening goal was offside, and that was compounded by the fact that the goal was not replayed on the big screen. Just like the Everton “goal” a week ago, it was deemed to be a “controversial incident” so they didn’t show the replay until half time. By then the crowd was giving the ref almost the same amount of stick as Messrs Mason, Dowd and Foy in the previous three games. Perhaps that worked in our favour. We were being out-Arsenaled by their incredible one touch passing and movement and we were left to feed on scraps. However, it must have been good to watch because the action filled the bladders of practically all the North Bank blokes and it took me the entire half time break to go for a pee.

    We upped the tempo in the second half buoyed on by the crowd. One Song’s early booking meant that he was walking a tightrope. My heart sank when Arsene took him off because I was fully expecting my mate Deckchair (Denilson) to enter the fray. Instead, it was The Dwarf, who was soon to create history. Theo was replaced a few minutes later, who by then had run up more blind alleys than a deranged dustman. He was replaced by Barry (Bentner) who I think only touched the ball once during his 15 minute cameo on the pitch.

    As for the rest of the team, they were heroes. All of them. When the ref blew the final whistle I mutter than a single goal would not be enough to see us through, but I was immediately pounced on by my mates who told me to “BELIEVE”!!!!! I hope they are right. Next stop, Leyton Orient.

  37. You guys are so lucky to get to the game. Here on the fringes of the footballing universe we gooners gather in twos and threes at the most and have to watch at home or beg the owner of the “Britannia Arms” down in Aptos to put on our tie.If we can get enough of us together to make it worth his money he’ll do it but not without seeing we get lots of stick especially if we lose.
    I sure would have liked to Air-drop his ass into North London wed. night with nothing more on then a manure tee-shirt and his bulging billfold.
    “Deckchair” Denilson ? I’m loving it! please allow me to appropriate it from time to time. It’s simply precious.

  38. Great Victory.Our 12 man (Arsene+11) team clearly laid a plan to wait for the opportunity as our team still doesn’t match the barca passing game. We played with hand brake on voluntarily and i have seen the best of arsenal defending on that day.

    Difference with barca is that our players think and then pass but they pass.Truly the split second is what makes them superior to us and they have telepathy in reading other player minds which i think Arsene should teach our boys and also our boys have poor first touch under pressure and need time and possession to find the rhythm.Truly the mental pressure is seeping through.Otherwise Persie,Fabregas,Song,Nasri would have played different

    Wilshere is the one who never crumbled for the barca truly .He matched them in everything.

    To win in the second leg we should come out of the fear and attack. On a strong confidence performance with rhythm we truly outmatch them ,which they never know yet.

    People may think i am overconfident. But if we can take the fear out of the boys that they are playing barca ,they will perform to their best level and will be our game.

  39. We truly played like champions ,waiting to hurt them and never thought about rolling the ball to the net.Our front players decided to shoot the moment they entered the box.Also we finished on a high roll with clinical finishes.

  40. We r proud for making us have the team belief that we used to have in the Henry,Viera,Edu,Pires, etc era.Thanx for makin us smile.Andrew,my site hasn’t been updating on the latest news section,help bro.

  41. We r proud for making us have the team belief that we used to have in the Henry,Viera,Edu,Pires, etc era.Thanx for makin us smile.Andrew,my site hasn’t been updating on the latest news section since 2nd of February,help bro.

  42. We r proud for making us have the team belief that we used to have in the Henry,Viera,Edu,Pires, etc era.Thanx for makin us smile.Andrew,this site hasn’t been updating on the latest news section since 2nd of February,help bro.

  43. When your Man Utd crazy friends tell you that they have posted a video of Arsenal’s goals – you know something special occurred in our footballing history.

    2 teams turned up and played beautiful football.. I wish I was there, but the TV had to do.

    Cesc and Jack have been cheeky on twitter as well 😉

    Alive in all 4 competitions… So proud to be a Gunner

  44. fellow santa cruz gooners? im living in so cal these days but there has got to be somewhere to watch champs league. woodstocks pizza showed it when i was there

  45. Money, I didn’t find any pubs playing footie in Santa Cruz when I was there. Had to come over the hill to Cupertino, Britannia Arms to watch… which is OK (great for the last match), but not as much fun as some of the bars in the City.

  46. Wilshere to Fabregas…finds Nasri…can he go all the way…still Nasri…looks for ARSHAAAAVIIINNNN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    that sums up the night.

  47. Hola dudes,
    The toffees just took Chelsea out of the FA cup.It went to penalties. Ashley and Anelka missed. 2-1 Everton.
    Yup, Central Coast Gooners!
    Heavens sakes what’s next? Yeah, the Brit Arms in Aptos is a sister pub and actually opened about 11yrs. before the valley version. However, the advantage the Cupertino pub has is that Arsenal supporters are welcomed and can watch in peace.Where as here the owner is a MU
    fan and doesn’t care if we never show up. I think Sunday’s game will be tight. The pitch is small and chunky. And, with the Olympic stadium furor going on almost literally over their heads. I think the Orient players and their fans will be at their shining best. And it will be hard not to have some level of emotional let-down after the midweek madness. Leyton Orient1-2 Arsenal

  48. The way we are bringing our own young players to the big stage. No pressure from a big money price tag hanging around their neck. No just enjoying all those mostly young and unknown players we bought for around the same price for our whole team compared to what Torres costs. And those young players which we bought as young kids and nurtured them. And the even more younger ones like Wilshere who have been playing for us for centuries, well almost centuries.

    I think our whole squad (not starting11) almost cost the same as the winter buys of Chelsea. So they can keep Torres and Drogba. I will sit back and enjoy Theo and Van Persie. And Samir and Arshavin. I will look with open mouth and admire Cesc and Jack. I will applaud Song and our defenders for doing the dirty work. I will enjoy a great young goalkeeper for years to come in our colours.

    The way we are bringing in young players and make them better is something that is not very easy to do. It needs a great manager to get the best out of the players. Any manager can make a player look bad, our manager can make players become better year after year. He can spot raw talent and polish it in to shining diamonds. Apart from maybe Arshavin and Nasri (for a bit) who had heard about our players before Wenger brought them in?

    So I would like to thank Abramovich for reminding me that Arsenal is such a different club compared to the rest. We do it our way. The difficult way. The take the long road. The long road with some setbacks along the way. There will always be setbacks. It is part of football. But with our players coming of age and with the big talents still on their way you can only admire what we are seeing in front of our eyes: the building of a golden generation. A golden generation for years to come.

  49. A night that makes you truly proud to be a gunner. I just wish we could play like that all the time, and not drop points to Newcastle, WBA, etc. I get so frustrated when I see those articles a few times a week talking about Fab going to Barca. Then when I saw the most recent one about Messi saying that Fabregas must go to Barca to win silverware, I just started to laugh. They are such cocky bastards. All I ask this season is for Arsenal to finish the job at the Camp Nou, and beat Birmingham for the Carling Cup final.

  50. Still like and respect Barca, especially vis-a-vis Real Madrid. Hate Magreed even more with the special one and the diver. Barca are cocky, but they learned a lesson Wednesday that we have been taught a few times ourselves: possession going side-to-side is meaningless. I am a 40year Gooner, also American. Love the Gooners, hate ManUre, hate R MaGreed, hate Chelski. Love the Green Bay Packers since 1951! Gooners forever!

  51. @Byo – You seem to be a teacher…..always correcting or incorrrecting, whats ur qualms with what Delano said?
    From your comments, you also seem to know Wenger better than a lot of us…..

  52. you’re soaking a long time ………………….

    now I wanted to write: Koscielny’s head and Rosicky’s head secured the win………
    but they secured just a draw………… a little bit typical, but how could one complain? 😉

  53. @Byo any sensible arsenal fan would be happier if we eliminated Barca than saying we once beat them at home. It hurts most to eliminate them at their own home turf and thats what we want. Just visit their blog their fans already know that they are out of it reason being that they are aware we are going to pack the bus and hit them on counter attacks due to their wide pitch which i think Walcott and Nasri can easily spread into those spaces and wings to cause them havoc.We must now use all tactics we have to advance to the next stage as the first win is important.We just cant afford to play a high line at CampNuo. Remember it was possible for us to come back from hell due to our home fans and if we go a goal down at Nuo camp it could be another humiliation.
    @Leyton Orient. Does any of you notice how sub standard our second eleven is?. These bunch of rascals never win a game at all whenever i see Rosicky , Squillachi, Almnia and company. Chamak is indeed an embarrassment to watch and for Wenger. Did he ever take a shot at goal last night. Carlos Vela was meanwhile scoring while on loan. Wenger made a big mistake on Chamak. He is not an arsenal player at all and really lacks technical ability. He looks so mechanical and obvious that he deserves to play for mid table teams.Am afraid with this fixture pile up we may have injuries and even affect our title chances .

  54. How about Alumnia, who was required to make just 1 save for the night.. and he couldnt.. this guys is beyond garbage!!!! pure grabage!!!

  55. The objective for next season should be to find our real second 11,cause this bunch aint it! almunia, what a joke,cant seem to understand wenger atimes,almunia should have been sold at the transfer window,while vito mannone should have been recalled from hull city,as the back up me jay emmanuel thomas,henri lansbury,aaron ramsey carlos vela,,all these guys should never have gone out on loan,rosisky is obviously past it,apart from his goal,created nothing,denilson,another clown,bring nack ramsey and get rid of this guy! chamak,hmmm,,don´t know why wenger was so hyped about him,talked about him for a season and a half and finally we got him,apart from holding the ball,to bring others in,and headers,,and i don´t know what else he can do,can´t make his own shot,cant shoot,cant dribble,and i don´t see it getting any better,even bendtner can make, take the few shots and attempt to dribble,no matter how badly,he at least should have been the striker,and lansbury should have been on the right instead of on loan,lad played a great game against the spuds,and does not get another run,can´t understand.The reserve guy looked decent,i was really impressed by how calm he conducted himself,made squillachi look like a teenager on his first date, i do hope wenger cuts out the dead wood from the team,i didn´t say we should buy anybody,just get our guys back from these loan deals,i know they can step up,just look at willshire,he´s already an inspiration to the others coming up,this sholud be done ASAP, cause some of the players yesterday are obviously not good enough to play for arsenal.

  56. Am happy some one has noticed what i thought was obvious. Our second eleven team is twice worse than the reserve team. They should have done better againsta championship team than this bunch of morons piling games against our team while United rests.

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