Arsenal 2-0 West Brom: Anyone get to watch the game? Tell us about it then!

Well, we won 2-0 over West Brom last night but beyond that I can’t tell you very much.

There was no stream available to watch the game live this morning (not that I would have anyway) and my unexpectedly snail-paced current internet speed means that I haven’t even been able to watch highlights of the match.

Basically I’m turning today’s post into an open forum. So if you were one of the 56,000+ supporters who made it to The Emirates then I wholeheartedly encourage you to let us know what you thought of our performance.

Who were the star performers? Did anyone surprise you? Did we fully deserve to win? Let us all know in the comments.

Until tomorrow then, take it easy.

Have your say on Arsenal’s 2-0 win over West Brom by leaving a comment.



  1. Expected we’d win but it’d be tough, turns out I was right. West Brom put up quite a fight, admittedly the ref did seem to be giving a fair amount of decisions in their favour. Very impressed with Sceszny yet again, dealt very well with everything that came at him. Looks to be a promising young keeper

  2. Yes we know that but being in OZ we are in need of more info like Andy please tell me more ,I would love to know how our young stars measure up againts men?

  3. Thanks dhanteras the reports say Vella impressed ,how was is fitness ,is he close to first team bench ?

  4. Thanks Erik great link , looking good Arsenal Vella ,Walcott,Nasri to have a kick of a football.that gives AW many options.

  5. So Vela creates the opening goal and scores the second to ensure a 2-0 win. Yet here is Wenger’s quote about Vela getting a chance in the first team ( website)

    “He needs more time, he is not ready. He was not even ready to start tonight but he needs to work.”

    I hope he is referring to his injury and not his first team potential. I am all for a manager protecting young talent and being patient (Wilshere, Ramsey, Gibbs). But if I was Vela (who scored the goal recently to see Mexico qualify for the World Cup) I’d be getting a little fed up. He is 20. Owen, Rooney, Fleck, etc were regulars at 16. It’s frustrating and he’d have to be pretty loyal to stick around.

  6. I agree with Filipino Dan: Wenger is so protective of our young talent, that we’re in danger of losing some of the best.
    More broadly though, I’m worried about how many goals we’re leaking against the stronger clubs in the EPL. We have to staunch this flow if we’re going to compete for honours this season.

  7. @Filipino Dan your right but AW did the same with Walcott young players have trouble with consentration levels os at first the become impact players I beleive he will brake through this year.

  8. John Fleck isn’t a regular these days, infact he’s just been dropped from the first team altogether for being a prick. He only made a dozen or so first team appearances, hardly call that regular.

    Arsene Wenger has a track record with talented young players that has been proven time and time and time again. Any criticism of his handling of youth players is very short sighted. There is a reason Aaron Ramsey (who looks class btw) specifically chose Arsenal because of Arsene Wenger and his record of making talented youth players into top class players.

  9. Yeah, a few good performances. It was a sort of 4-2-3-1 formation.
    Szczesny was good. Had to make quite a few saves which, 1 spilt catch aside, he did well, and was also quick at coming out of his box to deal with long balls from the Baggies. He’s a big lad with good reflexes.
    Silvestre and Senderos were very solid, as was Gibbs at LB. The RB Gilbert isn’t good enough IMO – I believe we’ve been trying to unload him for a while so why Wenger thought he should play, I don’t know.
    Ramsey was v.good – tireless in the middle alongside Coquelin, who also put in a decent shift until substituted.
    Wilshere is off form and was trying too hard. Although in fairness they closed him down quickly whenever he got on the ball.
    Played Sunu at RM and he didn’t look ready for this level. All the West Brom attacks came down this flank. Had Traore flying down the left wing, but he was all pace and no guile if you know what I mean. He’s a good player, but I’m not sure we really need him at the Arse – he’d probably be worth a cool couple of mill if we flogged him.
    Sanchez Watt was up front on his own, worked his socks off and deserved his goal even if it was a tap-in.
    Vela came on mid-way through the 2nd half and turned the game. His goal was also a tap-in after an audacious chip from substitute Randall came back off the crossbar. The keeper just watched it loop over him, knowing there was nothing he could do about it.

    A bit too tight for my liking, could have done with a bit more experience in the attacking positions.
    There’s no point saying you want to give the kids experience if they get KO’d in the first round, but a win’s a win.

  10. You gotta love Hershel Sanchez Watt! What a multi-cultural name – a Jewish / Latino / Black striker.

  11. Totally agree with Burrows01, good analysis of the game. Felt Sunu was not up for any challenge poor game for him. Traore did well and was beging to get in the game, would have liked him to have stayed on but just because I believe in him. Great substitutions though and a welcome change which took the game. Vela great Randal what a chip! The presence of Barazite was enough but he didn’t look like he wanted to play for the minutes he was on lol. At the back Silvest read the championship team well Senderos just as good Gilbert yea not so good not offering anything to the forwards and caught out a few times. Gibbs good. Ok so the Goal keeper I felt dealt ok with all that was given to him apart from dropping the ball once. But the quality of the strikes were not that great. One diving save to cut out a cross in the second half was beautiful!!! But over all I think he worked too hard if you get my meaning. I felt we went through spells where we bossed the midfield but WBA did well playiong with 10 men for 60mins. The Ref was a touch one sided along with the lines men most challenges going WB’s way lol. I’m not a regular goer to the Stadium but loved the atmospher geering the WB fans was fun and they gave back as well for a small number. Definately want to return to the stadium for the seniors. The game for us I’d give over all a 6.5 out of 10 We could have done better with the advantage of 11 men to 10, and really nothing attacking from the front until the subs. Ramsey and Jack top boys Jack the main guy getting under the WBA skin love it to the point ex Gooner lost it every fan saw it and the ref (wow the ref too!) so he had to go it looked like a punch from where I was. So I hear Nasri was in the stadium… whens he gonna be fit?? Lastly a win is a win but we need to step it up next round. Back 4 including Goal keeper stay but not Gilbert, Midfield ok but no Sunu Upfront Watt was ok but needs more help.

  12. Oh and Vela did look a slight bit gingerly when he was warming up at half time wasn’t sure if he was going to start? Did very well though… not liking the romours of him going to LA LEAGA?!!

  13. Firstly I’d like to say that whoever counts the crowd at the Emirates should expect a call from the Labour party during the next general election to count their votes, because if there was 56,000+ inside the Emirates last night then I’m a dutchman (and I’m not!”)
    As for the game, for the first 15-20 minutes West Brom could hardly get near the ball but ironically had the best chances to take the lead,young Schezny keeping us in it with a couple of smart saves, Senderos did his best to settle the early nerves, but hitting the target with 2 free headers would have helped! The defence looked ok with both Senderos and Silvestre adding the experience, but Kerrea Gilbert sadly will not make the grade at Arsenal in my opinion, he just doesn’t seem to have the quality? In Midfield Wilshere and Ramsey looked for the ball at every opportunity with the former looking to run at the West Brom rearguard every time he picked the ball up or playing a neat little angled pass to a team mate, Ramsey however seemed a little frustrated at times, making passes that went astray now and then, expecting players to be in positions that maybe first teamers would have been (anyone who has played at a level with better/more experienced players will know what I mean here.)I was impressed with Coquelin who was not afraid to put his foot in against bigger and more experienced players and must admit I was a little dissapointed to see him withdrawn in the second half ( in a perverse way I hope it was through injury??) Up front Sunu was pretty much anonymous whilst Sanchez Watt was like one of those annoying little wasps that you just want to keep swatting away and deserved his goal for his workrate alone, some people will say that the sending off of Thomas was the turning point of the game, some will say the introduction of Vela, however to me it was Randall that made the difference, he looked sharp, wanting the ball,quick balls into teamates, and his chip that lead to Vela’s goal was quite exceptional (and did anyone else notice that whilst the rest of the team went to congratulate Vela a couple of the players went straight to Randall which I think says it all!)
    Overall I think it was a good perfomance, not outstanding a la Sheffield United and Wigan last year but a good solid performance against a decent Championship side.

    Bring on the spuds!

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