Arsenal 1-0 West Ham: Player Ratings

Adetuwo ‘Yemi Jr. rates the player’s performances in the late win over West Ham…

Fabianski: Did everything asked of him. He performed well on set pieces and did well to get on the end of some good West Ham shots. 8

Squillaci/Koscielny: Both centre backs complemented each other quite well. They stood up to everything the West Ham attack threw at them. Koscielny in particular was marvelous at defending the “one against ones”.  8

Clichy: Good game, defended well and did greatly to spot the space behind Julien Faubert before delivering an amazing ball for the goal. 8

Sagna: Maintained his standards, his defending was magnificent and he also got some good balls into the box. 8

Sagna had a very strong game on the right

Denilson: Okay, he did not have the best of games but did not have a shocker either. He gave away a few balls in the first half but his game improved as the match wore on and so did his influence. 6.5

Song: Amazing game from the Cameroonian. He had 3 decent chances to score and he took them well even though only one led to a goal. He was everywhere, defence, midfield, attack. Showed great awareness to attack the ball which would not have scored had not gone for it. His through pass to Sagna in the first half is something even Cesc would have been proud of. My man of match. 9

Fabregas: Not his best game by any standards. He looked off the pace a times but still managed to make his presence count. He was guilty of some slack touches but also had to draw two world class saves from Green. 7.5

Nasri: Okay, he did not score in this one but he tried his best to impose himself on the game. He was not too involved on the wings but his game stepped up as soon as he came to the centre. Not a bad game by any means. 7.5

Arshavin: Was really involved earlier on when we sought to score an early goal but as the game went on he became tired and increasingly frustrated. He had two half chances that on a normal day, he would have made something out of. Yes, he has some assists and some goals, but I think a rest will do him some good. 7

Chamakh: His touches and overall link up play was sublime. Other than that, he rarely had a sniff on goal against West Ham which is worrying for our top striker. He needs to get into those scoring positions and improve his decisiveness on goal. 7


Walcott: Came on for Denilson, and gave the tiring West Ham back line a lesson. He was unfortunate to see his effort hit the inside of the post. Good performance though. 6.5

Bendtner: Made some good runs and a few touches but no end product. 6

Eboue: Not enough time, I will not rate him.

Green: This lad seems to reserve his best game every season for his visit to the Emirates. We have always had tough times against him at home. He pulled off at least 5 world class saves and rode his luck well. He’s greatly inconsistent though. It seems harsh for him to concede a goal after such a performance but I am glad our class showed in the end and we did not let the efforts of one goalkeeper ruin our season. 9


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Nigerian-born Adetuwo Yemi Jr’s often brutally-honest assessment of all things Arsenal makes him the ideal man for delivering accurate player ratings. He also runs his own Arsenal blog, Memoirs of a Gooner.



  1. i would personally give eboue a 10 for coming on for 1 min and working his ass off! what a professional, if that was arshavin he wouldnt have even bothered to tie his shoe laces!

  2. Agreeable ratings. But I would give 7 to Cesc & 5.5 to Arshavin.
    What happened to Arshavin, the star of Euro 2008 (specially against Holland), nobody really knows including himself.
    May be its time to put Nasri on the left & Walcott on the right till he regains his form.

  3. “Denilson: Okay, he did not have the best of games but did not have a shocker either. He gave away a few balls in the first half but his game improved as the match wore on and so did his influence.” The way he gave away possession would cause us if we meet strong teams. It seems it has becoming his new role of giving away possession, he deserves a 3 point.

  4. Arshavin, gets a 2 from me and Denilson also a lousy 2.5. Even when we played Newcastle, Denilson was pathetic in every sense.

  5. I think it was not as such bad game. If the attacking process goes like this,Arsenal would win the rest Game . I wish Good for all members of Arsenal FC.

  6. I just wonder how people do these ratings at all, ’cause I just get a general feeling of some of them, most of the time in front of goal, but I think you have to mention Nasri’s sensational free-kick, it was a rocket 😎

  7. West ham always give us a tough game and they were at it again in this one which is why I agree with the generally high ratings you’ve given the lads, Adetuwo. They really had to work hard for this result and it was good to see. Probably shocked some of the Hammers fans who think we’re all style (no substance). Ridiculous to suggest 2’s or 3’s for Arshavin and Denilson as some did here. Some Arsenal fans are either never satisfied or won’t take off their hate-blinkers. Arshavin is a genuine football genius and I wouldn’t change one bit of his game for a second. Genius is temperamental. He’s just as likely to score a hat-trick in his next game. Denny’s game is improving all the time.
    Good to see Walcott looking sharp as ever. And what about that cross from Gael!
    Song – MOM definitely.
    We’ve now got another action packed November to enjoy. Up the Gunners!!

  8. @ Hey Nonny Mouse I could not agree more. After the Chelsea match I was very critical. Now I see the improvement and most importantly the will to win, so I’m very optimistic. I don’t have any problems with any of our players now. We just have to keep up the good work.

    Those who hate our players are not real fans. These fools would crucify everybody, if we don’t win every match by 5 or 6 goals. Even the best team on earth could not do that, so go and chose another team, if you don’t like ours.

  9. @Carlos….WTF.
    Who hates the players? U were critical just a few weeks ago, what makes u think ur different from some others who still feel something is not done right somewhere or someone is not doing well somewhere. Should I now label u a player hater for that? So, all of a sudden were playing very well for u not to (hate?)…..or is it because were just winning games now?
    Look my friend… what u say else u could be termed a hypocrite.

    We are not in the team to know what goes on immediately, but after some time of watching, anyone can add 1 to 1. So, let people shout out if they want….correct those u can and just shut up if u cant.

    I was among those shouting out at Song for his bombing raids, but I now realized during the Chelsea game(he did the same thing for several matches) that it was the pattern he was told to play by Wenger. I said it here that Song should be left alone and that it was down to the tactics, not him. He scored in the next game against Citey to prove me right.

    Finally, cos u term people fools doesn’t mean they are. U are the fool instead….watch ur mouth. Even Hey Nonny Mouse u are trying to please did not call people fools. So, watch it cos I’m watching u………

  10. @ GunnerBoss You don’t have to jump, as I’m not talking about you. Being critical is normal, but I know people who do hate some of our players, though they say they are gooners. As for the shut up and calling me fool what should I say. It’s primitive trying to cut my throat, as I did not say I was talking about u. Don’t you think it could have been anybody? I have Arsenal supporters in my workplace as well. I’m laughing. Calm down chief.

  11. @ GunnerBoss “So, watch it cos I’m watching u………” Don’t try to threaten me. Who the hell do you think u are? With this kind of primitive and utterly personal comment they might block u. If not what do u want? To virtually kill me? What kind of supporter are you? Calm down and treat me with respect and then you can expect the same from me.

  12. @ GunnerBoss Ctricism makes people wiser, but I hate those who enjoy being a doomer or kill-joy. There are people who keep jumping for some players’ blood, even if we win by 5 goals. Even u can’t force me/us not to hate these guys. I call these fools and they are not real fans. I’m clearly not talking about u, so don’t jump.

  13. @ GunnerBoss I think u just misunderstood me, so I’m not angry with u. I expect the same from u.

  14. @Carlos – I’m not angry with u….. I might have been too harsh when I called u a fool as well, but I guess I made my point. So, were u a kill joy before? Stop calling people fools or telling them to leave or tell them off or u could be specific with who pisses u off. Just as u realised and stopped slamming the players, give others time too. I didn’t like ur comment at all. Even Andy doesn’t judge others, he only tries to correct them, I try to do same. I tried to give u a piece of ur own medicine.

    I like it when people discuss tactics, give out useful information cos people come to the blog to get informed as well.
    So, I could have opted to ignore ur messages, but I want u to know i’ve no qualms with u at all, just the name calling.

  15. Agree. You’re right I was too harsh and a bit unfair. Hopefully it was a one off business and I try not to be unfair to others either. It’s true that not loving a player or even Wenger does not mean a person does not like the club (sometimes quite to the contrary). My comment was the culmination of my frustration, as some poeple show real negativity regarding everything (that’s not equal to just criticism). I try to ignore them as I did in the past. Thanks for not ignoring the message, as it’s better this way. Regards.

  16. Guys its just fun blogging and we quench our frustration and thirst here. Good to reconcile and we shouldn’t take it personal. Cheers. See u after Newcastle game

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