Arsenal 1-0 Udinese: Oddly enjoyable

I had a lot of fun watching last night’s win over Udinese.

We scored early, absorbed a lot of pressure, defended like lions hyenas and somehow managed to come away with a 1-0 victory.

It was a similar story to the Newcastle game: we looked relatively harmless going forward and most of the good work was done by the defenders. Udinese were a far superior side to Newcastle, though, and probably deserved to win.

I got a first taste of Carl Jenkinson. Our back-up right-back was forced into a debut at left-back on account of injuries to Kieran Gibbs and 9-minute-man Johan Djourou. It was a baptism of fire and he did well under the circumstances.

At times Aaron Ramsey looked majestic in the centre but when Udinese’s tempo rose he, Rosicky and Song were unable to find an adequate solution. We will miss Cesc’s ability to keep the ball tied to his feet and slow the pace of the game when required, but I expect Ramsey to learn this quicker than the others, such is poise and intelligence.

Theo was probably our best player on the night and not just because of his goal. He was responsible for three of our best chances of the evening. One found the back of the net, one was fluffed horribly and one was saved outstandingly by the Udinese goalkeeper.

Gervinho, who again looked bright and sparky, wasted our other great chance, miss-kicking from six yards out.

It was good to see our new defensive set-piece structure maintained throughout the match. Udinese attempted to unsettle us via a series of short corners but on the whole we coped well. For all the questions that have been asked of our defence, two clean sheets is the best possible answer.

Our squad looks desperately thin at the moment — a fact that caused me to write a very out-of-character post about transfer speculation (I’m human after all!) — but the men who are available are stepping up. We certainly do not look title-winning material but until the window closes, no real conclusions should be made.

All our boys can do is keep scrapping and working hard and attempting as best they can to be defensively solid.

So far so good.

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  1. After so much doom and gloom it’s nice to see a positive post on the net. I don’t understand why the media are so negative when it comes to anything Arsenal. Bunch of cunts. Sure we look weakened, but hey, gives a couple of young’uns a chance to step up, and who knows, maybe we are a signing or two away from dominating. No player is above the club, forwards!!

  2. I think the biggest loss for Arsenal over the next few weeks is Gervinho’s ban. Based on the last two games, he looks like he’ll be one of the Gunners’ best players, assuming he can eventually find the back of the net and stay on the pitch.

  3. I was dreading last night’s game and considering the thread bare squad, injuries sustained on the night and Arsene in the stand. However pleasantly surprised by the result, a win and clean sheet, can’t really ask for more taking everything into account. Ramsey was excellent, his inter-play with Theo and Gervinho was decent, but I can see this threesome producing some quality assists and goals the more they play together. Jenkinson has been panned in the English press but he came into a pressured situation last and did very well. Vermalen was another excellent display and he managed to assist Koscielny, who I still feel is a risk at centreback, to put in a decent perfomance. Song was good but took too many chances going forward and Rosicky started well but faded badly. Frimpong has bags of energy and enthusiam, he gave away a free kick in a dangerous area but overall did well in the time he had. Overall I’m pleased that we won all things considered.

  4. Glad someone else enjoyed it like I did. Tense but enthralling.

    If you list all the permutations for the 2nd leg, the majority have us going through.

    Still waiting eagerly to see more of Ryo, not to mention Alex the Englishman.

  5. Just read the reply from EIE……….thats just a masterpiece! Mad me laugh a lot – nice one!

    It was a good relut for the team last night, however i would be feeling a lot more confident this morning if we had managed to score just one more goal…… a single goal lead going into an away second round is not too much to be happy about.

  6. EIE,

    Thanks, that’s brilliant.

    I have a feeling that Wenger is waiting to see how the Vermaelen-Koscielny partnership fares against Udinese (twice), Liverpool and United before deciding whether he needs to buy a CB or not. Possibly a similar approach to the LB situation as well – which is actually beginning to look more pressing than CB now. The defence has done reasonably well in the past couple of games: the real weakness has been in midfield, and that has helped expose the defence to more pressure – but it has coped reasonably well. Maybe someone like Vertonghen would be the best option under the circs, since they say he can play LB or CB?

    I like the combination of Song and Frimpong on the pitch at the same time: think it could be a good way to go for the tough away fixtures (though Song has stupidly ensured this won’t be possible at OT next week). Still, a good chance to see what Frimpong is really made of.

    I thought Ramsay did OK; he kept running well, but if he is to be one of our major sources of creativity this season, we’ll struggle to break teams down. He’s a decent player, but he’s no Wilshere or Fabregas. Central midfield has become another area in urgent need of reinforcement. If AW can’t get a really super-sexy big name in to replace Fab in the team, then he could do far worse than take Scott Parker, if only on a season-long loan.

  7. Drew thank you very much.what you wrote is highly articulated like always.keep it up.
    1.we have to give more credit for our keeper and for our new boy Gervinho.
    2.our team have to keep on improving in a faster pace especially they have to get a winner mentality to the far so good.proud to be a gunner and i expect our team to score more goals and trash Arsene and Arsenal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. What a tense 93 minutes! I was on the edge of my seat all through the match- I thoroughly enjoyed it. Jenkinson got baptism by fire, Chezzer was superb, Kos/Vermaelen were impeccable, Ramsey/Rosicky ran the mf well until they tired out.
    Whatever happened to Chamakh? Ramadan?

    The bench needs strengthening as demonstrated by our injury woes, what with Gibbs and Djourou having to be substituted, and no natural replacements. I’ve come to the conclusion that we need 4(Campbell/Ryo/AOC will fill 2 of the spots), that leaves 2(one in the mf, the other defense).
    But I believe AW knows more about that than I do.

  9. EIE, that is absolutely brilliant. Some of the best writing I’ve read in a while, mate, that was fantastic. I’m not as positive as you, Andy, but the good signs are there, no doubt.

  10. I had a great time watching the match too. Great stuff from the center backs and the goalkeeper, and Sagna was my personal man of the match. Jenkinson looked like he knew what he was doing too. It actually has kind of a 2005/06 feel, when we had Senderos and Toure at the back with Eboue and a series of Cole, Clichy, Larsson, Cygan (!), and Flamini at left back. This is honestly the most confident I’ve been in the back line in a long time. Though I wouldn’t mind another signing as back-up to the Koscielny-Vermaelen partnership. A return to Squiscielny would be pretty disastrous.

    I think Wenger should put an arm around Bendtner’s shoulder and tell him, “Look what I would have to work with if you go. I think you’re one of the best players in the world too.”

  11. That was a lot nicer than watching a team park it at the back, right? And yes, the team as it stands now will have to play out of their boots to achieve something this season. Let’s hope for some good news in the next two weeks. Speaking of baptism by fire, it looks like Frimpong is set to meet Liverpool and ManU in the league.

  12. A fair r result would have been a draw. The defence looked shaky at times and better teams as the last season proved will expose it in coming days. The present squad is simply not good enough and unless four or five quality players are signed for arsenal supporters it will be another frustrating season. with club’s present policy of signing kids to do mans job best players are leaving the club and the exodus will continue..

  13. @emimem, tough lick wood vibes, well swagg 2 rarse.
    @andy a win is most important not how the team performed. But why oh why is the team so soft. So many injuries already with 2 games gone. What the hell is going on. Where is the debth?

  14. It could be ok…and definitely better…..a few extra thoughts……….
    Theo up front please….much more mobile there….went for the near post..where was Chamak? VP to be support up front. What a pair they could be….wake up to it AW. Also Gibbs..if fit…could be a super LMF LW…much better position for him…he spends more time there anyway! Will need a LB to replace him.
    Ramsey will be (actually is) one of the key players. Current weaknesses…Rosicky, Chamk, proper LB, CB If only we could keep free of injuries ….AND…. AW please sort the stupidity (It lost us the league last season) and specially use Theo properly..

  15. Well, I guess I jumped the gun a bit when I praised EIE, but great nevertheless. There is real trouble brewing though: Frimpong will have to be baptized against Liverpool and Man U. Scary stuff that should never have to happen.

  16. @andy, just returned from watching the Barcelona v Real return match. i can now understand why Fabs was so desperate to leave Arsenal. What a game, it had everything. Fabs came on with about 15-20 minutes remaining and showed why he can easily fit into their system. He was involved in the winning goal, and what a goal it was. Messssssiiiiiiiiiiii!
    Skill and class everywhere you looked (apart from the play acting that is). Messssssiiiiiiiiii! Goal Goal Gooooooooaaaaaallllllllllllllllll, Messsssssssssiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii. Can that atmosphere ever be generated at the Emerates. Cant see it some how.

  17. @rehan:
    Injuries do happen and they cannot be predicted. ManU lost Vidic/Ferdinand on the weekend in their first game too. And you have been reading too much of the doom and gloom press- the team needs 4/5 signings; team not good enough; too many kids signings; etc.
    I wonder why they do not say same when Chelsea or ManU sign teenagers. Remember, Arsenal do not have a rich Arab or Russian to pour billions into transfers. There is no evidence that the exodus will continue-Arsenal is bigger than Nasri, Fabregas or whoever else wants out! .the Real fans of a club stick with the team through adversity.

  18. Two games two clean sheets. When someone scores the first goal on us we will respond with two. I want to think like that because I support this club through thick and thin; the good times and bad. Sure we have been disappointed lately but don’t you love the way we play. Van Persie is proud to be captain and he will show the leadership to tighten this team up. I am trusting in a surprise signing from Arsene. I also would like to see Scott Parker in an Arsenal uniform. He is a fearless tackler and we need that! Patience and everyone take a deep breathe….it’ll all come together. So let’s all unite and with one voice and standing as one say we have faith in you Gunners to do us proud!

  19. @Byo, why?. because you say so.(real fans of club stick with the team) i ave not read anything about anyone wanting to stop supporting the club. Part of supporting is being free to make comment on how one views something. if good then say so, if bad or rubbish or average then also say so. How much ave Manure/Chelsea wan in last 6 years. You dont get it. Who ever said they want Wenger to spend “Billions” as you put it. Arsene HAVE been purchasing mainly very young players with little experience, its quite obvious to see. “The doom and gloom press” have also been saying that the players at chelsea are to old that they need younger blood. FANS/ EX-PLAYERS/LEGIONS REAL SUPPORTERS who pay their hard earned cash to watch games live have considered “over some time” that the team could do with new signings to strengthen the squad. The very recent past have proven that the team was not good enough to win major finals. Finally……Byo dont you know that Arsenal ARE ITS FANS for without them the club and football is nothing. Stop exaggerating to prove your point. Its obvious that no team can predict injuries but one can try to prepare properly just in case they should occure.With Arsenal they always do and we say “if only we did not have so many injuries just think what the team could do”. Where is the evidence to say that the exodus will or wont continue in the next transfer window. Arsenal is bigger that NASRI, FABS or who ever WANTS OUT. What the hell are you on about, what does that mean anyway? Or are you saying they might be an exodus after all.

  20. @murray i cant see Parker moving to you lot “gulp” not after potential shown by Frimpong. Im off to bed to dream of one day the appy ammers reaching those dizzzzzy heights as per Barcelona. And Messsssssiiiiiiiiiii!

  21. I’m frustrated with Arsenal. Despite two clean sheets, we’re very thin as you point out. Keeping a clean sheet against Udinese had more than a bit of luck …and we’re riding it at the moment due to a mix of squad thinness and injuries.

    Wenger and the board talk about buying players that represent value for money and add to squad depth. With all due respect, _any_ of the players mentioned for a CB role (cahill, Samba, etc) would add to squad depth and increase our chances of winning trophies/staying in champions league spots. The inaction of Wenger and the board to get quality signings with PL experience is rapdily losing the fans.

  22. I love my Arsenal, It is my club, it is my team, and I will go to my dying grave supporting it.. Young or Old, Inexperienced or not – This season I am prepared to sit and enjoy our boys win, loose or draw.. There will be no need to cry for help, or go in the bank account for a quick fix solution a la Manchester City..We shall let our Past heroes move on in peace to their greener pastures and focus on the task at hand: REGAIN OUR PRIDE, humiliate Tottenham, steal wins at Old trafford, defeat UEFA giant clubs on their home soil, and simple hope that 125 YRS of history on that crest will bring something special this time around…
    This year, Bloggers and Fans… we could finish 1st or finish 10th, this will be season that everyone will remember for either a great fall of an empire or a cinderella story waiting to unfold!

  23. Gary Neville’s article on ARSENAL in Daily Mail ..

    The headlines everywhere are saying Arsene Wenger is in trouble. That he’s under pressure. They’ll be asking if his time is up at Arsenal. Because there is no getting away from it, if Cesc Fabregas joins Barcelona this week it will be a big blow to the club.

    But here’s the question you have to ask: who’s the clever one and who are the dummies? Arsene Wenger has qualified for the Champions League every season since 1998. And Arsenal are making money as a club, not losing millions.

    So they haven’t won a trophy for six years? Well, Manchester United went 26 years without winning the league, Liverpool have now gone 21 years without the title and Manchester City went 35 years without winning a trophy. Tottenham have gone 50 years without winning the league.

    grew up as a United fan in the Seventies and Eighties when the club won three trophies in 20 years.
    It’s not easy. Sometimes you have cycles where trophies are hard to come by. What you don’t do is panic when you have the right manager.
    This is a manager who has won three Premier League titles and taken Arsenal to a Champions League final. Can a manager come to the end of his road at a club? Yes, he can. But I don’t actually believe Arsene Wenger has. I believe he is the right manager for Arsenal.
    In the last six years, it’s been clear that Arsenal have not been able to spend huge amounts on the team because they’ve invested £390million in a stadium to set themselves up for the next 60 years, not for the next six years. They’ve invested in the infrastructure of the club and it’s a sustainable model. That’s why in 50 years’ time, Arsenal will still be a great football club.
    Six years is nothing. These spells happen. In 100 years’ time people will look at those six years and say: ‘To be honest, we weren’t able to spend £70m, or even £30m, every year, because we had just built the most incredible stadium.’ And I’ll tell you what, when that stadium is paid for in 15 years’ time and when there are 60,000 people paying what they pay, week in, week out, Arsenal will be in a great position. You make decisions for the long term. You don’t go and cripple yourself financially and I believe Arsenal will be successful long after we’ve gone.
    If you buy a house, you’re investing for 20 years of your life. And in those first few years, when the mortgage payments are a bit tough, unfortunately you might have to cut down on your holidays. That’s the equivalent of what Arsene Wenger has done these last six years.
    He is trying to produce players through his youth system and trying to find them through his scouting network and it’s a sustainable model. And that’s why Arsenal will still be around as a great football club in decades to come.
    At this moment in time everyone will be panicking that they might be losing Fabregas. But this is about 125 years of history at a football club and going on for another 100 years. I’ve been around football long enough to see teams come and go, like Blackburn Rovers did in the Nineties. This is not about producing a football team that can be successful in the next 10 minutes.
    Of course, everyone wants instant success, but the most important thing is that you have a tradition running through your club that identifies your values. That’s what I think Arsenal have. I would be frustrated if I was an Arsenal fan, but I wouldn’t be panicking and that’s not being condescending or patronising. I’d be saying exactly the same if it were United. In fact, you’ve seen it at United.
    When Sir Alex Ferguson sold Mark Hughes, Andrei Kanchelskis and Paul Ince in 1995 and Paul Scholes, Nicky Butt, David Beckham, myself and my brother Phil were breaking into the team, the headline in the Manchester Evening News was: ‘Should Fergie Go?’ People from outside can be begging you to sign a player, but it can galvanise the players internally to come together.
    Look at Jack Wilshere and Aaron Ramsey and the opportunities that exist for them. Wilshere has already seized his chance and now Ramsey also has the opportunity to become a top player at a top club.
    If you asked Arsene Wenger whether he would like to sign one or two players before the end of the transfer window, then I’m sure he would say: ‘Absolutely.’ But if you’re asking me if he should rush in a panic and spend £30m, I would say not only that he shouldn’t, but also that I don’t think he would do that. And if I were an Arsenal fan, I would support him in that.
    When United sold Cristiano Ronaldo in similar circumstances for £80m, everyone thought the money would be shelled out straight away. But Sir Alex Ferguson decided to sit back, watch and wait and believe in the players he had. And during that time he won a league title and reached a Champions League final.
    Arsene Wenger will do something similar if he can’t find what he believes to be value. He’s just bought Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain for the future, so why spend £25m on somebody whose price will be inflated? It wouldn’t surprise me that, if he feels he is having the mickey taken by other clubs, he just sat there and said: ‘I believe in my young players.’
    Of course, everyone can see that they would be helped by some core defensive players in the English style (but it’s not as if they haven’t been trying to sign them). Of course, they have to cut out the mistakes that saw them lose a 4-0 lead at Newcastle last season and improve at set-pieces. And, right now, United, Chelsea and possibly City look stronger title contenders. But I wouldn’t write them off. I’ve had too many tough contests with Wenger’s teams over the years to do that.
    Would any other manager have extracted more from those players and been able to draw so many young players through to the top level and create such a great team for so little money? The answer is there is only one other man who has done that in the Premier League.
    Sometimes you have to be careful what you wish for

  24. That’s Gary Neville writing?? Who would have thought that behind that moustache he actually had a brain 🙂

  25. Spot on Garry!!!For those kid who have shouted out about Gus Hiddink or others…… Please listen to that. Thats one of the most experienced footballer in the english PL and he isnt a Manu Fan….. He is Alex’s BOY, He is a MANU PLAYER… talking abt our ARSENAL. Sacking AW is a total waiste of time and useless discussion.
    As for this Saturday, I think we re gonna be in trouble I dont even knw what kind of squad AW is gonna put out there agst Liverpoodle. One gud news though, that they re also missing Andy Carrol so thats a point agst Gervinho missing. Song, Gervinho,…… How was Djourou and Gibbs by the way.???? has anyone had any news abt them??
    How gud is Rio M? Oxlade-Ch??? Does anyone know anything abt this lad?
    I ve watched Rio durong his loan time in Holland with Feynrod (Excuse my spell if wrong), he looked pretty gud and pacy but that was only one game.. so I dont know.
    I think we are gonna have it like this from AW.

    SAGNA-KOSC-VERMA(Squillac)-Traore (Verma)
    ———–???- Jack W
    Walcott—–RVP————–Arshavin (Rio M sub)

    we always play our first 6 -7 games right every season, and thats how we could always get advantages agst other teams, but this time with Song and Gervinho missing.. I dont know…….. to come out clean shit would be a great news to me. But AW always has surprise!!!!!

  26. hahahaha–behind the moustache……… he actually looks to be a great guy even though he looked tough on Arsenal players sometimes…..
    …….. and we play Manu next week!!!! shiiit…. this is gonna be a pbm guys!!!!
    How do you guys feel about, Ramsey taking on Cesc role??? Im not very confident.. I have to admit…..
    Please AW, please do not play Rosicky this week and next week.. please, I think he s a gud left winger but not a central mdfld player,

  27. Lads.

    I need to understand something here. Why do so many people seem to let Diaby off the hook when dissecting the dross?

    For me, Diaby has been one of The biggest issues at Arsenal over the years and an embodiment of all the ills of Wenger’s disgusting management. I used to watch this lad at Auzerre and believe me, Guy Roux (the then Auxerre manager) could not get rid of this c**T fast enough.

    His attitude is quite simply abysmal. The myth that irritates me is the one that claimed the ankle injury is what ruined him. This is nonsense. The likes of Van Nistelrooy had far, far worse career-threatening injuries and recovered.

    Abou Diaby:

    – The man who mocks Arsenal fans for ‘being too nice’
    – The man who earns £60k a week (his agent confirmed this)
    – The man who lives on the treatment table
    – The man who confesses to wearing Spud shirts
    – The man who, during the Black scarf protest, viciously honked at protesters from behind the wheel of his Mercedes in annoyance

    Worse still though is that every time there is a big occasion, if he is fit, Diaby starts. Old Trafford in the league Yep Diaby there. Stamford Bridge in the league? Diaby starts. Nou Camp in a key CL game? Diaby starts.

    He has been at Arsenal five years and never once been MOTM. And yet some joker will tell you he has ‘so much talent’.

    He for me is a bigger a**e hole than Eboue.

    The fact that Wenger turned down a £10 million bid from Fenerbache for this joke tells you everything you need to know about Wenger’s French bias.

  28. Unfortunately Wed/Thurs for me is non-stop University, so I haven’t even seen a glimpse of footage from the game. But from all reports, it sounds as if we played well. Not brilliantly, but well. As Andy said, I’m enjoying 2/2 clean-sheets!

    @AusGunner :

    ” I don’t understand why the media are so negative when it comes to anything Arsenal. Bunch of cunts”

    Summed it up perfectly!

  29. byo you said:

    “Remember, Arsenal do not have a rich Arab or Russian to pour billions into transfers.”

    No Arsenal have a billionaire American and Uzbek owners instead. oh and don’t forget the self sustaining model where the fans pay for everything.

  30. Two cleansheets in a row. Must be a while since that happened! Mind you we were pretty sloppy at times and rode our luck. Vermeulen was our MoM for me (Di Natale was probably best player from both sides though). Got koscielny out of strife two or three times. Like others it’s the injuries that concern me the most – are our players made of glass? And Chamakh looks a shadow of the player who started last season. He looked slow, lost possession too easily and really offered no attacking threat. I’d have NB52 over him. Second leg won’t be easy after that viewing.

  31. I agree with Terry, we were good at the back at critical times but we got a little lucky too.
    For all his noted lack of prowess as a scorer Chamak defended well from the front and crucially headed out on a couple of corners.
    Here’s my concern, No Song for 3 matches (Liverpool,Man U, Swansea) the midfield was severely stretched at times especially in the second half,can we hold out or do we need help now?

  32. Starting to think its the boards fault if not Wenger is just totally insane, lost the plot and probby suffering from dementia if he cant see whats happening around him, cant see whats going to happen this season, what has been happening for the last few seasons, what he needs to do to stop the rot, to get to grips with the current game and what is happening on and off the pitch its just baffling me so much that im now beginning to feel real hate for Wenger for allowing this great club to end up in the situation it is now, really is weakest squad i’ve known and further away from winning anything but mor eimportantly hes now jeopardized champions league football. It really wouldn’t of taken much to stop it either thats the most frustrating thing, he just fails to see the plain obvious i.e wont change style of play, has no plan B in games so tactically not upto much, refuses to sign proven quality players but young cheap kids, cant see that we need some leaders/organizers on the pitch, fails to see we have a team of midgets that unable to defend set pieces, fails to see that spending money for other clubs is winning them trophies, its the way the game is now not for the better but its fact. Wenger didn’t and doesn’t even need to spend millions, by no means am I asking the club to spend money like Chelsea, Man City and Man United but we shouldn’t be the team in the league thats spends the least always selling more than what we spend each summer. The wage structure at the club is preventing us signing and keeping players and again I dont want them to go mad and pay too much but for a club of our size, the amount we charge for a ticket, the amount we make on match days, the sponsorship deals we have and the fact we have had champions league money for the last 14 seasons says we should be at least competing in that sense.

  33. For me, there is no way back now for Samir Nasri.

    As soon as he had a little pop at us Gooners that was it.

    His Arsenal career is as dead as the dead-leg I received at football training last night.

    Cast yourself back six months. Could you imagine feeling like this towards Samir?

    I hate clowns and the colour brown but even if he had worn a brown snood with clowns on it I’d have put that aside.

    Because I felt he was one of us.

    It’s shame because I believed that he could become an Arsenal icon. Maybe he could have been as loved as much as Robert Pires.

    Instead, if as expected he leaves for Manchester City shortly, he will become a hate figure with Gooners.

    Nasri may even be disliked as much as Emmanuel Adebayor.

    He, like many others, will go to Manchester City because they have been hypnotized by pound notes.

    Now I hold my hands up here. If I was approached by a rival Window company and offered 3 times my salary I would run around my office naked screaming ‘I quit’.

    So I can understand why his head has been turned.

    The difference though between myself and Samir Nasri is that I’m not a top-level professional footballer who could earn SIX figures a week.

    I have to make ends-meet. I have to feed my BBQ spare rib addiction.

    Nasri could have become an even bigger cult-hero amonst us Gooners had he snubbed the money on offer at City and signed a new, very well-paid, contract at Arsenal.

    Instead we will see him as a greedy little bastard who sold his soul.

    Forget the fact Nasri wanted to see our ambition in the summer with who will sign for the club because it wasn’t about that for him.

    It was all about money.

    Samir had a fantastic first half of the season in the last campaign and then his form died off.


    I think he was tapped up more than a tap dancing competition.

    When Samir saw the money on offer at Manchester City or Manchester United his eyes went bigger than Beth Dittos left arse-cheek.

    His agents eyes went bigger than the right cheek.

    We were challenging for trophies when we first offered him a deal to stay at the club so his chat about ‘ambition’ is shit.

    I suppose we might expect too much loyalty in this day and age from footballers. Especially me.

    Well it appears that loyalty is an attribute that most of them don’t have.

    And in Samir’s case that is a shame.

    Especially when it will end more bitter than sucking a slice of lemon soaked in a dose of pine nuts.

  34. Gazidis is positioning himself as his own man, not simply a annexe of Wenger.
    Because Gazidis can see that Wenger’s time could be up soon

  35. Arsene Wenger signed his own death warrant with this on the 11th July –

    “Imagine the worst situation – we lose Fabregas and Nasri – you cannot convince people you are ambitious after that”

    There is absolutely no way back from that comment. Not even the knuckle head’s who think the sun shines out his hole can defend that

  36. @Walton,

    Totally agree. I was only thinking the same thing yesterday as I felt this strange feeling of hate bubble beneath my skin as I read articles about how Samir supposedly said this, that and the other.

    We know that he was offered a 90k+ a week contract – which in all reality, is what he’s worth. We also know that he has rejected any such contract offered to him by Arsenal. Fair enough if some other mob are offering him triple the money, and fair enough if they can promise him trophies. But like Clichy, will Samir even start for City? Mancini certainly wouldn’t move Toure or Silva. Leaving Barry, Milner or De Jong as the ‘holding’ midfielder. Where does Samir fit?

    On the bench. Along with his pal Gael, and Adebaywh*re sulking in the stands.

    Right now I hate City more than Spurs…Something which I never felt was possible.

    Speaking of De Jong, a Samir for De Jong and 15m would be a great deal IMO.

  37. I can not wait till we beat Pool, Udi and put up a fight against MANU and tell you whinging idiots to shut up.

    VCC said we have two billionaire owners.

    Mate if you co-owned a business with someone you didnt know or like would you put 100mill into that company with the very real possibility that the other guy who has a slice of the business you have a slice in may own the whole thing in 12-24 months time?? Answer that and get back to me…

    The transfer window has 14 days left until then you can not bang on about wenger going.. who would replace him?? can you imagine the upheaveal of the place and all the players that wenger has place his trust in… You supposed ‘fans’ are short sighted morons… who booes their own team?? Its disgraceful.

    Im ashamed to be associated as an Arsenal fan the way half of you idiots act and go on.. We are doing fine. As Gary neville said teams go through cycles.. just have some patience… do you kno how many teams that are out their that win nothing and wont for another 50 years… Be proud that you support a club which actually has some history… actually has a chance of winning anything.. and that plays beautiful football..

    otherwise get lost

  38. @Boris-Aus: A very good post, thank you! I was beginning to think I was the only one thinking like that.

  39. Boris-Aus. How is stan going to lose control of his shareholding unless he decides to sell it. He owns approx 70 percent of the club.

    I am afraid you can get lost as your just another AKB who has lost the plot.

    Short sighted we haven’t won anything since 2005 and not likely to either with the current team. Ok we have 14 days left it’s not a case Wenger might buy it’s a case he has to buy. So we wont really have a true reflection of our squad until then so people should reserve judgement until then.

    Wenger placed his trust in cesc. Where is cesc now. Nasri is going. Walcot RVP have 2 years left on their contract. If we don’t win anything this year can you see them renewing next summer.

  40. I think you’ll find there is a majority on here that do not want us to go tits up just to get rid of Wenger. Those that want that are a minority.

    For me, Wenger must go, but I don’t give a shit if he’s here or not – I want us to win every fucking game we play. I have no personal agenda or credibility worries with my standpoint, and the majority on here don’t. There is a minority that are so rabidly anti-Wenger that they are putting their hatred of him above their love of the club and calling it “for the long term good of the club” and that is their right to do so if they choose, but I don’t buy into it and most don’t.

    I think Wenger has fucked up royally over the last 5 or so years and he has got to go. But honestly, if he suddenly turned it round (I know – VERY unlikely) and he signed the right players and we started going places again then fuck it I would just hold my hands up and say “He was right I was wrong” and I’d be fucking delighted to do it.

    Club first – everything else second.

  41. @ Gruggy

    Fair enough if some other mob are offering him triple the money, and fair enough if they can promise him trophies

    Nope. Not fair enough. Because nobody else is allowed to offer him anything as of now. Not till January can they contact him legally. Yes it happens all the time, but don’t dignify it by calling it fair.

  42. Arsenal game tues night was not enjoyable at all for me Im afraid, merely a taste of whats to come.
    A Udinese team that sold most of the stars that got them to this stage ran us off the field at times and would have been good value for at least a 2 goal lead and we should be sunk right now, as it is we somehow have a 1-0 lead, will it be enough? I seriously doubt it when your depending on Chamakh, Rosicky and Koscielny types.
    I cant bring myself to go on again about the ineptness of this club to bring in players this summer, weve dilly dallied all summer and now we face Liverpool tomorrow with a scratch team, knowing since may that we would lose Cesc and Nasri and that we needed to sell Almunia, Bentdner, Denilson, Squillachi, etc etc.
    You can be as optimistic/ deluded as you like but we are in for the worst of the last six seasons unless something totally un-Wenger like occurs in the next 2 weeks.
    A draw tomorrow would be a miracle.
    Then we get to listen to another one of Arsenes hypnotic, contradictory LYING interviews like when he said no-one would be leaving only to be embarrassed less than two hours later when Fabregas was on the plane. This time next week lets see what shape were in.
    I ask any Arsenal fan with half a brain to examine the current squad, look at the player profile and injury record and ask yourself how did we get to where we are now with Liverpool and Utd to come and a make or break CL tie midweek.
    RvP, Vermaelen, Wilshere, Arshavin Sagna and Song are the only ones that have even completed a full PL season….Walcott/ Diaby/ Gibbs/ Djourou cant stay fit…..Chamakh is useless, and Im being kind hes like a man sitting on a fat contract that doesnt give a rats, he supposed to be playing for his fucking place.
    Ah here I may go before I put myself in bad form, like I said a draw tomorrow would be a miracle, CL qualification requires something even more special.
    Yeah its negative but Im being real….the club hasnt got the players anymore and the manager doesnt want to pay the money to bring them in. FACT.

  43. “When you look at the game again it’s quite surprising. It’s difficult to understand. We had a penalty turned down but when Barton grabs Gervinho in the box the ball is [live] in the game. Why is that not a penalty? Why does the linesman not intervene? There are a few questions to be answered.

    Arsene quote.

  44. @Shard,

    My use of the word ‘fair’ probably wasn’t appropriate.

    I more so meant that Nasri’s desire to chase the higher wage is ‘fair enough’. As is the desire of any footballer to chase trophies is also “fair enough”.

    City’s (and Barcelona’s) actions though have been anything but fair.

    The world would be a better place if rich Oil tycoons stayed out of football.

    Onto more positive things, it’s three hours until kickoff – rare Saturday 9:45pm kickoff here in Oz that I intend to take advantage of.

    Team wise, I expect either :

    Vermaelen to LB, Squillaci to start.

    Sagna to LB and Jenkinson to RB.

    I would much prefer the former. As uh, ‘inconsistent’ as Squillaci has been since he arrived at Emirates, playing Vermaelen on the left and him in the centre is a far smarter and less reckless move than moving one of our best out of position and replacing him with a guy who’s last competitive game was in League One..

  45. Goddang, 04:45 start a little too early on this coast. The team looks a little depleted in this the second prem fixture of the season. I guess Arsene is waiting for the right moment to add some quality players. Maybe halftime at the Man U match would be a good time to strengthen the club. I mean what’s the hurry? Oh well here we go.
    Come on you Gunners!

  46. Koz is injured. It looks like he’ll be going off in the 15th minute. Of course we don’t actually need to sign another central defender anytime soon.

  47. There we go own goal after a red card. That’s the spirit. Nothing is wrong in Arsene we trust. 1 goal in 3 games. 2 if you count Ramsey’s. Relax, it’s all good.

  48. What can i say that i have not already said. @leftcoastgooner Know what you mean, if im reading you correctly that is.
    @shambo, where are you man, hows tricks, miss your assessments man.
    The players were looking for a leader out there and unfortunately Frimpong was one of those.

  49. Oh my that’s just unfortunate, If you look at it we did pretty well despite our lack of defensive cover. All the players are leaders, always believe in Arsene Wenger because he is the lord of tiki taka.

  50. Arsenals performance up until the sending off was average. There were one or two good performances as well as below par. The team needs more from the wings.
    @BYO Aug18 2:36am, Its obvious that no team can predict injuries but one can try to prepare properly for them with adequate back up just in case they should occur and as we all know, with Arsenal they always do. August 17@10:53 14 blog. But why oh why is this team so soft? What the hell is going, where is the depth.

  51. @theicehammer
    Dude you have got to be kidding. We are not ready for this season. We are not prepared for injuries,suspensions or other teams. Are you telling me we didn’t know we need help at the back and in midfield especially holding midfield?
    Our manager has lost it. And you know for a fact that if you performed your job the way he has done his over the last few years YOU would be shit-canned. I’m not saying that there is no way back. But no matter how far you’ve gone down the wrong road at some point you had better admit it and turn around. Honestly, can you see Wenger doing that?

  52. Arsenal is building again and it will take seasons for Arsene to aim for trophy. I am not sure arsene will get it together again , since he will never get the loyalty he expects now.Of course arsene is now moving himself a manager suitable for championship rather than premier league (i.e. training and selling the players ) by failing to adapt to the current environment and investing on players at young age.He has not learned from previous mistakes and starts to commit the same mistake again now.

    It’s time before fans erupt , a new coach takes over the building.

  53. Its quite clear that Wenger’s position is becoming quite untenable. His body language and behaviour showed a frustrated figure who’s clearly lost the plot. Plus the resounding boos at the end of the game showed that most fans have finally woken up and said ‘enough is enough’.

    Its quite farcial really, and reeks of atrocious management, with all the promises of signings in the summer, to start this season with a depleted and inferior squad to the last. I know if I did my job like this, I would be sacked, and deservedly so. Wenger said to judge him in May. Many of his apologists told us to judge him on 1 Jul. Some say judge him after the transfer window closes. My verdict: WENGER OUT

  54. @realistic_gooner
    The farce as I see it is that the situation is both predictable and avoidable.
    yet nothing has been done. What in God’s name are we waiting for the second coming of Beckenbauer? For goodness sake sign some proven professional players we need help now!

  55. Before today’s game, my sadistic mind was hoping for a loss today against L’pool and even for getting chucked out of the CL by Udinese on Tuesday, maybe Kroenke decides to pull the plug and show Wenger the exit door. My gooner heart however refuses to give in and I watched the game with great pain, always hoping that things will somehow fall into place suddenly. But for now, after another humiloiation, I am prepared to let my heart lead me – off with Wenger’s head!

  56. Time for the standards of all us fans to be lowered, the team is sub standard for any that are to be associated with Arsenal FC and the manager, who is held liable to no-one within the club, is determined to run with this sick objective to prove everyone wrong at any cost.
    14M for Oxlaide-Chamberlain, why wasnt he used today? Because he was bought for 5 years time, Arshavin should have been off after 10 mins- woeful and any other manager would have whipped him off.
    We had to start Nasri who doesnt want to stay at the club- ridiculous and insulting to the paying fan, I dont care if he went on to score 4 in the game its demeaning for the club.
    We had to bring on another player, Bentdner, who also wants a move and has talked to other clubs because Chamakh is lazy and actually has a worse touch than Bentdner- who knew that was possible.
    We had to bring on an untried at this level Miquel because Squillachi is awful and because we still havnt signed a CB after 2 and a half months.
    Why did we get a work permit for Myaichi if we wernt going to play him?
    When will Wenger get a striker that plays in the box?????????? Van Persie was everywhere BAR on the end of a ball in their area today, but thats nothing new.
    The players we have coming back arent much better by the way, aside from Wilshere.
    Rosicky, Koscielny, Djourou, Song the foul merchant, Diaby who cant stand up straight.
    Reality is an average Liverpool performance beat us today, and of course many of the usual heads on here will point to the sending off but we had no ideas going forward, we do no play good football anymore, its pridictable and easy to defend and counter. Liverpool actually came to contain us today leaving some of their better players on the line, if they had started their strongest 11 it would have been a mauling, Vermaelen cant do it all himself, although he tried first half.
    Next week its Utd away, but before that, in my opinion we will be eliminated from the CL because we are not good enough to even be there, then we will go to old trafford and get our asses handed to us, it doesnt matter if anyone is even bought of substance at this stage because they will need time to adapt, its two games into the season already, any fool who knows his football knows you need to hit the ground running and that any new faces should have time to acclimatise.
    I hope to win the Europa cup and get a good run in fa cup….CL football next year will be a miracle.
    Now Arsene you have us in a position where second place truly would be like winning.

  57. @shambogunner
    I agree we were beat at home by an average performance of an average away side.
    However, I was hoping instead of us supporters lowering our collective standards The Arsenal might collectively make an effort to raise theirs.

  58. The thing is where is the money? Are we carrying a debt that the fans dont know,or is it that wenger really ,truly believes that this squad has got it in them to challenge for anything? It can´t be,he knew we needed a tall CB and said before the season ended that it would be addressed,now a few days to the end of the transfer window and arsene is still talking one thing and doing something else like always,this hasn´t changed,my goodness,the money for fab alone is enough to buy all the players we need,you wanna buy cheap,here´s cheap,per matersaker=7 to 10 mil,jadson,lucho gonzalez,montolivo, marvin martin any of these guys can´t be more than 12 mil,zarate,odemwingie,can´t be more than 10,IMO we can begin to dream if we can sort out these departments,surely with all the injuries he´s gonna buy aint he? Well,with arsene you never know,but i don´t think its fair to play some of these players 2 games every 7 days,ramsey for example has never had to carry the type of workload he´s been ask to carry this season,thats whats planed for lil jack,vermalen,and so on,and you think there won´t be injuries? Wenger isnt seeing what we all are seeing? Rosicky can´t play two matches in a row,ramsey can´t replace fab4,willshire and him will surely need some backup,if not some1 to look up to,the squid isnt good enough for arsenal we need tried and tested,not the next big thing,and and and,for gods sake wenger wake up,times have changed,you not gonna win the premiership without first addressing these issues,and 1more thing don´t be deluded mr wenger,no man,i repeat no 1 man,is bigger than arsenal football club,not even its coach, for if the outcry continues,heads will roll,and yours will be first.

  59. I’m quite positive until this recent event. Yesterday I took my time to look on transfer news but nothing had happened. Well, actually I’m kinda expected it. The headlines were full with the news that Mata on verge to sign with Chelsea. A player that I fancy so much is about to sign with another club. Today, we lost to an average Liverpool team that we can actually win with our past seasons strength. I never rate Liverpool highly even they are a bit stronger this season. But they beat us showed that they might possibly take our place for CL next season.

    I must admit, this is the first time I’m feeling so down. This is the first time I feel that Wenger has lost everything. I trust him no more. Now I just want to support the club and hoping for nothing. What a busy summer with the sign of completely unnecessary wide and talented players. If only the manager spend some money, things would be different. At least, spend some money.

  60. Liv had Charlie Adams…Charlie ^$$# Adams, that’s how average they are but then we had ….errrr yeah we were below average compared to an average Liv team. If we don’t buck up now ManU is going to have a training match.

  61. I have to admit that’s as low as I have felt as a gooner for a long time. We lacked creativity and confidence and luck. There has to be something more going on that us ordinary fans don’t know about. I just don’t believe that after all that he has said in public that Wenger is just being stubborn or sticking to some kind of principle.

    On the game itself, Frimpong if he can curb his tackling, looked a great prospect and TV was again outstanding, but Walcott, Arshavin and Ramsay were pretty inefffectual. I actually thought Nasri did ok – had some great runs and he certainly played like someone who still cared. Quite liked the Jenkinson kid too, but Sagna at LB is not good. Sczezny is also shaping up nicely. How many more injuries can we get – are our defenders made of glass?

  62. I just don’t agree with the negative tones..or rather with the pitch that those tones are at..Seriously, it’s one loss at the start of a season. Of course the squad isn’t strong enough yet, and signings will have to be made. The Champions League qualification is probably the reason of the delay. Am I happy about it? No. But how many times have I heard people say I don’t care if we lose, if the players show heart, desire and determination. Well, the last 3 matches have been pure determination. Considering how many injuries and suspensions we have, we’ve been really doing well. Is that good enough? No. But if we do get a few signings in, then we will have a very deep squad, if people like Frimpong, Miquel, Lansbury, Jenkinson etc can step up, which they seem to be doing. We are a few signings away, and I don’t agree with the contention that Wenger doesn’t see the problems. He’s always tried to address problem areas on the pitch, with the possible exception of DM. The loss of the chief playmaker will hurt any team. We still need to figure out how to attack. The absence of Gervinho and Wilshere doesn’t help of course. If we do not buy some reinforcements before September 1st, I will question the direction the club is taking, and whether they are being honest with us. I will question what Kroenke’s intentions are. But I still don’t think I’ll believe that Wenger is happy going into the season with this squad the way it is. People can point fingers at the manager because he is the most public face and in charge of footballing decisions. I don’t think anyone could have, and can do, what Wenger has done with what he’s had to work with and I believe firing him, will do more harm than good. We still have the basis of a very good squad. Will we get some additions?? I’m waiting to see..But first.. The tie against Udinese is the most important thing. I’m still absolutely terrified that the referee will find some way to screw us over. If it happens, I do not want to hear then about how we are to blame for the referee’s error, and how we should have been better and then it wouldnt have mattered etc etc. Watch the match. Cheer for us. Pray that we win. Our future as a club just might depend on it.

  63. In Arsene Wenger I truly trust. Please for those asking Wenger to spend money should go and support Man City a club that can spend money. I laugh in my native language. Fools.

  64. Chelsea sign Juan Mata.
    While we argue back and forth with each other over welfare of our beloved Arsenal I ask: Are we really going anywhere?
    I guess we’ll know by midweek. There are some who think we should wait until the end of the season to judge. How many seasons in a row?
    Don’t blame Frimpong, yes he’s rash but he was there rather by default.
    We don’t have enough quality midfielders that’s why we’re selling Nasri.
    It’s all making sense now.

  65. Thank you Shard. A nice piece of article. If its true then I got my answer but its the manager who have to carry the burden alone.

  66. @shard
    OK dude,
    I read the posting and it offers some interesting perspectives.
    Does this mean we do nothing or what does it mean.
    Today as in many days past there are no signings. Mancini has made it clear he wants a Nasri deal and he at least seems to have the cooperation of his board.
    None of the facts seem to indicate a quick positive resolution of our transfer issues.
    We have a slender lead going to Italy this week. I think the morale of the team might survive a close aggragate loss but, if we are routed there will be the Devil to pay this season mark my words.

  67. @Shard – I completely agree. Little wonder things seem completely out of sorts. I gave up all hope in the club cos i felt the manager has gone mad. The loss of Mata is very painful indeed. If fans know this, then the manager will have the fans support. But, why is he going for Jagielka instead of Samba? Why not both? Hazard and Mvila are okay for me, but they should rap up this transfer stuff real fast. If we get Hazard and Mvila, then Nasri stays. What is the point of selling him when he obviously wants to stay. If we blame him, then we blame FABs too.

  68. Thanks Shard for that link, even if it is a lie, i would very much like to believe it. It looks genuine enough to me and definitely explains loads. This is my lowest point as an Arsenal fan, I’ve never been so demoralised in my life. Is this the club that had world class players like BERGKAMP, PIRES, HENRY, CAMPBELL, ADAMS?
    I say play Nasri and ensure Champs League football, make him cup tied, improve the wage structure, get in quality players and KEEP him.

  69. Hahahaha nice try. So the unamed source sits with uppermanagement and attend boardroom meetings. The only person that’s level with Wenger’s employement grade is Ivan. Or maybe its the senior secretary who takes minutes of board meetings thats giving out info. I don’t believe this story one bit.

    He takes a rumour and creates a made up theory. Pure conjecture.

  70. @shard, sorry to say @ this point i think talk is cheap……..i wanna see action on the pitch not in smoke filled rooms. “Negative fans” as some put it have spoken about this reality for ages and it is now upon us sorry you. Its now time to walk it not talk it.

  71. Regarding the link.. I still don’t know what it means, whether it’s true etc etc.. Someone’s put it out there, and I just thought it was interesting enough as a point of view. What I do believe in that article is that Wenger would be fighting for an increase in the salary levels for his players. Everything I’ve read about the man for the past 10 years or so, including some players’ quotes, have led me to believe that he fights the players’ corner in earning them better deals. The football scenario has changed, and I guess the point is that you can’t expect top players to play for you for less than half of what other clubs are willing to offer. So all in all, the part about increasing the salary cap level, is something I believe. The rest. Well, I don’t know. It is a POSSIBLE explanation, but is it the correct one?

  72. @shard, interesting it might be but as @laninja put it “pure conjecture”
    And saying he fights the players corner in earning them better deals, wasn’t he the one who a few seasons ago introduced the system of only giving players in there late 20’s a one year deal, which i thought to be a very unwise idea. It does not promote loyalty to any player who might have given a large chunk of his career to the club.(how would younger players view it when considering their long term future. I do agree with your statement about expectation of top players though.
    Looking at the pictures in the media Arsene really looks stressed and lost. I do hope he has some cards up his sleeves cause the booing will not only continue, it will increase.

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