Another new Arsenal kit 09/10 – Melo staying put – more guest post details

Eduardo doesn't like the new Arsenal kitHello again.

I’ll get straight into it today with the announcement that another new Arsenal kit has been released for the 09/10 season. Following on from the usual red shirt and the dark blue away shirt comes a the new white third kit. And as you can see by our angry mate Eduardo over there on the left, I don’t like it one bit.

It’s essentially the same design as the new dark blue shirt (which I happen to like) but unlike the blue shirt, the combination of collar and pinstripes doesn’t work anywhere near as well. It looks too much like a baseball shirt in opinion and when you combine that with the fact that we’ll be wearing dark blue shorts ala Spurs, it’s a little too much to take.

If you do happen to like the new white kit you can order it at Kitbag. Personally I’d go for the blue one one but it’s up to you.

You can see more pictures of the new Arsenal kit here.

Melo to stay in Florence

Moving on to football matters and there is some important news to break regarding Felipe Melo. Indeed, the Brazilian has signed an extension to his current deal with Fiorentina which virtually ensures that we won’t be signing him this summer.

I have to say it’s a bit of a blow. I know there were many people looking forward to the prospect of us bringing in Melo – myself included – and Gilberto’s recent comments suggested that Arsenal were interested. However, with this contract extension in place it’s certainly not going to happen and the search for another defensive midfielder will go on.

There is, of course, the very real possibility that we may not bring in a defensive midfielder at all before next season. Indeed, whispers around the Arsenal blogosphere suggest it will be another centre-back and not a central midfielder who will be signing next (could the interest in Serdar Tasci be genuine?).

Currently we have Alex Song and Denilson on our books who can play the defensive role in midfield but I feel we’re one body short. Whether the manager still wants to play Abou Diaby in there (unlikely) or perhaps even shuffle Samir Nasri into the position, I still feel we need another strong player who enjoys the physical side of the game to help out the group. Song made great progress next season and Denilson remains a decent prospect and I think both would benefit from sharing the defensive midfield responsibilites with another player.

As always, we’ll have to see how things go.

It seems that Amaury Bischoff is on his way out of the club. Apparently the Portuguese man has been released by Arsenal and with Paris Saint Germain interested in his services I’d assume that’s where he’ll end up. 

Meanwhile, Arsenal have signed four young players to professional contracts. Those players are Luke Ayling, Craig Eastmond, Cedric Evina and James Shea. Congratulations lads and good luck.

More guest post details

I just want to finish off today by saying a very sincere thank-you to everybody who read and commented on John’s article in yesterday’s first ever guest post. It’s clear from the 75+ comments made that you guys really enjoyed hearing from a fresh voice and I think it’s a great sign of things to come with regards to Guest Post Tuesdays.

I’ve had quite a few questions over the past day from readers who want to know such things as (1) how I am going to select articles, (2) how long the articles should be and (3) what they should be about. Basically, my answers to those questions are as follows:

  1. Guest posters will be selected based on how interesting their idea is and how quickly they get it in. Essentially it’s first in best dressed. I’ll inform people of whether they have been selected to write for Guest Post Tuesday by the Thursday before it goes live on the blog. That will give ample time for people to put together what they need to write and time for me to edit it.
  2. Generally articles should be around 500-600 words.  Anything longer can be a bit tedious – unless it’s very well written, as John’s was yesterday – and it’s generally better to be concise and stick to the point. You’re also likely to get a better response from readers as a result.
  3. Articles can be about anything related to Arsenal that is topical. They can be funny, serious, insightful, analytical – whatever you want. If you’re worried about your writing ability, please don’t, because I’m happy to edit and it shouldn’t be a barrier in preventing you from saying what you feel.

I mentioned yesterday to email ideas to guestposts[at]arsenalfcblog[dot]com (remove ‘at’ and ‘dot’ and add the appropriate punctuation) but the truth is the most effective way to get in contact with me is via Twitter or Facebook. That way we’re able to keep in touch and even have a bit of a discussion about what you might want to write.

Anyway, that’s it for today. Have yourselves a lovely Wednesday.

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  1. On the midfielder front everyone’s a twitter about Lorik Cana. I don’t suppose anyone knows anything much about him? (youtube compilations aside) The age and experience seem right, but one can never guess what AW might be up to…

  2. We are in July and the majority of Gooners will definitely be excited as to what will happen until the Summer transfer window finally shuts. And so am I. I’m glad we are not going to purchase Felipe Melo as I don’t think he is the answer to our problem in midfield. I’m predicting Blaise Matuidi will be a Arsenal player and not the other defensive midfielders names’ been mentioned over these few weeks. Although Lorik Cana looks like combative player. I said before a couple of weeks ago, we can challenge Manchester United all the way, with or without Cristiano Ronaldo in the Premiership. I genuinely believe that. All Arsene Wenger is lacking is the players, that he is desperate for, a defensive midfielder and maybe other positions as well where he can improve. Let’s see what happens if Wenger can build a title winning squad. Should be a lot of fun witnessing it as Gooners do not like being in the shadow of Manchester United or any other Premiership club infact. We want to experience that incredible feeling of being Premiership champions once again. I don’t think that feeling is far. All the best to Arsenal Football Club. All the best Gooners.

  3. I just want to put this straight to all u guys who just wake up and write anything about players to sell and all those bullshits!now tell me,selling Adebayor,Eboeue,Kolo,and Gallas,and buying benzema,Hangeland,Micah etc,would it bring the experience we are all craving for or would it make us more inexperienced?so u see why i call it bullshit!Many say play Walcott in a more direct role,and sell Ade heis this ,that,but the same Walcott i watched last night playing the same role and couldn`t even make any little impact till the end of the game.Now again i ask,is this the player that will give us the desired trophies we seek?he was completely not in the tournament not only against the deutschland,but the entire tournament.Bcos he `s british,no one would condemn him.if its Ade,Kolo,or Eboeue,ooh sell him,throw him out bla bla bla,men u guys shld just wake up and support this team without sentiments on any side. In conclusion,i think bringing in one defensive midfielder would be enough as long as no one is sold.This is so cos new players takes time to settle at new clubs no matter the league they were in b4(premiership ,no premiership)cos our system,pace might not just be the same to that other premiership u see why we have to stick to our players,and improve on where players are needed which is the defensive midfield,and the defence.

  4. Benzema???? Are you guys mad? I would take Bendtner over Benzema any day of the week. Benzema is highly rated and has scored 15 goals in freaking League 1 as 1st choice striker. Funny thing…. Bendtner (same age) and our 4th choice striker scored the same amount with an injury ravaged squad. If we sell Ade… I would go for someone with a work ethic and technique to force mistakes in tight games (what Tevez did for United).

  5. @ White Ox – Regarding Cana, I’d say it’s all paper talk. It’s funny how there’s been very little mentioned about him but as soon as Melo signed a new contract links with Cana have been all over the place. The press just go through their usual names without any rhyme or reason and I’d say that’s what’s going on now.

  6. I am a die hard arsenal fan and I want make a plea that our manager should whatever it takes to get Sabastian Besong to this great club of ours

  7. It’s hardly Theo’s fault he had such a poor tournament. Stuart Pearce is one of the most tactically inept managers I’ve seen on the international stage. Walcott is pacey, he’s not exceptionally strong or skilful. Against Germany he had absolutely zero service and considering Pearce’s focus was on blood-and-guts English brawn instead of the smooth flowing creative football that Arsenal play, Theo was never in with a chance. He’s only 20 guys, already people are saying he’s not going to be as good as Henry. I wish I had your crystal balls.

    Interesting news about Bischoff. Imagine if Aaron Ramsey was as unprofessional as him and decided to just leave because he wasn’t playing as much. We released 8 players in total and unsurprisingly one of them went to Tottenham. What’s with those guys feasting off the scraps from our table?

  8. I dont like that kit, infact i hate it. Its too Spurs-like for my liking.

    Im also a bit disappointed with Melo but Cana is a better option anyway, he’s much tougher and has a greater workrate than Melo. Signing him would be great.

  9. I’d take the white kit over the blue one any day of the week… two words: Subtle elegance.

    Quick question though… why is Eduardo wearing the captains armband?
    Have I missed something?

  10. @ Part-time Pundit – It’s superimposed from one of the games where he played as captain. You haven’t missed anything. 🙂

    @ Gibbs – I just can’t see Cana signing. See comment I left to White Ox above.

  11. It’s going to interesting seeing man city next season and how they play with so many stars but a crap manager. Where we have one of the best managers in the world and a team he knows inside and out and as long as we stay injury free we do have on paper the best team in the prem (biased maybe but true)
    I think diaby is going to really step up this year and so is bendtner and boy am I going to get some stick for that comment. But diaby has been doing extra training and don’t forget he came back from a really bad injury plus had the new viera tag hanging over him and if he can get his head sorted then I think he will be a valuable player. Shame to see bischoff go as the 2-3 times I saw him play he did look pretty good but I hope he doesn’t come back to haunt us like anelka has. The one thing I don’t get is why release a player when we could use him as a swap in a deal and lower a player by 2-3 mill? All we need to do is get rid of ade or drop his pay and see if he works harder that way.

  12. I dont like the white kit at all.

    I am not dissappointed about Melo because we don’t take action as quick as possible. If we want to sign any player. I think it will be better we go for it once and for all and at the right time.

    It took us decade before we could sign Asharvin last season. Let’s talk less and put more action in doing the real thing instead of talking.

    Please & pls our Manager…buy us the needed players before the pre-season so that we would not have the problem of a player being ineligible to play a particular game.


  13. Harryspur the only thing you will be 1st at is getting relegated haha.

  14. SF – That’s fair re the interest in Cana being press driven, I merely wanted to know if he was ball winning shield for the back four we patenty need and is of the requisite quality. It’s exactly what I mean by “pie in the sky though”. Remember the names bandied about when we sold Henry? Anelka, Santa Cruz, Huntelaar. Who did AW buy? Eduardo completely out of the blue and what a player he will be if he gets fit.

    The truth is it will probably be very hard to know who Arsene will sign, Vermaelen was the exception and not the rule. I’d be happy for another rough diamond to emerge, I love it when Wenger does that!

  15. Nice post , am okay with d new kit it not more of a spurs, the only problem why we can’t get melo is cos we are too slow in actn ,we always do more of talking dan action .On cana is a good player but according to fab ‘ he said he need a player who is capable of controlling d midfield wen he goes forward ‘ players of quality like marcos senna, essien .

  16. What is most amusing to me is the constant stream of drivel from the media, be it the tabloids or the Beeb or the like. If you consider over the past couple of months the players that have been ‘rumoured’ to be leaving we’d have no squad left to talk about. Think about this, and this is all from my very poor memory:RVP, Adebayor, Clichy, Bendtner, Toure, Gallas, Fabregas, Sagna, Arshavin. Now that’s almost the entire first team lineup. Need I say more?

  17. Cor ths white kit is a bit embarassing really !

    Perhaps the club really do think there is some money left in the piggy banks of the fans to invest in this relentless flood of two bob tat.

    I mean just WHERE is the mauve tartan number we have been promised ?????

  18. @ mekus – I know what you mean. It’s annoying having all of our players in the tabloids. But really, as supporters, the best thing we can do is ignore it.

  19. i think the kit’s okay better than the yellow and navy

    For Melo, he must have gotten bad advice. What a blow for Arsenal.

  20. Isn’t Cana just that guy who was giving away loads of fouls on that Youtube Video?

    He did look quote good to be honest, and a player who i would actually want at the club, but this rumour has come and gone.

    It seems like the press are lining up the players so that can say “After player x slipped away, Wenger turns his attention to player x”

  21. Those poor journalists have space to fill and very little material to do it with over the Summer months.

    Have mercy – think of their children who would be destitute without the endless tround of transfer rumour and counter rumour between May and August.

    After all it’s harmless – and it is not as though anyome takes any of it seriously – well do they ?

  22. I personaly think all this melo , cana talk is just pure tripe !!

    AW rarely buys players that the papers link him too because he knows hel have to pay over the odds. That suits AW tho while the papers are busy printing watever crap that goes into tere tiny heads hel have time to close in on his real targets!

    IMO I would like to see him bring in a good dm about 26-29 with experince in the cl , and another cb this guy tasic seems like a good prospect hes still young but hes already started for germany cant realy comment on him as a player as i havent seen him play lets hope we get him soon because i belive A C and juve is after him soon .

    Only time will tell but im quietly confident Arsene will pull someting outta the hat !!

  23. He will only bring in a new CB if Toure is sold (I think he will be) but I would not expect a first choice player to come in after that, if anybody at all – Gallas, Vermaelen, Djourou, Song and Silvestre seems good enough for me.

  24. sylvestre was too slow and past it last year so unless hes had a trip to the fountain of youth i dunno how u can say ud b happy wit him next season…fergie still laughin at us but our managers too stuborn to cut his losses so he wil prob keep him and overplay him to try prove a point….transfer spec a joke as usual but as usual we are far too slow to players appreciate a club showing interest early and it could be the difference but alas our manager tries to be too clever in haggling the price down dat normally we lose out,we shudav had ribery 3 yrs ago but for our slowly slowly approach,if we hadv shown him we really wanted him like bayern did hed b ours already (d bundsliga was hardly his 1st choice) and there in-lies our biggest flaw….too slow to act and too quick to argue the sellers price (sighhhhhhhhhhhhh)

  25. SF – The shorts that go with the new third kit are a dark gray with a maroon (or burgundy) stripe on the side not dark blue…I believe.

  26. for AW, its a wait n see issue. u can never predict with AW n especially wen it comes to big players.

  27. After missing out on Melo, there is a lot of sugestion that we are going to battle with Spurs for Cana.

    Away Kit, I will not be buying!

  28. For good sake the media just will not stop. Barcelona are close to tying up Cesc Fabregas after realising they were not going to get Ribery. Well your not getting Fabregas either so look for someone else. He dont want to leave, how many times does he have to say this, he made it perfectly clear and now they just making themselves look stupid.

  29. Boy, we all sound like a kid in a candy store, without the money mind you. Buy this, buy that! I think Wenger has said this before that he would not buy a player just for buying sake. I think we need a little bit of patience, may be that’s what we need to buy. This is a suggestion not a criticism, but don’t you think we should discuss the matter at hand rather than sounding like a broken record? No matter what the subject matter is a lot of us prefer to suggest who Wenger should buy next. I mean day after day the same names foating around, c’mon!

  30. This is the most beautiful kit since the Hihgbury Centenary one.

    Welcome striped Navy & White!!

    And goodbye fugly Yellow & Plain White

  31. And time to forget Benzema.

    He´s now oficially a new player of Madrid for 35mill.

  32. Benzema signs for Real (is it true?). didn’t think we were going to get him anyway. Maybe we must just wait until AW signs another player coz all these predictions that ppl make are wrong. They fill up the blog with a “waste”. GetGunMN is right!!!!!

  33. i watched cana alot of times and he is way 2 hotheaded for the epl.he will get sent off to many times.i wouldnt mind if arsenal buy mohamed diarra or sissokho from juventus.we need a rock in the middle because we have enough attacking midfielders.gooner 4ever

  34. I’m still hanging for alonso or cahill as they have both played in the epl and are pretty good players. When is the CL draw as I’m more excited for that than our next signing as there are not a lot of spare players left plus is manure going to replace ronaldo or stick with the current squad?

  35. @ butterfingers – Just out of curiosity what interests you about Cahill? As great a player as he is and as Australian as he is (!) I don’t think he’s really what we need. Your thoughts?

  36. I think Arsenal needs a deffenssive midfilder more than any other player at the moment.
    Instead of signing another central defender wenger should think of signing a midfielder.

  37. fiorentina website says they could still sell melo if we r willing to offload eboue to themm. in this case, the release clause can b reduced fro m £25m to

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