Another Arsenal comic: Gallas celebrates

Another great comic by Studs Up author Chris Toy. After his unintentional goal against Celtic, William Gallas is his latest target…

Gallas "scores"

Remember to check out the Arsenal FC Blog match report of Arsenal’s 2-0 win over Celtic here.

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  1. Yeah I can see ANDY is happy.

    I think we are yet to find our footing this season even-though we’ve started very well. The forwards should be rotated a bit in the next two games to see who plays better where.

  2. Poor William!!!, Im very satisfied with our overall performance, I could all see that we really dominated Celtic from box to box on the pitch.Even though, I see myself not very confident with Bendy’s performance.Why didnt he (AW)put on Lil Jack on bendy’s place? or at least after half time for respect.
    However, we do have very good start in all competition and i see everybody is fearing us.Thats good!!! they should shut their mouth now.

  3. Couldn’tcare less how they go in as long as they do. Besides i saw them do that in trainin lol

  4. thats f*cking crap. Don’t diss our players. Gallas wasn’t picking his nose, he was alert and making a run, the ball never smacked him in the face either. Sorry, not funny, just derogatory nonsense…jog on son..

  5. ManUre just dropped three points at Burnley. Last season they had the ability to pull off victories with sub-par performances. They don’t seem to have found that killer instinct. I know it’s early, but seeing the rest of the “top 4” struggle as they have is quite encouraging for Arsenal’s chances.

  6. @ Oracle – Dude, it’s just a joke. It’s a funny comic given an idea of the sort of goal Gallas has scored a couple of times – his back, his groin – it’s more a future prediction than a “this happened”.

    Seriously lighten up.

  7. Oracle mate calm down, you really think the intent of the comic is to accurately portray events? It’s a comic.

    And I laughed my ass off when I saw how Gallas put his arms out wide and celebrated “his” goal 😀

    Nice one Andy, keep em coming

  8. I wouldn’t do it to one of my team. Remember when Gallas went through a bad spell last season all the gutter trash remarks was thrown at him then. Dont like the pictures. What would Gallas think.

  9. i laughed at the cartoon dude it was funny……..seriously though its disrespectin innit! lol

  10. Hope they will do it for the rest of 37 matches like the 1st Match. Please GOD help gunners to be #1 this season till the season of 2030 (till I die).

  11. When Nasri is back fit, does he slot into Denilson’s position in the middle? And does Walcott’s eventual return mean Arsenal have a 5 man rotation for the top 3? That’s not even counting Vela, who I still rate quite highly. Other than a backup for when Song heads to Africa and maybe a replacement for Senderos when his transfer is finalized, I am happy with the state of the squad. In Wenger we trust!

  12. i think he slots into denilsons role and denilson swaps for songs role. at least, i think he should.

    also. pretty funny comic. and for those who think it was crazy gallas celebrated for the goal.

    a) that game “basically” meant champions league football for us.

    b) did you see how he celebrated when he blocked that pinpoint low-cross? it was 2x as passionate as his goal. he just has a very intense mentality!

  13. @Kbomb – You think Denilson can play the holding CM role as well as Song has these first few games? He has worked well with Cesc so far, but I don’t see him being the physical presence needed in front of the back four. Despite his good start, I think Denilson will be the man left out upon Nasri’s return.

  14. i think they could definately swap. and i don’t know. song for me sometimes is not penetrating enough or chooses to penetrate with through balls at the wrong time.

    he uses the pitch horizontally wonderfully. there is a variety of options wenger has in all the positions i think.

  15. ok. Sorry about that. Its just I know some fans still have deep rooted problems with gallas and I thought u were having a sneaky dig at him. The end pic is actually very funny.

  16. it’s a shit cartoon, not funny and disrespectful – what the hell do you know about football anyway you ignorant peasants? running across the path of the ball IS practiced in training on free kicks – and of course sometimes it will deflect in the net. gallas has every right to celebrate getting a goal from a move he has rehearsed maybe ten-thousand times. fuck you!

  17. @oracle: spot on mate. Not sure what purpose this cartoon serves except to take the p*ss out of one our best players. Wish I’d put him in my dream team.

  18. Denilson is not strong enough or quick enough to play the holding role. If you are able, watch the Celtic game again and take note how many times he passed the ball sideways and backwards or was pushed off the ball. His energy level is good but not as high as Songs. He is not as athletic either. In saying that, his varity of passes is slightly better than Songs but thats about all.

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