Amaury Bischoff signs for Arsenal

Arsenal have confirmed the signing of Amaury Bischoff from Werder Bremen. All the details here.



  1. i dnt know must b good its wenger’s sighning initt so wteva wenger doin alryt coz hes da gud luck 2 bischoff

  2. I am happy we have signed another player but i really hope this wasnt the ‘definately one more signing’ AW promised us. We need a strong DM to partner Cesc or risk getting played out of midfield.

    How good was the game overnight. From all reports, Vela, Bendtner, Nasri and Wilshere all had great games. has the highlights.

  3. Arsenal is great and needs great signing to have great titles in dis great season.Up gunners!

  4. Arsenal is going take over the 4th spot from Liverpool….!!

    p.s – Gallas is a lil’ bitch…!

  5. Well, we’ve been waiting for Wenger to play his surprise card for the season, and this is it. A complete unknown with no reputation (1 Bundesliga appearance!).

    If Wenger manages to pull this one off, it will be an absolute stroke of genius. If not, well we’ve got nothing to lose – he didn’t cost the price of a certain Bent!

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