Amaury Bischoff represents Arsenal for the first time

Summer signing Amaury Bischoff – as well as Mikael Silvestre – made his first appearance for Arsenal since returning from injury. The Portuguese man got an hour of play under his belt for the Arsenal reserve team in their 3-2 win over Stoke, while Silvestre played a full 90 minutes.

Anyone out there have any idea how Bischoff went? What about Silvestre? Let us know.



  1. Tbh he was pretty good. Alot different from what i expected. He looked composed on the ball and showed good vision and hardly misslayed a pass, but if he works on his fitness he could be a good player. One thing he could improve on which may just be down to fitness is running with the ball a bit more as i believe he showed good close control etc. On The other hand was impressed with fonte, as he looked very calm and collective on the ball as so did Randall and Coquelin. SIlvestre was a little rusty but he’ll get there but Wilshere was outstanding and brought the flair to the arsenal game with his dynamic runs etc. Overall not a bad performance.

  2. Bischoff looked impressive and strikes the ball from outside the box very well. I agree with Josh with fitness he should make the first team squad easily.

    Coquelin on the other hand was very good yesterday. He started of badly with some bad passes, but then worked tirelessly all over the park and has quite a wicked left shot. Wilshere was terrible in the beginning of the game but was really good in the second half. Gibbs also looked the most positive of the lot and looks really strong and mature. I think he is better than Armand Traore.

    What disappointed me in the entire game which many of you may find quite familiar, is that when a player finds himself in front of an open goal they prefer to pass it to another team mate who of course scoffs the ball. They have the same issues that the first team has. Dominate the possession, cannot handle big, physical strikers of the other teams, the other team has 2 chances in the game and they score from both, we have hundreds of chances and we struggle to convert, overcooking the play, running into the box with the ball and then running out with the ball again without taking a shot, no variance in the corner routines, no creativity in the set plays… until these issues are sorted out we can see them entertaining us a lot with slick passing and movement, but getting defeated in a game in the dying minutes to a goal from a big powerful striker from the other team are also going to be a regular feature.

  3. I think Bischoff should be given a chance to prove his worth at the first team immediately

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