Alex Song, Emmanuel Eboue back for United!

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Just as predicted, Alex Song will be back for this weekend’s game against Manchester United after his Cameroon team were knocked out of the African Cup of Nations by Egypt.

Emmanuel Eboue will also be back after Ivory Coast surprisingly lost to Algeria.

While I’m sorry that both couldn’t help their team to the trophy it is absolutely superb news for Arsenal and our injury-stricken squad.

More soon.

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  1. Song will be very welcome back and Eboue too. Song seems to bring a certain sort of serenity and balance to Arsenals midfield. Better I think than the feisty work of Flamini.

  2. Great news that Song is back. I started watching when I heard they were going to extra time, only to find Cameroon was down 3-1. The way Song was sprinting about the pitch, you could tell he really cared and will be gutted about the defeat. Hopefully this motivates him even more to get a trophy with Arsenal, rather than the Arshavin-type depression of “I never want to play football again.”
    Eboue, of course, is also good to have back because of his versatility. With Theo playing very poorly, we could use his pace and defensive prowess on the wing in the upcoming games.

  3. So happy to have both lads back! We need Song for these next 4 league games, our defense lacks without him. Now AW Must buy a Keeper! Buffon is said to be wanting a move from Juve. A keeper with his talent and experience is Exactly what we need to win some silver.

  4. ASOLUTELY DELIGHTED SONG IS COMING BACK!!!! Although I’m sad for him and Eboue that their respective teams didn’t go all the way.

    I’m just waiting for Mr Wenger to confirm they’ll both be available for the united game…

  5. Great to have song back as he has been the very solid and consistant all season.He adds a stiffness in front of the defence and has been outstanding in the holding role.He must be sick though with the owleyed and biased decision making by the south african ref!There was no way that was a goal and the oafs at caf had decided beforehand that egypt had to qualify.Still great to have song back and we can now focus on the league title.

  6. Its fantastic to have the pair back it eases the pressure on the manager considering the injury problems facing the team.

  7. Great 2 ave song and eboue back , though i pity their country loss. The arsenal midfield will now ave strength 4 d upcoming games

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  8. agree with kc,what arsenal need is a class keeper as almunia certainly isnt one.He still hasnt managed to adequately replace Jens Lehmann who for all his odd rush of blood was a great shot stopper and a great organiser of his area.Almunia cant organise his defence,positioning is poor,and isnt that great as a shot stopper.Of all the top four teams,arsenal have the worst keeper.Also a great finisher is wanted as lads like Vela and walcott are failing to step up.infact both have been major disappointments.with the chances arsenal create,they should be scoring by the bucketload!

  9. great news indeed, just wat i hoped 4. more strength @ the CM and eboue can replace sagna (with shoulder problem)

  10. Great newz, our wishes and prayers sweetly answered.
    Sorry 4 the lads, their teams c’dn’t continue, but we need them more…..

  11. With Wenger, any player from a tournament will have to take some time before gettimg into the team. I dont know yet if he has a change of mind on that. We can only wait and see

  12. its real great 4 us to use the 2 stars in this crucial time 4 getting back 2 the top of the table since we already have them back in north London that they couldn’t see their home sides go past that level via African nations cup.its our time as gunners to utilize the chance!!!!!

  13. It’s Jan 26th and still no signings. I’m not counting Sol because he was free, already training with us and is only a back-up anyway. Correct me if I’m wrong but didn’t Arsene say just before Jan that he was definitely going to buy a couple of players as he needed to strengthen the squad? So erm…where are they? 5 and a half days to go…

  14. I hope Ebue goes in for Sagna, esp during Chelsea’s game, A Cole really had a wonderful time terorrising Sagna..
    Im now optimistic we’ll make it past the next 4 games with atleast 8 points!!

  15. It’s good the two are back. Song Is brilliant and eboue is a breath of fresh air we need. I think our selection in the fa cup said two things. We miss our injured and absent players. And two. We need to buy one or two decent players

  16. Hi, im from México, i just arrived to london and got scam with my arsenal vs man utd tickets, where can i get tickets for the match??? Please help! It s been a long trip only to watch the arsenal

  17. Its so fantastic.i will be so happy to see him hold the Manchester United players and supply good passes to Fabregas,Diaby,Rosicky,Arshavin and Walcot upfront.i hope we will win this game.

  18. Ivan,

    Hate to say it but I think your chances of getting a ticket for the Arsenal v Manchester United game are next to zero.

    Try the ticket agencies in the West End, but expect to pay a lot of money!!

  19. ManUre match is a must win 4 us so am so happy they are back an hope they can stay away from the treatment room for a very long time

  20. I cannot understand why arsene isn´t getting the striker he promised to get,every player linked with us, is quickly dismissed by le boss as pure speculation. I was absolutly gutted to see rudd van nistelroy go to hamburg,if we had made any bid,am sure he would have joined us,the same thing with huntellar,le boss just came out and squashed that,and now united just piped us to chris smalling while we were dragging our feet and hoping to get him for cheap,my heart was pounding with excitment,when i heard we were gonna get an englishman in our defence,because like it or not statistics speaks for itself,all the team thats won the premiership since we last won it,had an englishman in the heart of its defence,and they are,, likely to get the benefit of the doubt in a penalty claim situation ,just look at it,even the last time we won it,there was a certain sol campbel in the defence. I love my team,and i want it to win all what there is, so now who are we gonna sign? I still say we need a striker,we are over reliant on arshavin,and hoping big nick will just come in and plug in the gap, what about he gets injured again,what then? Do something arsene, we´re in it now,and the windows closing preety soon,stop this penny pinching policy and splash that cash.

  21. Hey, Andrew Weber.. Are we really sorry that Cameroun lost?.. isnt there an inner devil that is saying “ouf.. what a relief”
    -I know it’s wrong but we can’t help it.. we have taken 4 goals in our last 2 matches from bottom table teams!…! Clearly, goals that could have been avoided in the midfield build up… no one is able to slot in for him..
    Did you see Denilson give up chase on Sidibe? That is terrible for a professional footballer, number 1 for not catching him (you are playing for Arsenal and you can’t catch a sub ranked Stoke striker) Number 2 for giving up chase.. Can you imagine Song chasing him? there would have been no goal..
    Ramsey giving away possession needlessly and barely makes an attempt to tackle..
    These are basic plays in Football: loose possesion run back, take the foul when needed…and never quit chasing an on rushing striker regradless of him winning the foot race… Anywho that is my rant for the day.. gotta go back to work… Cheers

  22. I’ve read quite a bit about Denilson giving up on Sidibe. In my eyes he simply didn’t have the pace to catch him – maybe I am wrong though? Even so, he probably should have kept chasing.

  23. Remember an exhausted Fabregas chasing Ryan Babel in the Semis CL (he knew he couldnt catch him) But he kept on running until he fell down..poor fella..

  24. God has answered my prayer! we realy needed him in the team at this trying moment when we are going through the toughest matches for the season. thank God they are back!

  25. It a big boost that song and eboue are back into the shows that we are in the right path.let move gunners,we owns the league tittle!

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