AFCB round-up: Fabianski wants respect, Arsenal Fanshare launches

AFCB editor Andrew Weber rounds up the day’s news…

Fabianski wants to earn respect

The eldest of our two Polish goalkeepers, Lukasz Fabianski, has once again spoken of his determination to prove his critics wrong and earn the respect of the Arsenal fans.

“As a player you have to prove you deserve a chance. I can understand every single shout against me and it can only motivate me to play better and work harder. But of course I am going to do everything in my power to show that I deserve to be respected. Then maybe they [the Arsenal fans] will start singing my name – that would be wonderful.”

I suggest Lukasz pops some Otis Redding on his iPod, because that’s the only place respect is going to come from at this point in time.

But seriously, if there is one thing that I really like about Fabianski (apart his wicked hairstyle) it his willingness to accept criticism and take responsibility for his mistakes.

It’s just a shame that he makes those mistakes in the first place.

Nevertheless, like Manuel Almunia you have to admire his determination to keep working to become a better player, even if he has been unable to show it for the Arsenal first team so far.

My personal opinion of Fabianski is that he will develop into a strong goalkeeper, even if doesn’t happen at Arsenal.

He has the same nuggety feel of Victor Valdes, a player who for his first two seasons in the Barcelona first team combined brilliant shot-stopping performances with some horrendous errors, and could develop quickly if he manages to string a few good games together in a row.

Whether that happens this season (or ever) is hugely debatable however, given his previous performances and the likelihood of another goalkeeper being signed.

Other news bits

  • Arsenal Fanshare, an excellent new concept aimed at protecting the club from being owned by a single rich individual by allowing supporters to purchase shares in the club at a fraction of the price of normal shares, has launched.

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  1. Are you having a laugh?? Fabianski turning into a victor valdes?? what are you smoking!! he is uttter rubbish you could not give the boy away for free, everyone talks about how young he is he 26 for god sake!!! he cant come out for crosses, cant organise the defence, trips over his own feet, I would go on your tube and put in fabianski there is a long reel of all his mistakes with a benny hill soundtrack behind it!!!
    I never want this man to wear an arsenal shirt again he has come to ruin us

  2. Fabianski isn”t good enough to play even in the Championship. He has been given a lot of chances to prove himself but sadly he failed every time. In professional football, you won’t get as many chnaces like he had and if he were at the other big clubs he would have been thrown out a long time before.
    I’m sure he won’t develop into a decent keeper.

  3. I have to agree with J and Manu, At twenty six Fabianski should be approaching his peak not hoping to develop into a class ‘keeper.

    Wenger needs to bite the bullet and sign any one of Schwarzer, Given or Steckelenberg, sell Almunia and send Fabianski out on loan.

  4. Andy,
    Am really enjoying reading your stuff lately, straight shooting….great stuff.
    Keep it coming, the blogs up there with the best of ’em now!! Hats off

  5. Hi Andy, it’s a welcome back from me for the new season. A great site and great comments so far.

    For me, Fabianski is an understudy at best. But I feel for the Arsenal goalkeepers a bit this summer. It’s dragged on and on and we should have put 4m on the table for Schwarzer weeks ago so he could play in the Emirates cup at least. Now Schwarzer will have to get used to the team in 1 day flat.

    AND, as you already know, Nasri is now out for 4 weeks. Can you please open a discussion about the fact that I was sitting on my couch in Australia watching the game with my wife on Monday morning and she said (in the first half), “Hey, we’re looking quite good this year with these two new boys and the big guns to come back. Shame it will all go tits up in the first month as they start to get injured.” I sort of laughed off her comment but deep down I knew she was right. Another defender and another DM are desperately needed and Mr Wenger still does not spend. I love the man but it honestly makes me cry into my breakfast.

  6. Fabianski should go back to playing Dr. Kovac on ER, right guys!?

    But seriously, he inspires such little confidence in me as an objective fan that I almost immediately peg any game down as a loss when I see his name on the team sheet. Of all of our current crop of net-guarding ‘talent’, I think he’s the one I’d like to see the back of most. I’d even prefer Paul Robinson than this blunder merchant!

  7. rumours floating about thar sebastian squillaci´s on his way to the team,reason he didn´t play in the champions league for sevilla,hope its true,a proven winner would be highly welcome.


    Arsenal are in talks with Sevilla over defender Sébastien Squillaci, according to respected French news outlet Canal+. If the transfer goes through, defender Håvard Nordtveit will be made available for loan.

    Squillaci was left out of the Sevilla squad for tonight’s Champions League clash with Sporting Braga amid firm reports in France that Arsenal are planning to snap up the experienced Frenchman. Arsène Wenger had told Nordtveit earlier in the summer he wouldn’t be part of the first-team, but with defensive recruitment’s failing to come to fruition, he had allowed the 19-year-old to stay with the first-team.

    However, if the Gunners can wrap up a deal for Squillaci, Wenger will listen to loan offers for the prospect.

    More to follow.

    Read More:

    Quite a few sites are on this one! seems a good buy – please go 4it prof

  9. Fabianski sure does have a lot to prove.

    Now, we loose Nasri…..what next for the Arsenal?

    How does Man U and Chelsea keep all these guys fit and we keep losing players to injury? Is it a gift or a curse? This is just terrible

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