Arsenal FC Blog re-launches for the 2010/2011 season

Welcome, everyone, to the re-launch of AFCB for 2010/2011!

After an extended break from all things Arsenal I’m back, refreshed and raring to go for what should be another year of watching Arsenal and telling you what I think about it all.

You may or may not know that over the course of the off-season I crammed in quite a lot of travel and made a significant change to my personal life and career.

I made a permanent move from my home town in Brisbane, Australia to my new home in Berlin, Germany to get closer to European football and take my football writing more seriously.

On the way I managed to attend the World Cup in South Africa and completed the excellent FN2010 web-documentary for Football Nomad, before settling in Berlin to begin the re-launch of AFCB for the new season.

And I’m very happy to say it’s all done.

I’ve outlined all the details of the changes and improvements made to AFCB for 2010/2011 below: have a read, let me and the other readers know what you think and let’s get excited for what should be a marvelous season!

New design

You might have already the major change with the blog – the new minimalist and user-friendly design – and although it’s the most obvious difference from last season, there have been other big changes too.

New writers

Over my “break” I’ve actually been working quite hard to recruit a team of writers to take AFCB to the next level.

My usual daily news and opinion post will now be supported by a number of other regular columns that include tactical analyses, player profiles, a women’s perspective on Arsenal and various other entertaining features – with the intention of providing better quality content for the readers of the blog.

You can read all about the members of AFCB’s new writing team here.

New comments policy

Other significant changes have been a tightening-up of the comments policy and a tweak in the way the email subscription works.

In the past AFCB has been quite lenient on comment-screening but have now adopted a policy to get tougher on readers who do not comply with the rules with the intention of providing a safe, enjoyable and rewarding reading experience for everybody who visits the blog.

You can read the new comments policy here.

Following AFCB

Previously readers who have subscribed to AFCB have received updates when a new article is posted on the blog to notify subscribers of the update.

Due to the fact that multiple articles will now be posted daily on the blog, this will no longer happen.

Instead, email subscribers will now receive a weekly newsletter containing links to all the best content posted on the blog over the course of the week, including match reports and feature articles.

You can subscribe to AFCB’s Weekly Newsletter by clicking here.

For those who still want to keep in touch with AFCB regularly you can now be notified of new posts via our Facebook page (which has 2000+ members), feed reader (RSS) and our brand-new Twitter page.

Season preview articles

Last but not least, accompanying the re-launch of AFCB are two great season preview articles:

Be sure to check them out and as always, leave a comment and let us know what you think because AFCB lives and dies by the brilliant, positive community that reads the blog.

On behalf of myself and the rest of the AFCB writing team – enjoy the season!

Have your say on the AFCB re-launch by leaving a comment.



  1. @ Jake – Thanks dude, I like it too.

    @ LiberoFootball – It certainly is. Any recommendations of a good football bar to watch the game on Sunday?

  2. Welcome back, I’m looking forward to the new look AFCB.

    One small point, in view of the Fabregas tapping up episode, how about removing the Barca colours from the logo.

  3. @ EvoInOz – Thanks mate. You can call me geezer anytime.

    @ Johno – Good to be back. Regarding the logo – they’re Arsenal colours. You can read an explanation of the logo here ( but in short, the maroon and yellow are on this season’s away kit and the yellow and blue are our classic away kit from the 1970s.

  4. Geez Andy, this is professionalism personified. Very excited about the new season which will be magnified ten-fold if a certain Aussie signs for Arsenal. As it stands me, ozgooner and Ash (dedicated twitter mates) will be watching the Liverpool game in a pub in Melbourne. Let’s hope when Kolscielny is thrown into the fire he’s the real deal and that Shava makes the scousers cry, AGAIN.

    Keep up the good work, look forward to talking to you during the season.

  5. Go Andy!!! Can’t wait and so pumped they will be replaying games on One digital over here

  6. I see you found a contact form!

    Love the site mate, it looks great. Good luck with it, and for the season. If Villa finishes higher than 8th, I’ll be surprised.


  7. @ White Ox – Thanks dude. Come to Germany and we can watch a game together. You know you want to.

    @ Gibbs – Thanks, glad you like it.

    @ Lee – LEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE. That is all.

  8. All sounds super-awesome Andy although I’m surprised you still haven’t taken the barca colours out of the logo after the cesc saga. We’ll miss you at the pig bro.

  9. The new design is so classy, fantastic- just like our home kit this year ;). And I gotta say, I miss this blog so much. As for the season, I hope this is our year. Bring it on!!

  10. @ Quanta – Ohhh, I just got a little tear in my eye. So kind, glad you love it.

    @ Joey – I will also miss the Pig, but not TOO much. Being able to watch football in the actual timezone it is being played kind of makes up for it. Go strong!

    @ knightman – Cheers dude. Good to see you again.

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