Adebayor’s agent is either misquoted, a liar, or the bearer of bad news

It seems ironic that at the same time that Arsenal are running ‘Emmanuel Adebayor Week’ on their official website the player’s agent is proclaiming his move to AC Milan as a virtual done-deal. Indeed, Adebayor’s agent Vincenzo Morabito was quoted on Studio Sport – which, from what I can gather is a Dutch TV show or channel – as saying:

“Arsenal are looking for Adebayor’s replacement. Until that search is over, the negotiations won’t reach the final stage, but I am fairly optimistic. What are the chances of Adebayor coming to Milan? I’d say today we are between 70 and 80 per cent.”

I have to say it sounds like a load of bollocks to me, especially given Adebayor’s consistent denial of a desire to leave Arsenal, but unless Morabito has been misquoted then he’s either telling the truth or stirring the pot. If it’s the latter then Adebayor has a responsibility to the Arsenal Football Club to tell him to keep his mouth shut and he should do so immediately.

If he’s telling the truth and Adebayor does leave then I have to say I will be pretty fecking annoyed, and not just because I have a ‘Adebayor-25’ kit hanging in my wardrobe at home. I’ve said time and time again that the big man is a crucial part of my team and I don’t want him to go and if he does leave the club then it will be nothing short of a huge loss.

Either way, I refuse to get worked up about this situation until something concrete is announced. I’d advise you to do the same.

Germany through – who to follow?

Anyway, time to move on now and put the focus on Euro 2008. I asked the question a little while ago whether or not this was the best international tournament ever and after Germany’s amazing 3-2 win over Turkey last night I’m moving ever closer to saying it is.

Seriously, what an amazing game. The Turks – despite their depleted squad – outplayed the Germans for most of the 90 minutes but even so Joachim Loew’s side showed enough quality in front of goal to steal a place in the final.

I did find it quite funny that after Jens Lehmann went on about how he would give his life to make the final he had an absolute shocker. What a character though – I wouldn’t bet against him being the hero in the final either.

The other semi-final sees the hyper-charged and super-fit Russians taking on the pass-and-move merchants Spain. The only Arsenal interest in the match comes in the form of Cesc Fabregas (unless you – stupidly – believe Andreii Arshavin will be an Arsenal player next season) and I think I’d be right to assume that 90% of Arsenal supporters will be right behind the little man.

I won’t be one of them though. Alas, the Russians have stolen my heart in this tournament and a place in the final is nothing less than Guus Hiddink and Co deserve for their positive approach to the game. Not that Spain have been negative, I just think Russia have brought such a fresh approach to the game and I’d like them to be rewarded for it. Until the final where I will of course be cheering on Germany, the team I tipped for the title.

Anyway, that’s all for today. I’ll be crossing my fingers for another goalfest between Russia and Spain and crossing my toes that Adebayor’s agent gets hit by a bus. Only kidding. Or am I?

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  1. I am quite sure that Adebayor (or his agents) want an improved contract at Arsenal. Arsene doesn’t usually have a large turnover of players in the Summer and I think he would be keen to have Flamini as the only one leaving. Arsene is clearly reluctant to sell Ade, but IF he does leave, then the fans will want to see a top class replacement. The circumstances surrounding the Anelka replacement (Henry no less) were slightly different in that Wenger had just won the double and was not under the pressure to win silverware that he is under now. Remember that although Henry joined in 1999, Arsenal didn’t win anything until 2002.

    Like you Spanish, I would like Cesc to do well but am leaning towards Russia. They have got better each game and have been playing the sort of football that we like to see at Arsenal. They are underdogs yet go out and outplay supposedly superior opponents, and in a completely different way to Greece in 04. Russia are playing entertaining, attacking football and I for one would like to see it rewarded with championship victory. You CAN get results with this style football, and my word it is all the better when you do. As an Aussie Spanish I’m sure you have been privy to the management of Hiddink, but the man is truly a marvel of international management. In Russia he has transformed a workman-like mediocre team into a free flowing and technically accomplished attacking side. I hope it pays off.

  2. hey gunners i don’t care about mr. agent…i mean he is doing his job. if ade wants to go and for the right price, i wanna wenger to let him go to find himself watching talents of pato and kaka…..i know he has some thing for himself, but they won’t have the tolerance like wenger….i mean u have to see his effectiveness…i know a real striker can score more than his ,,this year as compared to what was provided to him….anyhow in my country ethiopia…we have a pepper named after him….but i wanna see the right replacement in the team next year the likes of villla guizza or benzema..not arfa. and i am loving the russian guy..lut..luy…i can’t say his namebut the no 19

  3. Ade can go wherever he wants, but come the beginning of the season, I would like to see Hleb’s pupple face when the Inters, Barcelonas or Bayernsof this world all abandon him!
    I mean, what will he tell his friends during training? Why happened!
    I wish all footballers could borrow some of Cesc’s intellect and level-headedness.

  4. Hi pals, I’m an Italian Gooner and I know very well the way Vincenzo Morabito works!He’s one of the best agent all over the world, he’s the same guy who told to SkySport Italy how Alex Hleb and his agent met Inter’s board hours before Milan-Arsenal, when it was forbidden to negotiate!!
    He surely wants Ade to have his wage increased, it’s his job, but I’m not convinced that Adieubayor really wants to stay!If I was in him, I’d be a li’l disappointed by the way he told to the press that the deal was done for the 70/80%!
    This way Ade makes us Gooners sad and/or angry, because what a fan ask to a player is to be committed with the team, but this way Ade shows to be committed with the big money..what a shame..I think it’s better to sell him, Alex and everyone else who wants to leave, and bring someone else like Cesc, Clichy, Walcott or Bendtner, someone really committed..

  5. The most ironic thing about all this Adebayor talk?

    Helb has dropped off the face of the earth. Now with Arshavin saying he wants Barca and the special one taking over at Inter Helb’s main interest is Stuttgart. Suddenly he doesn’t like ice cream anymore. That’s fine as long as he comes out and plays next season he can win himself back. Plus it means depth in the midfield if we can add another player. Likely the rabbit out of Arsene’s hat.

    As for Ade this sounds a bit like Anelka to me. Ade could develop into something amazing but he if he sods off for the highest possible wage he might just not quite become as amazing as he could be. Which means its a loss to both of us. That said if Ade does go I hope Wenger brings in someone completely different. Not say this Crouch rubbish I keep hearing (no disrespect to Crouch I think he takes more hits than he deserves). Bendtner can provide us with that and he’s chomping at the bit to do so.

  6. Hleb he thought he was a hot shot he is a loser had he not prostituted himself for other clubs and keeped it in house Wenger might’ve help make his move easier the fact that he desrespected his manager and Arsenal on the eve of a crucial game at the San Siro I don’t think the fans will ever respect him again if he stays which it looks more likely as nobody wants him. We can blame the agents as much as we like but the buck stops with the player If the player says to his agent to shut his gob then he will or face the chop Fabregas did exactly that with his agent, he fired the bugger.If the money is right Ade and Hleb should go and end all this nonsense and move on.
    SF- I don’t know why you like Germany They are Robots not real, more like those muscular action men figures with no expressions on their faces.As a neutral I would go for spain purely because they haven’t been negative and played football the way it should be and add to that the Fabregas factor (wasn’t he awesome against the russians?).From now on I’ll call you German-Fry. Come on Espana.

  7. @ Le Gunner – Hahahahah, German Fry – I could get used to it 🙂

    The reasons for me liking Germany are a few.

    One, going back quite a few generations they are actually a big part of family’s heritage. It’s not like I have a father born in Berlin or anything but they are definitely the country (along with Poland) where my ancestors came from.

    Two, they made the World Cup in 2006 more fun with their attacking style of play. That took guts from Klinsmann and Co to change the mentality and they did so with great effectiveness.

    Three, I’ve got money on them to win the tournament and I tipped them to win before it started! Granted, I thought they’d play a little more consistently but at the end of the day they’ve just put six goals past Portugal and Turkey and their mantra of we’ll score more than you score is refreshing. They’re certainly not ‘robot men’ like you say they are, guys like Schweinsteiger, Lahm and Podolski are excitement machines. They also have Ballack, who I admire immensely as a player, and I would love to see him lift the trophy.

    Either way, whoever wins Euro 2008 will be worthy champions. Spain have played great football and I would argue that Germany have too. I think whoever wins on Sunday can deserve to be called the best team at the tournament.

  8. German-Fry how did you feel when Germany beat Poland? I know like Podolski.Right? Ok, may your wish not come true and Fabregas will lift the cup and you’ll weep with hapiness for him.

  9. Spain were great this morning…that side has alot of depth and talent.

    The Fab was just awesome..

    but to all you arsenal fans that bagged Silva…if u watched him this morning he was fantastic.

  10. C-Bass, Hleb has always shown 100 percent commitment on the field. He plays his socks off — and likely that explains why his performance has dropped in the second-half of the season two years running. He really saves nothing. So, despite the BS of this off-season, I will be glad if I see him in an Arsenal jersey come September.

  11. German-Fry you still have an Arsenal player in the German side Lehman says he is representing Arsenal in the final. your support for germany is more justified.

  12. Le Gunner I have to copy ypur German-fry lol, its just too tempting, I have supported Spain from the start and are glad they made the final. I like their quick passing and talent – reminds me of Arsenal. With players like Iniesta, Xavi, Torres, Sergio Ramos, Villa (now injured), Silva, Casillas, Puyol and of course Fabregas. They should beat Germany and I hope the little spanaird can score past his german colleague and score the winner. C’mon Le Gunner lets hope Spain win.

  13. I will be very surprised if Adebayor stays. A few Milan players have come out now and said Adebayor told them he will be joining them, besides, AC fans dont get this excited about something they dont believe in, and in Italia Milan fans really believe he is on his way and i would have to agree with them. So it would be very surprising to me if Adebayor stays with Arsenal, we may as well sell him this year, because he wants to leave, and we can get at least 35 mil from AC, but say he has a bad season next year, it will be a Henry situation where we may only get 16 when we coulda got 35-40

  14. Does anyone know why setanta sports doesn’t show arsenal tv in australia and maybe us gooners can start a petition or riot or something to get us noticed.

  15. Jay-How did your step-dad felt after that late german winner? must be gutted.I was disappointed as well, I wanted Turkey to win they really entertained us.
    HE WILL BE CALLED German-Fry if Germany win HE’ll have the german-fry tag for while if spain wins then I’ll call him spanish-fry again. I hope Spain wins purely for Fabregas.Jens Lehman will be determined not to lose another final but he has to do better than his last game.
    Adebayor wants to speak to Wenger before deciding what to do. We know what he wants. More money otherwise he’ll be gone. its simple If Milan match the 30 million valuation he’ll be gone which is in my opinion a good deal. with that money we can get 2 or 3 players in.

  16. Panda Bear unhappy with Agent-bayor. He is worrying not only myself but other creatures in the enclosure. I do not want him to leave, because that 25 Adebayor shirt is also in a adjacent sense, important to me also. As for Euro… To be continued…

  17. Le Gunner – My Step-dad blamed Rustu for conceding the second goal saying he shud never have ran out and then they would have gone to extra time but he was very proud of his nation and they have given many thrills and heart-stopping moments. Also has everyone heard that The no.14 jersey will be filled next season, its a legendary shirt and Walcott will wear it next season.

  18. Ade is on Sky Sports saying that he isn’t leaving Arsenal. I truly hope thats the end of that. He should sack his agent as well. Walcott changes his number to 14? Spanish – what goes on?

  19. Ade is a fool he said he is staying then there was another radio interview after that saying he has not decided wether he will stay and planning to meet Wenger for talks but Wenger said he is not planning to discuss anything with Adebayor he is an Arsenal player and that’s that. I think Wenger is going to make an example of him if he doesn’t shut his big mouth.He thinks he is a super star. where has the respect gone, he was an unknown person Wenger got him where he is, he should gratful. If he want a pay rise he needs to prove he is not a one season hit then the club will reward him for his hard work and loyalty.OH for god sake Sell him I’m getting fed up with idiots like him and Hleb.

  20. We’ve got Cesc Fabregas!
    We’ve got Cesc Fabregas!
    We’ve got Cesc Fabregas!

    …and Spanish Fry too.

  21. Looks like we cannot carry on the German Fry tag you had going SF lol. Adebayor is really annoying me now. He was our top scorer this season, he said he wanted to stay and then said he is undecided. He had one good season, i’m sure if he stayed he would have another good season, but what ade doesnt know is Cesc and Tomas and Robin and gael etc, they all know how he plays so he can score more playing with them but the Ac and Barca players do not know how he plays. I want him and Hleb to stay because they are both talented but if the price is right (£30 mil for Ade) then sell.

  22. hey friend i know u dont know me but i like theway u are playing ,some day i like to be like so teach me more and i wish good season

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