Adebayor should provide the incentive for understrength Arsenal

It’s Manchester City tomorrow and what an interesting game it looks to be.

City are chasing fourth in the league, we have work to do to ensure we finish third in the league while Emmanuel Adebayor returns to The Emirates for the first time since his move to Manchester.

Long-time readers of the blog will know that I once classed Adebayor as my favourite player. I backed him up when others talked him down and when he made the move to City, it really impacted on me as a football supporter.

If Dennis Bergkamp was the one who got me interested in women and Freddie Ljungberg was my first true love, then Adebayor was the first girl who broke my heart, who really messed me over. The one who made me wake up and realise that I was naive, that the football world could be harsh and that my judgment wasn’t as perfect as I thought.

As if to drive home my feeling when he played Arsenal earlier in the season he had a dig at Cesc Fabregas, stamped on van Persie’s head and raced the entire length of the pitch to celebrate in front of and aggravate our supporters. I will never forget Adebayor for these actions and whatever team he plays in, for the rest of his career, I will always cheer against him.

I want nothing more than to beat van Persie and City tomorrow, but the problem is that we are still missing a lot of good players.

A quick look at Arsene Wenger’s comments from the press conference suggests that we will playing an identical team to the one that lost at Wigan, with only Alex Song a chance to return from the injury list. The manager also calls Johan Djourou “a little chance” to feature but it will essentially be the same side that crumbled so badly last week.

Whether we can win tomorrow or not I really don’t know. But in front of the home crowd, with the Adebayor business on everybody’s mind I will be absolutely furious if our players don’t give it their all tomorrow afternoon.


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  1. I can strongly remember just how furious I was after the 4-2 reverse at the City of Manchester stadium (a game we bossed by the way but in typical Arsenal fashion found a way to lose) to the point where I wished the game at the Emirates could be played the next day. We were the far superior football team and you could bet we’d give them a football lesson.

    But now, all these months on, all I have is apprehension. It’s so unfair we have to try to take our revenge short of 5 of our best XI; Fabregas, Arshavin, Vermaelen, Song, Gallas.

    But short of our best 5 is not short of our best 6. Robin Van Persie, after that most disgusting of challenges from “Ade” will be up for this one like you wouldn’t believe. Though I doubt it will happen, I really wish Arsene would take the risk and let RVP loose from the start.

    My Arsenal season isn’t done. I want this one so bad. Losing to Wigan I can accept if it motivates the boys to give City what they deserve, a right bolloxing. So come on St. Nick, come on Theo, heck come on “goal machine” Eboue. Give me one last grin from ear to ear this season. If so then suddenly I’ll be feeling an awful lot better about our prospects next season. Come on you Arsenal!

  2. Victory over d mancs will end my season joyfully & erase the heartache of our 3 previous losses BUT field Silvestre & watch d mancs do a double over us like-was it a couple or 3 seasons ago?-again at dis season! how I wish but how I doubt-with dis manure reject.

  3. Adebayor broke your heart Andrew, But Wenger Broke mine and i feel like he has not changed yet after trophy less five years… let’s be fair there is a good chance of Man City Winning us again….
    My prediction: Arsenal 1 – Mancity 3

  4. I don’t think Adebayor should have any bearing on if we win or not, we should looking to get second spot now. Only small clubs focus on former players, Man Utd let Man City and Tevez do all the talking he wanted, they focussed on annexing 6 points and a spot in the final from them, that is what big clubs do, they focus on winning, not trying to even scores with ‘foes’, look at what we did to Evra last season, kicked him about and at the end, he lifted a trophy, what did we prove by kicking him? Small club mentality.

    As for our chances, even with the players we have missing, Wenger has to alter his tactics, because I am certain Mancini has studied us and will have a plan to isolate our defenders, especially Silvestre and get him into as many 1 vs 1 duels, and if that happens, we will be in serious trouble. I’d go for a 4-3-1-2 formation, Fabianski, Eboué, Campbell, Sagna, Clichy, Song, Diaby, Rosicky, Nasri, RvP/Vela/Eduardo, Bendtner.

    Play two strikers centrally, not trying to mess around wide, play players where they should be i.e. central midfield in Rosicky and Nasri as play makers. We have crap wide players, so if Eboué and Clichy can work the flanks, we don’t need Walcott and his low level of skills at the moment.

  5. Wenger is not the be all and end all, Arsenal is the be all and end all. There are coaches in World and European football who win important trophies, many on small budgets as well. There is Jesualdo Ferreira at Porto, there is Jorge Jesus at Benfica who has perfected a style of play better than Arsenal, just look online for their goals and you will see it, there is Felix Magath who has won the Bundesliga twice and is close this season with a club in financial distress, there is Deschamps who has done wonders in his short career at Monaco, Juventus and now Marseille, there is Blanc who won the championship last season, there is Frank Rijkaard who resurrected Barcelona and won many trophies.

    See, doesn’t mean that we have to go for the Guardiola’s and Mourinho’s, those guys are just as capable and have a proven track record. The board must do what is right for Arsenal, and that is winning important titles, and at the present, Wenger is content buying youngsters and hence we don’t win.

  6. @ nigelp – No need to say that, NewGooner is within his rights to comment.

    As for @ kinneri, that comment has been taken from another blog so I have to remove it.

  7. kinneri, i agree with you…he is one of the best managers period! i think some times we should also blame our players instead. like the wigan game, yes i know wenger should have brought in RVP much much earlier and if i were him i’d have played Sagna in central defence of leave it vacant instead of playn a clown like syllvestre but still as a manager, you do not expect your team that is leading 2 goals to 1 to concede 2 goals in the dying minutes of the game, especially if to a team that is fighting relegation!!!
    I think our players lack leadership on the pitch, they don’t have that anger that we see in RVP whenever he’s on!! Wenger did his part, the players disappointed him in return…

    Arsenal vs. Man City: i am a gooner but to be frank, Arsenal are loosing the game…it has nothing to do with adebayor, it’s just that right now, they are better in form with better players across the pitch as compared to ours…imagine sylvestre manning adebayor and the old Campbell trying to stop the fast Bellamy??? don’t forget Tevez and the likes of Johnson whose work rate is just tremendous. on the other end, we’ll be depending on Bentdner to outwit Toure (unless of course wenger decides to play RVP)… honestly, we are the weaker team. my prediction:

    Arsenal 1 – Man City 4

  8. Let’s not be pesimistic..just have faith that we’ll win,have faith for the players and AW

  9. “I want nothing more than to beat van Persie and City tomorrow ….”. Mr. Webber, r u for real??????? Or was it juz a typo. I really pray it is the latter 🙂

  10. yeah… i also motion to change the “beat van persie and man city”. i’m guessing you meant adebeWHORE and not the excellent RVP.

    i’ve got a bad feeling about tomorrow. i really hope i’m proven wrong.

  11. Well i agree in some way that we appear to be the weaker team but in some ways we are more superior because this(Asrenal) guys have being playing together for a while.
    I agree that it is just a matter of having hunger and spirit for the game and if the players can add that to their game, they will be fine.
    Even with 5 players out they are still the best ball handlers in the Premiership league and i must say many teams are aspiring to be handlers like them.
    Concerning the Man City game, i hope the guys are with enough confidence because being a fan, i must confess that i don’t have enough confidence that we can win.

    They (Players)experienced the Barcelona, Tottenham and Wigan defeats i cannot tell you how they have reacted to those games.
    My advice will be for us to take the game easy and not take the game to Man City and only attack when we have a clear chance or opportunity, the two centre backs (whoever)must forget about overlapping or helping the midfield , they need to stay back permanently and concentrate on protecting the goal keeper and keeping out the Man city wingers.
    We will control the midfield and Bendtner will score one and if Van Persie plays well he should score one as well .

    We know how to win games better than Man City , Wenger needs to learn how to react quickly to situations on the pitch in case of an unplanned occurrences.(Van Persie was brought in late against Tottenham and Wigan).
    Whoever Wenger plays must believe they are better than Man City players and Man City as a club. That is how Man utd have being beating them for a while now. Good Luck

  12. What ever we face or will face this season from the begining to the end is as the result of Arsene Wengers poor leadership, he leads arsenal blindly, he believes he calls the shot and he is messing us up day in day out, despite some of his excellent and record crashing performances, he should understand that the EPL has mutated from the Big 4 rule to an open challenge from even the bottom 3 who are always ready to give the big 4 a run for their money, imagine Wigan coming from 2 goals down to disgrace Arsenal of all teams, unbeleivable

    Wenger or rather the BOD knows the solution to our problems (trophy less seasons and continuous crashing from the top of any competition to the bottom.

    The BOD had better do something fast before the pride and status of the Gooners are drag under the mud.

    As for Sylverster, One more extra month granted him in Arsenal colors would be worse than losing a Champions League Final in Emirates.

  13. Sorry, dont see boys getting anything, althouth i doubt if city are the real deal either. They have good attacking options but not enough stickability. City to win 1-0 with ade scoring. Again sorry boys.
    Cant see much changing in ref to new players. Wenger likes lightweight players under 5.11 tall, the younger the better. They dont answer him back in the changing room when things are going wrong. You can see how they no longer believe in him by their body language. Next season it will all be forgotten and the up and down ride will begin again. Cant see more than 2 additions costing under 15mil. Wish my boys had that much to spend though. Up de ammers. @Shambo hows tricks, missing your comments mate.

  14. For tommorrows craker, Wenger had better think of RVP making an impact, he knows what to do even in the face of these difficulties (injury woes). Song, Sagna, Campbell and CLichy can give him a good back 4 but if he chooses to fool himself again tommorrow with Sylvers drop in, he should dust he face for another round of humiliation and disgrace. Vito Manone is my choice of keeper, i can bet for him, he has prove that before and can still do that, better than the other 3.

    Common you Gooners lets cheer up for tommorrow.

  15. like I say I rather lose with manone than fabianski, and have song replace rubbish silvestre, these guys are which pathetic no team would want them in their squad,they should rather which the game.

  16. i mean watch the game,just fed up with rubbish players that is extremely poor,sub -players would do their best but you can’t rubbish into professionals.

  17. what the biggest upset is that van persie only had about 28minutes of play,becoz silly wenger wanted to save him for man city, what gud is he while still getting fit, when playing top opponents for 90 minutes.He should of play against wigan at least for 20 minutes.

  18. It all depends on whether Syllyvester will play or not. If he plays, I guess every body will have known the results before the whistle goes. Djorou’s return will only work for the good.

  19. @flyin dutchman: I also wonder what good beating city will be when we are out of the championship. Wenger should better style up or be showed the exit.

  20. with the current situation at the club i dont see us beating man city. if it were posible the board should fire arsene wenger, though that would hurt me but, what other choice is there?

  21. I’m predicting for a draw against City. But i am definetly sure that City will keep attacking and keep the Gunners in pressure. The Gunners will have hope for a counter attack.
    Send the ball to Walcott( Speed ), and will hope to communicate with RVP.

    My Prediction- Arsenal 1, (RVP freekick/ Walcott-RVP communication Counter attack) Man City 1,( Bellamy shoot from distance)

  22. senior citizen-you can’t change the style of how arsenal play, wenger philosophy is to attack that why teams get the better of arsenal so early in the game.I am right becoz ask yourself why hasn’t arsenal score early in any match before the 15 minutes are up I don’t know if they have broken that drought recently but that’s something of concern especially if you believe in wenger philosophy.
    what is the answer, to invest in quality and keep the current specfic players there at emirates and change the tacitics when playing teams that got an advangte over them(manu,chelski,barcelonies).It’s time wenger set realistic goals for the fans and players,the time starts now

  23. I trust in our players and manager .we can beat city,we have to
    adebayor suck
    My team will be this

    sagna campbell song clichy

    nasri rosicky
    bendtner vanpersie eduardo
    walcott and eboue should be in the bench.

  24. Unimpressive first half. Rosicky, Diaby and Silvestre have to go. They can fill a gap for a game or two but two have them all on the field at one time…. ugh.

    Theo hasn’t impressed me either but I’ll give him a pass since he’s still young.

  25. …………..yawn……..substandard display by players who still seem to be unable to grasp the importance of certain games and they simply lack any pride or balls, bullied at times in our own pitch in what was supposed to be a revenge mission
    major overhaul of character required

  26. I’d go with Song and Sol at the back and Eastmond in the midfield personally at least those three players show heart and passion. I didn’t think Eboue or Nik played too poorly upon their entrance.

    Really disappointed with efforts from Rosicky, Diaby, Silvestre and Wallcott. Sagna was way out of position for most of the game as well. He has no business playing winger since he can’t cross to save his life.

  27. Ok, so we drew, but the team, depleted as it is, showed an improvement on earlier games – maybe because the pressure for winning anything is off. The defence was well set out and despite Sylvestre being on the field, the City forwards Tevez, Bellamy and later Adebayor, were well contained – even Fabianski seemed confident. Our weakness remains in the forward line when nobody wants to take the responsibility for shooting at goal. RVP very far from his best but he needs better services in any case. Song, Walcott and Diaby were disappointing and Bendtner his usual useless self. I say let’s go shopping – quick!

  28. yeah it was an improved performance but iv had it now with diaby,walcot,nasri and rosicky….this was a chance for these lads to regain some pride for the fans and show some fighting spirit…..diaby is a tool who saunters about the place half interested at very dissapointed with that showing and a full emirates stadium was once again left asking for more from players who dont know what an honour it is to play for the arsenal

  29. Whats worse than watching ur team get lose? A 0-0 draw…. boring as ever.

  30. Sunday afternoon to everyone, just back from the Sunday academy game against Ipswich. Easy win for the u14’s.
    Yesterdays game wasn’t very entertaining was it. Very end of season performance. Theo was a let down again. Im sure he does not understand positional play and how to get the ball out of his feet after his 1st touch. Can only play up front.
    Why oh why dont yr boys get players into the box just b4 a cross, y dont yr boys shoot at the f ing goal. I counted three situations where bendty, nasri and RVP received the ball wide and was forced 2 shoot because every1 was outside the box waiting 4 another pass after the 100th pass. Does Wenger ever ask them to shooooooooot. Deaby had a pop and look what appened to their keeper.
    Nasri had a good game though, Campball was sound and even Sylevestre was ok. A flat game which would not catch on fire.

  31. By the was @shambo, it looks like you were correct about us as you are about most things relating to football.
    Do you know much bout women as mine has lined many jobs for me to catch up with after the season comes to an end. Role on next season. Up de ammers to all.

  32. when will Arsene Venger ever realize that he needs new guns to help out these old ones?its really embarrassing for the whole of Arsene 2 fail 2 realize where the fault is after spending 5solid premier league seasons empty handed as the season breaks!! would one say he is conservative?is he just too too mean!!!!is he just so confident with his boys?any way,time past when some couldn’t wish him an exit but as of now,if i wished him an exit,i would have reasons 2 back me but any way lets sing the common song which says,” lets wait for the coming season”&pray hard Venger realizes what should be done in order 2 drive trophies 2 north London!!!!

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