Adebayor rumours were always going to be rubbish

Today sees the first match of Euro 2008 being played between Switzerland and Czech Republic and a second game between Portugal and Turkey. It should be an excellent night of football. For the record, I’m expecting the hosts to snatch a point off a talented Czech side and the Cristiano Ronaldo-led Portuguese side to beat Turkey. It would be great to see him miss another penalty though, so fingers crossed it happens.

You can read match previews for both games here and here.

In terms of Arsenal news it’s good to read that both Emmanuel Adebayor (aka André 3000) and Arsene Wenger have rubbished rumours linking the Togolese striker with a move to AC Milan. In all honesty it was such a ridiculous story and I just can’t believe it got so much attention in the media. Regardless, I am happy that both manager and player have publicly refuted it.

Anyway, That’s all for today. Enjoy the games tonight wherever you might be watching them and if you need something to do to pass the time before they start then be sure to check out the full Euro 2008 preview that I wrote up yesterday.

Finally, just a quick note to let you know that I will heading out of town for a couple of nights and won’t be able to post again until Monday. I hope you can forgive me.


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  1. Well aparently his mother said it. I suppose we should never trust “Mumabayor”.

  2. Today I am happy because I hear that Adebayor has pledged his future to Arsenal meaning to transfer for him but also we all know Senderos will start for Switzerland but Djourou wasn’t but he is starting alongside Senderos in Centre Back for the game vs Czech Republic. This reminds me of the Alex Song situation. He was picked but not expected to play much but he is playing today so i hope he can prove himself.

  3. hey guys, it’s been ages since i commented on anything but i’ve always been reading your entertaining comments so thanks a lot. i got so much admiration for adebayor and i would really feel bad if he were to leave the gooners. the main reason i admire him is coz he is so down to earth and so normal in a way that i can easily identify with him and his struggle to overcome lack of confidence. i bet with the hype that comes with being a target of the great AC Milan, he’ll believe more in himself and a good season can surely be foreseen for him. good day (and night for some of you). CHEERS!

  4. the dutch were quite impressive lovin there style, been rockin the pikum site good fun. alo noticed your a boosh man SF, the boosh rock dude

  5. But France draw with goalless..
    what a disapointed game with out the legend 14 T.Henry
    i think domenech had drunk when the kick off france vs Romania

  6. The Dutch were impressive.. HA! The refs are bastardos. Theres no damn way that was that first goal should have stood. He was 5 yards offsides, Panucci got pushed outta play so the ref couldnt say he was the last man, he was on his back after being pushed outta play. That goal caused Italia to play a game they didnt wanna play to search for a goal. Rudd van nistelrooy has always been a cheater sice his days at Man U, hoefully Vieria will be back for France when they play so he can break his fuckin leg. I bet you all the refs will make sure France doesnt beat Netherlands, that way on the last day of the group stages, if Italia beat Romania, and im sure our boys are gonna lay it on Romania, then it will come down to Italia vs France.. just what FIFA wants, a rematch of the World Cup. The need to stop pushing this rematch shit. Its ok.. Netherlands hasnt beaten us in 30 years, and they sure as hell are good enough to bea us that much. Luca Toni was clearly dragged down in the penalty area, we had 3 or 4 other fouls commited that werent calledvery close to the penalty. Worst refs i’ve seen so far in this tournament.

  7. Yay Holland! Sorry Demetrio! Really happy about that result though. It looks like the Euros have finally kicked off. 3-0 was an amazing result for a Dutch side that people were not predicting to get out of the group.

    Long way to go though…

  8. @ Qsheira – Apparently Henry was injured. I’d like to see him back against Italy though – I put some money on him winning the Golden Boot after all!

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