Adebayor no longer a target for Milan + Arsenal FC Blog now squeaky clean!

I’ve got some interesting Arsenal news today and some very important Arsenal FC Blog news to get through as well. So sit tight.

I’ll start with Arsenal’s current Public Enemy #1; Emmanuel Adebayor. According to reports in Italy, AC Milan have dropped out of the race to sign the Togolese striker simply because he costs too much. The Italian club’s vice-president Adriano Galliani had this to say on the matter:

“Adebayor is overridden by continuous requests for £35 million, these figures are impossible for clubs in Italy. When big clubs like Barcelona and Chelsea arrive it is impossible to compete, because they have a much more advantageous fiscal situation.”

Unfortunately, while Milan might be out of the race Galliani’s words suggest that Barcelona certainly aren’t, even though they have reportedly had a £25 million bid refused by Arsenal. Ha! Take that, you greedy bastards.

I should add here that while I am still seething about Adebayor’s comments over the weekend I will remain loyal to his cause until he makes the move to Barcelona. I’ve had some time to calm down – to a certain extent – and realise that, should he stay, I can’t go on hating him like I have in the past couple of days.

Call it a backflip of epic proportions if you will, but I can be an ignorantly loyal person at the best of times and that is what I will continue to be for the time being. After all, maybe Arsene Wenger can talk some sense into the young lad and snap him out of the fantastical world he is currently living in.

Truth be told, there’s not much else going on. There’s been no update on the Amaury Bischoff situation but from what I picked up yesterday this one looks about as done as deal can be, given the player himself is not lying of course. Would he stoop so low? I don’t think so.

The Arsenal FC Blog a ‘Top Rated Source’

Just before I go I want to make it clear that the Badware virus that has been plaguing this blog for the past however long is, according to my hosting provider, gone. This means no-one should have any more troubles accessing the blog, which is of course great news.

I want to take this opportunity to apologise to everyone for the trouble that this virus may have caused – although it was something completely out of my control I’m sincerely sorry for the dramas. If you do happen to have any further problems then please contact me at spanishfry(at)arsenalfcblog(dot)com and I will report the problem immediately to my hosting provider. I really don’t want any more readers turned away from this blog than I can avoid, for obvious reasons.

Oh, and finally, those clever fellows at NewsNow have decided that the ‘Arsenal’ category of their site has become so full of rubbish that they’ve now come up with a ‘Arsenal – Top Rated Sources Only’ category. And the Arsenal FC Blog made the cut. Woo!

You can find the new, bullsh*t-free category here. Hopefully you enjoy the change. I know I will.

Just by the by, from what I can gather the Arsenal FC Blog is the only Australian website that is ranked as a ‘Top Rated Source’ and I have to say I’m pretty chuffed about it. Take that Tribal Football, you unreliable berks!

Have a great day, I sure will.

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  1. Ade and his agent can go to hell , he should not expect to be sold on the cheap , we spent some money training the fool now he thinks he is at par with Henry..35 million or no deal you motherfucking asshole ( sorry guys I am just angry with this bastard Togolesse.Thank God he is not a Nigerian like I would have changed Nationality cos I can bare that fool)

  2. tsegaye melese… If Panda Bear can read writing of Spanish Fry then any mammal can do so with relative ease.

  3. oh~that’s why i couldn’t enter yesterday..Signz…Whatever Ade will do,i don’t care any more.What i care is when we ‘ll get a new star signing

  4. Hey spanish if tribal was your only competition then you will never ever worry about being beaten mate so keep up the good work. I’m only new here but lovin this site more and more with top gunners like le gunner and kung fu panda about to name a few and ronaldo7 (god I hate that name) on here giving good views for a manc supporter rather than all the tossers on the sun forum I put up with before I found you (sounding corny now) Things are always looking up for us gooners but all we need now is arsenal tv on sentana sports maybe a petition or something could be set up what do you think?

  5. Havent heard from Le Gunner for a while, maybe the virus has stopped him coming on, butterfingers this blog is the best blog around, every arsenal fab has their view and it is never always the same and a lot of the time Ronaldo7 disagrees with most of the bloggers but there is always one lol. Anyway about Wengers signings he has signed Ramsey and now Bischoff, we needed to sign star players to win the league and he hasnt done that yet, we need richards, Nasri and Villa or arshavin. We need a couple of super stars.

  6. Hey Spanish Fry just wanna say U DOIN AN EXCELLENT JOB I LOVE THE SITE so glad I found it keep up the GR8 work LOVE IT.

  7. I’ve been quite disapointed with both the comments of Adebayor and the actions of Helb and mainly Helb’s agent but I will say this if these players end up going nowhere it’s not the end of the world. They’ll likely still be professionals and come in every day and give everything they have to Arsenal. If they do that AND win AND score goals they should be able to earn their way back in good graces.

    These two are still quite a pair of talented footballers and a pair that fit into our team this past year. Having them back could easily turn out to be a blessing in disguise.

  8. C-Bass is right, Hleb and Adebayor and Flamini wre all great for us last season and we didnt want all 3 gone – Falmini went so its good if we keep Hleb and Ade and show them y they wud have been wrong 2 leave Arsenal.

  9. @ butterfingers / Jay / KURUPT / Panda Bear – Cheers for the kind words. The more everyone gets chatty on here in the right way, the quicker a really positive and level-headed community will be formed.

    I’ve some nice ideas I’m preparing for the new season too, so stay tuned to hear about them in the VERY near future. 🙂

    Thanks guys, love writing this blog.

  10. Hey guys…awesome site Spanish Fry
    Thanks for the comments…i enjoy coming on here giving the outside opinion of Arsenal (positive opinions that is..or constructive analysis of what arsenal are missing) and reminding you guys how good United are…

    Keep your friends close and ur enemys closer..

    Get rid of Ade. greedy bastard.
    Sign Guizza and Crouch.
    Sign a defender stat.

  11. I’m hoping we get bischoff but after all this nasri saga I’m not going to worry about anythinhg unless they are holding a arsenal shirt up or we are 30 mill + up on our transfer budget but it now looks as milan are after our big dane so when’s it going to stop cause my heads starting to hurt.

  12. @ butterfingers – Starting to hurt? Lucky you – my head’s virtually exploded with all the crud I’ve had to sift through to find genuine news for you guys 🙂

  13. i liked his celebration haha, Guizas good but i would like to see him at Arsenal and can someone anser me – IS NASRI GOING TO SIGN??

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