Knocked my MacBook off an amplifier and onto the floor last night, fecking up the the hard drive.

Lost many, many personal photos and a heap of data and graphics from this blog and some important planning documents for a new blog I’m working on.






I promise I will try to write something of substance tomorrow but for now I just need some more time to calm down.



  1. arsene wanger need to buy efficient and effective central midfielder and we will compete with manu chelsea and we need melo or inler to minimise fabricas moving back 2 collect and defense 4 the ball

  2. I know I’ve already offered my condolences and still agree that it sucks but I guess we should spare a thought for John Hartson. It’s very sobering stuff. As a pharmacist I see the evil that is cancer, I see it suck the life out of vibrant energetic people and often take them away from us. I hope you overcome this John.

  3. Backups are your friend!

    I work in IT and don’t really have much sympathy anymore for people who don’t have decent backups. It’s so easy and cheap these days, there’s really no excuse.

  4. Is it approver yet that melo has made a deal with juventus? Wenger should always be serious whenever he tries to sign mature players. Let money talk instead of words

  5. Sorry to hear about your mishap.

    However, have you already tried putting the old hd into an external frame? And i’m sure there are companies in Brisbane which could have a look at it and possibly save at least some of the lost data. Presumably that wouldn’t be cheap though.
    [Advising you to buy an external hd and back up all your files is a bit obsolete now I assume…I use CarbonCopyCloner with my iMac to do that…)

    As for John Hartson, he must be going through the shit now. Hope he’s gonna come through it.

  6. Oh crap Melo reportedly is in Turin to undergo a medical for Juve and should be unveiled in the next two days or so….
    AW hurry up man sign somebody

  7. Don’t worry, Mr Fry, only nerds do back-ups.
    And people writing important blogs.

    A word of advice – try not to place expensive computer equipment in unsuitable places such as on top of amplifier’s etc.

    Hope that helps.

  8. Sky Sports reports Man City in talks with Arsenal for Adebayor.

    Who do we get to replace him? Of what’s available only Samuel Eto’o seems plausible to me. I dont want Chamakh. Dzeko could be good but I doubt he is sold. Real shame Benzema isnt available anymore…

  9. Now reports we have agreed a 20 million fee. Give me Eto’o or give me death!

  10. How do you do that? Ten or so lines of argggggh etc, and you get all these people writing back to you. I spend an hour working on a piece for Untold Arsenal, and get half a dozen serious comments and a load of offers of things which if I mention them will probably mean I get filtered out.

    I must try your technique sometime!


  11. what and fight against santa cruz, tevez and robinio welcome to the bench ade but ;ets swap richards and 12 mill at least then.

  12. @ Tony – Haha, I guess it’s because I’ve been speaking to the same people for almost three years now and promoting a positive community. Every once in a while I can have a quiet one and everyone will still talk amongst themselves.

    Your articles are brilliant though, so don’t worry 🙂

  13. was sorry to hear about john hartson,but he is a fighter and godwilling will come thru it.
    not entirely sure of wot to make of the adebayour situation yet,the questions cited on this blog over the guys integity seem validated now as it is not a ‘beyonce’ club like milan turning his head now but a club wit more money than sense, so i for one wil be happy to be shot of a guy whos biggest motivation is undoubtably the green,we wil see whether this is truly the case as i expect, once news permeates of the deal,that it could spark a bidding war between city,ac,barca or maybe chelski.i tink our manager knows this and thats y he has said ade would not be leaving…if he does go id b over the moon wit 25mil.
    as for replacement am dissapointed to hav missed santa cruz as much as benzema as he has proved his quality in PL and i thought our interest in him was genuine, but wit RvP,ed and bendtner i think AW wil look towards a target man…would any1 be surprised to see crouch arrive?????not sure id like it but u never know,i do know AW is a fan as hes scored a considerable amount against us.also i tink oba martins wil available at a good price now.
    also interesting to hear ferguson say utds shopping is done for the summer….if that is the casei seriously doubt their chances of retaining their crown next season wit that squad…
    would be happiest chap in the county if AW could go get tim cahill,chiellini,inler and in touch wit reality am i????????? ha ha ha ha

  14. Yea Tony do not worry- I read Untold Arsenal every day- just here is a basic discussion about anything Arsenal related- even if it doesnt relate to the article

  15. @Tony

    That’s what this guy is gifted with.Even telling his worse in the best possible way.Bad luck Fry .Don’t mind it is a sign of series of good luck waiting for you in the near future.Even it may be interms of arsene signing some one or arsenal lifting the trophy

  16. Sorry to hear about your Compy Spanish. On a positive note Tony I am going to go google your blog right now and pop by for a visit. Is it bad blog etiquette for you to leave a link?

  17. Sorry fry for ur lost documents ,john hartson i pray u will be back real soon. Since ade is about moving, Aw should get players like eto ,martins , peter crouch and players like inler , lescott to help in d midfield.

  18. If Ade goes, I would like to reiterate that we should not spend the money on a new striker. that’s my opinion, based on the extensive attacking quality that we possess.

    It’s defence where we let ourselves down, so a DM remains the position we must fill (if any).

  19. still waitin for a new dm to arrive at the club, arsene your running out of time, if we start the season with the same dms we wont win anything just like last season so get a move on wenger!

  20. Don’t let’s forget the nuclear impact a fully fit Rosisky and Eduardo will make in the team. Fingers crossed for an injury free capaign for them both. They really are the eqivilent of two new signings. Cummon lads!!!!

  21. Hey guys…im the old Ronaldo7

    Owen7 now since his been given the very valued number 7 jersey.

    WAT THE…i dunno whether to cry or not. I guess i have to trust fergie.

  22. @Owen7

    You have to feel like that 80 mill will be spent next summer if the results aren’t up to par. I think this is Arsenal’s year to be honest. A signing or two is still needed but we should top to bottom have the most talented squad out there. Lets hope they can be the most determined

  23. MoMONEY,

    I think arsenal will progress this season…they just need to stay injury free. Still think you need a expereienced defensive midfielder.

    Experience really counts for alot in the race.

    Yeah i had a feeling fergie was going to save the money till next summer or maybe january. He knew that all the clubs know about uniteds 80mil and they would ask for ridiculous sums of money.

    Its just time for Rooney, Berba, Anderson to really step it up. valencia isnt a bad player either.

  24. @Owen7
    Welcome back but I am a bit bemused at Fergies signing, as a scotsman surely he is not trying to put Owen and Rooney together to help England in SA next year. I don’t think defences will be quacking in their boots as they would if it had been Ronaldo. We will have to wait and see.
    On to matters Arsenal, or actualy City, will they have any of last years players or are they just going to replace the whole team. I hope Ade goes but not sure if we should sell him to City, on his day he is an amazing player, if you have been seeing the goals he has scored on the 50 greatest goals on the website then you can see how good he can be, do we want to be facing him in the league? If he does go who could we get, Eto would be great but if City couldn’t get him then why should we be able to?
    Only 4 days to go before pre season hurray.

  25. @Filipino Dan – Sorry, you just forgot we draw matches we could win not because we didnt concede, but because we couldnt just score in those matches. WE NEED A CAPABLE FINISHER OF THE BALL IN THE BOX….at least so we can score away against teams like Manure in the semis of the champs league when ALMUNIA is busy pulling all the stops.

    @SPANISH – Sorry about ur mishap,but it’ll definitely be for the better.

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