A touch-by-touch analysis of Chamakh’s performance against Olympiacos

I’ve got something completely different for you guys today, a minute-by-minute analysis of Maroune Chamakh’s performance for Bordeaux against Olympiakos in last night’s Champions League game.

For those that don’t know we’ve all but signed the Moroccan striker on a pre-contract and I though it would be interesting to actually watch him play and talk about his performance rather than just speculating on what others have said.

First Half

3′ – First things first it should be said how slick this man’s hair is. With his skinny but firm frame, greasy faux mullet and glowing skin he is very Cristiano Ronaldo-like indeed.

5′ – Nice touch and lay-off for a midfielder there.

6′ – A nice touch and run there on the right, showing some good pace to nick past one defender before losing the ball to a second. He looks to be taking up a position on the right side of attack, even if he is technically supposed to be the focal point. Very Thierry Henry, that is.

9′ – Attempts a run behind the defence but the through-ball to him is cut out. That is quickly followed by another neat lay-off from a throw-in and a lovely header down off a long-ball to a supporting teammate. His touch is looking good so far.

16′ – Chamakh pressures Raul Bravo into conceding a throw-in when he could have chosen to switch off. A little bit later he makes another excellent flick-on from an arrowed long ball that is just cut out by the defence.

18′ – This game is making me a bit sleepy, I have to say. Neither Olympiakos nor Bordeaux look like they’re going to score and Chamakh is only getting fleeting touches…

19′ – …like that. Yet another excellent flick-on, but it comes to nothing. He has won everything in the air so far.

20′ – This Bordeaux team apply excellent pressure, especially up front. Chamakh appears to be a key component of that, harassing defenders anytime they are in possession.

22′ – Some Bordeaux player has just fallen over, revealing possibly the craziest looking underpants I have ever seen a football player wear. They were white with squiggly black and blue lines. Weird, but strangely compelling. I wonder how much a pair would cost on eBay?

26′ – Another good chest down sees Bordeaux’s left winger eventually aim a cross at Chamakh. It doesn’t reach him but I wonder whether we’ll cross the ball as much as they do.

28′ – Almost a half-an-hour in here and the impression I get is that Chamakh is very much a one or two-touch player, a target man and a team player. All good signs, particularly because his touch is good and he has physical prowess to dominate the air.

29′ – Howard Webb is the referee here by the way, and he’s just given the most ridiculous red card. A Bordeaux player slides in to win the ball cleanly, gets studded unfairly in the calf by a Olympiakos player, but somehow gets booked. Shocking refereeing by the biggest fraud in English football.

33′ – Olof Mellberg, the man that Freddie Ljungberg once had the balls to pick, attempts to jump over Chamakh but literally bounces off the Moroccan. The ball goes out for a throw. How strong is this man!?

38′ – Chamakh makes a great run in behind the defence, holds the ball up and feeds Wendel aka Wendell Sailor, who shoots wide. A nice bit of play there.

44′ – He’s been a bit quiet for the past five minutes. Meanwhile Olympiakos are stepping up.

45+1′ – Bordeaux have scored from a set-piece. Chamakh throws his body into the mix and Ciani heads home from Yohann Gourcouff’s free kick.

Half Time

Panda Bear has been kind enough to offer me a Frosty Fruit as we prepare for the second half. What a champ.

Second Half

45′ – Our man gets involved quickly with three good touches on the right side, followed by another on the left. He links well and doesn’t give the ball away, with the play ending up in a Bordeaux free-kick. He looks up for adding a second here.

50′ – Bordeaux’s style of play is quite interesting. Chamakh is clearly the main striker but he pulls to the right quite often, allowing Gourcuff to push forward from his attacking midfield position. It’s quite clever really.

54′ – Just as I say that, Chamakh and Gourcuff play a double one-two before slipping the ball forward to Wendell. A foul is called for an initial challenge on Chamakh.

58′ – He wins ANOTHER header, flicking on for Wendel who promptly gives away a foul. Chamakh gets involved again on the right side, exchanging a couple of passes.

64′ – Not much going at the moment. Bordeaux are pretty much just sitting on their lead, hoping it will get them through. As such, Chamakh isn’t getting much ball.

68′ – Chamakh has a little bit of a disagreement with Mellberg while some guy is down injured. I was hoping he would Ljungberg him there, but alas.

70′ – He fouls the left-back while trying to win back another lost cause. You’ve got to like his hustle.

73′ – A good hold-up there, under pressure from Mellberg. It was a long ball, casually chested down and the ball laid off. Flawless with a big man at his back.

75′ – Wendel breaks, gets tackled and the ball drops to Chamakh who shape to shoot but also gets tackled. Is it interesting that Chamakh is yet to have a shot on goal with just 15 minutes left? Or is he just a team player?

78′ – Chamakh jumps for a header and gets taken out by a defender. He looks pretty annoyed after taking a whack to the side, but amusingly it is the Olympiakos player who comes off second best. It was a cheap shot by the defender to Chamakh’s ribs but he took it well…

79′ – …and is soon up and about, making a couple of decent passes.

83′ – Chamakh makes a couple of good plays down the right side, in particular feeding a good pass into the centre to create an opening that is not taken. That was probably his most creative play of the game.

87′ – Our man makes his first really poor touch of the game, losing possession from a simple lofted pass. Bordeaux quickly regain the ball though.

89′ – Olympiakos almost score, but have a header cleared off the line. Great effort there.

90+3′ – Olympiakos have two fantastic chances to win the game and even have a goal chalked off when the goalkeeper is fouled.

90+4′ – The final whistle blows and Bordeaux get the sort of 1-0 win that has been their staple this season. Solid at the back, not creating much going forward but making the most of their chances.

So what have we learned about Chamakh?

Chamakh’s performance suggests he is good in the air, has a strong first touch and is quite pacey. He’s not going to burn past players or win matches on his own but he looks mature, composed and would be a useful addition to our squad. Which is what we already knew.

It’s only one performance, of course, but he looks a good player.


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  1. As odd as this may sound, from what I’ve seen of him & from all the descriptions, he appears to be a hard working all rounder who just happens to play most naturally at the top end of the pitch but isn’t specifically deployed as a striker. He’s like the advanced version of Kuyt or Wiltord; players who give a side cohesion & balance but won’t be prolific for their respective teams at the top level. If he really has signed a pre-contract with Arsenal he’ll probably be able to slot into any of the front 3 positions with ease & really contribute to this formation with his ball pressing abilities, something our new 433 occasionally suffers from when no pressing high up the pitch is in evidence.

  2. I’d recommend deleting the above comment (from “gunnerrealist”), it looks like spam.

    Excellent write-up, though. I didn’t see the game, so much appreciated. Didn’t realise he was so useful in the air.

  3. As for you gunnerrealist. Get a life. You`ve never had it so good. How long have you been supporting the Arsenal. If as long as me you`ll know what I mean.

  4. Cummon Julian. We`ve had usefull in the air. Fortunatly it`s with Man C. We need a TH or somebody to put the shits up our opponants. No one is scraed of us anymore.

  5. This year has shaped up to be a contentious one and here is how I see it moving forward.

    Manchester United have 6 fixtures in which at the very least they have extreme difficulty with opponents. Chelsea have five fixtures with the same level of difficulty. Arsenal have three maybe four at best.

    I see Arsenal winning the title by the slimmest of margins and on the last day. So that said, it seem that the Doom and Gllomers will have lost their voices and Arsene will have been completely correct in regards to many things including this team.

  6. I also watched the Barce vs Stuttgart match last night and Lehmann had such a good game, he almost saved Barce’s goal. I was one of those people that thought he must go, but now I would do anything to have him back, our keepers are rubbish. All of them are liabilities. A question I wanted to ask was, When Henry was Wallcotts age, did he have skill and pace or was he just like Wallcott is today, all pace and no skill? As he wasn’t very skillful when he was at Juve, Arsenal turned him into the player that he is now know to be, or am I wrong as I dont know much of Henry before Arsenal and Does Wenger maybe know that Wallcott has this potential? was just wondering what anyone else thinks.

  7. well said oz so many johnny come lately supporters remember the good old boring boring days . that was when QPR even finished above us!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Sid. Juventus would not have sold him to us if he was the player Wenger made him. Walcot will be very one day. He has the pace he only needs a bit more technique. When he gets that he will then also have more confidence and that my friend can only come when things start going right. They will for him. We have to be more patiant

  9. he hasn’t signed for arsenal yet so there’s no point in getting carried away with him.
    If he signs then we will see how good he really is and even our reserve side looked good against olympiackos so a game against them doesn’t tell a lot

  10. Chamakh had a good match for Bordeaux. I was impressed with how the team stayed very compact. Very unArsenal like. I am hoping to see him upfront in tandem with RVP.

  11. Well i’m unconvinced about Chamakh i really dont think he’s the kind of player Arsenal need.

    Chamakh is a creative player, he may be tall and sometimes play as a target man but he’s far from a prolific goalscorer, In fact his goalscoring record is poor.

    For me Chamakh is like a tall Aleksandr Hleb, good on the ball has pace and vision but seems reluctant to shoot and often over elaborates. Also he may be 6’3 but he’s very slight and is not going to bully Premiership defenders.

    I like Chamakh and think he’s a good player but would rather see a real target man at Arsenal, someone with an eye for goal. (Edin Dzeko would be my preference)

  12. I agree barring that one thing he looked pretty good to me at whatever age he is now. Did you know that in the nine games Manonne played for us in goal we did not lose one. As for Walcott/Henry I think there are some similarities in how Wenger has managed their early careers but the player look a world apart at the moment, who knows though.

  13. He is definately a decent target man. I am 100% serious on this: I sincerely hope we dont sign him.

    You said “Chamakh is yet to have a shot on goal with just 15 minutes left?”. The guy never scores. So that is more than worrying. The guy is 26 year on and has only scored 54 in goals in 216 games for the champions in not-so-strong-at-all-league as a single centre forward. Why would we seriously want this guy? We Got Van Persie next season, and we have the same player in Bendtner. A target man who doesnt score.

    Buy some CBs, goalkeeper, def mid instead. Please.

  14. I had a thought yesterday watching the Bordeaux match. It won’t happen like this, I don’t think, but what if AW put out a front line in the 4-3-3 of Chamakh on the left, RVP central and Bendtner on the right? Not as the every day lineup of course, but on occasion to have that much height up front who all could rotate centrally as the run of play dictates.

    Chamakh looked quite good, but not a Drogba-type threat (which I didn’t expect of him anyway). Good pace, creative, able to win headers consistently. He’s quite hard for being such a thin guy, which wouldn’t hurt against some of the more physical teams up north. He does strike me as a guy who’ll be happy to contribute to the team and add a threat without needing to be “the man”. I think he understands his skill set and uses that effectively to make everyone around him better.

    If he does sign for us, it’ll be really interesting to see how AW finally uses him. Certainly he adds to the available options in the formation. I don’t see him setting the world on fire with goals, but I don’t get the impression he’s only about the goals. Of the players he’s likely to line up with, I think RVP would get the most benefit from his presence. Another tall target man who’ll be quite good in linking up with RVP to create immediate threats. Chamakh does look to have a go directly at defenders on occasion and has the vision to lay off or hit a breaking man in the box, which would only be a positive to RVP, Bendtner or Shava.

  15. @ sid – Regarding Lehmann, he might have played well last night but he’s had a shocker of a season. Mistake after mistake, bizarre incident after bizarre incident. There’s a reason he’s retiring and I wouldn’t have him in our side.

  16. @ Tillerbear – From the evidence from this game he couldn’t be further from an Alex Hleb type of player. He rarely held the ball or dribbled, he was all one touch and flick-ons and trying to get on the end of long balls and crosses. He seems a link player rather than a creative one and from this performance I’d suggest his record scoring goals isn’t as great because he sets up the players around him. He looked an ideal pivot for our style in this game.

  17. thanks andy i had one eye on it but was pretty boring stuff
    to be ‘onest i had to double check the line up to see he was really playing
    the other striker seemed better
    but i guess he kind of plays that invisbile pivot role which 433 needs even eddy goes missing in it yet some of the touches are awesome
    do you reckon chamakakakaka will be more than a squad player then?

  18. As a lot of other posters have noted, it will be very interesting to see where Arsene plays him. I would suspect that he wouldn’t be joining us unless he knew he was likely to be a first team player; Arsene may well be thinking that rotation based on the opposition will be ideal. In fairness, as we’ve seen with United the last few seasons, this is probably a good idea and will keep some key players fresh and deepen our squad in terms of numbers and variety.

    My worry is the age-old problem of adapting to a different league and culture. Vermaelen already had the language sorted but in fairness Chamakh will certainly be able to communicate with most of his team mates anyway, but we’ll just have to see whether or not he adapts to the Premier League successfully.

  19. i think he will create space for van the man and allow the little ants to run about without being marked so tightly.

  20. @ RealSocialDad / TDP – I think he will play on the right side of the forward line and be used as a squad player. Wenger likes to put Bendtner there because it is easier to win headers against the fullbacks and allows our most natural goalscorer to be central.

  21. Based on this description and what little Ive seen of him, he seems to be similar in style but overall an improvement over adebayor. Like if adebayor’s touch was more consistent and he ran his socks off the entire game (as he did to an extent before his 30 goal season, after which he was played more as a CF than a support for henry/rvp).
    I like chamakh’s attitude and hopefully if he does come here, wenger will be the man to add more goals to his game, which seems to be all that is missing.
    He seems to be pretty robust as well, which is vital in this league.

  22. with the likes of fabregas and arshavin around him and getting goals.i dont think we should be worried about his goal scoring ability.another his aerial ability is only what matters now.in teams with good defence we usually look so much predictable and such a player will help us get the so-called ugly goals.the 3 fowards of arshavin, RVP and Chamakh to sounds fantastic with fagregas in support.

  23. He’d also be ideal for bendtner to learn from – I think we’re expecting nicklas to develop into a similar sort of player.

  24. It is good that we are looking for players but what does Chamakh bring for us to beat the top three in both the league and champions league? First for a striker what are you doing with a 25 per cent scoring record – some attacking midfielders in the game today have a 30 percent record. The man is 26. Are we going to spend money on him then teach him to score? that is a lot of resources to waste now.

    Second the challenges we are having on the pitch every year will Chamakh assist us there?. From what i see we are a piss poor midfield against big clubs – being hustled off the ball because of size and all that, Even if Chamakh has a 50 per cent record will this really help us. We seem to let in goals at the wrong time especially against big teams. With our winning streaks at the start of the year we never came up big against Chelsea and United (and City will be spending money this year). Those were basically midfield and defensive challenges. We may need to buy a defender, and holding and defensive midfielders. In the game against Man U that was lacking. If we are to win this thing again we must build the team from the back. I mean having a set of goalies who do not cover their angles at this level will not get you trophies – we need to call a spade a spade

    We also need to start making big decisions like what do we do with Vela, Bendner, Walcott, Eduardo etc. in going forward. Why do we have them if we need a Chamakh? We cannot reason from a point of pure emotion here. If they are to be scrapped then scrap them – we have invested a lot over the past few years in strikers to be asking for another and last year were we not saying that Ashravin was supposed to do all that we want Chamakh to do?

  25. Only watched second half, but agree he looks like he’s industrious and courageous. Held his own against some strong tackling from Mellberg and the other gorilla. Good first touch and holds well. Team player rather than star striker. One thing we have to remember is that his contract runs out in June so if he comes to AFC, he comes on a free – apart from salary etc. He’s worth the risk as a solid squad player but need to see more of him. Also don’t forget this was the away leg – maybe they’ll be more adventurous in the home leg. And agree – Olympiakos aren’t much good.

  26. Yeah agree with most of what is above – especially Andrews comments about Chamakh’s stick hair.(maybe they can bring back Manu Petit’s full length mirror!)

    In general i think Chamakh will be what we are missing a good player that withour full compliment will sit on the bench and be able to contribute when called upon or when we have injuries.

    I have been thinking though and we all struggle day in day out to put our finger on just way such a great club just seems to hover below the likes of Utd and Chelsea in certain areas. Yes we dont like to throw around stupid amounts of money thats fine we’ve never done that but we used to have a squad that was world class in all positions including the bench (which allowed us to challenge for EPL, CL, FA cup.)

    The real thing that Arsenal are missing is David Dein. He was and is one of the most influencial men in English football. A major part of Dein’s role was he was handed Wengers targets and go and get them.

    Since he has gone no one other than the new guy Guzman have taken this resonsibility off Wenger. In my opinion this is the piece that is missing from our great club and needs to be addressed. Without it we are struggling to A sign key players and B losing quality players such as Flamini having his head turned and leaving on a free, players leaving for ‘bigger clubs’ Hleb, Ade, Henry. With Dien still in place i have no doubt these players would have all been offered new deals and given assurances they needed to stay (all bar AdebayWHORE)


  27. I think chamakh is prolific player, remember Gents and ladies, that he plays according to the game plan, he sacrifices personal glory ans stats for the team success, he could be one of those me-ade- bayor cry babies, but he hustles and harasses the defenders at all times, his scoring skills are there, but Bordeaux play different style of Football, if he was with a team like Arsenal he would have scored 25-30 goals, with him and RVP, Shava and Csec linking up it would be a big challenge for any defense, just look at Chelsae Annelka and Drogba they create space and opportunities for each other.
    Chamakh can only add to the Arsenal fire power, if AW sign him he will not regret it. you can never have enough forwards, barring injuries, the more you have the better is to scheme and change your formation based on the opponents, so you keep them guessing, thus you have the advantage.

  28. Chamakh will be great if he ever signs for us. Here’s something you might not know – he’s the player that has scored the most times with his head this season. In Europe. The man is a beast in the air. He’s John Terry-brave (on-pitch bravery, I might add), he’s CR7-greasy (for those of you who like that) and he works as hard as any striker. Sort of a good Heskey. Technically very good, altruistic and strong. A perfect target man that would fit in very well at Arsenal and our style of play.

  29. chamak will work in our 433 formation but would shine if we play 422 but to play 422 we need a left midfilder (angel di maria)and a tireless midfilder (flamini)

  30. So Sol Campbell is a ‘cunt’ for trying to get back the £1.7m he is owed by Pompey in wages.

    Those are the words of a mate of mine who happens to be a Tottenham Hotspur supporter.

    “He is already loaded the greedy cunt” were the exact charming words.

    I agree that Sol Campbell is already loaded. He probably could survive without the £1.7m but that’s not the point. Why shouldn’t he get the money he is owed?

    Is it Sol’s fault that he hasn’t been paid?

    Put yourself in Campbell’s shoes, would you do the same? I probably would. Not because I’m a greedy cunt but because that is what I am owed.

    It is not Campbell’s fault that Portsmouth Football Club are in danger of going bust (I must add, I hope they don’t because I like Pompey) but it is the fault of the management.

    The likes of Peter Storrie AND Harry Redknapp have fucked Pompey over. They created the mess at Portsmouth.

    Pompey “lived the dream” in recent times. Winning the FA Cup and having ‘fantastic assets on the pitch’. Good time for the Portsmouth faith full.

    Despite the good times we were on the verge of a credit-crunch. Did that stop Harry Redknapp spending over £60m on wages and transfers from the summer of 2007 until his departure?

    Of course it didn’t because good old Harry only cared about himself. He proved that by fucking off to Tottenham when the going got tough.

    Yes, Portsmouth received £5m compensation for his services but it was too late by then. Redknapp knew he had created a monster and jogged on out of Fratton Park quicker than he could fart.

    He spoke of Portsmouth as his ‘spiritual home’ so why did he leave them not once but twice? Not only that he also took charge of their most fierce rivals.

    Top Geezer that cheeky chappy Redknapp.

    When I hear what a great man Harry Redknapp is it frustrates me. He isn’t. He is disloyal and only cares about himself.

    I have no doubt that if a club bigger than Tottenham came in for him he would go. When at Portsmouth, he had an interview with Newcastle United. People say he was loyal to Pompey then. He wasn’t. Newcastle wanted Kevin Keegan more. That’s why he stayed.

    I think Arsene Wenger gets a raw deal from the media compared to Redknapp. Maybe it is xenophobia. As far as I’m aware Wenger never hides and I’m pretty sure that he never fucked over an entire club. Twice.

  31. Chamakh being bought might point the way for van Persie to be positioned on the right winger position, with Chamakh or Bendtner playing central striker and fighting it out it with the central defenders. I think van Persie is a fantastic player but he hasn’t got the right physique to be a central striker in the long run. With van Persie on the wing, we need probably two defensive midfielders and hopefully we buy one more to complement Song and Diaby in those positions. In this scenario, Theo is put lower in the pecking order, but that suits me fine since he hasn’t come close to a world-class player lately.

  32. who needs Chamakh? next year we have van persie coming back from injury, edouardo will regain his confidence, bendtner and vela will be one year older and more expirienced, we have wellington silva who is suppose to be the next star of the world. and for me, if we do need a striker than not chamakh, i would have splashed the cash on Edin Dzeko

  33. In the game against Sunderland, there was an incident where the ball was crossed and Bendtner just stood there and watched it rather than put his head where it counts. Even the commentator said that it was poor which made me cringe.

    In the game against Olympiakos (regarding the cross which ended up a goal), Chamakh was the second player coming in for the header and even though he wasn’t to score, he was diving for the ball in a difficult area and causing havoc. THIS IS WHAT WE WANT! A striker who WANTS to win the ball. Not Bendtner who basically basked in the glory of scoring a tap in when he should have just turned to Eboue and said “Nice one mate, that was your goal”.

  34. This was not a typical game for him, I’ve seen him play five or six times this season and three or four last year and he normally plays in the box and is more involved, often playing infront of Wendel. For me he is not another Bendtner, but rather another Jay Simpson.

  35. I heard the pre-contract thing was a hoax.. Really it doesn’t make a lot of sense, contractually. Why would anyone sign a contract to sign a contract?

  36. all those that are saying above that we should look at Edin Dzeko have you seen him play lately?? other than the occassional tap in the guy looks to me like a white version of Adebayor. Had a great season got put on the map – has since came out and said it is his dream to play for boyhood clud AC Milan and is playing like rubbish which will no doubt help force his sale.

    Chamakh had all the stuff in the press – expressed his desire to move onto to England and namely Arsenal but has also kept giving his all and vowed to help Bordeaux finish the season strongly. thats the kind of character that Wenger will welcome into the club. So next season depending on what injuries come out of the WC we will have VP, Edu, Bendtner, Chamakh, Theo, Simpson, Vela, Arshavin. all competing for a spot in the front three with Rosicky and Nasri also able to fit in behind a leading striker.

    Now we just need to strengthen Defensive Mid and maybe another defender that is able to compete with the likes of Gallas and Verm for a starting central role. Personally i would nt mind seeing Gallas go back to Right back and bring in an animal to play alongside Verminator.

  37. we need the dude. bendtner shld b on the bench,walcot and vela. Rvp,chamakh,arshavin/eduardo,shld lead the 3 pronged attack. That wil unsettle all defenders.

  38. @ Darragh – Because he can’t sign a new contract until his contract expires. The pre-contract locks you into a new contract once the old one is done. It prevents him from looking at other offers.

  39. Just a quick comment, I like Chamakh, i have been following him since we shown interest in him during the season. Under the guidance of the boss, this guy will improve without a doubt. To have RVP, Bendtner and Chamakh as a 3 pronged attack with Arshavin given a floating roll just behind these 3, i can see us doing some serious damage to opponents next season.
    As a side note, i never use to like Bendtner and always wondered what the boss saw in him, so i made a point of watching him closely and my opinion of him has changed, this guy has some seriously good skills the only thing that is letting him down is his finishing, once he can sort that out he will a class player.

  40. @ andy where did you get the information that chamakh has signed a pre contract agreement with arsenal as i cant find it anywhere?

  41. @georgetown gooner, I also read he has sign a pre contract, i am sure it was listed in the sun newspaper as well on the bleacher report.

  42. @Andrew, really, come on – I can’t believe you posted this blog. The game stats of a player you believe we may have signed? For shame. To paraphrase Samuel Goldwyn – ‘A verbal agreement is not worth the paper it’s printed on.’ Did I read the stats you posted? No. What the hell for? Chamakh has denied it. So has Wenger. So who does say we’ve signed the bloke on a ‘pre-contract’ contract agreement (whatever the hell that is??) Erm….some bloke Andrew met down the pub? You’ve referenced yourself as a source (in last posting)??! Tsk Tsk Andrew. This is tabloid journalism. Are you trying to get a job on The Sun, mate? Stick with reality will you. God knows we can get shite from everywhere else.

  43. By the way I hope y’all noticed Stoke beat man shitty and the goal that gave them the lead was via an enormous Rory Delap throw nodded in by Ryan Shawcross who beat 6ft 4 inch Vincent Kompany to the ball.

    N’er mind – mebbe Arsene can speed up that Marouane Chamakh ‘pre-contract’ signing and we can have him in the team for Saturday?

  44. While talking of possible signings, did anyone see the howlers by Akinfeev last night. They were in the Fabianski class, especially when he dived and missed the ball for the goal.
    Arshavin apparantly wants AW to sign him, but we could be out of the frying pan back in the fire with him. I think we need a tried and trusted PL keeper and my preference would be Joe Hart.
    The keepers of the teams likely to be relegated are all better than anything we,ve got so perhaps one of these may be available ie James, Myhill, Jaaskelainen etc. Whatever, any of them are an improvement on the bunch of jugglers we have right now

  45. That’s a good analysis. Chamakh is an excellent player and no doubt he will be a big hit in the Emirates next season. I’m thinking what about a date with Bourdeux in the quarters?! Interesting…

  46. I also watched Chamakh at the expense of my other favourite team, Barca. He is a good acquisition, no doubt. He is going to flourish at Arsenal IMO.

  47. Dear chamakh

    just want to say you doing well in fiting at our team arsenal sure you will shine in the future

    and its nice to see you giving all you got in every game .

    You will have a lots of chances to score when you start receiving the balls in the 18 yards

    i am sure winger will notice that you are not geting good supplys yet like you used to with BORDEAUX

    by TREMOLINAS and GOURCUF be patiant you will have a lot supplys in future games

    keep up with the good play and team work as you are knowen by .


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