A taste of what Arsenal’s newest signing is all about

Hey there. Next to nothing going on today aside from another night of superb Euro 2008 action.

I have to say that Spain’s win over Sweden surprised me a little bit. For me they still need a good test before they can be considered one of the favourites for the title but things are going quite well for them at the moment. People will jump on the Fernando Torres-David Villa bandwagon but until Spain play and beat a team like Holland or France then I’m not convinced they can go all the way.

The other match in Group D saw Russia beat Greece 1-0. The result knocked out the defending champions and ensured that Guus Hiddink’s young side remain on course for the next round. While they only just crept over the line, I just have a feeling that Russia will get the win they need to get over Sweden to qualify and from there anything is possible. Especially with Hiddink at the helm.

From an Arsenal perspective there’s virtually nothing to talk about. I mentioned yesterday that the signing of Aaron Ramsey was confirmed on the official Arsenal website and today I managed to find a great little compilation video featuring the club’s newest player. It’s taken from the official Arsenal website and well worth a watch.

Aside from that, it’s been a pretty quiet weekend. Nevertheless, I’ll have more for you tomorrow – whatever that may turn out to be. Adios for now!

What do you think?

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  1. Yeah, I like this signing…he’s very young and will develop into a great player

  2. I have to admit I’m fairly disappointed and sad about Sweden’s lost. Particularly a certain player’s shot at goal.

    Australia’s qualification for the next round was a great booster however.

  3. @ Renae – I thought of you today when I saw Elmander in the starting lineup. I thought he did quite well but I think we both know he should have squared that ball instead of taking a shot on goal.

    Unfortunately I think Russia with Arshavin back in the side are going to beat Sweden, especially if Imbrahimovic is out.

    Agreed about Australia though, great stuff.

    Have a good one mate.

  4. For the next year i’m not going to wash my right hand, i shook Kolo Toure’s hand yesterday.

    World cup qualifiers: Botswana 1, Ivory Coast 1.

  5. What was that goal right at the end of that you tube clip that’s a big fuck you towards us????????????

  6. that was ramsey’s goal in the emirates against arsenal youth. he’s already opened his emirates account.

  7. he has played at emirates already which is quite good, and he scored, lets see how well he plays as the home side. Also with Scolari as manager he is goin to sell Drogba, Lampard and J.Cole, I say we buy J.Cole and offer for David Villa or even Ronaldinho as he will be leaving the Nou Camp and is a great player, C’mon Wenger sign a big name!

  8. Please Change the Squad number for next season
    1. Almunia
    2. Sagna
    3. Clichy
    4. Cesc Fabregas [ New Captain ]
    5. Toure
    6. M. Richard [ New signing to replace Gallas ]
    7. Rosicky
    8. Nasri [ New signing ]
    9. Eduardo
    10.Van Persie
    11. Walcott
    12. Adebayor
    13. Hleb
    14. Vela

  9. Please Mr.Wenger. We need an english and M.Richard is
    the one who can help our defender

  10. Richards and J.Cole should be bought. We need more english players and we need a winger and a defender.

  11. mr.wenger i like your new signing but kindly consider signing a deffensive midfilder who can march the pace of cecs.consider De Jong of holland,Frings,essien of chelsea.kindly fight for Zapata of udanize and TAye Taiwo of marsail to help Clichy in any case of injury

  12. Squad numbers?
    Theo should get number 14.
    Cesc 10
    RVP to remain with 11
    New defenfive midfielder 6
    Gallas 4

    Hleb out!!!!!!!!!

  13. Arsene i think we need quaresma in our team next season.he is good winger and fast.and also a defmidfielder in d person of ernst or alonso.they both sooth our game.pls arsene sign big names.

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