A sweet summer’s afternoon at Emirates Stadium: a photo gallery

Something extra (and a little bit different) for you today.

Before my move to Germany at the start of September, I spent a week or so with some friends in London. As part of that stay, I managed to persuade a couple of them – the lovely Amanda and the infamous Morgana Clarke – to join me on a trip to The Emirates to check out the stadium, the Arsenal Museum and of course, the Arsenal shop.

While I understand that London locals will probably shrug their shoulders and say “big deal”, I’ve decided to share my photos from the visit for the international readers on the blog.

It was the first time I have ever been to Emirates Stadium and although I did not get to see a game, it was a little surreal to actually check out the place where the magic happens.

I am planning to attend my first Arsenal game at Emirates in the early part of 2011 but in the meantime, enjoy these photos and please don’t be hard on me for being a little self-indulgent.


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  1. Thanks for the photos Andrew, hopefully I’ll make it to the Emirates sometime in the next 5 or so years but until then I’ll be stuck getting up in the early hours and wishing I could at least visit. I love those old style JVC shirts, I’ve got an original one that was given to me by the person that introduced me to the amazingness that is Arsenal.

  2. Thanks. It’s a bit of a shame the gallery is a bit clunky – I’m sure I can integrate Flickr here somehow. I’ll look into it in the future.

  3. you are lucky you can tell people that u have been to the emirates. us in asia can only dream about it. how lucky u are. sometime gunners in london always complaining everything about arsenal,tranfers, how we play, arsene wenger. for me just watching arsenal play will make my day.

  4. Hey andrew, very nice pics..I’m a Londoner but I only got to see arsenal for first time in Charity sheild 04-05 (was 21) so I do feel lucky whenever I get my hands on a ticket..I must say when you enter & see it full it’s a wonderful sight, with the amazing pitch & the players strolling across it’s picture prefect..I went to an evening kickoff once (Westbrom, CC) I must say there’s a special buzz around evening games..but either way it’s a beautiful day out..your first time will truly be special.

  5. Thanks, this reminds my first visit to Hibury…14 years ago..Where I was running around taking pictures of every stand and the empty stadium.. when my then girlfriend (now wife) said.. why this empty stadium….:)

    Do remember the first time I watched the live game, Incredible Arsenal videos and touched the trophies…
    Even took all the effort to get to Old Trafford to watch the 50th unbeaten record… my heart throbbed and sank when the show was over… Years passed by…

    2009, I have promised my wife not to travel to London (from Bonn) each time for a game over a weekend..until my kids grow up (in exception to CL). Even when I am cuddled by my kids Samuel and Joshua, while we eagerly sit in front of sky each game… I still miss the live drama, the shout and the roar…

    Arsenal, you might loose a game or two,maybe no trophies in years.. you are still the winner of my passion….


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