A shocker of week comes to an end + Friday Arsenal news

I know it’s not related to Arsenal, but as far as weeks go I have to say that this one has been a bit of a shocker for me. Here are just a few of the reasons why:

  • There is a rat that has been eating holes in the wall of our house and continually waking me up for the past three nights. I’ve had a total of about 15 hours sleep.
  • Some absolute knobhead hacked into my blog last night. Whoever you are ‘Greywolf’, I really do not like you.
  • I spend 8 exhausting hours in district court supporting a client of mine, only to get a $120 parking fine for spending six minutes too long in the wrong spot. What’s more, at the time I got the ticket I was explaining to my client’s parole officer that I needed to duck off to move my car before I was fined.

And here are some reasons why the weekend will get a whole lot better:

  • I’ve just bought a six-pack of Becks beer and I’m not expecting to have any of it left by the end of tonight.
  • Pest control will be around at noon tomorrow to destroy the rat that has been keeping me awake.
  • My blog is back online and ‘Greywolf’ will carry on being a knob for the rest of their life.

While I’m in the mood for bullet-points I think I’ll use them to get through today’s Arsenal news:

Anyway, that’s really it. I’m off to enjoy those aforementioned Becks, I’ll speak to you tomorrow.


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  1. I shall follow your lead, SF, and procure myself a full 6 of Carlsberg later today (it’s only 0450am here…but too early for beer, even for me!) and perhaps watch some Arsenal re-runs on the DVR.


  2. Enjoy! A sunny Friday here in Dublin and beers defo on the agenda.

    Jaysus will Arsenal just BUY someone … QUICK!

  3. Just a thought

    I see that Deco proposed move to Inter has broken down and the Portugese seems to be stuck at Chelsea and unhappy – Chelsea seem rather underwhelmed at the prospect

    Well howzabout picking the phone up to Kenyon and asking if we could not have the 31 year old either on loan with a view to signing or some other arrangement ?

    He is exactly the sort of OLD HEAD we need in the centre of the park, cunning, creative and massively experienced

    And I see him fiittig in well at the green sward of the Emir

  4. Really Shocking – rat depriving of your sleep. Make sure that rat sleeps forever.

    No problem Rosicky i am glad to wait for your arrival .

  5. Sorry to hear about the bad week Spanish, hope things pick up for you. Is all the damage the hacker caused sorted out?

    Moving on to Arsenal, while I was up last night waiting to hang out the washing at midnight (I need stuff clean for a trip) I made a list in my head of all the plausible def mids still available linked to us that I could think of:

    Miguel Veloso – good all-round player, with excellent technique; he would be cheaper than most as he plays in Portugal for Sporting and is not as famous as some.

    Gökhan Inler – strong defensive mid from Udinese, would be quite expensive, but has a great engine and work rate.

    Mahamadou Diarra – he seems to be surplus to requirements at Real, and as such could be available relatively cheap and has bags of experience.

    Lorik Cana – absolute monster from Marseille whose style is best appraised as ‘tough tackling’. Likely to cost about 5m.

    Blaise Matuidi – St. Etienne midfielder who is young French, and quite inexperienced. Would be the cheapest of the lot, and for me seems the most likely.

    Any of these guys would be able to do the job well, but my pick would be Veloso, having looked at videos of all 5. He has experience,
    a lot of potential and is very talented already.

    I have discounted Yaya Toure, Xabi Alonso and Stephane M’bia, as the former two aren’t moving & M’bia is going to Marseille in all probability.

    Sorry for the long post, hope it’s worth a read!

  6. Damn! Beer wont help things out or will it? Had a bad one on Saturday when I took a whole litre of Frontera just to ease things but man it turned out drastic! Please just clarify this up for me: what is it with the Catalans and Real Madrid all wanting a piece of Cesc? Please, Cesc belongs to Arsenal and only Arsenal! Otherwise BLESSEDDD!!!!

  7. Autumn??i thought he was raring to go end of last season and they didnt let him precauionary so he could start proper this season?
    OHH i hope it aint one of those things where they jus keep extending his time awaya nd before we know it w jus hoping he makes the xmas fixtures.
    ANICOLL5,dont mean to be hush but where exactly do you see Deco playing??we got Arshaz,Nasri,Cesc and Rosicky who pretty much play the way he does we really dont need him to burden our treatmentroom either
    i have been really hoping this Melo thing was jus a cover up for both Fiorentina and ourselves,i mean Melo is overrated in my opinion and i think we were jus usinim so we can get Inler under the radar bacuse we all know once it gets out tha we have mad a bid al of sudden Liverpool and even ManU re will want a piece not to mention Citeh who have De Jong,Kompany and Barry and will still try something,anyway i really hope that the case because if not it would be poor plannin by Wenger coz Melo as come out on numerous occassions stating he was happy to stay in Italy so dont see how we would have thought we could change his mind.

  8. Yeah adam canna would be awesome if we do get him I’m sorry ronaldo moved as he would kick the crap out of the diving wanker. Oh well we might get them in the cl again.

  9. Things can always be worse. Your bicycle could have lost a fight with a car. It’s an uncomfortable scenario.

  10. I think Too Sickly Rosicky is, albeit a great player, way too fragile for the rough and tumble world of the EPL. When he is on the pitch and healthy, great stuff. But it always lasts two weeks or so then it is back on the treatment table until next season. When was his last full season anyway. Sell him while he is still a commodity.

  11. By the way, I live in Vancouver and ride a bicycle. Do any of you have to contend with rich idiots in giant SUVs, drinking coffee, on their cell phones, and if they are women putting on their makeup while cruising across the bike lane? I kicked the crap out of a Benz the other day three times before the ‘driver’ noticed she was cutting me into the sidewalk. She was pissed at me for hurting her precious car and I was pissed at her for attempted murder.

  12. wenger shuold not gamble with the new season as all the wondeful player will go out

  13. Spanish, where did you read that quote from Rosicky about being back in Autumn from? And what does he mean back ‘playing’. Playing for the first team or just playing? If he’s not playing at all until the Autumn then he won’t be back into the first team til Winter. That’ll be almost 2 years out. I also thought he was ready to come back now. Especially seeing him training with the others. What gives?

  14. @ Anonymous – and that feeling is based on…? Just a feeling I guess? Oh what a feeling!! Whoopee! We’re going to have an injury free season!!
    Actually no team has an injury free season. Although it seems to me (and I may, possibly, be biased) that The Gunners have had more than there fare share recently. Eduardo out for a year. Rosicky out for – well still out apparently. I could go on. And maybe I will later. But – the thing is – we will have injuries this season too. You never know when and to whom. That’s why we have to have good back-up. And on the whole I think we do now. But we still need at least one more good defensive player, preferably midfield defensive. A centre half type.

  15. @Hi SF, Sorry for the parking tickets and for the rats, Ay AY!! i dont really wanna get that amount of parking ticket on my windscreen. I beleive that AW should give Thomas more time on the pitch during the CL Pre-season, so that he could get used and cope with the game again.
    Thats it for now and have a good Becks amigo.

  16. Have you guys checked this guy on Goal.com, criticising AW about his own policy??
    Of course, some part of what he is saying are true but guess what?? I will put my bet on Alex Song against anyone who wanna come to partner Cesc.To me he said lots of uggly words coz I think that we really did ok last season to finish 4th and most importantly to have experienced our players as an UP-COMING team.To those who still think the same way: Big names arent the key of success, if it was, the Realmadrid or Ac Milan are the teams who could have grabbed triplet for the least.
    We dont buy big names at Arsenal, we manufacture them and we will sell them to you after they have given us trophies, so dont talk too much as they were still all unfinished products during last season but now they are perfect to grab silvewares.People will shortly call the likes of Theo Walcott,Gael Clichy,Alex Song, The Dane may be, Big Names when next season is finished.
    We need a good CB to pair with gallas or Toure, thats true!!! and I dont know how really good is the guy from Ajax but according to me, if he was the skipper, he is probably a good one.
    In Wenger we trust bro!!!!!

  17. Hopefully with the new physio being an ex-rugby guy he can make the players a bit more injury-resistant given the higher physicality of rugby?

  18. Casicky – I responded to you on Friday but it seems to have gone ??

    Deco I would play in the middle as a creative partner for Cesc, take a little weigt of the Spanish Maestro, rub a little cunning off on Denislson, who knows what he might do with Rosicky – you know that getting the dodgy free kick on the opponents 18 yard line with two minutes to go, and actuallly having a player to take a free kick rather than RvP blasting it skywards effort after effort

  19. @ anicoll5 – I reckon RVP has amazing free kicks. Wigan, Everton, Sunderland, Reading. Even for Holland too. But I do think would be good to have another free kick taker, should give Arsha a go, maybe Clichy too.

  20. free kicks are not the only problem it’s those stupid short corners that never do have anything in them just cross the ball into the box has more of a chance than them getting shut down on the edge of the box or getting called offside if the defenders all move up.

  21. To all you aussies.

    We sure gave you boys a scare in the ashes, I expect you will be quacking in your boots at the thought of facing the English in the next test match. The most surprising thing was that we actually held out for the draw.

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