A post as dodgy as Arsene Wenger’s ‘quotes’

Bah. I was halfway through quite a detailed post and then my computer had a problem and I lost all my work. Frustrating. I really can’t be bothered doing it again so I will do a super-quick wrap-up of all the news that was floating around over the weekend.

Apparently Arsene Wenger was quoted in the News of the World saying that Arsenal are a selling club. The quotes sound dodgy to me and if he did make the admission then it is one of the stupidest things he has ever said in his time as manager of Arsenal. Effectively it gives competing clubs the initiative to come and buy out our players with the knowledge that Arsenal don’t have the money to refuse. As I just don’t think Wenger stupid enough to make this admission and the News of the World is a dodgy source at the best of times I wouldn’t be surprised to see him publicly declare himself as being misquoted within the next couple of days. Until then, nothing more to say on the matter.

Arsenal are being linked with moves to Klaas-Jan Huntelaar, Obafemi Martins and Andrei Arshavin should the Emmanuel Adebayor to Barcelona move go ahead. Personally, I would welcome all three but Martins is probably the most likely to make the switch given he would probably cost the least.

Update: Peter Hill-Wood thinks Adebayor will stay but Alex Hleb will go. Interesting.

Jean-Pierre Bernes, the agent of Samir Nasri, said on Friday that his player will sign in ten days. Only seven days to go.

And that’s about it. I was going to mention that Justin Hoyte has declared his intention to stay at the club but I didn’t think it was important enough news. What’s that? I just mentioned it. Oh, so I did. Oh well.

Have a good day and apologies again for the rushed nature of this post. Blame my computer.

What do you think?

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  1. This is what Wenger said “The strategy of the club is to sell every year and to buy less expensive players.”
    The papers make it sound like he said we are a selling club he is only stating a fact. We do buy young players and sell them on these are the type we are selling: Sidwell, Bently, Larsson, Muamba,Stokes etc these are not World class we have never sold established players at their prime example Henry, Viera, Pires, Lumberg,(Cygan only kidding) one exeption is Anelka and because he wanted to go.So we are selling surplus players and that helps with finances there is nothing wepng with that in my opinion you only become a selling club when you start selling your best players at their prime and Arsenal don’t do that.

  2. The actual line was: “If we sold two top players a year for the next 20 years, that would pay for the mortgage on the Emirates Stadium.”
    Notice the “IF” and this does not include any other income.

    The news of the World have misquoted him, suprise suprise.

    Arsenal are making more money than any other club in the Prem, and if you believe the tabloids you’ll probably be believing in Father Christmas and the Tooth Fairy aswell i suppose.

  3. Nuff said by these two astute gentleman.. well put Le Guunner and the infamous Anon!

  4. Klass-Jan Huntelaar and Andrei Arshavin are both better than Obafemi Martins however I would not be disappointed to see the Nigerian become a Gunner! Ive expressed this already though. I believe Le Gunner, Anon (legend), sma nix and tunde (who just agreed lol) have said what I was thinking so i shant bother repeating. I have every faith in AW so thats that really. Cant wait for July 19th now, Arsenals first friendly and by then Nasri sould have signed and i hope AW fields Ramsey and Nasri so we can see our new signings in actiom. 7 days left.

  5. jay has just portrayed what was in my mind! arsenal fans should just leave everything to wenger and lets see what happens!!! i am personally a great fan of arsenal so whatever happens this season with adebayor and Hleb, i would still be an arsenal fan…besides as i said before arsenal’s main strength is the midfield! its from there we intercept balls(defend) and create passes(attack)! i guess all im saying is that its not really about the strikers or defenders, its the midfielders that make us who and what we are…so nasri and anyother good player (midfielder) would be a great addition to the squad! i really cant wait for july 19th!! come on GUNNERS!

  6. If Ade must leave I suppose KJH, Arshavin and most probably Martins aren’t bad replacements. Martins is lighting quick and IMHO is one of the fastest players in the prem without the ball. Although small, he is very athletic. Throw in the fact he’s left footed and only what 23? Again I’d prefer Ade stay but if either of those three came over it wouldn’t be the end of the world. I feel better about those three than I do about the Crouch/Santa Cruz rumors I’ve heard.

  7. yeh I agree wiv C Bass about Santa Cruz and Crouch! And tunde is right about mid, of course its still about the def and att but in the06/07 season our mid werent assistin or scoring and we came 4th, last season we dominated most of the title chase and then came in a tan undeservin 3rd but our mid was better at assistin, scoring and defending too. So if we bring in Nasri and Arshavin to play in mid and then eitha use Gilberto and Ramsey more or bring in Yaya toure then we should expect a strong title chase next season even if Ade goes. I believe that is what tunde was trying to say but I could be wrong. C’mon Nasri and hurry up July 19th lol.

  8. Well put all. No surprise that Wenger has been misquoted here – as I said the News of the World is a dodgy tabloid at best.

    I am happy with the way that Arsenal are doing business and even happier with the way that Peter-Hill Wood has come out and said he would like Adebayor to stay. Let’s hope it happens.

  9. I want him to stay but also want Wenger to sign some new blood. We need a defender!!

  10. Guys i dont think Wenger is going to buy anyone till he knows whats happenign with Ade…who cares about Hleb…he has been replaced with Nasri anyways.

    Ade will generate alot of money…then another striker will be signed then a quick signing before the end of the season of a defender or a DM.

  11. All the transfer gossip has been attacking players, we havent even been linked with Defensive players except Senna who would cost a generous fee of £25 mil. Richards, Shorey, Cordoba or Marchena wud be really good buys.

  12. lol! thanks jay! for the assist! i believe we do need a centre back and good attackers not necessarily world class but good ones that are football smart!! well since ben afra of lyon has gone to marseille, nasri’s move has been close to happening but lets not forget AW is unpredictable! i would really love to see nasri though and micah richards and benzema!! honestly i am really tired about all this if’s and maybe’s i just want to hear something that has been confirmed! by the way gunners away and home kits are smashing! spanish fry how come arsenal’s official website havent confirmed the away kit?

  13. just heard that hleb really wants to go! SSooo sad! i’ll prefer him staying and adebayor going rather than the other way round! he also claims that fabregas is much more selfish than him and that he has told wenger he wants to leave and not because of monetary issues but because of playing position. can you believe? playing position!! sooo sad!! i really like him!

    Everyone already knows how I feel bout MARTINS so I wont repeat myself but what ever happens I PUT MY FULL SUPPORT IN A.W HE HAS NEVER LET US DOWN AND NEVER WILL I think WE will suprise even more ppl this comin season so watch out MAN U and THE CHEATIN RUSSIANS and BRING ON JUNE 19TH.
    KURUPT 😉

  15. I dont want Hleb to go because he is a good player but at the same time I do not want players playing for Arsenal who do not want to play. Richards and David Villa have both expressed their desire to join Arsenal so bid for them!

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