A peculiar week for Arsenal fans

This week is a peculiar one for us Arsenal fans.

It’s not often we play two games in a row that do not include Premier or Champions League action. It’s even less often that we play two games in a row against lower-league opposition. But with Saturday’s 1-1 FA Cup draw with Leeds to be followed by the first leg of the Carling Cup semi-final against Ipswich on Wednesday that’s exactly what we’ve got.

It would be an understatement to say that people were angry with the performance and result against Leeds — “Get rid of Bendtner!”, “Get rid of Denilson!” and “Get rid of Arshavin! were particularly prominent sentiments — but I feel a lot of the criticism has been over the top. It seems the contrasting combination of being a little bit lucky to stay in the tie via Cesc’s last-minute penalty and being a bit unlucky not to have put the tie to bed earlier exacerbated the reaction from the support.

Djourou was impressive again

The funny thing is that, despite opinions to the contrary and the media using the result as a way of bigging up plucky Leeds, we didn’t play too badly. We were naive at times, for sure, but a much-rotated side created plenty of chances and if it wasn’t for some erratic finishing we would have won the game. What’s more, aside from Denilson’s rash tackle, we were fairly secure at the back with Johan Djourou again superb.

The result means a replay at Elland Road on the 19th and I think playing further away from home — away from a crowd of supporters who believe groaning every time a pass is misplaced or berating a 22-year-old striker who is dealing with the unique challenges that raising a first child brings for missing a fairly difficult late chance — will suit us. Regardless of the result it’s going to be a great night and for a supporter more football is always more fun.

As for Ipswich, once again I’m happy that we’re playing the first leg away from home. The feeling I get is that with Chelsea giving the Tractor Boys a 7-0 belting on the weekend, anything too far away from that from our boys would be perceived as a bad result.

It will be interesting to see the team that Arsene Wenger puts out on Wednesday. An extremely positive result in this game could allow for some serious rotation in the second leg, so the temptation has to be there to go all-out and play as strong a side as possible. As always, we’ll have to wait and see what the main man has in store.

A growing cause for concern is the state of affairs regarding our central defensive unit. Reports are that Sebastien Squillaci is struggling with a potentially serious hamstring problem and with Thomas Vermaelen a virtual permacrock it leaves us with just Laurent Koscielny and the knee-troubled, if epic, Johan Djourou.

Fortunately Wenger seems aware of the seriousness of the problem: he’s admitted that an emergency signing is a necessity if Squillaci’s hamstring problems prove severe.

But who’s it going to be? Per Mertesacker? Gary Cahill? Sol Campbell?!?

I’ll leave you to ponder.

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  1. first comment!? never done that. at least these performances are leaving us with an even clearer picture of the true starting 11 i think, but wish we had put the tie to rest. hope we put out a very solid team on wednesday. i’d take vermaelen getting better over someone new any day.

  2. Unique post as usual Andy…I feel we will beat Ipswich comprehensively, but Leeds away could be the tricky one. An early goal will go a long way in easing our nerves though.
    And I do hope Arsene gets a “ready-made” defender. Gary Cahill would be a dream!
    Keep up the good work mate!

  3. Congratulations jet on first comment. I think if we are going to be rotating CB’s, I will take mertesacker. I think the player is class. A top performer who can really challenge a game. he could be the solid signing that we need, and could easily perform a good partnership with anyone of our CB’s. What is even better is his experience.

  4. Agreed with many of the reported criticisms of the Bendtner-Arshavin-Denilson triumvirate. In thinking about it more, however, the fact is that Bendtner and Denilson (I’m still down on Arshavin) need more match time to become better. We all know that players like RVP and Fabregas are top quality but they have not been top quality all season because they lacked fitness and sharpness. In other words, you can practice practice practice, but there’s nothing like real match situations. To be fair, Bendtner and Denilson haven’t had that experience. So, these extra matches, including the match again at Leeds can provide these players to sharpen their skills and gain match experience.

    I don’t think that Arshavin deserves the same sort of leniency. He has had a lot of real match opportunity and is an international (unlike Denilson). Unlike Fabregas and RVP who have gotten sharper with match experience, Arshavin has seemed to become less sharp.

    Looking forward to seeing who Wenger signs. With Djourou playing well, I’m not sure we need someone who is too tall. The League is quite fast, maybe the fastest in the world. Speed kills. So, I’d like to see the boss err on the side of signing someone with some speed or at least someone who has an exceptional positional sense of how to deal with forwards with speed.

  5. Always enjoy reading your considered views AW. Sick of knee-jerk blogs, with no perspective to them. Regarding the Leeds game, the line-up and, subsequently the performance, was similar to Wigan away. A lack of cohesion and understanding, due to players not playing regularly together in the first team. That said, the players on show surely possess the ability to beat a Championship side, but seemed to lack confidence, which is probably due to the realisation that they are not in the first-choice XI. What doesn’t help is ‘supporters’ moaning and groaning at every missed pass or, miscontrolling of the ball. These are young guys and just because they get paid silly-money, it doesn’t mean that they don’t deserve our support. I would hate to see another Eboue moment who, credit to him, came back from abuse a better player. Most players would disappear into oblivion after such an incident. Yes, some of the squad are not (yet) good enough, but where was Alex Song 2-3 years ago? Johan Djourou is proving to be a top-class defender after 2-3 years of his career stuttering, both of whom are still under 24 years old. Football is about confidence so SUPPORT the players, particularly at matches.

  6. Ever since Russia did not make it to the world cup and Arshavin said he had lost all interest in the game he has put in no effort and should go immediately.

  7. I know this has already happened. I know the gunners need a cd. I wish Wenger would get one asap and not wait until the 32 nd of Jan 2011 . One more thing. No more crocks. Campbell was already over the hill and Silvester was an accident waiting to happen. That’s why Messi was unplayable.
    This time round,if Wenger has a new quality cd,the defence would be improved by at least 50%.I doubt Messi would be able to score four. One to three is possible but not four.If he were to score four again,that means Wenger has no defence and why the gunners keep losing the big games.

  8. Although I can’t see them letting him go because of their hording tendency, but I’d enjoy seeing Micah Richards don the red and white in a centre back position. I don’t know about his speed, but he is a very strong individual who would be a solid partner to Djourou in defending set pieces.

  9. @ Jordan,

    Couldn’t agree more, I’ve been dreaming of Richards as an Arsenal CB for a while now, ever since he confessed his love for the Gunners as a kid.

    Speed wise he is very, very quick. One of the reasons why he has been playing as a RB this season.

  10. Leeds fan in peace.
    Totally shocked at how you get on your teams back. You would win more if you supported your team half as much as we do ours.

    Reading various blogs after Saturdays game it’s time that some of you began to know the rules in regard to players. Sanchez Watt did not get the blessing of Wenger to play on Saturday as he’s a season long loan and is entitled to play for the club he’s loaned to.
    As for replacement CB’s they do have to be eligible to play in the original tie to play in a replay.

    Anyway good luck in finishing above Chelsea and the r*d Scum. Rather you than any of those.

  11. I’d take a 1-0. Do we need to risk Cesc for this match though? I doubt it. Perhaps he’ll be on the bench just in case.
    @shambo from previous page – the dive Walnut confessed to was the one that didn’t get the penalty. A few people seem to have misunderstood his statement there. The penalty he did get was clear as day and as ‘lucky’ or ‘unlucky’ as Leeds one. Doesn’t matter when they come.

  12. Arsène Wenger voted World Coach of the Decade! Woo hoo! I can think of a few of your readers who won’t be happy with that, Andrew! 🙂

  13. I am back!!!!
    Hey guys,
    My Points
    1. We need to get rid of eboue,denilson adn bendtner.
    2. We need a legitamite back up for sagna, eboue is lazy and he doesnt close down attackers fast enough, he tends to wait. Denilson the reason i reckon his still here is due to the african nations cup just in case song has to go play. So in that we need frimpong to be healthy.
    3. Bendtner is a retard and he needs a reality check, far to to many chances not enough taken. When he scores ite beautiful.
    4. Give chamahk more chances more game time.
    5. Arshavin we need him. Doesnt he have the highest assists so he cant score but he can supply.
    6. We got good players, we just need them to play ruthlessly.
    6. Any defender will do preferably a tall one.

  14. Expecting Sol Campbell to be back.Proven one.

    @Hey Nonny Mouse – Our professor Arsene deserves to get that award.Hearty wishes and proud to support him and the team.

    Professor is almost close to forge the title winning team , when he gets his second team to play like the first.How is he going to do that? . In arsene we trust.

  15. Personally, I think Arshavin is a really good player,
    if we got rid of him it would be be a big mistake, and Arsene wouldn’t do that anyway.
    He is just abit lazy but that’s part of his game,
    Look at drogba or berbatov.
    Sometimes he can be magical. And look at our defence, when they’re all back, its amazing.
    We have got Sagna who is a very good rb, one of the best in the prem along with clichy who is the same. Then Arsene should think about giving djourou more starts with tomas varmaelen when he gets back.
    Our attack doesn’t need any boosts as we have 2 world class strikers of chamakh and v.persie,
    2 worldclass playmakers of nasri and fabregas and some really other good strength in depth in the midfield with the likes of Ramsey, Arshavin, Walcott, Denilson, Diaby, Rosicky, Song etc…
    Come on the Gunners!!!

  16. We will win something apart from the Carling Cup. I can feel it.
    @ Yuval Peshchanitsky Yes. I think many of us agree with u on Arsh. Still it’s Arsene, who needs to kick him in the butt to be more active. It’s painful to see such a talented player with the wrong attitude (lazy).

  17. @ Gooner Bear – We need to get rid of Bendtner, Denilson and Eboue? Hmmm. I’ve already spoken about Bendtner in the article — I find it strange that you want to give Chamakh more time but not Bendtner, who is 22 — but let’s address Denilson and Eboue.

    Eboue is a great utility man, who can fill in for many positions. He’s also good for team morale, never complains and is happy to do the job given to him. Meanwhile Denilson is still only 22, an EXTREMELY young age for a player in his position. I’ve not been his biggest fan but he also has the same vibe as Eboue — never complains, happy to do the job given to him and a good utility man.

    I’d keep all three, personally.

  18. Our finishing has let us down in many a matches this season. Even the first teamers are not sharp. Firstly, that was so bad a first touch that Arshavin took and wasted a golden opportunity. It clearly reflects a person who is struggling with his form at the moment. Secondly, what a cheap penalty. Denilson doesn’t a professional status seeing that penalty. Denilson is looking out of sorts and he has played so miserably in all of the matches he had appeared so far in this season. Wenger must look into it. Song needs a replacement and Denilson is not quite the man to do it. Thirdly, Bendtner. He’s the one who should be excused. He has not been a regular and we know , given the opportunity he can be a regular name on the scoresheet. He proved last season when we had exactly one fit striker. Bendtner needs the support and a run of games can get the best out of him. Exactly the situation with our star striker RVP.

    Finally, the semis should be over by Wednesday. Arsenal must ensure that and the game at Emirates must only be a customary. When this Chelsea team can beat them 7-0, Arsenal are never far away and a huge win before PL resumes is the best sort of preparation to continue our title chase. And TV5 is not nearing a return and Wenger must make the immediate purchase, atleast before the Leeds game. An adequate fee + Vela Loan move for Gary Cahill is the most likely and quicker option for Arsene at the moment.

  19. @MR weber: exactly! We have absolutely no need to get rid of any player . Everyone has special thing which can be useful in different match situations. Sure, like carlos said, some players need a ‘kick in the butt ‘ . The Central defence situation is indeed not looking good! An injury to either JD or laurent would be the worst thing to hear for any gooner . A new cd would be good. But if verminator ‘s match fit , we wouldn’t possibly ask for a better news . Eboue is an extremely dangerous man attacking wise. Keeping him would be the best option. And from what i hear , MR TH14 is at the emirates giving finishing tips to our strikers. Hope its useful because that is probably what cost us the leeds match , poor finishing! I’m suprised ryo miyaichi is not a hot topic. The lad has got pace. Probably faster than our very own theo. My guess is , he’ll be in the first team within months. With him at the left wing and samir and cesc in the middle , counter attackin football would be so beautiful and fast that the opposing team would stop playing and just watch in awe. ! Personally , I’d like to see tomas rosicky being given more playing time. He is quick and dangerous. But almost invisible at times. We really need the mozart of 2006! Oh , and congratulations to AW for being named the manager of the decade . The prof FTW. And also congratulations to MR AW for giving us gooner the best gunner blog . Keep it up.

  20. I actually dont know whether to laugh out loud or cry Andy, really.
    Your giving Bendtner an excuse in the form of recently becoming a father…..now Iv heard you defend players with some tall ones but this has to be the best ever, man…..I cant actually bring myself to repeat again the one thousand reasons why this guy will never be a top player but I will ask this question…..how long do we give the Denilsons/Bentdners and Eboues before its time for them to move on and be replaced with quality? seriously do we let their contracts run down and let them decide they want a move? Cos I was under the impression we are a football club, not a charity for run of the mill footballers who dont improve because the arent good enough to begin with. Wev sold Henrys/ Silvas/ Vieiras/ Upsons/ Overmars, etc. etc yet he wont sell these guys who cant stand up straight……..and we wonder why the fans are all going mad.
    The frustration of the Arsenal home fans is born out of years of the same thing,and its not the lack of silverware, its the performances and lack of gusto, theres a real lack of fight at times and a lack of second gear, the reason so many get angry is when our game doesnt work there doesnt seem to be a second option, we stay banging our heads off a brick wall, hoping that something will open up for us.
    Its a sign of madness, the square peg doesnt go throught the round whole Andy, stop praying that by some freak occurance that these guys will become footballers and prove you right they are not good enough, yes I will support them, their Arsenal players but dont feed me rubbish that Bentdner is busy making bottles or that Denislon was up all night on his X-box and is over-tired or something, their hard enough to like already without that.

  21. @gun em all,
    Good point about Ryu, this kids gonna light the prem up hes got the pace of theo but knows how to go by a defender and knows what hes trying to do, alot of what Theo does is more reactive, to a pass or break, he doesnt really go by players with the ball, for anyone who hasnt the first clue about Miyaichi you are in for a treat.
    Kinda puts the brakes on the potential Hazard signing though as they look very similar.
    Any word on Samuel Galindo or Wellington yet, I hear Nordveit is looking to leave, I thought he was supposed to be the next big thing for us.

  22. And the hunt is officially on.

    TV5 suffers a set back and we no longer suffer Squillaci (at least for 2 weeks). Sad news for Vermalaen, but some transfer excitement seems to be in store for Arsenal.

    Summer question: Who will possibly leave to make way for Hazard?

  23. @Jordan,

    Hazard? *Drool*

    Can you imagine Hazard on the left, Theo on the right? Our flanks would be unstoppable.

    Regarding Denilson, would the majority prefer we kept him over signing a young, proven CDM? Someone like Camacho at Athletico or Gonalons at Lyon? Someone who could be an ‘understudy’ to Song and even share the role entirely.

    The prospect of a new CB is exciting, I can’t see Mertesacker leaving Bremen at the moment. Arsene is quoted in the Mirror as saying he wants a CB with EPL experience, which leaves it a race between Cahill and Jagielka. I think Cahill + Vela on loan to Bolton is a possibility.

  24. Wengers Quotes:

    If we find somebody at the right level we will do it, if not we will continue like this. We have still solutions internally with Miquel, with Song who can play centre-back and with Squillaci, who should come back very quickly.

    “Ideally it would be better if they were adapted to English football because if you need players now in January you cannot wait three months before they can play for you. If the opportunity turns up we will fetch it, but if not we can cope. I believe we can cope.”

    Based on this statement I think were screwed.

    Am taking bets, this defender issue will drag on to the last day of the transfer window, maybe even to midnight like arshavin.
    And if any of you think for 1 minute that arsenal will buy cahill you’re dreaming, NO WAY,
    not @ the amount he will cost, wenger is cheap and that’s a fact.
    More than likely he will buy some outcast from some bottom club in france.

    Frankly i think no new player is coming in, if Djourou or kolochenly gets injured then 1 will come
    BUT as long as both stay fit, and based on what wenger said about having players in house then
    no new playuer will be bought

    Wenger sometime i think you should stop fooling the fans and keep your trap shut, as a matter of fact if you tell me stand i will run like hell…………

    Good luck guys tomorrow, and please make sure and win this match.

    Go Arsenal………………………………….

  25. Hi all,
    You know it isn’t treason to wish unproductive players would be replaced with productive ones.
    I’ve spent last the last 3 years being a Denilson apologist and it hasn’t improved his play. Last weekend was not the first poor outing he’s had. Nor is it his second,or third,or fourth not even this season. So when we ask for a better midfielder it isn’t because we don’t think him good enough as a human being but because he repeatedly louses it up on the pitch and it hurts us in our good old arsenal where we are most tender. The same is true for Bendtner whos total of 40 goals for 6 seasons (137 apearances I think) is mediocre at best but whos rhetoric is world class. This combination makes him at best a First rate second rate striker. I will defend Arsavin though because although he has his poor runs he can be mind-blowingly brilliant in an instant. This cannot be said for the afore mention duo.
    Sometimes he in the heat of a clash or a draw with a poor team people will say thing in a much meaner way than they need to or maybe even mean to. But it doesn’t change the basic truths that spark the angry words.

  26. @Gruggy – isn’t Chris Samba still an option? I think Cahill will be too pricey us. They’re talking 20 million which, as we know, is way more than we’ve ever paid for anyone – let alone a defender who’s only just in the England team. But I’d certainly settle for Samba as an alternative. He’s aggressive and he’s 6′ 4″ which would be useful.

  27. @ Nonny,

    20!? Wow, anything over 10m for Cahill is too much. The way in which the asking price English players is inflated is beyond ridiculous. 20m for Milner, 21 for G.Richards, absolutely insane.

    I wouldn’t mind Samba at all, we need some height and what us Australians call “mongrel”.

  28. Samba hasn’t all the pace in the world yet he’s much quicker than Sol at this stage and in the box (especially on set peices where our defending is patently weak) he might be full-on,kick-ass, thug-a-licious.
    We could use about six feet four inches of that in a red shirt with white sleeves thank you.

  29. Couldn’t we just. I don’t even know why it hasn’t happened already. He wants out. We need him. If I was AW I’d have been on the blower to Rovers as soon I heard the news about Vermaelen.
    Samba does get himself sent off but to me that’s just a sign that he’s prepared to get stuck in. Plus he’s a can score at corners, free-kicks etc. Arsene might feel he’s been burnt before with lumbering defenders: Cygan, Senderos and, oh god,Luzhny…

  30. @ Gooner Bear @shambogunner – selling Arshavin, Bendtner,Eboue and Denilson will make our team worse. Denilson is not a replacement for Song. Keep that in mind .It’s not his natural position and he does the role well, given a chance to partner fabregas to lead the attack .He is more of an replacment for Wilshere and not Song.Bendtner has been low on form now and plays well when he is given the central role than on the wing.He has helped by scoring in almost difficult situations for us. Arshavin is truly lazy and really needs a kick from Arsene.Eboue is one class, he is absolutely dynamic in attack nobody can predict.A great defender playing out of position for team sake.

    It is all matter of time , practice and giving them right positions to make them better. Don’t think of selling and starting moaning after they do well in other team.

  31. I wonder if Igor Stepanovs is available?

    Has Koscielny has been sent off more times this year than Samba I wonder?

  32. Right now, I think the dead hand in our team is Denilson. I’m not sure that kicking him out would be a viable option in perspective, specially if we keep in mind the philosophy of AW and of the club. He needs more matches and only then will we get a decent perspective over his overall performance. Nonetheless, I for one wouldn’t want to see him in the big matches, in EPL, in UCL, it makes me feel unconfortable and the team insecure. As for Bendner, I think he has great potential, but he’s coming back after a long period of inactivity, and we should look at Van Persie to see how hard is to get back at top shape. I noticed that pass Bendtner gave to Walcott, who missed, trying to get a spectacular goal instead of a clear one, that was class. Arshavin is realy lazy and often gets on my nerves, mostly when I see him laying on the ground, but I tend to agree to what Wenger said, he has a bad period, he will be on the bench for a few matches and then he’ll come back to make his usual assists. On a side note, I would really like to see Vela more often, but he will probably go on loan, and I would like for Rosicky to find his damn pace, that guy has immense talent. Looking forward for the match tonight, we should easily win, but… that habbit of ours of making some games more difficult than they should be….

  33. @ John Evans – Nice write up, a refreshing dose of optimism is always welcome!

    Am I the only one wondering what life would be like if we hadn’t have sold Gilberto Silva?

  34. @John Evans: nice reasoned and reasonable post. Generally agree with almost all your points.
    Must point out again that TV5 has an Achilles tendon injury and the only 2 options: surgery or rest. After surgery several months are needed. If rest is chosen, which was the option, the return date is indeterminate. By now, all concerned must wish surgery had been chosen.
    Bendtner(and also Chamakh) are not well served by the cycling system we use up front. Both are number 9 target men and relatively useless on the outside, and yet, that is where they end up deployed half the time. RvP and Nasri, despite his smaller stature, have no problem going in and out of these slots, and even AA is flexible despite his even smaller stature.
    Careless Cup is the minimum we should expect, but your points about remaining scheduled games among contenders are excellent.
    Never was a big Jens fan. Even Almunia made reaction saves occasionally keeping us in games. We really need more cb coverage precisely because of all the competitions we are in.
    Don’t get fox soccer plus here in Puerto Rico, so stuck with updates today.
    Gooners forever!

  35. Well said John Evans. But in agreeing with you I still maintain the team needs more quality help NOW in the form of transfers from the central midfield back.
    06:00 game day here. Already I’m nervous. By the way I very much liked Senderos and I always thought that it was his psychological approach to the game rather than his skillset that got him in trouble at the back and with Le Boss. But in retrospect was he any worse than say Silvestre who was not only a has-been as a central defender but a MANU reject. I found the very sight of him in our colors quite distasteful at best.

  36. Hey guys — whenever you see a comment posted that is as long as a blog post (and as well-written, hah!) — you can generally assume it’s been stolen from another blog and copy-pasted into here. It’s a shame it happens so often though, because a lot of the time what is stolen is good stuff.

    In the future, as I’ve said COUNTLESS times, just post the link to the article you want to quote and give the right people the credit they deserve for their hard work.

  37. @ gruggy – I honestly don’t think life would be much different if Gilberto had stayed. The season before he left he was absolutely woeful and upon leaving he failed to shine at Panathinaikos.

  38. @shambo, @nonny mouse, sorry im a little late…… but boys you gave me some fantastic entertainment after just reading yesterday’s blogs, im still laughing now. Nonny sorry to say i think you were out GUNNED mate but still this is the kind of stuff i love. In ref to the “Leeds” game, I do agree with Andrew that the team did not play at all too badly. What drives me crazy (a fan of good football) is that the team tends to let themselves down for the exact same reasons without Arsene really addressing it. He may once in a while introduce new players to the team but those new players are built of the same stuff as the others. Get a striker who plays as a hungry greedy dirty nasty goal getter not someone who can do a job on the left, right wing or in the whole. When you purchase a SH get someone who commands his area and the players around him, who stands for no shit, who is a leader of men, who is 6′ 5, and can hang in the air like a salmon in order to win 99% of high balls that are pumped into the box. I thought Song had a good chance of maybe being that type of player in the DM role but of late that role seems to have changed, why? Those type of changes would make your team a world beater in the prem just like 6-7 years ago.
    By the way shambo, what are our chances against your lot in the final of the Carling Cup that is if we dont fuck up to Birm? Could you do with Carlton Cole up front.

  39. @Andrew @voley_gun
    I dont know how can you say that denilson and eboue after this game. They both in my words “awful”. @voley denilson is the natural replacement for song. Denilson cant play higher in the field he doesnt have ability nor skill.
    What an awful game against ipswich, f*****g horrible. Bendtner i must say shows some good touches. My gripe with him is that when he is starting we need to play with to upright tandem striker. He is far too deep, any crosses that comes in, he is never in a posittion to actually deal with it.
    I saw so much fustration in the eyes of Fabregas. We are making that one extra pass that isnt necessary. Horrible game!
    Denilson and Eboue! theres got to be better players out there, horrible horrible games twice in arrow from teams in the bottom league. My Lord, they are horrible. Eboue i agree is a team player, but i prefer i player that is good and makes rite decisions than a player whose in the team cause he gets along with the rest of team.

  40. Just a very mediocre game! what was that? there was no excuse! none for this result. I truly think that some players shouldn’t be on the pitch. Bendtner said that he deserved to be in the 1st team and he was an amazing player. HA? that was your chance to show what you were made of and I saw nothin! Arshavin played a little better then his bad usual, but he still bad. No confidence, no motivation to destroy the opponent. Denilson, I still don’t understand why he’s playing I mean he loses so many balls. I don’t get it.
    Again a small team scores against us, because of defensive mistakes and I have seen so many of them. Many unforgivable from such pros and international players.
    Cesc and Jack were both very annoyed, I feel. It seams like they don’t agree or don’t like the lack of motivation in some of the players. They wanna win trophies, this is it people! And I think Arsene has to make a decision abt these players that are doing poorly. THEY ShOULD BE ON THE BENCH OR IN THE RESERVE! Some other players deserved to play like Ramsey, who I’m sure wanted to play and do something good. not just stand there on the pitch…this is a great punch on the face that Wenger should analyze wisely.

  41. Both these matches were a disgrace, if anyone comes on here and tries to defend Arsenal after those two performances, then I say they are idiots! Other managers have been sacked for next-to-nothing but when it comes to Arsene he can do no wrong. Wake up people, Wenger’s keeping the board happy and waving “two big fingers” at us fans. Our players are overpaid and underperforming isn’t punished. Bender, Eboue and Denilson are all c**p, and Arshavin wouldn’t know what work was if it sneaked up and smacked him in the face!

  42. Barcelona anyone? That’s going to be a hoot. We’re in for the biggest Champions League whopping of all time.

  43. Ipswitch Town… IPSWICH TOWN?! god dammit! (sorry, Andy, just can’t help it) if Arsenal keeps playing this way, I’ll make sure that when the next match is I’ll watch a movie. Even a stupid movie. Everything is better than that disgrace of a team performance I saw last night. Consistency? Where is that? Where in god’s name is that? After two superb games against Chelsea and Man City we got the embarassment with Leeds and this one… jesus christ, lads, you’re no.3 in the EPL, you want to WIN Uefa Champions League, wake up! oh, btw, did anyone see Walcott in this match after the first 15 minutes? and how on earth can we get the SAME type of goal we already conceded about 10 times this season? our centre backs way up high, our CMs even higher, a long pass on their side, a fast attacker and they score… does this team ever learn anything?

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