A new look for the Arsenal FC Blog + Weekend news round-up

Hello there. It’s good to write to you again and I hope you’re doing well this fine Monday.

Regular readers will probably have noticed the change that this blog has undergone since I last posted. I’ll speak about the change a little bit later on, but first I’ll scoot through the Arsenal news from last weekend.

First things first, the signing of Samir Nasri from Marseille was announced. As per usual for Arsenal signings the report from the official site was that the Frenchman joined for an undisclosed fee and signed a long-term contract.

I’m getting a really nice vibe about the Nasri signing. While the ‘next Zidane’ tag is a little bit ridiculous, everything I’ve seen from him has been wonderful and he’s made all the right noises since joining the club. He’s set to take up the vacant #8 shirt and like I said on the weekend, I have a little feeling he could have the sort of impact that its previous wearer, my all time Arsenal player – Freddie Ljungberg – had.

I’m sure I’m not alone in looking forward to seeing Nasri tear Barnet to shreds this weekend.

Other news from the weekend saw the Emmanuel Adebayor saga rumble on (I actually think he might stay), Alex Hleb edge closer to his move to Barcelona (it’s inevitable now), Andrei Arshavin publicly declare his desire to play for Arsenal (great player, but £24million is too much) and Atletico Madrid’s Sergio Aguero reveal that a top English club has enquired about his services (I doubt it’s us, unfortunately).

Other than that there really wasn’t much going on, so I’ll move on to the big news of the day.

New look for the Arsenal FC Blog

If you’re a regular reader of the Arsenal FC Blog you will have noticed that it has undergone a change in layout. It’s something I’ve been working on for a number of weeks now and I’m personally delighted with the outcome.

It’s more professional, easier to read and navigate and visually more impressive. It’s a change that I believe is necessary and which should enhance your experience when using the blog.

The important thing for regular readers to take note of is that not only has the look of the blog changed, but the way I will be running it will be changing as well. Let me take a moment to explain.

For the past year or so that I have been running and writing for the Arsenal FC Blog I have attempted to write a blog entry every day, 7 days a week. Unfortunately, I have not always been able to do this – especially on weekends – due to various work and family commitments and the fact that sometimes I’m just too buggered to come up with something to say.

This is going to change as of today. Instead of trying and failing to bring you updates every day of the week I’m going to limit myself 5 posts per week, running from Monday to Friday.

I will use Friday and Monday to preview and review Arsenal’s weekend game in detail and use Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday to bring you all of the usual daily news and opinions floating around. I’ve outlined the new posting schedule below:

  • Monday – Weekend Match Review / News Update
  • Tuesday – News Update
  • Wednesday – News Update / Weekly Poll Question
  • Thursday – News Update
  • Friday – Weekend Match Preview / News Update
  • Saturday/Sunday – No Posts

You might have noticed the ‘Weekly Poll Question’ included above. This will be a new feature on every Wednesday where I will be asking for reader opinions on a current issue for each week. It should entice some interesting discussion.

Additionally, the extra time I will have to spend on the blog on the weekends without having to post will mean a return of the ‘Gooner Gazette’. If you’re a regular reader from a while back you’ll know that the ‘Gooner Gazette’ is. For those who don’t know you can read a bit about it here and check out the most recent issue (December 07) via PDF here. I’m looking forward to getting it back up and running with the assistance of the regular readers and commenters on the Arsenal FC Blog. It should be great fun.

The final thing that I want to stress is that the changes will not affect the content of the blog or my style of writing in any way. It will still remain a blog where I give my own opinion on whatever is going on in the world of Arsenal and encourage you to give your opinion on it as well. The changes are simply designed to give you as a reader the best experience using this blog that I can deliver and to give myself a bit of a kick up the butt with regards to remaining more consistent.

That’s about it. I sincerely hope you enjoy the new look and also hope you can enjoy the new weekend-free Arsenal FC Blog. Cheers!

Let me know what you think of the new look by leaving a comment.



  1. Most of the design is clean and professional, but the main weakness is the logo – it could use a lot more presence. Because the site is quite white, perhaps the logo could be a lot more bold and have some colour.

    My tuppence. keep it up.

  2. I dig the new look. I think Ade has buggered things up for himself quite nicely. I hope current Arsenal players take notes on both Ade and Helb on how not to leave a club.

  3. Looking good Spanish. The site feels totally different – but in a good way I assure you 🙂
    Nasri does look good too, and I’m basically just happy that it’s all over. I was starting to think it would be a repeat of Ribery…
    Ade won’t leave – Hleb will. Even though watching Hleb was fun – with his great close ball skills and all – I believe that someone who can whip in a few more crosses will be more effective. Hopefully Nasri is that man.
    I don’t think I’ve said anything about it yet – and I can’t remember you saying anything about it either,(I apologise if I’m wrong, but I’m a pretty fervent reader) but what about Walcott in number 14?? Firstly, I thought Arsenal would retire 14. Secondly, if that’s not a sign of intent on both Wenger’s and Walcott’s behalf – I don’t know what is.
    I will miss weekend updates… But I will live… 🙂

  4. @ Grant – Heh heh, I’m glad you will live. Not too many people comment or view the blog on the weekends anyway. Hopefully now Mondays will be a bit more fun 🙂

  5. Nice look, although I do have one question … who’s the second guy from the right on the banner in the main page??

    His tits are big and well defined for a professional athlete!

  6. Great job on the design- looks great.
    Good to see ‘The Great One’s’ image emblazened on the very top.
    Its amazing to see how quickly his stock has risen in the last 6 months. Many old and new blogs are using his image to as their flag.
    All of us Gooners knew he could be our greatest but to see him do what he did in Milan and in the Euros was confirmation that greatness is within his grasp.
    Then he followed that win by dedicating it to us what a legend. Even during the greatest moment of his professional career he remembers his greatest supporters.

  7. It’s great. But maybe i just love the old style .Thx for the hard working ,SF.I ‘ll come here every day and it’s a pity no posts on weekend..

  8. Well done SPANISH I like it I was like WOW hahaha but yeah looking gud the format sounds gr8 but will miss the weekend blog, but keep it up CANT WAIT FOR KICK OFF.

  9. @ astroangel / KURUPT – Cheers guys. Trust me, having a break on the weekends will improve the quality of my posts. You’ll see 😉

  10. Hi SF. I’ve always really enjoyed your efforts on the blog. One thing that has slightly annoyed me is that Google continually puts warnings up about the content of this page being malware related. I think it may be due to some of the stuff you had previously in amongst the ads. You may want to look into it – google ‘arsenal fc blog’, and you’ll see immediately underneath ‘this sight may harm your computer’. Just a friendly head up, keep up the good work! PS like the redesign.

  11. im suprised jay wasnt the first person to comment on this new upgrade…neways kudos 2 you spanish fry and keep the gund shooting, go arsenal

  12. @ Nick – I’m currently trying to have these ‘badware’ problems fixed by Google. The problem is that there is some malicious code scattered in some older posts – essentially the blog was hacked.

    It’s just a matter of me removing all the bad code I can find and then checking with Google to see whether it’s OK. It shouldn’t take too much longer because my blog is cleared.

    The thing that’s most annoying about it is that lots of potential readers are being turned away!

  13. tunde I would have been commented first but ive been away but I as soon as I came back i commented, I am really glad that blog readers recognise me and my best friend on here is Le Gunner and we always have good chats, ive become good friends with tunde and butterfingers and I am recognised as a popular blogger on here now, go me, like the new look tho SF.

  14. @ arsenal malaysia – Sorry about that. I’m still trying to work out how to fit in the links that I had up into the new design. It will be back up soon assure you in some form or another.

  15. ahhhhhhhhh jay your so sweet. haha now lets spread the word as spanish fry has put in so much effort into this little baby and I’m just coming to brissy for a holiday in sept might have to catch up with some fellow gooners down the pub for a game!!!!!!!
    SF what are you watching the pre season games on? Does anyone know if senntana sports are going to get arsenal tv this year?

  16. @ butterfingers – I’m not overly sure what’s going on with the pre-season games. I think Setanta will have them – I’d also say Arsenal TV will as well.

    We’ll definitely have to catch up for a game in Brisbane – should be awesome. By that time I will have the Arsenal Australia link going quite well and there should be a few people going along.

    Where abouts are you from again butterfingers?

  17. Yes i really like the new look keep to your schedule, you might get back in my bookmarks 😛

  18. arsenal TV will show them because that is how I am watching them, it is still with Setanta. @ SF – Yuh you knew I would be commenting soon, just my luck you were commented too, it was about 10.00 pm or a little earlier, @ butterfingers, thanks very much! And yes we must spread the news it looks loke the regular bloggers have taken the change well 🙂

  19. Im down in sunny canberra but I lived in brissy a couple of years ago pity I didn’t hear about you guys sooner but ah well can’t dwell on the past just have to look forward to our first treble and another unbeaten run in the league………Also vela beating tourres record for most goals in a 1st years season.

  20. lol…jay…i must really congratulate SF for what he has done, because its very rare to see people from different backgrounds coming to gether as one in support of a famous club…its been long since i have seen cooperation this massive all because of each and evryones love for the sport and the club, once again, i congratulate you SF…good job!!!

  21. Just found the blog and it looks great! Wondering if anyone knows where I can watch Arsenal games in Canada?

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