A genuine Arsenal farewell to Cristiano Ronaldo

So Cristiano Ronaldo is on his way to Real Madrid for £80m. All I have to say is so long and farewell you utter, utter knob.

Enjoy your weekend Arsefans – safe in the knowledge that you’ll never have to see that greasy-haired, stretch-faced, diving, cheating, arrogant, petulanent, self-absorbed tosser in the Premiership again.

Surely it’s just a dream?

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  1. sod’s law says we’ll meet them in the CL or even better Real will play Man Ure and Man Ure will beat Real and make the tosser cry, boo hoo…..

  2. Thierry Henry still the greatest Premier League player with Ronaldo gone… not that Ronaldo was going to beat Henry anyway

  3. YES that arrogant twat is a player of rare and exceptional skill,but he has no class-compare his attitude with someone like Kaka,He will struggle with the fact that he is not the man,he will be one of many and I hope it does his head in and his play suffers,also I hope that financially it all goes tits up for Real too,I am in agreement with Platini that teams should be financially balanced and not “buy” the champions league.What will be interesting though is how much money Manure actually spend on new players,with their massive debt I suspect that some money will be going towards covering the interest paymants on the debt,and in a few years its not just gonna be interst-they will have to start paying the capital back too,and then instead of paying tens of millions per year its gonna be over a hundred-now thats gonna be interesting.

  4. does anyone know who was voted arsenal.s player of the season and young player of the season?

  5. Yeah, United are without a doubt the worst run football club in the world. They can attract great players but that debt is just waiting to sink them. They cannot sustain it. 2 or 3 bad years and they’re gone. Now there is a happy thought!

  6. Of all the God dam frakin luck. I just finished decorating my humble abode with I hate that cheatin diving pug faced a hole wallpaper. Darn it Im gonna have to go an re-decorate with something as equally distasteful like Dog Waste.


  8. Most of the Man U sentiment is that they are glad they can hate him now.. Says a lot about a player. He is quite overrated as a footballer as well IMO

  9. All’s well in the world. All we need know is that other tosser, Didier “The Dick” Drogba to do one, and the Premiership will be a much better place!

  10. You are right that we will never have to see his geasey stretched face again, but Manure will be stronger without him, they can now add atleast 4 world class palyers to their team. Im sure sure what worse? Better tehdevil you know?

  11. i knw its wired bt iam gunna kinda miss his style of play nd no1 can say he wanst a great player bt dntget me wrong am more happy 2 c him go

  12. agreed – he is a kn0b, cheating, diving, arrogant twat.
    BUT a top player on his day, and I like most Gooners would of loved to have seen him in our side and produce some of the football he has for Manure. Lets face it, he almost did join us but for AW/AFC penny pinching! His free kick taking, heading in attack and defence, his runs on and off the ball, effort to win the ball back are all something certainly AdeUselessBollocks should be taking note of.
    So actually good luck to him in RM, the Premiership will be worse off without him whatever you may think of him. I hope (and am sure we will) see him again in the CL where we will be better equipped to give him a good hiding!

  13. Farewell to Ronaldo,
    Best player to grace the english league after Henry, Beckham, Keano, Vierra, Cantona and Alan Shearer.
    I duff my hat for you.

  14. One less cheating,diving,arrogant prima donna left in the Premiership, who couldn’t handle the physical side of the English game without constantly moaning and rolling around. Henry was not only a better player, but could handle that side of the game as well.
    How the hell is he worth 80M?

  15. Well, there’s little left to say. You’ve expressed my thoughts on Cronny very well.

    Today, my friend at work and I came up with a theory on why he’s *so* shiny. He actually dives in a vat of oil before going on the pitch as a tackle avoidance method. Anyone who tries to tackle him just slides right off…

  16. Bit of perspective, guys! I think the Premiership will be a duller place without him. He’s just an incredible footballer. He’s had a bit of a quiet season by his own standards, but I still think he was an asset of the premiership. He is guilty of playing entertaining football and scoring wonder goals. You can’t argue with that.

    Yeah he’s greasy, disloyal, arrogant, petulant, a cheater and he plays for the mancs, but he’s not all bad for the game. I fear that now he’s moved to Spain, the diving aspect of his game will accelerate to the forefront even more.

    Utd really need to restructure a lot of their midfield with the dinosaurs (Scholes, Giggs) being less effective and Hargreaves Rosicky’d. Nani is rubbish, Ronaldo is gone and Park is just there to sell shirts. This money will pave the way for Fergy to build a midfield that will stick with Man Utd for a good few seasons I think. Hopefully it takes him a while and a few dud signings to get it right.

  17. Thats great news!!! its likw god finally opened up & said bugger manurenited n took a leak on old trafford!! Bye Bye you diving grass kisser!! Thierry Henry is still better than you & you think your good?? Dont be so shocked when the king skins you n makes you watch as he launches a top corner screamer into the net when you play barca. Will be interesting to see Messi vs Ronaldo on a yearly basis now

  18. its good hes gone.It was a mockery of the premiership to say that lying, diving, cheating, over grown cry baby was the best in the league.The bastard

  19. bye bye (cry baby)shame his attitude never came close to his talent.manchester united are not i repaet not a selling club.financial crisis at glazers house of sand can it get any better?manchester uniteds fans a sign of things to come?sell to stay on top of a pile of glazer debt

  20. Sorry off on a tangent here, but am i the only Gooner who was little put out to see a shot of Becks at the Emirates on that blackest of days, jumping around with such glee! whenever he’s in the country he is always at the Arse training, getting fit and generally being looked after.
    Another point on the Ronaldo departure, who is going to create and score their goals now?

  21. hope, he will break the la liga’s diving record as the refs there love to blow their whistles for every tackle made or not!!


  22. SOBIN,INDIA get a life any arsenal fan would love him 2 cum 2 use sure his dives bt pires was one of the 1st 2 start divin so ur all saying pires wanst an arsenal great give ronnie credit where its due

  23. Cristiano Ronaldo was many things fo Man U but also one heck of good footballer people have short memories why did old Fergie sign up him in the first place in the friendly against porto or was it sporting lesbian? anyway Ronaldo run circles against all Man u defenders! in fact made Silvester actually sit down after an excellent shimmy round him! in my language they say “mgalla muue na haki yake umpe” give credit where credit is due the goal he scored for Man U away to Porto said it all…

  24. TO THE ANNONYMOS POST 12/06/2009….
    The fact that you say that CR has no class..it tells one thing ..you surely have no class at all. CR has a lot more class than all you idiots and continue to insult him.
    Just because he wasnt born into money, it DOES NOT MEAN YOU DONT HAVE CLASS…I have met people who have had money all of their lives and , NO CLASS….
    DB was british and he did the very same thing!!!!! he moved to real madrid. THAT IS CLASS …TRAITOR to his own country.

    CR is just a very ambitious young man..nothing wrong with that, I think Man U was keeping him back. I noticed lots of times when he just had to pass to the other guys and they never scored.. The whole idea of the game is to score, and I think that annoyed him and he felt that this was it, he could not move forward.. The best man wins, and Rooney , Nani, they are not scores and a lot of jealousy torwards CR, a lot friction, Rooney never liked CR since 2006.

  25. Im going to miss the wanker. The laughs i get when he dives, the tantrums when things dont go his way, the great goals and Clichy keeping him in his pocket. I hate the twat, but the EPL wont be the same without him.

  26. Good bye CR7,u served manures well.Let’s see if the shinning spirit can continue @the Bernebaeu.Im sure it won’t.Ask Raul,Beckham and the rest.

    I’m the happiest gunner on the face of the earth right now.because i know how easy it is 2 beat manure wthout Ronalgo.frustrate Roonie just a lil bit and he loses focus completely.Rem the CL final,wea was Rooney?Atleast for ROnaldo i saw him a couple of times being very selfish and mean with the ball as frustration kept killing him.hahahaha.Go gunners.Step up ua game now.

  27. Ronaldo has an exceptional gift-however i prefer kaka as he comes across as a more humble person-saying this i dont know either of them-all i know is man utd will probably be weaker no matter who they sign because the guy was very,very good for them-his goals,assists and presence is something you cannot buy-ok ribery is an excellent player also but people need time to settle in a new country-im a gooner so all im concerned with is who we sign this summer-and i dont want us to sell adebayor unlike many others.

  28. I’m glad to see the back of him – for many reasons – but I have to admit that one of them is that he’s a very very dangerous player, capable of scoring or setting up a goal at any time. However anyone who is laughing at manure for selling him – come on. 80 million!! No player is worth that amount in pure footballing terms. At 80 million manure have made a fantastic sale. They bought him for 12 – sold millions of shirts and other assorted manure tat with his name or image on – won a bunch of trophies and then 6 years later sell him for x 7 the amount they bought him for. That is fantastic business. I would sell any Arsenal player current or past for 80 million. You can go out and buy three or four top class players for that and have enough left over to pay their wages. It’s crazy money. Where do Real get off? Only The Great Man, Arsene himself, would be out of bounds for that money.
    and as for manure, will they suffer without him? Possibly? A little. But I doubt it. Not for long anyway.
    Has he actually gone by the way – the BBC website is implying it’s not quite a done deal yet.

  29. Let’s not get carried away, Ronaldo the footballer when he actually played football was at times brilliant, but too often ManU and Portugal gained unfair advantages due to Ronaldo the cheat,we have all seen this. Personally i’d rather he did it in Spain than England.

  30. I remember watching a friendly game between manure and Lisbon and I said to my manure supporting mate that Fergie should get his cheque book out as a young portugese player had terrorised the manure defence, that player was Ronaldo. For all his faults I think the EPL will be a sorrier place without him, he has amazing skill and all round ability. I won’t miss his antics and the dives which have all been mentioned in this blog. Manure will definetly miss him though he has been their leading scorer for I don’t know how many years he also assists as well, with this in mind I think the EPL will be a more even playing field next season lets hope Arsenal can capatilise on this. With regard the diving I remember a game which was quite embarasing for Vieira, a tackle was coming in which looked like it might take his leg but was stopped well short, Patrick dived anyway.

  31. Well, now if Drogba also goes (to Italy), who am I going have left to hate? Ah, let’s hope that I have to answer that question…

  32. Short of the birth of a baby or getting married to someone you truly love, NOTHING makes me happier than seeing that future slaphead not playing in the Premiership again.

    Congrats Real Madrid and enjoy your moron.

  33. Glad to see the back of him. Twat rarely scored without a free kick. And how he obtained those kicks. Real are the only club I hate more than United. I hope Real fail miserably next season. (Go Barca).

  34. YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY! I think I love Madrid for getting rid of that portuguese winking, diving, arrogant, cocky tosser. Then again Real are after Clichy!

  35. So we sold Viera for 13mil, Henry for 16mil…and that portugese tosser goes for 80??!!

    Only one play has ever been worth that much….DB10.

    United will buy reasonably wisely…wonder if we could palm Ade-buy-whore off on em??

  36. It is unbelievable amount from an player who has not done well in the national side. And has done well in one particular season were he scored around 42 goals. I think real are banking on Rolando more on the commercial aspect rather than the football aspect. Best EPL player was T.Henry and we got 16M. He was also doing well for the country. I think it was more than an fair amount for Kaka. But Rolando bids in crazy as all people will say. We also can’t deny that the CR7 has some ability that is true. We all know that there is an thin line between confidence and over confidence. I think CR7 is overconfident,over rated player in MANU team. It is Rooney and Giggs for me the star of the team and the moral of the team is there defense.So best of bad luck MR. Over RATED player in EPL and Bye Bye Thanks for not Coming in EPL again

  37. if he has decided to go let hem go he has done all what he has to do by bringing glory to England when he was given the best player of the world first time in the history of England.

  38. Plz all we Gooners should judge this mr CR7 with football mind, the guy is very good just few of his bad side that can be querried which can be overlooked, the guy singlehandedly brought world footballer record 2 the prem for the first time, world record signing etc. i must confess EPL will miss the sparks the guy carries out every week uless someone quickly overshadows that which i pray should be Arshavin

  39. Yeah, Man Utd were really holding him back with just four premier league titles, an FA Cup, Champions League winners medal, Ballon d’Or and World Player of the Year accolades over the course of six years. If only he was at Madrid last year, he could’ve won…

    I haven’t heard anyone criticize the validity of Kaka’s transfer for 56 million. His form has dipped, he hasn’t played CL football and Milan won nothing this year. But who cares, it’s Kaka!

    Comparing a 31 year old Henry and a 24 year old Ronaldo in terms of transfer price is absurd also. I wish him the best, even though he is a knob.

  40. “greasy-haired” – agreed, even though I’m not the type that judges players on anything other than their on-pitch-performance.
    “diving” & “cheating” – agreed again, although it decreased down the years.
    “arrogant” – all the best players are. As much as I hate to put him into this context, it was this that made Thierry Henry who he was also.

    I, more than anyone love taking the mick outta Manchester United. But this transfer is taking the mick out of the Premiership as a whole. Lets not be silly little fan boys and admit that behind the mask, this guy is an amazing footballer. The fact that the supposed “second only to the Premiership” La Liga is taking one of our biggest assets AGAIN, and effortlessly (McManaman, Beckham, Anelka, Overmars, Petit, Henry etc. before this), shows that maybe we need to bring ourselves down a level as Premiership followers. It’s our arrogance – a trate hated in Ronaldo, that makes us think in general that we are the best league in the world. Not without players like this.

    I’m gonna be honest here and expect loads of abuse but the guys football and 20-odd goals a season in the Prem will be missed. He was one hell of a character, if not annoying at the nest of times. But what did opposition-fans think of Henry and Pires?
    Obviously its good that he can no longer have a direct say on our title hopes – but that just proves how good he was. He ALONE owned us in Arsenal 1-3 Man Utd this season. Not that we needed any reminders of that.

    Yet another ‘Almost-Arsenal Signing’ going on to not only prove himself as world-class, but to prove that le boss has the best eye for picking young talent. Bye Bye Ronnie. Enjoy the sunshine mate.


  41. I thought this article was not to be taken too seriously..hehe oh well. Ronaldo can be a baby at times but I sure will miss those skills.

    I have a feeling that Benzema will be coming to ManU. Hope that won’t happen as I see Benzema the striker Ade can never be. Maybe Madrid will sell M.diarra to us since they kinda overspent a little??!!! and throw in Hunterlaar as a bundle. Oh well wishful thinking, Cheers!

  42. ARSenal should buy yaya toure he completes our squad. He is also the missing piece of puzzle in arsenal’s maturing squad. Y:?
    1. Hes the bro of kolo
    2. He adds steel to arsenal’s centre of park
    3. He’s expereinced a CL final and won it!

    AW buy this guy there say ehs unhappy at barca and could cost as cheap as 15 m pounds! WOW

  43. Damn I used to love Real Madrid just because that amazing 5 years of the best player of the galaxy (Zizou of course).

    But now with this idiot I lost all my respect to Madrid.

    Zidane suggest to Florentino until the last moment to sign Ribery instead of CR7 and Gourcouff instead of Kaka but that old man always do wheatever he wants.

    Anyway now that Florentino want to take out all the dutch players of his team is time to sell Adebayor and get Huntelaar.

  44. Fabregas sustained a pretty serious head injury, it didnt look nad at first, but u saw the blood on his hands and he was in some pain. He might not recover for the conferderations cup. He has the whole of the summer to recover for Arsenal but I really hope he is ok to play for Spain and hope he is ok generally.

  45. Well looks like i need a new name…well see who picks up the number 7 jersey for next season.

    On ronaldo. Yes his a twat. I dont think he dives as much as ppl make it out he does. He has a very very entertaining way of playing the gamea nd players do kick him a hell of a lot. He is a machine. His never injured.

    I wouldnt call him a cheat either. He has never cheated. He wins games with pure brilliance. This season he frustrated me to no end but still performed when he needed to. He will be a massive massive loss to the premiership. He brings value and entertainment and the name “Ronaldo”.

    Lets hope fergie picks up Ribery, Benzema and a good midfielder.

    Lets hope the white circus dont sign Villa or ill cry.

  46. Yea I love Villa and would hate to see him and Kaka on a team I cant support.

    Ronaldo is a disgrace but he is a player who gets results- though I never considered him brilliant in any sense. He can shoot hard, and he is athletic/ fast. Thats pretty much it. Doesnt have the mentality for big games, I’ve never seen him get by someone with one of his thousand step overs, never seen him pull a through pass that left me breathless, never seen him finish with precision… He is overrated in my book but I judge different from others- not just on results but on the methodology. I feel he is all media hype because he is marketable and plays for Man United. Remember that people at one point thought David Beckham was the best in the world- just because they were told so by the media. He was a solid player- nothing special. I feel Ronaldo is the same in many senses… For me he is uncoparable to Ribery, Iniesta, Messi and those types of players. I pray Ribery goes to Barca is he leaves. And Villa as well. Could stand to see either of them at Man U, Chelsea, or Real Madrid. Sorry for the rant

  47. Just a loser of footballer, also a very taleneted one.

    Shame he is just facinated with cheating.

  48. I think we all agree that Ronaldo was a talented footballer. But the reason why most of us hate him so much was because he was good and he knew it and he was so cocky in everything he did.

    @MoMoney – I agree, if he scored a goal, and then a player from Fulham or Wigan scored the same goal or even better, Ronaldos would be a sensational goal but the other goal would be a ‘decent hit’. I hated him, but he had good speed, bullet free kicks, nice shots, unique diving and famous crying. Yeah, the prem may be missing the skills but I for one say good riddance and with Ribery rated at 90 mil by Bayern I cant see him leaving. I hear that Antonio Valencia is on his way to Old Trafford, and I cant say im top upset, dont see what the hype is all about, a very average player at best and if thats Ronaldos replacement, I cant see United getting the league this year.

  49. @ mamma fry I think he spent a night in paris boom boom that was naughty. But would anyone complain if we sold cesc for 80 mill ( I would) as all these manure fans are saying glad he’s gone, rooney will get better without him blah blah. Still highlight of my season was gibbs nutmegging ronaldo in the 1st leg of the cl as that was awesome the way he went down looking like he had been shot after.

  50. Considering the penalties and free kicks that Man.u would always get from referees who always believed every time the fellow is down he has been fouled, Man.u should have a cause to worry, as the rest of the clubs are celebrating.

  51. Yeah good that boy is finally going to la liga. He will meet the fate of all the staa that finish at the madrid club. Let the chap ask becks.
    that boy thot he was king of england. he will be lucky to even score fifteen goals.
    good we wont be seeing that funny hair that ressembles a wet rat!

  52. cr7 is hated in england cuz of dt altercation at d 2006 world cup.2 bad u pple dnt kno without foreigners ur league is crap.who do u gat?? is it walcot? oh please.A player brought d light bac 2 d epl.who dizzied defenders,scored goals wiv evry bone in his body.i bet u wish he wz english.he’s 5timz better dan any english player in history.gerrard is a diver 2 bt no1 talks bout dat.u pple r racists.hw i wish u cn gt all d foreigners out n c hw crappy ur epl wil be.U h8 ronaldo cuz u didnt hav a team gud enuf 2 beat a weakened portugal.Farewell cr7.u r 1 heck of a player

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