A comment on Arsenal transfers and signings

A few people have asked me recently why I haven’t been covering any Arsenal transfer news or speculation on a day-to-day basis since the end of the season.

There are three reasons.

The first is that I find transfer speculation immensely tedious and frustrating to both follow and write about. One day you’re linked to one random player, the next a completely different one. It’s boring, it forces me to read papers I have no interest in supporting and it is ultimately a waste of time and energy.


The second is that I’m quite enjoying my break from heavy blogging. Nobody pays me to run this blog, I make only a tiny bit of money from AFCB t-shirt sales (thanks to everybody who has supported by purchasing, for those that would like to you can do so here) and just like any activity that takes up a lot of time and energy, a good, refreshing break is always necessary.

The third reason is that, on an impulse, I decided to follow the 2011 Women’s World Cup. In fact, I started a feature on my other blog — Football Nomad — and have been posting articles about the tournament in a bid to promote the women’s game. It’s been an enjoyable tournament so far and if you’re a bit like me, tired and weary from a long season of Arsenal, it’s a perfect refresher for the new season.

Follow the 2011 Women's World Cup

So that should clarify things for you. I’ll have the final two season review articles up relatively soon (focusing on the goalkeepers and, as MANY people have requested, the manager) but in the meantime, enjoy the sunshine.

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  1. ok, its fine. no transfer rumor blogs, though i like to hear about kind of players we need and who in not needed here. and i agree most transfer rumors, especially tabloid n papers one are tedious n boring.
    But come on, theres just been UEFA U-21 euro champ just ended, U-17 world cup going on and Copa America starts today … we can have fun wondering which players from there we need !! its exicting.
    sure enjoy the wwc .. but frankly i dun want to read about wwc on a Arsenals blog. Really looking for inside picks what going on in Emirates. Are we getting any exciting ones on the pitch next season. hope we dont slip up again next season.
    and sure, enjoy ur time, chill.

  2. three thumbs up. leave to transfer goddip to the “professionals” like goal.com etc.
    enjoy your break andy. look forward to reading when we’ve actually made some signings…

  3. The beaks of those “wolves” on the Board of Arsenal FC must be flooding with saliva right now – in anticipation of feasting on proceeds from the auctioning of Fabregas, Clichy, Nasri etc. By 31st August 2011, Mr. Arsene “the- profit-maker” Wenger will have more than enough for them to “eat”. He is typically recruiting more kids – Carl Jenkinson, Oxylade Chamberlain etc to groom and sell when they peak in 2014. What a “brilliant” manager and “ambitious” Board! Mean time, the likes of Nasri, Fabregas and Clichy will have improved trophy prospects at their respective new clubs. What is Robin Van Persie (running out of time for trophies) waiting for?

  4. I’m sure Fabragas still has quite a lot of feelings for this club so why not stay with us for another season with agreement from Barcs.?.Meanwhile their midfield will be a little older by then and he may not have to sit on the bench.
    Methinks this would certainly cushion the blow of Nasri leaving and put a spring in our steps,.summer, autumn, winter, as well……

  5. @ nafees – You won’t have to read about the WWC on an Arsenal blog. You can read it over on Football Nomad, not here. Just thought you might be interested to look at something else I’ve been working on. If not, no problem, but others in the community definitely are.

  6. @ Moses – Your comment is a particular example of why I don’t like to write blogs during transfer season. You’re talking about profit-making and the board being money hungry over three players that have not been confirmed as leaving, signings that also have not been confirmed and making conclusions based on speculation. It’s just a waste of time and energy, as I mentioned in the post.

  7. Agreed with you Andy. Transfer spec is stupid and it’s obvious the anit arsenal media in Britian are doing the full rounds. Have you noticed how hat the media is reporting exactly the opposite of what the fans want (or the media think they want)? Most fans want Cesc and Nasri to stay, while Clichy also has a large group of followers, and for those players a “new” story pops up every day about the inevitability of their departure. On the other hand, many fans would actually like to see Denilson go and, quelle surprise, we get stories that he is not going anywhere. More doom and gloom for Arsenal. Have the media actually reported any positive news in relation to Arsenal?
    For the record, I expect both Cesc and Nasri to stay. Clichy might be more difficult, but I really hope he does stay. For Denilson I don’t mind either way; I think he is a good backup, but I think someone from the youth programme will be able to take over his place.

    Speaking of youth, someone (again, I don’t remember who) commented on the tactical genius of Ferguson for bringing in youth – although Young sounds young but isn’t – while Wenger gets vilified for bringing in young players into the first team. Is this because we developed those young players ourselves instead of spending 15-20 million (per player) on largely unproven youngsters?

    Finally, there was a comment that Arsene is failing because he didn’t sign anyone yet. But are you aware that both Chelsea and ManCity have not signed any new players either. In fact, I only recall ManU and Liverpool having made a number of signings. Does this mean that every other club is beginning next season with the same 25 players? Will they all be doomed to fail in 2011-12?
    You know, I actually looked up the signings of all the Premier League teams so far. So courtesy of http://soccernet.espn.go.com/transfers/transfer/_/leagueId/23/year/2011/month/6/barclays-premier-league?cc=5739 we have the following signings so far:
    – Sunderland: 6 (2 free)
    – ManU: 3
    – Newcastle: 2 (1 free)
    – Wolves: 2 (1 free)
    – Arsenal: 1
    – Liverpool: 1
    – Norwich: 1
    – Swansea: 1
    – Tottenham: 1 (free)
    – West Brom: 1
    Ten clubs have made signings so far, Sunderland by far the most. Ergo, half the EPL clubs have made no signings so far, including Chelsea and ManCity. Do you think they will stand idle until competion kicks off? I don’t think so and neither do I think Arsene will. There are still two months until the transfer window closes and six weeks until the competition starts. Still plenty of time to get players in and if within the next two, three weeks also plenty of time for the new players to adapt to life at Arsenal. Saying this, I do dread two more months of Cesc to Barca rumours though.

  8. Ongbak – Don’t you think that with the urgency of our situation – after two or three seasons of transfer neglect from Wenger – that he would have been out of the starting blocks EARLY ? Instead of waiting till the last minute of the window ( as he always does ), that he would seek to secure the signings of the QUALITY players we need BEFORE the other clubs snap them up ? While Wenger dithers and quibbles over paying an extra half a million here and there, the other clubs will be getting their targets signed up promptly.
    We’ll be left with the scraps from the table. The leftovers. So yes, the other clubs haven’t signed many yet. But you’re overlooking the fact that they already HAVE strong teams. We don’t. So our position is far more urgent, and needs to be treated as such. Even more so if we lose Fabregas, Nasri and Clichy.
    Our gutless manager and board need to show real ambition and intent, and pay what it takes to secure the personnel we need. He has plenty of cash . There’s no excuse.
    “In Arsene we rust.”

  9. Amen Andy.

    I try an enforce a strict ‘bullsh*t media’ ban on myself during the off-season..

    “Try” being the key word.

  10. @ Spectrum – The European transfer window opened today. I don’t think he’ll be able to cut multiple deals in a day or so. Gervinho’s coming though.

  11. Can someone tell me what the hell Almunia, Deneilson, and the so called dead wood is still doing at arsenal. I made a bet that there will be no significant ins and outs at arsenal
    as wenger continue to outsmart the fans.

    People can say all they want I DONT CARE the problem at ARSENAL is undoubtedly wenger this season will confirm this point for sure………………………….

  12. @andy i have been watch much of the the women’s world cup and can see the standards have improved, i believe Japan or Germany will win it. Japan remind me of Barcelona the way they zip the ball round. Why is woman’s footy not so popular in this country and why do you think its advertised so little.

  13. Why are arsenal supporters who make negative comments about their team classed as Arsenal haters. Do they have to see every situation in the way you consider it should be viewed. What is democratic about that, this is not a dictatorship, its a view point about a topic that can have many versions or opinions. Why the “your either with us or against us” mentality? I can say my team are poor or crap or even shit at times or at all times. but still remain a hammer.
    By the way im also watching the undr 17’s comp and am hoping Wenger has his team looking at Souleymane Coulibaly. Has anyone seen him perform.

  14. @vcc, there are a few but Wenger cant make his mind up about the 1.3m asking price. Also he wont spend the money on incorporating a sep changing room for the op gender.

  15. @ice

    how come you spend so much time on an arsenal blog when you are an iron? not being unfriendly – have always had a soft spot for the ‘ammers cos thy always had a certain style about them. Was just wondering – are the WHU blogs too depressing lately?!

    Re the transfer stuff – its standard fodder for the tabloids at this time of year fed by the football industry cos they need the publicity year round to keep generating the revenue.
    Trouble for us is that all the rumours around us are about players we don’t want to leave leaving and players we do want to leave not leaving!

    Not really intereted in the WWC – sorry for that although those German players are HOT! Much more interested in the Copa America and some possible transfer targets. And whether Messi can finally show his Barca form for the Argies.

  16. congratulations to bergkamp on getting the assistants job at ajax!
    it would be great to see him take over at arsenal one day,in the future,after wenger retires.and all of those post 2000 fans have moved on to manchester utd.

  17. Hi Drew,Hi all,
    Back from my wife’s family re-union in North Dakota. Weird scene dudes no lie.
    Anyway, extra thanks for getting this up. The player ratings were fair and well done but to be honest, I just don’t enjoy thinking on last season much so I avoid it whenever possible. Hope we keep gael and our captain. I’ll understand if they go but it will be a hard way emotionally to start the season although I guess they’ll be off the hook. As far as Nasri he can stay or go as he pleases. Talent is just a commodity if there’s no loyalty involved and I’m sure the shirt means a lot more to me then him so let the bidding begin.
    I’m really more concerned about changes at the back ie. signing another quality CB to complement and rest Vermaelen,Johann and Kos. I noticed however that Denilson,Almunia and some other very dry kindling are still around so I guess the real dealing doesn’t start until this week.
    Thanks again Drew. @gruggy the surf is up dude if your’e up in our half please post it .
    Later gators.

  18. I understand why you don’t Wright about possible transfers ,but we need we need hope and wenger isn’t giving us any hope at all. New signings is a must and we need to be kept informed so do your reviews on the ARSENAL and if you hear anything solid let us know bless

  19. spot on Andrew. the press becomes even more of a joke during this period. he only positive story so far is that Nasri might actually leave – over-hyped as a talent in my opinion – too inconsistent to be a great player so lets make some money on him and try someone else?

  20. We dont know who’s stayin or who’s leaving

    Why do we have to suffer every summer? 🙁

  21. @terry, ive only lately started looking on this site again and i frequently visit most of the london club blog. My interest began with Arsenal after Thierry Henry joined your club as you began to play an attractive brand of football which was far superior to the hammers. Also until 1 month ago my 15 year old was a member of your Hale end football academy. He was there since he was 8, sad i know but life goes on, he already has had 2-3 offers from other clubs. You see im a lover of football first a hammer second and a fan of good exciting football 3rd. By the way Terry depressing is not a strong enough discription, i would say f###ing suicidal to rarse! Never mind Big Sam will get us back….the only thing is i will have to suffer a little neck problem. Whats wrong with long ball anyway.

  22. @terry, ive only lately started looking on this site again and i frequently visit most of the london club blog. My interest began with Arsenal after Thierry Henry joined your club as you began to play an attractive brand of football which was far superior to the hammers. Also until 1 month ago my 15 year old was a member of your Hale end football academy. He was there since he was 8, sad i know but life goes on, he already has had 2-3 offers from other clubs. You see im a lover of football first a hammer second and a fan of good exciting football 3rd. By the way Terry depressing is not a strong enough discription, i would say f###ing suicidal to rarse! Never mind Big Sam will get us back….the only thing is i will have to suffer a little neck problem. Whats wrong with long ball anyway. Sorry long pass

  23. @zulu gooner, i know in truth it must hurt mate…but come on…” Nasri over hyped”! Lets make some money on him and try someone else. Like who?…Gervinho.The man (Nasri) is a baller star…. a magician. If he did not pick up the injury during the second half of the season he might have been player of the year. I feel he could fit into any of the top four teams in the prem….even Westham. I can admit he might seem not to be showing loyality but dont allow your emotions to shadow your judgement on how good he is. Why would man u want him?

  24. By the way @terry, in the very near future look out for Tuba akpom, Jack Jebb and Austin Lipman. All Talented young Arsenal (English) players that Brady is very excited about.

  25. Arsene Wenger will forever be cheap skate. We need sheer quality. We need players with champion League experience. We need tough heads and to get all these, we first need Wenger to be ‘transfer listed’ =D

  26. G’day Ice. Good luck to your young bloke. hope he makes it. Although I hope it’s not with Spuds! Thanks for the heads up about hte future prospect. If nothing else Wenger has laid some pretty solid foundations by the sounds of things. maybe some people should not judge him on the last two or three season alone. I don’t know how old you are but my memories as a young lad living in London was that Arsenal were crap and West Ham always played good fotball. I was at Wembley when Brooking scored with a header against us to win the FA Cup – thebastard! he never score with his head in his life before that! hope you bounce back up straight away.

  27. Mr.Wenger don’t let your players out. But let cesc out. and buy another wolrd class palyer..’money is for nothing’

  28. Looks like Clichy is on his way to ManCity. I don’t normally believe rumours but this seems genuine. I thank Clichy for his years of service and his dignified behaviour during this transfer. I know a lot of people will be happy to see him go but I think we’ll struggle to replace him properly. ManCity’s more defensive set up should suit him better and I predict he will be in the Team of the year for next season. His numbers are up there with the best left Backs in the world, and I think his flaws are mainly down to him being overworked and exposed in our system. Sad to see the last invincible go. Goodbye Clichy.

  29. am still lookingoooh, i swear if i dont see any trophey nxt season, i will kill wenger and go to jail or even die.

  30. Whose Gunneraboss? comment 29
    If wenger looses NaSri, we would have lost a real gem? Why cant he pay this guy anyways? If he was up for like 30mil, who would care? If we dont keep him, we still loose. He is used to our system already, do we want to win trophies or do we want to build again? Loosing Fabs and clichy would be trouble already, but what do we want this season? Now, word is he wants Valbuena as replacement. We definitely NEED world class replacements. This is no time to be shrewd. Shrewd is buying Nuri Sahin for peanuts

  31. Officially Clichy left for City. Hope Wenger replace him with someone better. Let say, Baines?

  32. So it is official. Clichy has moved on to City. Clichy was good to us, and did Arsenal good. Good luck for the future Clichy.

    I wander if we could pick up Cahill and Samba. I would like Scott Parker too, but I’m not sure where exactly he would sit if we did have Cahill and Samba. I dont see movement on Samba though, his club look intent on retaining his services for at least one more season.
    Does anyone think Tevez could be player at Arsenal? I just saw that he wants to leave City. I don’t really want him at Arsenal, but anyone have thoughts on that?

    And I think it’s fair on Mr. Weber not to have to write about the transfer speculation. After all, writing about it is like painting a fly in thick fog, it’s very close to impossible to know where it’s going and whether or not it’s supposed to even be there. I look forward to a season of great blogging in the near future. I might not be available until Christmas because of my High School Certificate (HSC) exams. Hopefully I’ll have a cheerful Arsenal season to return upon.

    Until then, take care all, happy blogging and good luck Arsenal.

  33. @J.D

    If we believe the hype (which is entering some very dangerous territory), Arsene is unwilling to match Nasri’s wage demands. Which are reported to be less than 100K. Tevez’s wage would well be in excess of 100K a year, something which will be a hurdle for all reported suitors. Not just Arsenal.

    In my opinion, Tevez is the most consistent striker in the league. One of the best in the world maybe. But Arsenal have a better chance of replacing Clichy with Gareth Bale than signing Tevez.

    Good luck with the HSC and trials dude. It’s been a few years since I did mine, but I still remember the pain. I wouldn’t mind something to fill in the time during my Uni holidays though. Even if it was HSC study! I spend far too much time reading garbage transfer rumours.

  34. Well Well Well !!!! A new season beckon and we are just were we started from an Arsenal perspective. All the rubbish players are still here, Are you surprised????.
    Some even looking for coaching roles at the club, the question I ask myself why would some of these players leave a club that rewards rubbish or in other words you play rubbish consistently and still make the bench and if thats not bad enough get paid big wages.
    Most people seem to have the notion that its the boards fault because they don’t give wenger enough money, and i just can see this, why keep a manager who you do not back.
    The problem is surley Webger and his idealistic ways, and get this, he would not change.I remenber last season that a lot of you on this same blog kept saying he knows what the problems are and he will fix them for sure this season, has he??? or what is he waiting for. Deneilson even said that wenger does not even know what the problem are, and from where i sit it looks that way.

    Alvarez seem to be going to Inter, and i don’t blame him, why would any agent encourage his player to go to Arsenal, may be if they are the only ones enquiring and there are no SHEEP then OK but as long as there is competition NOway. We don’t win SHIT and don’t Buy big (note my words “Buy BIg”) But yet we have a very Huge wage bill, What sense those that make, where is the logic????, if my goal is to save money, how could my wage bill be so high when i spend very little. And for the record any club that Arsenal do business with should get full value for their players because we want full value for ours.
    But early days yet and nomore can people come here AS USUAL making excuses about tranfer window being closed in Europe, its open now for sure, wenger is keeping his cards close to his chest and waiting for people to make a move, that idiot

    Clichy has left and i really question the people up at City, have they seen clichy for the last 2 to 3 season ????, for me he brings out this fail philosophy of wengers, at an age when he should be at the peak of his powers he has regressed a lot

    now our great manager will bring some rubbish player in, our defense is really poor
    why have we not bought a defender as yet, Why wait???????. A lot of people here seem to think Vamerlyn is the savior BUT for me he is no different to what we have cause he played the season before last and we shipped goals as well so new blood is needed.

    thank god for wilshire he is the only bright spot from the past, hope he continues to improve and not fall away likre the others.

    Wenger your time will come for sure as day follow night because your fulll of SH*T!!!!

  35. End of May : Expect a busy transfer window. We’ll conduct our signings early
    Now: Expect signings at end of July (after Nasri, Fabregas and Clichy are gone)
    End of Sep: A ‘hungry’ Denilson, ‘revitalised’ Almunia and ‘mature’ Diaby are like new signings. Btw we nearly signed Cristiano Ronaldo, Messi and just missed out on Colonel Gaddafi by 500k.
    End of Apr 2012 (after the team crumbles in the league and gets booted out of the CL): Judge me in May. I’ll take 2nd place for the next 20 yrs. 4th place is a trophy. We’re top of the mini-league and therefore its like a trophy.


  36. Mr wenger, u need to understand that football is all about winning trophies not money making. Let fabregas go and make sure u keep hold on Samir. Sign world class players and win trophies. Goodluck. Gunners for life

  37. Transfers aside for a minute, could someone explain the Arsenal Philosophy to me? Aims, goals, objectives, long term plans, financial perspective etc.
    And then for a laugh, what the Arsenal Philosopy looks like from a non-Arsenal supporter, say a Yid.
    I’ll start From Us: To be the most financially stable club in the world (surely we deserve a trophy for this?).
    From a Yid: If Arsenal were a man, he may need Viagra because the desire is there but the ability is not.

  38. @terry, i was born in east london hackney in 65 started following the ammers in 70. Have some memories of clive best or is it clide best. Why was e always carrying so much timber. Brooking was a gentleman, no wander the fa gave im the job.
    @shard on clichy, your spot on mate. I never understand it when certain supporters slag off players by saying their crap when they are about to leave the club. I would gladly pay 18ml for im.
    VCC, what do you mean “U on who”
    Realistic, its like a repeating bad dream, ground hog year.
    Can someone tell me what sort of money is the Arsenal players on, I cant see how it can be so high if wenger seems to let them go so cheaply.

  39. @Kel

    That’s the spirit! Season still a month away and you’re off already! What do you do for a hobby – eat babies or something? Could you not get your own Arsene My Arse blog or something? I am sure you will get lots of fellow disgruntled fans to enjoy your positive spin on things.

    I of course am looking forward to our Champions League play off line up of Almunia, Eboue, Squillaci, Koscielny, Traore, Denilson, Rosicky, Diaby, Chamkh, Bendtner and Vela. What a line up!

    Oh, hang on you may have a point then…(insert smiley icon here).

    Nah, we’ll be right. I think we are going to finally break through this season.

    Terry the Eternal Optimist.

  40. Nice one Terry, except, you included Kos and Eboue who are not so bad. They will certainly look bad when played alongside the waste pipes u mentioned.
    Can we let Nasri leave amd grab Arturo Vidal from Leverkusen, he is doing quite well in the copa america so far.If we even let anyone else leabe, then, we will not be showing any intent. Players dont wanna leave Madrid except they are for ed to. Do u know how many star players are gonna be redundant for them this coming season.?
    Boss out

  41. Armand will cover for Clichy no problem there. Liverpool tickets in asia is almost sold out despite Gerrards’ injury. Arsenal and Chelsea have trouble filling up the 80k+ seater stadium in Malaysia though.

    Liverpool mates are renting a bus to go to KL, such festivity of football.

  42. http://www.metro.co.uk/sport/football/868345-arsenal-lose-ricardo-alvarez-to-inter-milan-over-1-7million
    This stuff doesnt make me angry anymore, its been going on for years and Iv been sayin it for years to the point of being blue in the face, we are useless at getting deals done since Dein left.
    Im not even angry at the deceiving manager and lying inadequate board anymore, its the fans who still dont get that their being fooled and dont want more for the club that gets my blood boiling.
    Wenger has lied for going on four seasons now about knowing what had to be done in the summer, he says it in may when all the fans are dissapointed and dissillusioned and the majority gobble it up saying in june ‘wait til the window opens u doom and gloomer!’…….then comes ‘its only july, the windows still open for a month you Arsene hater!’….it comes and goes and then the hard luck stories come out about clubs wanting us to pay over the odds and how we could have signed Messi, Ronaldo etc, etc when they were kids…………..then we hear how much Diaby and co has improved since his holiday and this is usually followed by a judge me at the end of the season statement that again gets swallowed by the ‘faithful’ and the season of all too familiar anguish and under-acheivement begins again with the only winners being the money men upstairs.
    You can fool alot of sheep fans Wenger but you cant fool the players. Ahsley Cole,Flamini, Merida, Hleb, Henry, Clichy, Toure, Adebayour, and soon to be Cesc and Nasri have all left to win ‘trophies’, that and they just dont believe what Wenger is selling you and me because they train with Diaby, Denilson, Almunia, Eboue, Bentdner, Squillachi, Koscielny, etc, etc everyday and they know the story, and no doubt they too have been lied to by Wenger and the board the last time they signed a contract when they were told quality signings would be made.
    What must RvP and Wilshere be thinking watching all this, they were told, like we were, it would be a busy summer, yet it seems there will be more heading for the exit doors than are being recruited.
    Typical Arsenal, doing it arseways, selling before replacing which could appease the fans or more importantly the remaining important quality players we have left. But Wenger doesnt care about this, he is so deluded and detached that he cant even make a statement about what is happening, it can be as vague as he would like it but for christsake give us something, every season is torture and now every summer is torture, strung out torture.
    It would be nice to just once, just once beat a big club to an exciting talent, and for the sake of and extra couple of million who here would think badly of it?
    At least I know now what we are, were the best feeder club in the world, pity that many of the players we let go are near the end of their contracts or leave for free, after years of making their mistakes here and learning their trade at our fans emotional and literal EXPENSE, they now go on to play somewhere else with their skills honed and entering their peak years.
    Someone tell me where the sense is in Wengers philosophy of buying young, overpaying and then being left powerless when they turn around and tell you they want to leave, wheres the sense of suffering for years lacking mental and physical strength and experience to then lose these players when they have just come to terms with these attributes?
    I just cant get my head around how so many have stomached it for so long, but dont be surprised this autumn when blocks of seats are empty Mr. Wenger and Mr Gazidis….we are a joke outside our club, we have not one but TWO wealthy investors in SILENT Stan and Ushmanov yet we cant pay the wages our best want or we cant buy before selling. Once again the team we are supposed to be chasing have gone out and done their business early, quickly and efficiently, adding Phil Jones to the Smalling capture
    they got from under our noses, and who could blame them for choosing as they did, right now its a piss easy decision. Its also easy and LAZY to go try signing players no-one else is interested in Mr Wenger, Chamakh last year……PSG and Newcastle are also interested in Gervinho….ooooooooohhhhhhhh lets hope we get him!
    Its outrageous what the men in charge of the running of this club are getting away with and Lady Nina Breacewell- Smiths comments re-inforce that.

  43. I’m kinda disappointing with the news of Alvarez to Inter but come to think of it, rumours regarding Arsenal will never come true except for the Gervinho though. So I guess don’t listen to any rumours come from the media out there regarding Arsenal. Wenger loves to do business quietly.

    I am one of the fan who already bought the Arsenal Tour ticket in Malaysia. I was afraid because I thought all the tickets would be sold out fast but I’m wrong. This is the third time Chelsea come to Malaysia in recent years so I can understand but on Arsenal. I suspect the lack of promotion and lack of new faces means the fans here is kinda upset with that.

  44. Arsen wenger is unparalled when choosing best players. But what made him fincially short limbed? That is over my head, that makes me skeptical of any new signing even this season. Yet arsenal will suffer vulnerability from trophy drought.

  45. @shambo, man u should write for one of the news papers, i couldn’t have put it better myself. Who do you think is really in charge of the money @ your club. I just cant understand why Arsenal would not pay it. The club might soon become a laughing stock.

  46. @shambo, you realise you’re quoting The Metro…I mean, hardly the most trustworthy source at the best of times.

  47. fabrigas should leave, why hold onto a player whos heart aint with team no more sell him, cash in, and get few qaulity players, atleast 2 for each position. dont have a issue with youth coming through the ranks ect, but Wenger should realise experience is needed if we wana challenge for 8-10months a season and with a club like Arsenal thats involved in most competitions we need some of that Most wanted experience. Com’n Wenger buy some good players WE have faith in you to atleast bring us a trophy this year.

  48. Wenger looks like he was having a blast. Wish I was there, slide looks fun, maybe a little push at Arsene’s back when he’s not looking to start a game of catch on the yacht. Oh that willy old fox looks so happy :p

  49. @darragh, they have been for the last 5 years! At least more “trustworthy” than Wenger. Are you saying you disagree with everything shambo has said and none of it has happened, if so which part of the last few years are not true, which bits do you not recognise. As a footy fan im truely interested. I even willing to say i appologis if i have interpreted it incorrectly.

  50. Season after season, week after week, month after month, Cup after Cup, run-in after run-in I stay glued to the TV or computer alternately surmounted by euphoria or equally often pummeled into an abyss of despair. Where does this Gooner addiction come from and what are its consequences?

    Take right now for example…I can’t decide whether Clichy sauntering over to our Northern reserve club for a mere 7M sterling , is a good thing or a bad thing. Is it possible that its both? I mean everything about the Arsenal lately is ambiguous, debatable, uncertain, fluid, like quicksand. With this dichotomy comes a certain instability and loss of focus….I am losing touch with the Arsenal reality and like a bi-polar individual, feeling moments of etheral bliss and the next moment plumbing depths even the most ardent Gloomy-doomy Gooners fail to reach.

    Let me give you a perfect example; watching the Arsenal overcome a clearly superior Barcelona team at the Emirates last season was the equivalent of a perfect hit for a meth addict or better still, like a night out with Pamela Anderson with no holds barred(if you’re reading this and are a female Gooner-choose your dream date or gender) but watching the Barcodes, with the able assistance of the referee, come back in a game they should have been out of after 45 minutes, was the equivalent of swallowing a gallon of petrol , shoving a lit match up your nose and sneezing (please do NOT try this at home)!

    I have come to the forlorn conclusion that I am an Arsenaloholic, the definition of which is as follows. A deluded and often shambolic individual, of either gender and undefined age (but must be over 6months ), with minimal ambition (other than AFC winning silverware), no fixed address (since I troll from pub to my mates’ sofas and am rarely home), little to recommend him or her other than a new Gunners kit every year and a pathetic, ceaseless hope that the light at the end of the tunnel (the one leading to the Emirates) isn’t another runaway train!

    I can’t get enough of the Club, the history, the potential glory, the moments of sheer delirium like our humbling of Real and AC Milan and the aforementioned finger we gave Barca, the killing ground that most blogs have become, the elegance of everything Arsenal, the media scum dissing our Club everywhere and anywhere they can, the three-ring circus that is the Barca-Cesc saga every year, the groans coming from La Cantera (Barca) as we sweep another under 17 talent from their doorstep, the divine one-touch Football, the Spuds Derbies, the MOTD morons, and so on.

    This dependence on my Arsenal fix, currently being met by pseudo-intelligent rumours and spurious speculations of summer madness, like Methadone supposedly alleviates a coke addict’s need, is maintaining my mental equilibrium just marginally. THANK God that in an other week I’ll get to see the boys in Red & White amble onto the steppes and rice paddies of Asia to confront their hosts best 11. Frankly I’d be satisfied if they toured Cheltenham wearing busker costumes and kicking a recently decapitated Spuds skull around against a pickup team of retired Aussie cricketers….cricketers, what a dreadful thought!

    My spouse, who long ago abandoned any hope of a cure for my affliction, has (perhaps sarcastically?) suggested that I find a real hobby like gardening, swimming and/or lawn-bowling. I did once try all of these but the lifeguard wouldn’t let me take my trowel and bowls into the pool.

    Such is life, but on a brighter note, my shrink tells me that her husband is a Spuds fan and that, with significant medication, regular shock treatments and the employment of elephant sized suppositories, she has been able to, on occasion, actually recognize his speech as English and increase his IQ to match his age (45)! There but for the grace of Wenger and Gazidis, go I!

    Thankfully and mercifully I have joined a self-help group sponsored by the EPL and the Septic Blatter Foundation for severely disturbed Football fans where we watch videos of Platini and Jack Warner performing unspeakable acts on wax figures of our current FA Board-members, all the while screaming out phrases like Fairplay and Corruption…what Corruption? This therapy, commonly known as bizarre rehabilitation and turgid supplication (BRATS) seems to be having some effect. My wife tells me, in my few moments of lucidity, that I now no longer wake up screaming ¨Buy,Buy you French fop¨ or ¨ Oh Foot ,oh Ball I hear thy call¨ and that at work, my mates have noticed a marked decline in my tendency to wear an arsenal shirt with a tie.

    There is definitely a light at the end of the tunnel, now if I could only figure out how I got into this tunnel in the first place?????

    Don McMahon

  51. @Don,

    “Such is life, but on a brighter note, my shrink tells me that her husband is a Spuds fan and that, with significant medication, regular shock treatments and the employment of elephant sized suppositories, she has been able to, on occasion, actually recognize his speech as English and increase his IQ to match his age (45)! There but for the grace of Wenger and Gazidis, go I!”

    Funny lad!

  52. Well, we are all a bunch of very unhappy bunnies! A lot of you make some good, succinct points, Andy your the voice of reason as usual but the overwhelming emotion seems to be sheer frustration! Among the Arsenal fans I go to matches with and watch games in the pub, the anti-Wenger faction is growing. I think last seasons “mental toughness” and “we don’t need to sign anyone as we have strength in depth in our squad” statements have rankled. Just about every fan and forum I came across last season were all pointing out the same deficencies and, to Arsene’s credit, he did address the issue and said that we would be making signings and strengthening the squad. I guess the frustration stems from the fact our rivals are all active in the transfer market, buying, and we appear to be selling our best players. I’m with you Andy, I’m going to be patient and then if nothing happens then I’ll be wailing and gnashing my teeth and ordering taxi for Wenger as I normally write into this blog!

  53. and yet according to the BBC, Times and Telegraph – United have bid £20 million pounds. Sky said he was on the way to City 8 days ago – the Guardian say a bid has been turned down – Star says he has demanded a move, the now dead NOTW say United have asked and will get him – basically everyone is throwing a dart and hope they hit the target – at the same time getting everyone watching their channel and buying their papers. Only time will tell and Sky have so far been unusually inaccurate so far this transfer window. Oh I haven’t even started on Sanchez!!!

  54. hello my arsenal family …. so i got sleepless nights waiting for a new face to come in.. so looking at the arsenal websit. Arsène words are…’We are working long nights to sign players’…. i was really happy when i saw this… “Let’s hope we can bring in one or two more additions of top quality.” …. nooo not one or 2..4 new faces need to come in.. p.s can someone give me one reason why i should renew my membership
    or even pay for a season ticket …… in arsene we trust so that mean anything any more?????? i wonder

  55. If he doesnt pay NaSri the money, he should leave. With Diaby and Denilson earning 60mill/week, Alminia on 50mill/week, why should this guy be playing or toying with our emotions this way? If I were Wenger, I would quickly get Samba. Are we even serious at all, if there’s no competition for places, how do we expect to get the best out of the players? Loosing Alvarez to Inter does not signify a statement of intent. Even if we got him or any other midfielder, we still have no reason to sell Nasri. MAGREED signs Coentrao + Marcelo, we loose Clichy? Who is the experienced player coming in to replace Clichy? NO NEWS linking us to anyone. We beat Barca means we’re right up there with the best. How come we never go for the best players? Why do we reward idiots with Bogus salaries?
    I feel so sick reading all the rubbish.

  56. wenger’s Quotes
    “Let’s hope we can bring in one or two more additions of top quality. I can understand [the impatience among the fans].”

    If the top quality of which he speaks is MATA then “hell Yeh” But that’s not wenger’s idea of top quality am sure,

    Back to the story

    Was this what we were promised????

    So finally our DECEITFUL manager comes out and says what he plans to do or had planned to do a long time ago.
    @ the back end of last season when we fell apart, which still leaves a bad taste in my mouth, wenger spoke of significant changes and some of you on this very same blog defended him by saying “he knows what the problems are and he will fix them for sure”
    The same team that has collapsed over the last three years still remains and our biggest flaws still remain, What is wenger doing??? is this man Mad???
    And the most worrying of all is wenger claiming that Vermaelen is like a new signing.
    LOL!!! what a joke.
    I am not a big fan of Vermaelen, he is a good player But when he had been present we
    conceded quite a few goals as well, the current defenders are not good enough, i don’t even want to undertake the notation that wenger is planning not to buy a defender, BUT it looks that way, if this defensive area was a real issue to wenger he would have dealt with it already, that’s how he works, he clearly thinks that his current defenders are good enough. Cahill and samba are both begging to come, why wait?? one of them should be going to the far east with us.

    We all like to talk on this blog about making logical quotes, is wenger logical???
    the things he has done in the last 3 to 4 years is it logical, not buying a good defender when we clearly, clearly, clearly need one, is that logical????

    Wenger i have some advice for you, Don’t change anything in the team, go back with the same players from last season, and keep your money in your pocket

    Weneger and the board is full of double standard, they always want to buy other teams players for small fees but sell for big fees.
    Why would valencia sell MATA for 15 Mil, he’s worth a lot more, I’v seen a lot of mata in spain and i dear say he is better that nasri who we want 20 mil for so then mata should be more, 25 to 30 mill (double Standard)

    Wenger you make me sick, sick, sick BUT your playing Russian roulette and law of averages state that you will cut off your own head eventually.

    But what the hell do i know …………………………..

  57. Some of you guys would be a lot happier if you spent a little less time hating on your own club, and hating the others who hate our club. It’s ok to criticise, and it is ok to be emotional while criticising and thus get carried away. But what I don’t get is why people keep bringing up things like ‘we are a joke to the rest of the world’. YOU can criticise all you want, but if the other clubs and their fans, and the media do it, it is the fans’ job to stand by the club. How long has it been since Liverpool won anything? Where are the same headlines we have faced everyday for 2 years now? Barcelona went 6 years without a trophy, without building a new stadium but still needing loans to cover losses. Oh and they finished 6th one year. Where are they now? It is only because they kept patience with their youth structure. Xavi was once called the Cancer of Barca. Maybe they should have kicked him out then eh?

    The point is, a lot of the vitriol is started from the media and simply echoed by the fans. We want trophies, and we all have concerns that this hasn’t happened. Does that mean we throw everything out the window and start over? Will that actually make trophies come faster and more consistently? You can want Wenger out. I don’t. that is just a difference of opinion. What I can’t just accept is that Arsenal fans would rather abuse him. The man is our most succesful manager. He has brought us 2 doubles and an unbeaten season, he has seen us through the building of our new stadium, our new home, and in a period where we have had funds restricted, while the rest of the league just went mad with money, he has managed to keep us competitive. We didn’t win, and our teams have had flaws. Those flaws have often been shined the spotlight on by things beyond our control. If fans would rather turn on the club rather than voice disapproval over the ref calls that we have faced for some years now, then I think I misunderstand the term fans. For all Wenger has done, it is still ok to want him gone. But he has faced and faces enough abuse from the stupid manipulative football media and world at large without Arsenal fans joining in that chorus. How about you sing THAT song at the Emirates because in your opinion he should go. Will that make you happy and proud of this club? Or does pride come only from winning trophies and literally everything else be damned?

  58. Damn straight Shard. Undecided on the last comment though because I’ve always thought of supporting a team as an escape from the grind and winning trophy’s being the ultimate non-sexual orgasm apart from a lottery win.
    As a tongue in cheek: perhaps AW is ‘gunning’ for the Europa Cup 2012/2013.

  59. I have a question
    This is not the first time that someone has used Brac lean period as coverage for ours
    BUT tell me this did Barc keep the same coach????

    Am sure the answer is NO, NO
    They went through about 3 or 4 coaches in that time am dam sure, I’ll get the names for u later.

    So then its not the same, they keep looking for the right combination and when they found Frank Rijkaard they found the missing element.
    What i can’t understand is why blame others for your own short comings if i have an exam and refuse to prepare and i fail i should blame the school and the lecturer, that may be true But the BUCK stops with me..

    We have had bad call from officials BUT tell me which club has not??? I can a lot times time Arsenal benefited from Bad call last You make your own luck not turn up and expect to coast through games with no plan B . When a defender allows an opposing player to out muscle and out smart him in our area its the ref fault!!! SURE When we have one on one with the Goal keeper and we Through it away its the refs Fault!!

    ARSENAL have become a club of excuses and that’s the fact .
    Iv lost all patience with wenger he is a stubborn, idealistic man
    I remember last season when the fans became angry with the results and they interviewed wenger he Plainly said he does not care what anybody thinks and that says it for me.
    People can still want him because of his past record that’s your choice BUT i want him out.
    Because he won some trophies before we should give him the keys to the club to do as he wants go 20 years without a single trophy and we say nothing???
    People say replace him with who?? well using your Barc, who did they replace Rijkaard with PEP from the B team, wenger himself has benefited from being an unknown.

    I know people think am negative BUT when the manager can come out after a season when we had so much defensive problems and say an injured player is like a new signing that is just plain stupid.
    This is my opinion mine and mine alone and to compound this look at the lat five years using the league table Have we improved???? we finish 3rd ant 4th respectively is that improvement???? and a waping 12 points behind UTD
    @ least if we were improving i could have something to hold on to, But noway…………..

  60. @kel

    You missed the point.. I’m not getting into the whole Barca debate again, because that point is restricted to the argument being about trophies only. There are many many other dissimilarities with them and I am not suggesting for one instant that we are on the verge of being the sort of team that Barca is. The point remains that all of those differences whether they be in coaches or how much they spent etc etc, Barca kept faith in their basic system. Something I think Arsenal would be wise to do too.

    But the point of what I said was that you can express your opinion that Wenger go. I never said you can’t say that. But there is a way to express it. And fans have a certain responsibility (or in my case a compulsion) to form a bulwark around the club when it is attacked from outside. If you want Wenger to go, fine. Fair enough. You think someone else can do a better job with what we have and you want Wenger out. That doesn’t justify the ABUSE he faces from Arsenal fans. He doesn’t deserve undying devotion and mindless following – no one does, but the very least he deserves from Arsenal fans is respect.

  61. @Antek

    It’s interesting that you say that. It is entirely alien to me though. I always thought of football fans as miserable lots who go through their entire lives as angry.. At something, anything.. either at their team, or at the referees, or the opposition, or the cold, or the hot dog stand being closed. Basically, following a team through its ups and downs is very very taxing and I never took being a sports fan as a glory thing. I still see it as an escape from reality though, but I feel it is being with the team through the tough times that make the good times all the more enjoyable. But that’s just me I guess.

  62. Oh and kel.. Also, about the refs, you missed the point again. I do think that refs take many more decisions against us than for us, and that we face more of it than certain other clubs, specifically one. But that wasn’t the point. It was about how the fans react to it.

    The Newcastle match was as clear an example of a referee influencing the match in a certain way. Yet, so many Arsenal fans chose to blame ONLY the team (the ref is just an excuse you would say). But lets see how ManU fans reacted to ONE bad decision, which was only about not sending David Luiz off for a second yellow. Leave aside the fact that Rooney’s dive was unpunished, and Nani’s wild tackles were unpunished with a booking too, but let’s say the ref was biased against ManU for that one incident. So he didn’t send one opposition player off. Surely you can beat a team 11 v 11? But all ManU fans reacted with outrage over something so trivial, and the media backs up that claim, and the FA is put under pressure to not let Martin Atkinson referee another ManU game again. Which would also send out a message to other referees to be careful for fear of a media backlash. So which fans are actually helping the team here?

  63. As usual Shard to you i missed the point, You still haven’t answered my question about all the managerial changes Barc had in their Barren years, and this question is very relevant, Becuase if you change the manager that does not always mean the system will, but it would add something different. If people feel this way then promote from with in and send wenger upstairs.

    When you lie to someone should they trust you???

    You want people to respect wenger BUT does he respect the fans, does he really value them????

    For me a person is respected by his/her word, in everything not football alone, so when you promised certain things and totally go back on it soon after how can i respect you.
    I thing wenger has done a tremendous job for Arsenal and i respect all that he has accomplished BUT i think the last 7 seasons have been very hard and for me he should be fired, BUT we all know that won’t happen Because wenger is a very smart man he planned this very well before he got involved, he reasoned that if he keeps the share holders happy then there is noway they would fire him SO in conclusion the Fans don’t count, “Screw them” may be we stand to benefit from this wenger plan 20 years from now i don’t know.

  64. I said why I wouldn’t get into the Barcelona thing. Most people here don’t want me going on and on anyway, and I’d rather not. I was simply trying to make a point about how the fans have been this last season. That is all. the team, it’s failings, comparisions with Barca (trophy barren years apart) were not things I was talking about. Also, I don’t know why you would take whatever is said in press conferences as the truth anyway. Not just for Wenger, but anyone. they aren’t speaking directly to you. There is always an element of posturing in all public statements. In Arsenal’s case it is even more so because we do not conduct ANY business in public, and the media scrutiny and willingness to bash all things Arsenal is unprecedented for a sports team in my view which probably makes Arsenal play their cards even more close to their chest. Frustrating as that can seem, there it is, and I don;t think you can truly claim betrayal on that basis. Oh and if you want an example of a club consistently LYING in its public statements, look no further than Chelsea claiming for the past 5 years that they will break even.

  65. Hi shard,

    About the fans, for me I think the majority of fans have been pretty kind to this underachieving team and manager already. At least we haven’t yet seen widespread abuse from the terrace raining down on Mr Wenger and fans openly calling for his sacking. Aside from the occasional booing after another insipid, dreadful performance, and of course the Eboue fiasco (he lost his mind in that wigan game), I think most fans have been pretty tolerant and civil already.

    On the internet, you do expect things to get a little more heated. Now, like you I don’t condone name calling and mindless abuse, but I’ve read some posts from those who do so, and they do make very valid points in spite of the vitriol. I think to a certain extent, you can’t blame them for the frustration after witnessing the same problems haunt the team after 5, 6 years.

    About the refs: Sure, we’ve faced the brunt of many horrible decisions, but that should not detract from the fact that our football, especially towards the end of the season (same case for the last 3 or 4 years) have been spineless and ponderous. You may argue that the team was demoralised after being on the end of these contentious decisions; but hey, its the manager’s job to instill a winning mentality, and to motivate the team to rise above all those, is it not? I can tolerate us losing because of wrong decisions (I’d rightly slate the referee in those instances); what I find hard to stomach is the lack of fight, passion and attitude that i see in many of the players. And of course, the silly mistakes that have not been eradicated after all these years!

    Now, I sincerely hope I’m wrong, but I do see our club on a slippery slope. Call me a pessimist, but this current board seems to value profit way above sporting achievement. Add to that the total disrespect shown to the fans who pay for the exorbitant ticket prices by the chairman and a manager who makes comments like “I’d take 2nd place for the next twenty years”, and you get a bunch of alienated, angry supporters.

    Lastly, nice goal from one of the greatest Arsenal players ever. How I miss him

  66. To Shard, losing is OK, most football fans would not complain if their team lost, it’s the way their team loses that decides pride or pain. As Realistic put it in No.76 “….lack of fight, passion…..etc” (all management’s responsibility to fix). So yes, I am prepaired to follow my team through the tough times, but most would argue that what we are going through at the moment is not tough times but self-harm inflicted by those on top. No plan B, no discipline and no regard for the supporters. More and more Gooners are becoming discontent. The new stadium was built for revenue. Season tickets are over £1000/season. Match tickets for non-season ticket holders are bordering on extortion, and the cheek to put the prices up! There is a saying about a mountain not coming to some fella, so he must go to the mountain. The game of football has not budged since AW has tried to change it. If I wanted to support a finacially secure team, I should buy myself a Microsoft shirt.
    How’s that Sneijder, wanting £250K/week?

  67. @realistic_gooner

    Hey. How have you been?

    I just wanted to say that the fans haven’t helped the team. The team has flaws and that is very evident. Also, I’d like to say that the reaction has been overboard, mostly fueled by the media, and not by the ticket prices etc. Arsenal is probably the most mentioned club in the media and almost always in negative terms. This filters into everyone’s consciousness and makes us lose some perspective on where this team, and our club actually stands. Even Wenger’s ‘I’ll take this for 20 years’ comment is only repeated in isolation. Look at it in context, and it isn’t the smartest thing to say PR wise, but it isn’t the loser statement it is made out to be. In fact I think our PR department and our policy of not commenting on transfers or rumours or snide insinuations should be reviewed and possibly changed. We make it easy for ourselves to be targeted.

    About the fans at the stadium. The only times I can remember the home fans getting behind the team completely, we won. Barcelona, ManU, Chelsea, and Everton when the referee allowed that ridiculous goal. The players and manager have many times stressed how fantastic the away fans have been throughout the season. I think it makes a difference to how the team performs. Maybe it still won’t be enough and the apathy in the team will still show. I just think fans have gone down a self defeating/self fulfilling path by not supporting/doubting the team when they were still in with a good chance at the title.

    In conclusion, the team has to improve, and not just through signings but in attitude too, but I’d suggest some fans improve their support also. It can only help.

  68. Can we all just wait til the end of the transfer window before we make any more wild judgements please?

    As of today we still have Cesc, we still have Nasri, looks like we may have Gervihno and best news of all we still have Almunia and Bendtner. OK, so that may not be best news.

    But they aren’t on the plane to Malaysia which suggests they won’t be around for too much longer.

    Personally I think Wenger is still our best bet for a bit longer – I think he has earned that much. And I can’t believe he is not going to follow through on his vow to strengthen the defence. If at 31 August he hasn’t then I am prepared to stand corrected.

    I don’t know why I get sucked into this transfer talk. Every day and every site has a different story. It’s 99% bollocks I know but it’s strangely compelling. I just wish the season would start!

    Fantastic goal by the Iceman! Reminds me of one I scored…nah I wish. What a player though. Best signing ever by Rioch! Maybe he should be our next boss hey Kel! Give him a proper go next time.

  69. I know I have the HSC and all…but I just saw this…I don’t think it’s just a rumour but according to Skysports.com Wenger has bid 18million pounds for Downing. What about Juan Mata? He should get him first. Moreover, he should be looking to off-load a few players especially like Squillachi, Eboue, Rosicky and perhaps Diaby. The rest, ie Almunia, Bendtner and Denilson look set to bid adieu. This way, he can pick up the wages for Nasri making it a more attractive contract and focus strongly on keeping the captain too.

    I speak of keeping Fabregas, however it irks me, all this talk of his boyhood club. I wonder whether he should really stay on or not…

    @Shard, I completely agree with your views on fans. The morale boost it gives players is more than a lot of people can understand, but if so many of us claim to be Arsenal faithful, getting behind the team such as the times against Barcelona, Chelsea and Everton would be sufficient backing-up for our claims, right? Arsenal fans are too easily knocked around because the club is repeatedly targeted by the media. A lot of the fans are brainwashed and far too impressionable, which is ridiculous, considering it’s the media. All Arsenal fans need to get behind the team. The team, those still trying, need it. Perhaps that will act as a catalyst to improving the attitude you mentioned. I would personally hope so.

  70. @jay.D/@shard, dont get why you cant just accept what others have to say about why they think Wenger should go or why they believe the team might be performing poorly. You say they should get behind the team, but as far as i can see, they are. They do care but un like you they can’t call chicken shit chicken soup. Arsenal fans arn’t ” easialy knocked around, brainwashed or impressionable” because of the media but because of what they have seen on sky tv or at the Emerates for the past 6 years. Why does Wenger not get behind the supporters by listening to “some” of what they have to say for a change.
    As a hammer, to me it was quite obvious that A Grant was not good enough for the job basically he was shit, crap so the fans said it. This was based on what they had been seeing from their seats at Upton Park or Sky TV. What happened…… we got religated, end of story. They all still follow and support the team. They are supporters.

  71. @JayD

    thank you for not letting me feel that I’m alone in thinking that.. Oh regarding Downing.. I hope to all the heavens above that we aren’t really in for him, but one thing that probably needs to be analysed (I wish I had time to do it) is see how many players we have or plan to have (with Bendtner and Denilson seemingly leaving) that are Homegrown.

    We need to fit 25 over 21 players and have 8 homegrowns. Then we probably at least need to account for one more year to see which of our U21s have to be registered the following year, and shape the squad accordingly. I tried doing it but it’s a hell of a calculation, especially not knowing who will be sold, or what formation we are planning to play etc. Walcott and Gibbs need to be registered this year I think, and with Clichy gone we have already lost one Homegrown player. Makes transfer dealings all the more tougher and much more complicated than even otherwise. So Downing might just be for his Homegrown status.

  72. Hey Ice.. How are you? I haven’t said this to you yet, but commiserations on the Hammers being relegated. I was hoping they would stay up.

    Oh I’m not here to defend Wenger really, even though I think he is the right man for the job.. As I said, it’s a matter of opinion. I just felt the support went missing. Even here you had people declaring we won’t win even when the title was well within reach. I just think that is a self fulfilling prophecy and the team IS affected by it.

    And please don;t take this the wrong way, but Arsenal is subjected to much more media negativity than other clubs in our position. I don’t really expect you to agree with it, or see it, but I would go so far as to call it a fact. I repeat that it is something I have never seen any sports team subjected to. ever.

    Anyway.. good luck with Fat Sam in charge. Hope he can keep you playing some good flowing football.

  73. @shard, thanks for the support mate, but reading the current bun yesterday morn made me feel sick to the back teeth of how cheaply we are letting our players go. I cant understand what the board were up to not sacking that Grant when they had the op. Remember after you stuffed us at ome and Grant tossed his Westham scarf to a fan in the stand. To me that was him saying goodbye to the Doc Martain Upper stand but he remained. Footy is a funny ole game.
    I agree wid you bout the neg from the media for a very short while ago I was listening to one of your explayers slagging of Arsene on Talk Sport radio 1089 MW, but dont you think Wenger brings it all on imself. Im sure even you can see what “type” of player would elp the team to reach its former hights and im not talking bout breaking the bank for these players. You ave more than enough technique, creativity, guile and silky skills in the team but you don’t ave a powerful spine. The nearest you ave to that is Song of 2009/10 season. But Wenger considered that he did not score enough goals which is why he began to venture forward more. I know this for sure because during my sons end of season meeting with L Brady he made this comment about my son using Song as an example because they are similar players. No bull shit. Anyway i ave always considered that Song has far to much defending to do because the rest of the team arnt good enough at that task because of their build.

  74. @shard, Its not Fat Sam its Big Sam, lol.
    Shambo whats appening man, not eard from you for a while. Been watching any of the WWC or COPA America, or u17 WC. Looks like the spuds are after Coulibaly, do you kow if Arsene has any of his scouts out there? What do you think of your new kit.

  75. Most Arsenal fans are quite distressed by the way things are going, I don’t really blame anyone or any sides. We all need an outlet to let out steam…I suggest planking. Its the new form of euphoric meditation.

  76. Wenger on press conference in KL said Gervinho has signed. However he hinted there will be no signing for LB when he mentioned Gibbs, Troure and Vermaelen for that position.

  77. @Ice,

    I think you’re mistaken. See, both Shard and I notice that Arsene has flaws, some major ones too. I think that Arsene does need to amend many things in favour as per some of the fan call-outs. The team have also performed miserably on many occasions, I concede that, otherwise how would we have landed our self in 4th spot in a two-horsed title challenge? Now the flaws of Arsene and the team have been pointed out time and time again by both media and fans. People have the right to get angry and upset over performances and the lack of action taken upon those performances, but I still think, especially at Emirates, the crowd should be much more vocal in their support. People criticise so easily, and many a time, it seems a word for word repetition of the media’s garbage. No I’m not saying the media is always wrong and yes they and all the fans can be right on occasion. For example, the leaky defence. Hell, does that need fixing. More aggression aka shot taking when close to or in the box. Definitely. Some things are very true. However, amongst all these, the positive talk is very small, the positive support, the optimism, it’s not quite common. And on top of that, the atmosphere at the Emirates can get so dull. The fans’ support should emulate the effort some of the players are putting in, such as Jack Wilshere, RVP, Szczesny, Sagna, Vermaelan (although he hasnt had much game time this season), Nasri, Song and even at times, Chamakh. Fabregas too has shone through at times in the season. Those efforts should give voice to the audience. But it doesn’t, which is really sad to see. But see, that kind of support gets the players going. It gives them confidence. It makes them want to do more for you because if they feel wanted, then they’ll perform. There needs to be more support for the team. I’m not saying there isn’t, there just needs to be more. However yes, Arsene should LISTEN to some of the fan call-outs instead of just hearing them. But he has brought us very far and to call for his head isn’t fair, not yet I don’t think.

    @ Shard, Downing has claimed her prefers Liverpool so it seems Liverpool are going to scoop him. But yes, I can see where you’re coming from regarding the homegrown issue. Isn’t Gary Cahill homegrown? And Scott Parker? They’d be excellent buys if you ask me. Do you have any views on any of the links Arsenal has to players? Like Juan Mata? And those players I mentioned above as well as Scott Dann and Samba? I personally don’t want Dann anymore. I’ve been looking at some of his plays and he would definitely not fit the Arsenal mould. I would have like Benzema though. Would have been support for RVP. And what about the dead-wood? Denilson is travelling to Malaysia?!!! I swear, if he is not gone but the end of the transfer window, I will be…angry. Also Rosicky, Diaby, Squillachi and Eboue. It seems like they’re staying which is sad in my view. Off-loading these players would, using the money to up some wages and bring in new faces, definitely keep players like Nasri and wash out doubts of other players. I realise I’ve mentioned this bit on these dead-wood players in my previous post but I’m just trying to get another view on it because it really bothers me.

  78. Rosicky and Squillaci? yep they shud go, Not Diaby and Eboue. We will always need Eboue as a permanent RB, RW back up and I beleive that he is happy with that and very happy to retire at Arsenal. As for Diaby, lots of injuries is what we ve seen so far from him, the slight trailer show he has shown us last season was just a glimpse of what he can really do, to me Diaby could be one of the best dribbler in the 1er League, he is fantastic player.

  79. JayD

    I agree with radads almost word for word regarding the players that should be leaving. However, it seems Rosicky will stay. He said so about a week ago I think. Awfully quiet stuff about Squillaci but I’m guessing he will be moved on once we get a CB in. At the moment we need to create some squad space and Almunia and bendtner reportedly leaving soon might help that.

    About the players we are linked with. I believe I already mentioned Dann as useless before so I’ll be happy if he is not in our sights. Same with Downing actually. My personal preference for CB is Jagielka but I don’t think it will happen. I think Cahill is our primary target now and I think he’s a decent player, but probably is exactly what we need. I’d still pick Samba over him, but the HG rules have to be considered. Mata is a very good player and I hope we get him, but not as a replacement for either Cesc or Nasri, rather an addition.

    Parker would offer much needed cover for Song, but for me our highest priorities are at CB and a striker. My guess is that Gervinho will play on the right flank as he did in Lille, and Walcott may move up front. Because otherwise, all we have in the striker department is Van Persie (injury worry), Chamakh (Africa cup of nations), Gervinho (Africa cup of nations) That is scary, and besides our shots to goals ratio was lower than United’s last season, and I felt that we were missing a proper finisher. Is Walcott that? I don’t know, but I’d rather we bought an Eduardo type of player, and hopefully the Taylors and Shawcross’ of the league will not repeat what happened there. I think Wenger sees Frimpong and perhaps Coquelin too as cover for Song. The pre season games should tell us more about certain players.

    Moving Denilson on will be a problem. His wages apparently are 3 million pounds a year, and since everybody has said he’s junk for like 3 years now, I doubt anybody will be willing to go for him. Perhaps a loan deal away to Spain, or maybe Brazil will happen. I think one way or the other, he will be gone though.

    Oh I missed Benzema. As I said, a striker is actually a priority in my mind. I’m still unsure about Benzema as a player and whether he would fit properly in our side, even though I can surely see the positives here. But at 27 million pounds reportedly, forget it. It won’t happen. Even if his transfer price is brought down, his salary will be beyond our pay structure. Mata is probably the most realistic of the exciting rumours right now. Let’s see what happens. I’m just glad that we’ll have some games to watch in 2 days.

  80. Hi guys. I lost all the hope and words .Will only comment if i see real signings in our team.Otherwise we may engage ourselves in a dogfight for Europa next season.

  81. Hey ice, hows all with you dude?
    Laptops on d blink so im on the phone from now on so no more long winded posts from me….i thinks its gods way of giving me an intervention, hopefully it will work and i wont go on a rampage when wenger once again signs no proven quality.
    Great shout about the young ivory coast kid though i cant see us signing him.
    I can see us signing mertesacker and maybe cahill and that will be it because wengers knows there will be nothing about it and that fans will just be yearning for the league to kick off with falsr hopes of lifting the title in may…sad to say i can see us keepin the deadwood aswel….top four will be a miracle next year

  82. Totally agree. Most of this tranfers rumour blogs are totally boring. otherwise it’s good to know, which player is coming or leaving. just want to hear about any new transfer, if chuck norris is joining our team. @delano Gervinho symbolizes a real singing

  83. For the sake of football, we should retire Arsenal Wenger.Wenger better sign quality players or fuck off.Gervinho looks like an Arsenal player of 6-7 years ago.The problem is not our players,the problem is Wenger himself.He has eyes but he cant see

  84. For Arsenal to be successful in the coming season, the manager, Arsene w. has to make a major, I repeat, major attitude adjustment. He had been very passive, lack decisiveness waiting till the last moment to take action during games and during off-season. I am not only referring to his reluctance to acquire key players this summer, which is by itself totally mindless, but his overall coaching ability during the last season. Arsenals failure to miss out winning a cup last season 80% of the fault was A.W. His lack ability to assess opponent teams and prepare his team accordingly was his chronic failure shown game after game. I am not surprised good players want to leave the club I am surprise by the ones who are not looking for a way out. mark my word AW will not sign not even one quality player this summer. He will be comfortable if the team remain in the top 5. Dear A.W. I like you as a person but your coaching could use some renovation. When your team leads on a match by a goal or two, then is when you need to strength your squad to add more goals not the reverse. Please, sign players now and it is OK to pay slightly higher for a worthy player. Think about the loyal Arsenal fans consider your self very lucky to have such understanding fan base. Well, that was my opinion as an Arsenal fan.

  85. it looks like which usually,”The folks who join nowadays are definitely the those that get off the chair to investigate problems they require, and when they will not obtain them, make them. This may be the statement produced by Bernard Shaw, an ideal blogger. The idea enjoy possesses

  86. just bring a well named midfielder like ribery, Schweinsteiger, Gourcuff, Sneijder,

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