10 Arsenal-y things to do during the international break

As you’re probably well aware we have now entered another international break and that means no more Arsenal until next weekend. I’m not happy about it and I very much doubt you are either. Sigh.

As a result of the players taking a break from Arsenal I’ve decided that I will too. There’s rarely any Arsenal news during these breaks apart from hearing about injuries so I thought I’d have a rest and use the time to recuperate and catch up on some other work. I might pop on from time to time if some truly sensational news hits the press (“Tomas Rosicky completes full training session!”) but apart from that I’d going to put my feet up and refresh my brain. I hope you can understand.

Before I go, however, I thought I’d compile a list of 9 things you can do during the international break to pass the time and stay involved in all things Arsenal. Enjoy!

(1) Have a read of yesterday’s blog post, entitled “5 things Wenger can do to kick-start Arsenal’s season”.

(2) Read all about Amaury Bischoff and Mikael Silvestre’s respective debuts for the reserve team in their 3-2 win over Stoke. The very excellent ‘Young Guns’ blog has all the coverage.

(3) If you missed it, have a look through the latest issue of The Gooner Gazette, the Arsenal FC Blog’s monthly online magazine. And remember, if you’re interested in contributing to the magazine in the future be sure to contact me on admin(at)arsenalfcblog(dot)com.

(4) Join Pikum! and start playing to win fun money or the real stuff. One of the players of Pikum – reputable UK TV personality Helen Chamberlain – is hosting a massive pot for the England v Belarus game where you can win over £250 on a £5 bet. Remember as a reader of this blog you’re entitled to a free £10 credit to play with so I’d encourage you to get involved and have some fun.

(5) Get on the Football365 website and have a read through their daily mailbox. It’s highly controversial and a great place to waste a day at work.

(6) Become an international correspondent for the Arsenal FC Blog. I want to create a bit of a worldwide information network, so if you live in Italy, France, Germany, Spain, the US, South America or Asia and would like to become a correspondent for all things Arsenal in your area then please get in touch with me at admin(at)arsenalfcblog(dot)com.

(7) If you use Facebook then join the Arsenal FC Blog Facebook Readers group and add me to your friend list. It’s a good way to keep in touch and chat with myself and other readers.

(8) If you’re Australian reader of the blog I’d encourage you to join the Arsenal Australia supporters group. They organise meets at pubs around the country and are an excellent bunch of guys to catch an Arsenal game with in the middle of the night.

(9) Still desperate to read about the latest Arsenal happenings while I’m away? Then read some of the other great Arsenal blogs around like Arseblog, The Cannon, Young Guns, Goodplaya and A Cultured Left Foot.

(10) Check out this hilarious video of Jens Lehmann playing for Stuttgart which shows just why Arsene Wenger was happy to let the German go in the summer. Thank goodness he’s not still here is all I can say.

Heh heh, well that’s about it. As I said I might pop on now and again to see what’s happening but otherwise I’ll be back posting sometime next week.

Adios amigos, and remember that if you’d like to help out with The Gooner Gazette or are interested in becoming an international correspondent for the blog to get in touch with me on the email address I provided above. It’s not a big commitment at all, just an avenue to give those who want to contribute to this community a little bit the chance to.

Cheers for now and I’ll speak to you soon.

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  1. Wow loads of comments today!

    We could all play the dvd of the Invincible season to remind us how good we used to be and how we used to be solid all over the park with players in their prime.

    Lehmann, Campbell, Vieira, Pires, Ljungberg, Henry, Bergkamp etc..

  2. I’m going to play American football with my mates this weekend.

    When I score a touchdown I plan to do the Adebayor-Eboue dance from the Porto game. That’s sort of Arsenal-y. In fact that should just be number eleven. Learn to dance like Ade and Eboue.

  3. I love the Adebayor-Eboue dances they make scoring more interesting lol. I plan to watch England win their qualifiers and remain top of the group with help form Theo. Anyone seen Traore for pompey, he doing awesome

  4. Still not as bad when he gifted Healya goal for Fulham. This incident looked like a lack of communication as to what the defender was gonna do or where he wanted Lehmann to go.. But still very funny as he always has that.. what the f**k just happened look.

  5. @ Demetrio – The funniest thing about it is the way he panicks when the ball passes by. His scrambled fall is classic Lehmann. Thank goodness he’s cursing Stuttgart now.

  6. The Lehmann video made me laugh out loud… something about the way his hands are flapping in despair as he scrambles to get up. I’m a first time commenter and love this blog! Thanks very much.

  7. HAHAHAHA, the Lehmann video cracked me up, it look like Stuttgart didn’t know what you get when you sign Jens “lemon” lehmann!!!

  8. *Sigh*
    Bad news today, with van Persie suffering a hamstring injury in training for Holland…

    Furthermore, Gallas has been ruled out of France’s Saturday game due to a small thigh problem.

    It would actually be a good thing if Gallas would be ruled out for a couple of matches, so we could see how Toure and Djourou works together. I’m sure it’d be a great partnership – and then maybe Gallas would have to fight to get his place back (yeah, right…).

    But, if I know our luck right, Gallas will be ready for our next game, while van Persie will be out for months!

    Fingers crossed.

  9. Definitely!

    I read a post by a Dutch guy, and appaerently this is a problem with a lot of the attacking Dutch players – like RVP, Robben, Sneijder, Van der Vaart and so on.

    Appaerently, in Holland, the press calls them the ‘Men of glass’, lol.

  10. Tried to post earlier……one thing for us to do during the international break was to worry about injuries….looks like its coming true!!…we have 16 players linking up with their fellow countrymen so i guess we are odds on for an injury.

  11. nasri been injured twice already with french squad, hope he stays fit. Theo and Cesc are normally ok. Rvp is never ok. Niklas and Vela!!! out young guns, they are good 4 international teams

  12. too true Jay….although im a little worried about the “kiss of death” on theo and cesc there!!!!!!

  13. In other new Ze Roberto wants out of Bayern Munich… Possible January signing? Also Ibrahim Afellay (helluva player) and some DMF from St. Etienne are also rumored as January targets…

  14. @ MoMONEY – Matitudi – French under 21, is the DMF you are tlking about.

    @ LuxinBrasil – Kiss of death

  15. Sorry Jay ..just an expression …after you said they are normally ok …reckon that could jinx ’em

  16. Well folks if you are living in the world of economics the transfer period will be alas to Wenger’s liking deflated! My predictions will be unless you see cash….players will not be coming or going! Cesc will stay and all of the other hype will benefit Arsenal.

  17. @ LuxinBrasil – oh ok, hope not :(.

    First piece of international scorers – U21 championships, Wales U21 2-3 England U21. Ramsey played for Wales U21 in an CAM position. Thankfully England won it, 2nd leg to come.

  18. Ramsey had a great game by all accounts…troubling the defence with some great passes and he should have been on the scoresheet….The bbc website is full of praise for the young lad!!

  19. another exceptional performance from young theo….his name was the loudest shouted! deservedly so!

  20. Theo played 79 minutes against Kazhakstan and played reasonably well.
    Fabianski was an unused substitute.
    Djourou played 47 minutes as Switzerland won 2-1.
    Fabregas came on for 20 minutes, why isnt he starting???
    Sagna played the full 90 minuted for france.

  21. R.V.P,why again!
    Why must u have an injury whenever something good is about to happen to you,
    can’t you do without having one.I’m getting tired of it and you.
    Poor old lehman,he probably doesn’t know the meaning of the word retire.I’m sorry for his kids who gets to see their dad in that sorry state.
    Ade’s celebration makes me proud to be an Arsenal fan.

  22. I watched the England game… exceptional is not the word I’d use to describe Theo’s performance. He preformed as he has for Arsenal lately. He has moments that are brilliant, then he goes missing and looks timid for the rest of the game. I actually think Beckham looked better when he came on. Theo needs to learn how to play a full 90 mins an get himself involved. He needs to come in the middle sometimes lookin for the ball instead of just sitting on the touch line waiting. He should really watch the way Wright Phillips plays and learn from him.

    In other news.. i really wish Hleb would do the world a favor and go jump off a cliff. Its almost sad how he must continue to always talk and the subject always be about Arsenal. His man crush for Cesc must stop, its rather annoying because he’s in love with Fab that he would continue to say things like he’ll bother Cesc until he moves to Barcelona.

  23. yeah but hleb has been going on for so long no one pays any attention and i turned the england game off at half time doh! after watching us play I can’t sit through another england game again also behtner played really well and got a goal in the dying minutes the other night.

  24. Was watching the Spain – Belgium game last night…what a game!

    I am always looking out for players that would fit in the Arsenal setup and there is one ANTHONY VAN DEN BORRE (hope i got the spelling right) – from Belgium. He would certainly fit the bill – an excellent ADDITION. He is 20 years old and boy does he have talent (strong, fast, technically gifted and has a sight for goal, can drift back to help mark)!

    Whats amazing is that he was a promising and excellent young player (together with Vincent Kompany) on championship manager 3 seasons ago….

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