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podcast-1Friday Update: Yawn, yawn, yawn. Absolutely nothing going on again today (Friday) so I’ll be back on Monday with some news from the weekend internationals. Enjoy your Arsenal-free weekend if you can.

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I feel sorry for Manuel Almunia and Denilson. I really do.

Not because they’re both underrated by the footballing community, or because they both have really weird haircuts. No, I feel sorry for Manuel Almunia and Denilson because every time there’s an International Break they are the ones stuck in London training with Arsene Wenger while the rest of the first-team squad go galavanting all over the world. 

On this occasion, no less 16 first-teamers are away on international duty. It would be ridiculous for me to run through them all so instead you can simply read all about it on the official Arsenal website by clicking here. Perhaps the most interesting match-up sees still-injured Emmanuel Adebayor’s Togo coming up against Alex Song’s Cameroon in a vital World Cup qualifier.

Aside from that there’s not a lot going on, which gives me the opportunity to have a little spiel about the Arsenal FC Blog Podcast that I am currently working on. For those that don’t know, a podcast is like a recorded radio show that can be downloaded using iTunes or played directly off the blog whenever you please.

I’m sure there are many of you that tune in weekly to the ‘Arsecast’ on – and if you don’t, check it out because it’s absolutely brilliant. Anyway, a few weeks ago Arseblogger had me on the Blogchat section of his show and since then I’ve been working on the idea of a podcast for the Arsenal FC Blog. However, instead of simply copying what Arsecast does, I want to add something unique and truly worthwhile to the Arsenal blogging community.

Your podcast ideas please!

At this stage my intention is to run the show something like the Guardian’s ‘Football Weekly’ podcast, meaning two or three people in a studio discussing the major Arsenal talking points for the week. I will be hosting the show supported each week by my brother (who goes by the name of ‘Panda Bear’ on this blog) and potentially some other readers from Brisbane or by fans around the world via a phone link.

The main focus will be to be link the excellent community that exists at the Arsenal FC Blog and get the thoughts and opinions of as many people as possible. I believe that is will work best in creating a fun, informative and comprehensive show and that’s certainly what I’m aiming for. However, before Panda Bear and I start talking football I wanted to get some opinions from the regular readers of this blog, as you are the ones who make this a great place to talk Arsenal all day.

First, are you guys interest in a podcast? And if so, what sorts of things would you like to be included on it? Would people be willing to be part of the show via a phone link or, if you’re lucky enough to live in beautiful Brisbane, to come into the studio? By studio, I mean a few chairs set up around a desk containing a laptop and some headsets but you catch my drift. Any suggestions for a name?

I think this podcast could be a real success if it’s done well and as I mentioned above, I want to include as many readers as possible in the process. After all, that sense of community is what supporting a football club is all about. As such, I’d really appreciate it if you let me know your thoughts and opinions via the comments on this post. And if you have any other ideas for the blog then feel free to add them in as well. 

Anyway, that’s all I wanted to say. As it’s an International Break and there’s not going to be much to talk about this week I’m going to give tomorrow a miss. I’ll be back on Friday and hopefully by that time there will be a fair amount of podcast-related ideas to sift through.

I’m off to grab a bite and a beer – cheers in advance for your wonderful suggestions!

Have your say on the Arsenal FC Blog podcast by leaving a comment.


42 thoughts on “Reader ideas needed for the Arsenal FC Blog podcast + International stuff

  1. I am interested only if your lady friend from Brisbane whose pic was in the blog few weeks before (sorry forgot her name) interviews me. Would appreciate SF. Gotta be kidding…

    Might b interested some day. Can’t think of an idea to give u thou’.

    Poor Almunia n Denilson. Munia might never get a chance but Denilson has a chance some day. It’s interesting that Lucas Lieva is given a nod before him in Brazilian team.

  2. Oh my earlier views about Champions League:::::::::::::::

    Villareal are pretty good team with solid defence and topclass goalie. This season they played United twice and didn’t concede. That tells the whole story about their defence. On the other side, they are very inconsistent like us. Like they conceded 4 goals against Sevilla.

    I have a Barca friend in Spain who follows Spanish football more than I do. He also thinks Arsenal should be favourites over 2 legs given the 2nd tie being in our home turf.

    The prospect of meeting Manyoo in Semis is favourable for Arsenal in my opinion. I never wanted to face either Scousers or Chelski just beacuse they have very good tacticians to outdo Wenger.

    The most important thing for any team to win a Champions league trophy is luck. Most teams that have won Champions league in the past always had a bit of a luck in the process. Pools in 05, Manyoo last season to name a few.

    Two things that will prove critical for Arsenal in the pursuit of Champions league dreams (besides injury concerns)

    1. Defence
    2. Wenger’s game tactics

  3. Hi I live in Melbourne and I think it’s a great idea. Surely it is easy to organize mobile/online conferencing to get discussions on the podcast.
    Get all Arsenal supporters in Oz together and talk about the greatest football club in the world. Mint idea! Best wishes and looking forward to the first podcast!

  4. I’d be more than willing to contribute if you were short of proper guests.

    I’m a big fan of the Guardian and Times Online podcasts, both of which are are done in that style, and I think you could make a real go of this.

    Good luck with it all.

  5. Well I’m currently producing a podcast for my office in London so I’ve very recently been overloading on podcasts and research. I’ve always loved Football Weekly; I think it is a great format for you to use.

    – One of the key elements that makes Football Weekly such an easy-listening show is its format of three parts. Each part has a focus and even just little divisions like this make the podcast more accessible. Segments should never go on for too long without a break of some sort, in my view. This ensures the show feels like it is action packed and you’ll leave the listeners wanting more.

    – Another point is that they really do give a decent round-up of football around Europe – Sid Lowe in Spain or Rafael in Germany etc. Obviously this wouldn’t be transferrable to an Arsenal podcast in exactly the same way, but perhaps you could have a ‘view from abroad’ view each episode or something like that.

    – I would also recommend a mailbag or a section of the site (or Facebook group) where listeners can post questions to be answered in the next episode.

    Whatever you decide to do I’m sure your podcast will be a big success Spanish.

  6. yeah sure sounds like a good idea… but I’m not in Australia and would def like to participate via phone i guess…
    lemme know if something comes of it… just send me a msg thru my blog or somethin.. thnxs

  7. One more thing just in case you didn’t know – There is a programme you can download from called ‘Pamela’ which is free and allows you to record Skype conversations, so you can have a guest from another country on your podcast without spending a penny.

  8. hi spanish fry im from adelaide and im an arsenal fan and think its a gr8 idea your having a podcast, gd luck.

  9. Why thats a great idea SF. Im sure all the AFC Blog regulars would love to participate in the discussions. I cant think of anything at the mo, but ill let you know as soon as an idea pops up.

  10. I say bloggers are able to send in questions to be answered like what TDP said. Also something like Team of the week/month (whenever your doing your shows), most outstanding player or maybe even a full description of a player, his career and career highlights per Episode. Um talk about the players arsenal have on loan, um coming matches etc etc. A name like Frycast would be good i think. I would like to be a guest too, i live in England so it will be via phone.

  11. SF, you can always count on me interesting in being involved, just depends on time and date.

    One thing I’m quite interested in, particularly over the last year, is the growing rhetoric of a ‘top three’ and Arsenal being excluded amongst so-called ‘pundits’, and chat of a sub-elite group (arsenal, villa, everton). I suppose, do would you think its warranted that Arsenal be excluded from this so-called elite group.

  12. @ Darragh – I think it’s purely financial. We seem to sit in that ‘halfway’ area simply because we don’t spend too much but we’re still relatively successful. More money or more success would push us up in the media’s mind, I’d say.

  13. Loving the Podcast idea..

    Reckon it should be kept short and sweet and maybe segmented.

    Think the Q~s from readers is a great idea…..howabout a regular feature whereby you discuss an ex Arsenal great…Love to write a piece on Rocky Rocastle for you…

    As for names playing around with Oz-nalcast…ArseOzBlogPod….but i clearly need to give it some more thought!

  14. I find it very exciting that you’re starting up a Podcast for this site, as I’m an avid listener of the Arsecast, and I would absolutely love more Arsenal-related Podcasts to listen to 🙂

    That being said, I have one question… Seeing as you are quite pressed for time (which is completely understandable, I know how much energy it takes to continuously keep a website up-to-date), but yet you launch this project – does this mean the end of The Gooner Gazette?
    I used to love that little “magazine”, and it was something that I could only find on this blog (I don’t know of any other bloggers making a fanzine like that) and the style of writing/layout separated it from what we read daily here in the blog…

    I don’t blame you either way – I can totally understand it’s hard to keep to “side-projects” running, let alone one! But I’d just like to know if this means you’ll be abandoning the fanzine for good…?

    Anyway, back to the Podcasts. I like the ideas presented here so far, especially the one where people come together and have a lengthy discussion on topics regarding Arsenal – and the “best parts” are cut out and presented as a part of the Podcast.

    TDP mentioned “Views from abroad”, which is an idea I really embrace. We do, from time to time, see people posting comments here, signing their post with something like “And this is the feel of the average supporter in (insert country here) right now”.
    I would love to hear the views on our club from different countries, for example:
    – What do they say about Adebayor’s declining form in Togo?
    – What are the Danish news publishing lately regarding Bendtners progress?
    – Regarding players on loan abroad, what do their respective countries think of their efforts so far (Nordtveit in Lillstrøm, Senderos in AC Milan)?

    The followers of this blog comes from a variety of countries, and I reckon it’d be very interesting to hear different countries’ views on Arsenal and their players.

    For example, while the English media are quite harsh on Arsenal, media in other countries are far more lenient and praising – and we wont know of that unless we have some “representatives” from these countries letting us know.

    And if you’d ever need any contributors with an inside on Norwegian perspectives on Arsenal, I’d love to help out in any way I can 🙂

    Keep up the good work mate!

  15. Hey, i think that the podcast is a great idea, i hope i can download it regularly. I have a name suggestion for you, “the powder keg” good luck, peace!

  16. I dont know about Denilson, there seems to be a lot of quality in Brazil’s midfield, but if Lucas can get a chance, Denilson certainly can!

  17. i think i like the idea of a podcast,tho i’ll need a bit of a coaching to know more about it.i will be hapy to let you blog mates know about the
    massive support arsenal have in Nigeria

  18. podacst? LOVE IT.
    me talking about arsenal? LOVE IT.
    you paying for me to come out to oz and being live and in person? LOVE IT 🙂
    no but seriously i’d defo be into the podcast dude. lets go get it!

  19. @ Berrern – At this stage The Gooner Gazette is an idea that is on hold.

    I really like the Gazette but the truth is that it took a lot of work and in my opinion, the output wasn’t that great. Compared to a podcast, which will take less work and surely be a lot more fun, I can’t really justify maintaining the Gazette at this stage.

    Maybe once I’m able to get some time off work as a result of this blog’s popularity increasing I might bring it back, but until then I think the podcast and usual posts will be good fun.

  20. Good luck with it, Fry. I’ve never dabbled with podcasts of any kind (I think it’s the first three letters that put me right off…), but I’m already interested in this idea. If your written eloquence translates even half as well into the audio form, then you’ve nothing to worry about.

    Don’t worry about Almunia either, I hear he’s applying for an English passport in the near future! He’ll have plenty of national hate and media time to deal with come international periods in the future if he goes ahead with that!


  21. birng on the pod cast whoop whoop !
    lke to see it short and sweet like overal team review mabye a pice on the cl and prem and also some youth team news and updates one to watch section

  22. Podcast would be great but keeping it different then Arseblogger’s would be the key IMO… Definitely doable and there is an audience for it as well… Maybe having more user interaction- call ins and such. I like the idea…

  23. @ MoMONEY – Totally agree with your ‘different to Arsecast’ comment. That is most certainly the key. He’s the master at what he does and there’s no point competing, I just want to do something completely unique that touches on the community that is involved in this blog.

  24. Well I’m not surprised with Togo saying they’ll play Ade. With Bendtner playing with a lot of heart, Van Persie setting up goals and Eduardo coming back into the side I don’t think we’ll miss him if he hurts himself. Smacks of Wenger either not having Ade in his plans anymore, or trying to get him to build his work ethic back up.

  25. Sounds AWESOME SF, love it and would LOVE to be involed theres nothing more i love than talkin bout ARSENAL to other ARSENAL supporters!Hope it all takes off.

  26. The podcast idea sounds great Spanish, I think it could really work.

    I was reading something today about Bischoff refusing to play in the Hull match (FA cup) to train with the national team instead. I saw him in the Cardiff match I was at and he looked decent, I’d like to see him stay for a bit. But does this mean that he’s gonna leave Arsenal in the Summer?

    I think we should do well against Villareal; especially with the second leg at The Grove. They are 4th in la Liga at the moment, with a number of teams within a couple of points. I think that they were better last year and are beatable.

  27. @ Adam – Bischoff only signed for us for 1 year, so his contract is expiring this summer.

    I too was impressed with what I saw against Cardiff, I wish he’d sign an extension as I think there’s some potential there…

    I also think he’s showing bad attitude by leaving the club that might have salvaged his career. But there might be other things going on here – for example me might not have been offered a contract extension by Arsenal…

  28. I agree with all the other guys that a podcast would be a good idea. I don’t think there’s any need to commit yourself to anything regular- one a week would be hard work. I like arsecast but it goes on a bit too long sometimes- better to keep it relatively short and sweet IMO- maybe I’ve just got a short attention span! I don’t think you could ever run out of topics to talk about- the club’s got 120+ years of history, there’s always something happening and you’re never short of posts or opinions from people on this blog. I’d happily give you my two penn’orth via a phone link (from England), especially if we were discussing Mr Bendtner! All the best mate, look forward to it.

  29. I know this is off the subject but I think we should cash add in at the summer, AC Milan are interested so we can ask for Pato or we can get David Villa swap for Ade cuz Valencia need to sell him and want to sell him abroad and if we offer a quality striker (yes, around Europe Ade is known as a quality striker) this is a chance of a lifetime. Rvp, Niklas, Dudu and Vela have played well without Ade but David Villa would be a great buy.

  30. Adebayor has marked his return with a goal, albeit an international return (they say its a bigger stage) thw only goal of the game, 11th min in, Have got the scores on the laptop on my way home from Oxford John Radclife Hospital

  31. Please speak about the impact of Arsenal & Wenger on the world of football…i.e. number of players that are @ other clubs and helping them (or not)

  32. well i am worried on arsenal future.arsenal board should take some step for the future of appointing new player.but it seem it is becoming to late decision could cause you chairman and all the directors should please keep their argument aside and think about buying new players because arsenal should become the number one position

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