Wishing Arsenal FC Blog readers a very merry Christmas!

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Apologies for the lack of posting but as you have probably worked out by now it’s Christmas.

That means the blog has taken a back seat to the more important things in life like eating and drinking and spending time with the family. I’ve been doing plenty and there will be plenty more to come over the next few days. Good stuff.

I probably won’t get the chance to write another decent post until the madness subsides but in the meantime I thought I’d take the opportunity today to wish everyone who reads the blog a very merry Christmas. Since starting the blog in late March I never really expected it to be as successful and enjoyable as it has been and that’s very much down to the input and participation of you, the readers.

It’s been fantastic getting to know everyone via comments and emailing and I hope that one day I’ll be rich enough to shout you all a beer (or a champagne if you’re into that sort of thing!). Have a very safe and happy Christmas, enjoy the time with your friends and family and of course enjoy watching Arsenal take Portsmouth to pieces on Boxing Day.

You can be sure that there will be plenty more to come on the blog and I can’t wait to see where things go in 2008.

Spanish Fry

PS. Make sure you wish your favourite arguing buddies a happy Christmas by leaving them a comment. Cheers!


57 thoughts on “Wishing Arsenal FC Blog readers a very merry Christmas!

  1. Merry Christams SF. I don’t know why you didn’t think this blog would be very sucessful, it is great. Wishing Le Gunner, MexicanGunner, knightman and all the other blog readers (the people who have been here since the beginning are the people who I can remeber the names of). Hopefully Arsenal can carry on there rich form. They have certainly given me a good christmas with them being 1st right now and beating Spuds in their last game (what a leap by Bendtner), anyway Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!!

  2. Merry X’mas and Happy New Year to everybody.

    Need to top the table by end of 2007!!!!!!

    Go go Gooners ……….

  3. What?!?! Eating, drinking and being merry with the fam is more important than the Gunners and this blog? Blasphemy!!

    On a more serious note happy holidays to all.

  4. Have a good one guys.
    Good to see the clean cogs of arsenal turning beautifully. Trumping the spuds, what a xmas present eh?

  5. Once again, you’ve shown your amazing talent,
    your versatility,
    and …… I wish You Peace and Good Health.Christmas cheer today;-) well;with my best regards to ur family~

  6. Merry Christmas Arsenal Bloggers! Lets hope Arsenal can give us the best xmas present by winning the league/Champo league. It will be worth the wait.

  7. Jay as SF said you contribute a lot on this blog. So SF should give you the title blogger of the year and maybe a reward. Had a fantastic day I hope you all did. Lets get back to business on Wednesday. According to stats the club that’s been top at Christmas has won the league for the past three years – lets hope its our turn this year. A merry 2008.

  8. Woohoo lol blogger of the year, never knew I was in the running for it lol. Had a great day, got the Arsenal kit with v.persie on the back – loved it. Thanks again, i am totally shocked by all this.

  9. It has been a wonderful year for Arsenal and to celebrate Arsenal’s achievements one of which to be on top of the premier league table.On behalf of all the zambian Arsenal Fans i would like to wish every Arsenal meniac a very merry christmas and a victorious new year.spanish fry you rock.Wednesday we are winning by the way. have an arsenal jesus chritmas every one.Benrry

  10. I try to be very patient with Adebayor, i know many are not fans of his and i will soon be one of those who wants to see Bendtner start in place of Ade. If ade wanst such a lazy bastard maybe he would be good. He’s always offside, he doesnt chase after balls that he could maybe get on to. He has good games every now and then, but usually its againts the lower sides. If he doesnt improve when Van Persie gets back, (i know a while back he said he missed up front with him) Wenger needs to give Bendtner the chance.

  11. Happy New Year to everybody especially to Man United fan who keep on reading this blog. My next year wish is to see Man United topple Arsenal as league leader.

  12. Haven’t watched the match or the highlights – but the lack of a striker in the mould of rooney/tevez/ronaldo in our team is getting slightly annoying.

    We gotta stop playing 4-5-1! Play Bendtner or Eduardo beside Adebayor if Van Persie ain’t available – for god sakes!

  13. darragh – exactly what I was thinking. We create more chances with 2 strikers. Double the attacking power.
    SF – Great Blog you have made. Hope the success continues for 2008.
    Le Gunner – Thanks again mate.

  14. Some people say good things about Ade when we are doing well then bad things when we aren’t. Ade has exceeded expactations and has become our most feared forward. Ade is fantastic, yeah he misses shots but also scores and that is what we need a prolific goalscorer – also when he has scored, we have never lost!!!!!!!

  15. LOL!! Ade is FAR from a prolific goal scorer. Most games he doesnt score, unless its against a lower side team, he is ALWAYS offsides, he doesnt chase after balls he can get on to if he would put in the effort. I have been very patient with Ade not to say negative things about him, and i still keep faith in him until Van Persie is back, because maybe Ade is missing Van Persie up front like he said he was a while back. But when Van Persie is back, and if Ade continues to stay offside and look lazy out there, its time to bring on Bendtner who puts in the effort and deserves a chance.

  16. I think we should all be proud of what Arsenal have achieved this seasom even if we lift no silverware because 1) we have proved doubters wrong, i mean we were said to be out of the top 4. 2) we don’t NEED henry 3) we were the last team 2 lose in the prem and 4) we lifted our 4 year chelsea curse. Also we have got Ade, Fab, Hleb, Almunia much beta. Wud still prefer silver ware tho lol.

  17. Jay-You’re right why people are so negative when we don’t get a good result. We’ve lost once so far and yet people are not happy. Unfortunately sometimes that negativity transfers to the fans and they start leaving the stadium early (Glory Hunters- I’m behind you when you are winning- you know what I mean). We are one point behind the Mancs. lots of football to be played. No worries. if we have injuries at a minimum we stand a good chance this season. I believe a trophy will be won this season lets hope its the premier league. Gooners don’t let the Mancs make you believe they have a stronger squad. Take out Rio and Vidic and they’ll start to smell bad. They are no different to us if we lose Toure or Gallas.

  18. Im glad someone agrees with me Le Gunner. It was a 0-0 draw with a good team, We play Everon on saturday, we know we can win. Loads of games to be played yet, Man Utd were 1 point behind Arsenal for a while and now they are infront, lets return the favour to them. Positivity to fill Arsenal Football Club.

  19. Hi SF,
    Happy new year in advance. Hope you get to meet Arsene one day and get a detailed interview.I have observed something in the premier league. When teams play arsenal they give it their best but cringe when they play Man United or Chelsea. I just read what Tim Cahill said about Arsenal that they know they will not get most of the ball but they might sneak a win. I think teams are jealous of how we play so they stick an extra boot in.I am gutted but not disappointed that we lost top spot. Jan and feb fixtures are favourable for us but I need van persie back. Ade has done well this season but I feel Fab and helb have lost steam. Tomas, clichy and flamini are our best players at the moment. With Gallas out of saturdays game I hope everton do not take 4 points from us like last season.We also have a problem playing in the North of UK.Teams like everton, pothsmouth, sunderland, birmingham and aston villa use long ball tactics that do not favour arsenal and mioreover it is damn cold in these regions.
    On behalf of approximately 40 million arsenal fans in Nigeria I wish SF and all Arsenal fans a happy new year as we kick milan out of the CL.

  20. we were 3 place from bottom after 3 games.. and finally we catch up with u guys.. u are goin to loose next game.. after we beaten West Ham… 4points clear.. hopefully..
    eppy weekend

  21. We were in the same position as you are now amiaq_ferguson, top of the prem, 1 point ahead and facing Everton.Now we are in that position, you say we will lose. We will regain top spot. Don’t rule us out, you were stupid enough to do that at the start of the season and look where that got you!

  22. Hi guys

    I’m a chelsea fan..i drop in on this blog from time to time..this is a nice place..decent set of fans

    I feel terrible that united lead the table now..u guys deseve to be on top for the consistent showing from the start of the season

    what about transfers..is wenger getting in anyone in jan..i feel ur defence needs some strengthening..the problem is that all ur defnders are veryyyyyyyyyyyyyy attack minded..that leaves u a lill open at the back..if ur defence can tighten up, i think ur team will b even stronger than it is now

    Avram Grant is talking about spending millions n getting good players to chelsea..just waiting to see who comes in

    anyway..happy new year to all u guys


  23. I am afraid AW insists he will buy no-one in January. Unless someone shows him, and I quote “bargain of the century”

  24. Hi True Blend,
    Wish Chelsea fans in Nigeria could be like you. You are a true blue. AW says he wont buy because he wants to give a chance to players to get games under their belt. I feel we need a tall centre back cos we will be vulnerable when Kolo goes for the ACN. I am an african but I dare choose arsenal b4 my national team reason being our internal issues so I wish he was not going. I hope he buys but if Jens leaves in Jan he will have to buy a keeper with Fabianski being 2nd choice.

  25. We had to give Man Utd a thought that they were still in the title race, so we let them go top for 4 days haha lol. Man Utd had to rely on an 88th min penalty to beat everton 2-1, we crushed them 4-1. Back to the top, where we belong, 2 points clear now and going into 2008 as league leaders. All those who were negative about Arsenal after the 0-0 draw should have learned a lesson, yes we were all disappointed but look, so much of the season to go, never give up hope!! Who is with me?

  26. Where is all the Man U fans now?! Eduardo is pure class! Would much rather see him start up front with RVP then to see Ade in there. Or Ade slighty behing Eduardo, so he doesnt go wondering offsides like he seems to do.

  27. Well done Eduardo, now people can see why AW wanted him. If starts all our games from now til May, he will be in top 3 Goal Scorers. Now we have a dilema, who to pick, Adebayor – Our talisman, top scorer, scares defenders, has done great since the start of the season, RVP – Fantastic talent, young, quick, eye 4 goal, fan fav and now eduardo, quick, deadly, unpredictable, secret weapon. I believe Ade will slowly fall out of the starting X!, i dont want that to happen cuz now I am an Ade fan (all thanks to SF lol). Most importantly.
    1) Arsenal TOP OF THE PREM AGAIN. Where have all the Man Utd fans gone now, they only speak on this blog when they are winning and above which, which wont be often now lol. Go Arsenal!

  28. Eduardo proved that he is by far the best finisher in the club. His stats this season are the best when it comes to efficiency (check my blog for more details).

    As for Bendtner, very silly rash decision, purely down to lack of experience. We’ve seen it before with Denilson earlier this year and with Fabregas a couple of years ago. Lets just hope he learns from this.

  29. Eduardo did a fantastic job. For those who watched that game, u will know. Out of nothin Eduardo create chances for him. At first, Everton control most of the game. After they conceded the 2nd goal, and the new year gift (3rd goal), and that’s the end of everything. Congrats Arsenal fan for the win and for becoming champions for half of the season. See u next year. which formation to use now? 4-5-1 or 4-4-2.. i wonder.. Come on guys.. u dont have other things to do ka?? hahahaha.. im away on vacation.. and also the rest of United fan.. what about U (Jay and Demetrio Albertini)..

  30. Amiq_fergerson who? Hold it, feel it, taste it for 48 hours but give it to the real owners!!!!!Gooners for life!!!!!! Where are you amiq? Happy new year west ham. I guess the footballistically (Arsene’s words) we came on top.Whatever formation we use is up to Arsena cos we trust him and we are not glory hunters like Man ure fans screaming for the head of Ronaldo after everything he has done for United.
    Eduardo is class but Ade is first team cos he cools the game down. With RVP back we will sub himself and edu in matches. Note that edu has carling cup and hopefully FA cup games to play. I have a criticism of Edu though.I think he does not back track to help the midfeild in comparison to RVP and Ade.It clearly shows he is a finisher though but with Arsenals style of play the ball is played in the midfeild.
    Haven said that I wish everyone a HAPPY NEW YEAR.Good health, prosperity and love shall glom in our lives and may God protect Arsenal for helping boost our adrenalin level!!!!!!!
    Amiq enjoy your vacation.

  31. SF, time the new blog came out.
    The last two games have been below par for Fab and Hleb. We have to realise that more clubs will use same tactics like this against us. And then wish Toure gone for over a month, we are vulnerable. If wenger plans to use Song, I am not very convinced. If it is Djourou, I am still not very convinced. You see anyone in the horizon that he will buy?

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