Wishing Arsenal fans a happy Australia Day

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Unfortunately there’s no post today. There are more important things to do like eat sausages in bread, swim in kiddies pools, drink plenty of beer and hang outwith pretty girls wrapped in Australian flags…

Happy Australia Day!

Happy Australia Day! Here’s to the Arctic Monkeys sneaking a heap of songs into the Triple J Hottest 100 (and Arsenal smashing Kevin Keegan’s Newcastle in the FA Cup tomorrow). Cheers!

What do you think?

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22 thoughts on “Wishing Arsenal fans a happy Australia Day

  1. Arsenal 3-1 Newcastle, Keegan will have to w8 4 his first win in his second spell, but then he will have 2 w8 more cuz we play them on tuesday in the prem.

  2. tom – Nah mate, we’re having a bit of a BBQ at our place. Should be madness.

    Jammathon – I promise nothing! Except that many Hahn Superdry’s will be drunk!!

    Jay – I hope you’re right buddy. 3-1 would be the perfect tonic.

    Well I’m off everyone, have a great one!!

  3. Oh Tom, I see the point of your question now. I thought you were asking me if I was going to the cricket, which I’m not. Yeah I’ll be keeping tabs on the match throughout the day. India look good for the win though..

  4. Oh it makes me sad as an Aussie and a gooner to not be in the warm Sydney weather on a boat in the harbour having a couple of Carlton Colds. Have fun everybody and remember, “up ya bum”. Happy Oz day.

  5. 3-0. Adebayor shows just how vital he is to Arsenal and shows what a player he is. At the start of the season, he wasn’t a main player, well not as much as Fabregas or Van Persie etc but now he is our main man. I know the whole team is as important as each other but evry team has a main man, and ours has changed to Emmanuel Adebayor.

  6. Fantastic game lighting quick. I like Keegan he plays positive football so I enjoyed the game but he could resort to defending in the next game and might fustrate us.Adebayor is becoming a monster in every sense those 2 goals he scored were really his own work quick feet for a big man.We’ve mentioned before on this blog that he needed to work on his finishing and it looks to me that he has been working really hard and now his finishing is brilliant.Another player who stood out again is Gael Clichy he is deifinetly going to be one of the best in the world in his position.

  7. I dont agree with that, i agree with.. no one man is bigger then the club, but not that he is our main guy. Our team has great chemistry. We have more then one “main guy”, and its our midfield that usually decides the outcome of the game. When the midfield doesnt show creativity the outcome most likely wont be great. Adebayor needs someone up front along side him to really be effective. Fabragas needs someone like Flamini behind him and so fourth. It wasnt like when we had Henry, theres not just one guy anymore.

  8. I’m with Demetrio. It is clear that Adebayor is much, much better in a 4-4-2. Eduardo’s play was fantastic (he has really gotten some swagger since his run of goals in late Dec/early Jan) and Adebayor probably should have passed to him instead of making that mazy run for the second goal, and Eduardo helped him out with a sly body-block on one defender. In the end, it is a good thing he scored or we would be talking about his poor vision instead of his fantastic shot. In other words, Ade was immense, but it could just as easily been two goals for Eduardo. It doesn’t matter; when the team is clicking the individual performances look good.

    BTW, I don’t even agree that Henry was “the main man” when he was the main man. Thierry was and is a remarkably unselfish striker, and although he was our best player, he always emphasized the team. The fact that some young players have talked about the liberating effect of him leaving may have more to do with them than with him. In the past they would look to him when they didn’t know what do (ie. Theirry, you save us!); now they look to themselves and each other.

  9. Good result for Arsenal. The midfield is key but I think in a two striker formation Ade is something of must. I saw King Kolo had to be stretched off in the Cup of Nations match with what looked like a groin strain. Hopefully it’s not too serious.

  10. Ade is the top striker in the prem. I did not consider ade as a member of out most potent strike force, only to take a 180 soon afterwards, not as much on a “potent strike force” but as a VIP in the setup.in the “Arsenal back on track, but my internet connection isn’t” comment I touted Eduardo as an Ade “enabler” and now I think when we have RVP back in the squad, the three of them are going to terrorize the prem for some good number of years. I wish Bendtner will integrate in the setup as a possible fourth striker in the lineup but that might be pushing it too far. But who knows with Clichy and Sagna, we can afford to field 4 strikers in a game with 2 strikers as makeshift wide midfield players. The problem is, Hleb and Rosicky. We NEED THEM in there. So 3 strikers it might be. Our current crop of strikers are giving AW more headache than he has ever had in his managerial career, so me thinks,And it is all sweet music to Gunners everywhere.

  11. Jonathan Woodgate for Arsenal? What? I hope not.He’s been injured all his life.I hope its not true.Let the spuds have him.
    Not much luck Kolo is injured and we’ll be playing the Mancs away in the FA cup followed up by the Clash with AC Milan.But we’ll handle it

  12. Kolo is only sidelined for 10-8 days, Rosicky is out for only a couple of days and Van Persie is back in training, lets hope he RECOVERS this time. We face Manchester United away at Old Trafford in the FA. Bloody Typical!

  13. I’ve almost lost hope with Van Persie this season. I hope he’ll be ready for the Mancs an AC Milan games.

  14. He shud be ready for both them big games Le Gunner. But i believe if he is not ready then we stil have Da Silva and Adebayor so it is stil not a negative. But I wud lyk 2 c RVP doin wat he does best. Scorin goals.

  15. I honestly beleive if fit Van Persie is going to be one of the best in the world.Adebayor was lost without him for a while but credit to him he came good and done really well so far I hope he continues in the form he is in, and Eduardo of course even when he doesn’t score. jay what do you think the game plan for the Mancs? in my opinion we should do what we did last season set back and hit them on the brakes and in that game Adebayor played on his own upfont and caused them all sort of problems.

  16. well remember last season we scored 3 goals in 2games vs the mancs in which ade and RVP both scored. I say Sagna stay back, Clichy run up, Use our width agen. Ade is a mennance in the air.

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