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He might not look it, but Wenger is delighted with Arsenal's startUpdate: It seems that Jens Lehmann is furious with Arsene Wenger at being dropped from the squad despite being fit enough to play. Consequently, the German may be on his way out of the club. More on this tomorrow. 

Wenger satisfied with Arsenal’s start

In other, more positive news, Wenger has revealed that he is happy with his side’s start to the season. A month into the new season, Arsenal are still unbeaten after three solid victories over Fulham, Sparta Prague and Manchester City and a hard-fought draw with an overly physical Blackburn Rovers side. Wenger suggested that the positive start was absolutely vital for such a young squad and will go some way to taking the pressure of his players.

“At this stage of last season, we had only two points and were already under mental pressure. A team like Manchester United are big enough to deal with that and come back. But we were a very young side and it was a bit too much for us. It was important to get a good start this time and we have done that.”

Wenger is, as usual, spot on with his assessment. If this young Arsenal side had got off to a poor start the media would’ve gone into a frenzy about the club’s inability to replace Thierry Henry adequately and the confidence of guys like Eduardo da Silva, Alexander Hleb and Robin van Persie would definitely have taken a hit. But with Arsenal taking seven points from ten and all but booking their place in the group stages of the Champions League, these players will only get more confident the longer their positive start continues.

Alexander Hleb has looked as determined as anyone this season, especially against the smaller sidesCreating more ‘big games’

There is no doubt that Arsenal have had some luck along the way, especially with the draw. Indeed, Arsenal do not face Chelsea, Liverpool or Manchester United until they travel to Anfield in late October. But there is also little doubt that the overall quality of the Premier League this season appears to have lifted, a fact emphasised by Wenger’s opinion that there are now at least eight clubs that could finish in the top four.

“I think there is a top eight or nine who can fight for the top four. It is very open and I think it will be more and more open because there are so many investors who have come in. West Ham are ambitious. Aston Villa are ambitious. Everton are a good side. Newcastle too. It will be harder than ever to finish in the top four.”

When you start adding the likes of Manchester City, Blackburn and of course Tottenham to that list you really get an idea of just how competitive this season may turn out to be. Wenger’s admission that there are now a multitude of sides capable of making the top four may also serve an alternate purpose; creating the idea of more ‘big games’ in the minds of his players. Whilst Arsenal’s youngsters performed admirably in games against their title rivals it was evident that the matches against those second and third-tier teams in the English Premier League that cost the club dearly in the final count.

It is absolutely essential that Wenger’s players are as mentally prepared and motivated for the games against team like Newcastle and West Ham as they are for the games against Chelsea, Manchester United and Liverpool. Wenger’s more respectful attitude towards the league in general this season will surely filter down into his players minds and may provide the motivation for his side to perform with more determination week in, week out. The fact that Arsenal have scored four of their six goals so far this season in the final ten minutes suggests that they are on the right track.

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25 thoughts on “Wise words from Wenger

  1. it is definitely encouraging to see Arsenal performance at the beginning of the season. They showed that the success during the pre-season wasn’t due to pure luck, but real strength & ability.

    Being tagged the dark horse within the Big Four, they had nothing to lose. But unfortunately, it is obvious that Arsenal defence wasn’t good enough. Not on the back four, but more due to Lehman. Its not only this season he made those mistakes. But due to the fact that Arsenal do not have a ready keeper to replace him last season, he seems to be the best among the rest.

    Almunia + Fabianski surely will provide a tougher options this season. But no matter what, i hope Arsenal rides on the form & continue to perform well.

  2. I think Lehmann to go thing is just another rumor made up by the media coz i don’t think Jens is a person who gives up fighting when he’s dropped. If he was, he would have left the club much earlier.
    Regarding our start, yes its a positive start and that has helped us a lot in avoiding the media circus that’d have started if we were in a situation like ManU.
    And i’ve stopped listening to the so called pundits for long time. The same people who said Tottenham will get into the top four are now saying that they have a weak midfield and defense. Was it any different at the time they made their great verdict..? No.. Total bollocks they speak sometimes.

  3. the team is beginning to show that character and maturity we lacked last season.thanks to d departure of henry,players like hleb and van persie have now taken vital roles in our quest for titles coupled with the fact that nobody expects much for us this season. Up gunners!!!

  4. Almunia has waited his turn and has not put a foot wrong in a long time,he deserves his chance now.
    If I were Wenger,I would keep faith in Almunia and politely ease the German out…or give him a run-out in the carling cup.

  5. Arsenal have played good football and deserve more than the points and goals that they have. It is obvious that referees make mistakes but some referees make deliberate decisions against Arsenal. In the Man City game the referee was blatant in his approach and only gave the penalty because his assistant insisted. He ignored the retake which the assistant signalled contrary to the laws of the game.

    The FA and the referees association need to address the situation and issue a formal apology to Arsenal and Arsenals fans. The referee could have started a riot with such a decision and it is only the fact that Arsenals fans appear blind to such decisions that a riot did not ensue.

    The referee in the Blackburn game ignored a blatant kick by Pedersen to Fabos head whilst he was on the ground. The TV cameras caught the incident but the TV broadcasters did not highlight the incident.

    I am surprised that Arsenal do not follow up each game with a report to the authorities highlighting the unlawful incidents that need to be reviewed and addressed.

    In spite of all this bias I believe Arsenal are capable of going through the whole season undefeated again.

  6. Wenger was apparetly offered Adriano on loan.. turned him down as he doesnt need another striker. may got to west ham tho.

  7. lol me and spanish were discussing adriano this morning, it was a loan deal but we have to give them a mysterious player, maybe it was bendtner.
    but allow the loan, we get him into shape, form and then give him back, allow that.

  8. apparently they wanted flamini in exchange on loan, inter are clever people, they give us adriano and they know our training techniques, they must of seen how we improve baptista weight and at least gave him a good run in the side now back he is playing good for real madrid.
    but west ham will sign anyone, i think they just getting desperate, how do u think zamora, bellamy, ashton, cole feel when they get a out of form adriano in front of them.

  9. “Get in Adriano on loan and give them Ade on loan.”

    Absolutely not! If Adriano comes in then I would not want to see anyone leave – especially not Adebayor. Why? Let’s just say I have a soft spot for him and I really think he’s set for a big season.

  10. You may have a soft spot for him but i don’t think he can offer much this season, so if he plays with a top italian club he can get better and come back ready to fight for a strikers place with much better skills. I see him last in the pecking order at the Emirates.

  11. Even including Bendtner? In my opinion he is second choice after van Persie, with Eduardo providing an alternate option on a regular basis and Bendtner offering something entirely. Hopefully he proves me right, because it would only be good for the club!

  12. Adriano YES!!!
    hes not my favorite striker but look his numbers thats what we need goals.
    I think the mistery player was Senderos or Flamini because theyre stupid defender Materazzi got injuryed

  13. If we were to get Adriano on loan we need not to do so in exchange of any of our players.

    “Get in Adriano on loan and give them Ade on loan.” This is nonsense.

    let Adriano go to West ham and Wenger can bid for Obafemi now that he is unhappy with Big Sam. Arsenal will be even stronger with the current squad and everyone will fight for his place in the team. Did you watch Crouch in last night’s game with Toulese. As the season picks up our team will also be on track to disapprove Critics. I see the team repeating their unbeaten run.

  14. Their mystery player was Senderos! I’m glad to see everyone saying what they think about my quote. I still stand by it though. Adriano on a loan deal. Then we would have 6 strikers. So send 1 on loan. RVP – NO WAY!, Walcott – too valuable, Eduardo – New Signing, Bendtner – Jus cam back from loan. Ade. The striker choices for me go like this: RVP
    Ade ( if Adriano came it would be Adriano here and Ade last ). So i still think Ade should go on loan, he needs to learn more things.


    If we signed Martins then we would have 6 PERMANENT strikers. What could we do then?? How could we keep them all happy?

  15. It has been confirmed that Adriano will not play at the Emirates as a gunner : Manchester City and West Ham will have to splash out £12m to sign Adriano from inter Milan with the player not keen on a loan move, The Brazilian striker was offered to Arsenal but Gunners boss Arsene Wenger said he did not need the forward.

  16. ALSO JUS BEEN CONFIRMED : Arsenal boss Wenger will give keeper Manuel Almunia the chance to stake a claim for the number one jersey after mistakes by Jens Lehmann, Lehmann will look for another club after after being told he is no longer the automatic first-choice.

  17. TRANSFER NEWS : Chelsea and Tottenham are negotiating a swap deal involving Jermain Defoe and Shaun Wright-Phillips.

  18. lol spanish i cant believe we was chatting about adriano yestaday.

    he is a big talent but if he wants to move to the arsenal, he needs to sort his attitude out first

  19. Adriano is shit. No, no, no, no, no. We don’t need to train other teams fat Brazilians anymore.

    I think Lehmann could go. If he is dropped it means he has less of an opportunity to prove himself for the Euro’s next summer. I like Almunia and Fabianski and really want to see this Lehmann go, no matter what he achieved in the past.

  20. ADEBAYOR on loan? capital N – O…like SF i got a soft spot for Ade but i also have a strong belief that it’s gonna be a breaking season for him. He spoke about how confident he was that arsenal would challenge well for the cup this season and pointed out that with Henry’s exit, it was upto him and RVP to deliver the goals. This alone shows that the Boss is picking him and RVP to lead the striking force. One thing about Sheyi is that he can score and he has great skills (actually off the pitch he’s one of the best with the ball)..the only thing that bottles this dude up is his confidence and the confidence that the team-mates don’t seem to have in him BUT if he can score a goal or two today and one more on sunday, his confidence will keep on building up and soon enough we’ll be raining goals upfront..

    I love Adebayor and his game..i only need goals from him now. Go ADE you can prove me right..right? 😉

  21. basically i got a feeling they wanted rosicky in return for a loan.
    it either has to be bendtner or rosicky because inter have said they interested in them too.

  22. the one thing that suprises me, wenger spoke in public regarding a transfer, which is rare?

    he also mentions we aint going to sign anyone, am just praying he does sign someone

  23. Adriano isnt shit. He is overweight and lazy, but far from shit. Sort those two things out and you have a world class striker. He was a diff class when he came on in the Emirates Cup.. if even onyl a vrief cameo.. Sendeors is the player Inter wanted in my opinion. They have lots of strikers, hence Adrianos avail, and I doubt Ade or Bendtner was their target. I agree with Samuel that we dont need to train other peoples overweight Brazilians(Baptista wasnt overweight, met him and the man was lean and ridiculously strong, far from fat.) Adriano is a porker tho and would need 6 motnhs hard physical work and a serious attitude adjustment. Fix that and he would bang goals for fun in the Prem. for whoever..

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