Winners of Arsenal FC Blog’s Pelé Sports competition announced

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Off the back of a mighty fine comeback victory over Everton, it gives me great pleasure to announce the two winners of the Arsenal FC Blog’s Pelé Sports competition.

The winners were selected using a random number generator as I thought this was the fairest possible way to pick a winner in this sort of competition. The winners for the two prizes were as follows.

Pelé Sports Wind Jacket

Micha Nowack was the winner and will be the proud owner of a brand new Pelé Story wind jacket! A big congratulations to Micha and thank you for your entry!

The Pelé Story Wind Jacket

Heart & Soul T-Shirt

The winner of the Pelada Heart and Soul Shirt (pictured above) is John K., who named his all-time Arsenal XI (including, of course, Pelé) as the following:

David Seaman; Ashley Cole, Tony Adams, Sol Campbell, Lee Dixon; Cesc Fabregas, Patrick Vieira, Robert Pires; Thierry Henry, Pelé, Dennis Bergkamp

The Heart and Soul Tee

So a big congratulations to both of the winners: if you can contact me as soon as possible (andy[at]arsenalfcblog[dot]com) to let me know your preferred size and a posting address I can get these sent out in a flash.

To everybody else, a sincerest thank-you for all of your entries. I will be hoping to have plenty more competitions in the future so stay tuned to AFCB for your chance to win great free going forward.

Finally, a HUGE thanks to Pelé Sports for their generosity in providing great clothes for our community. Let’s do it again soon!


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5 thoughts on “Winners of Arsenal FC Blog’s Pelé Sports competition announced

  1. Congratulations to the winners.
    How about an all world, all time 11?
    my choices: gk: Dino Zoff
    Defenders: Roberto Carlos, Paolo Maldini, Beckenbauer, Bobby Moore(because Pele said so)
    Midfielders and Strikers: Pele, Johann Cruyff, Roberto Baggio, Zidane, Muller, Ronaldo(the Brazilian)

  2. @JJ Pittman:

    Nice one! Here’s my team:

    Goal Keepers:
    Peter Schmeichel. Some pretty decent footballer have come out of Denmark, as Vermaelen will prove again after his recovery. Honorable mention to Oliver Kahn.

    Also check this out if you haven’t seen it. A must read from The Guardian:
    “Arsène Wenger blasts Chelsea for hypocrisy over £75m transfer spree”

    The Back Four:
    You’ve got two no-brainers in Beckenbauer and Roberto Carlos and I’ll round it out with two of my own picks in the great Carlos Alberto and because of the French influence at Arsenal, let’s go with Lillian Thuram.

    Midfielders ans Strikers: Of course Pele, Maradona (the sparks would fly!), Bergkamp (because we’re Gooners after all), and because I want to see more great African players I’ll say Roger Milla and our current nemesis Didier Drohgba.

    Not the best side I could have picked, but interesting all the same.



  3. Hey 1Nil! Good to hear from you. TV5 is actually a Belgian, I think, but point well taken.
    All these picks are hard to make because they are part of their teams. Never could like Maradona, think Batigoal and Messi are better, but Diego has the tainted world cup win.
    No real argument about Schmeichel and Zoff undoubtedly benefitted from the concatenacio style le azzurri played. Picked Baggio for the opposite reason. He did all that up front despite their style. Can’t argue with Bergkamp either but was afraid of my Arsenal bias.
    Milla was one of a kind, but can’t include him. Drogba is good and I love to hate him, but behind a lot of others. You didn’t say so, but Cruyff should also be a no-brainer.
    Good to see your regular well reasoned posts on the blog.

  4. @JJ Pittman:
    I stand corrected of course. TV5 is indeed Belgian. Maybe it was B52 of whom I was thinking? Cruyff is one of my favorite athletes of all time along with Orr, Beliveau, Ali, Dr. J, Staubach, McEnroe, etc.
    Love reading your posts, btw. You really know the game.

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