Will Reyes stay with Madrid?

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Will Real Madrid sign Jose Antonio Reyes after his match-winning performance?

Two-goal hero Reyes wants to make deal

I said in yesterday’s column (Madrid win could mean big money for Arsenal) that I thought Jose Antonio Reyes’ performance to gift Real Madrid the La Liga title could prove to be a blessing for both Arsenal and the Spaniard. To quote from directly from the article I commented:

“It is not unthinkable that Madrid may fall in love with the player which effectively won them the title, making it difficult for the club to pass up the opportunity to sign Reyes on a permanent deal.”

It is no suprise that there are others out there who agree with this statement. It seems even the man himself believes that his two goals against Mallorca has edged him closer to the contract he so desperately craves.

“I made Madrid champions and I’m so happy about that because that is the reason I came to the club. Scoring two goals to help us win the last game of the season when we needed a victory is a great feeling for me, and I hope they aren’t my last goals for Real Madrid. Maybe what has happened will convince the club they would like to keep me.”

But has Reyes done enough? What do you think?

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3 thoughts on “Will Reyes stay with Madrid?

  1. Not sure that he is, but it may depend on Capello’s future – I’m not convinced Capello wants him there but he’s admitted to mistakes this season.

    A new manager may rate Reyes, he may not, but what isn’t that great is the fact that one confirmed interested party, Atletico, will be irritated to hear how much he wants to join their rivals.

  2. well it depends on the management, reyes is a good player maybe he is a seasonal player, when he does play well, he plays excellent. am gutted we losing him i liked him as a player

  3. Morning guys. Good to hear from the two of you again.
    Pete – It’s interesting that you bring up the point about Capello admitting his mistakes. The question is – does he think he has made a mistake in limiting Reyes’ participation this season. He seems to favour Robinho on the left so if he stays on then Reyes will only ever be a back-up for the Brazilian. I personally think that he will join Real and, like you said, this will be made more plausible if Capello moves on.
    gunnershabz – I like Reyes as a player too but I would not want him back at Arsenal. He’s too fragile for the Premiership but does suit La Liga (obviously). I just hope we get a tidy sum for his services after his performance against Mallorca.

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