Will Arsenal (Eventually) Sell Its Soul?

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Great news for fans of the Gunners with the news that US billionaire Stan Kroenke has stated he is not interested in investing in the club. It had previously been reported that Arsenal were going to go the way of rivals Chelsea, Manchester United and Liverpool and sell-out a significant number of its shares in order to keep up with the other big boys.

Personally I can say that if this new report is true, it is only good news for the Arsenal Football Club. If Arsenal were to be bought out in the same way as our main rivals it would be a massive disappointment for me and something that would seriously make me reconsider my allegiance to the club. Whilst it seems Arsenal have dodged a bullet in this instance there is little hope that this will be the last extravagant investment offer involving the club.

So what if the unthinkable – perhaps inevitable – happens and Arsenal is bought out? It is hard to tell. I’m not, at this stage, convinced that the injection of funds is worth it when considering how much this type of action would take out of the soul of the club. Whilst I am neither English, let alone a Londoner, I feel that one of the main reasons that I have so much love and respect for this club is because Arsenal have always punched above their weight when it comes to achieving success on a comparatively modest budget.

It makes me proud to be able to say this. If Arsenal were to sell-out in the same way as the likes of Chelsea and Manchester United it would be a massive disappointment. The very soul of football is something that must always remain in-tact for football to be what it is, and Arsenal will have a wonderful opportunity in the near future to set a great example to the football world that there are more important things in life than money, just as it has previously shown that there are more important things in football than simply winning.


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