Why So Many Gaming Companies Are Interested In Sponsoring Arsenal

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Arsenal is a blessed football team when it comes to sponsorships from gaming companies. Over the years, the London team has attracted the attention of a number of betting companies across the globe. Today, Arsenal enjoys massive financial support from a range of gaming companies, including Betfair, which operates the world’s largest online betting exchange.

But why really is the 131-year-old football team so appealing to gaming entities across the globe? Just why are so many betting companies so interested in the London football team? That is a question that many of us are going to be asking every now and then.

Gaming entities are obviously interested in football team sponsorship for the sake of the money, but just why are many of those companies more interested in Arsenal than other teams? What is the obsession with the London club? Let’s find out shortly.

  1. The Companies Want To Tap Into Arsenal’s Potential Fan Base

Arsenal is one of the top English Premier League football clubs with huge fan bases around the globe. Today, the London-based soccer team has an estimated 131 million fans worldwide.

As said before, it all boils down to making money. All gaming entities are obviously interested in football team sponsorship for the sake of the money. The betting companies associated with Arsenal are motivated by the team’s huge global fan base which creates a huge opportunity for them to make money. Every betting company wants to tap into Arsenal’s potential fan base through jersey sponsorships and other sponsorship deals to rake billions of profits. Every time Arsenal is going to play, millions of gamers will place their bet on the team, which may result in millions of profits for the betting company if the team loses.

  1. The Companies Want To Capitalize On Arsenal’s Unpredictable Winning or Losing Tendencies

Betting companies celebrate when your team loses because a loss for you is a win for them. Due to a strong attachment to your team, you will always bet on your team to win regardless of the odds or stake. Many players will stand with their team even if it is pretty obvious that their opponent will win.

It is this form of fanaticism in Arsenal fans that gaming companies associated with Arsenal are always wanting to take advantage of. They know very well that Arsenal has unpredictable winning or losing possibilities and when the team loses, they make profits out of it.

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