Why Arsenal Must Pay to Keep Mesut Ozil

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It isn’t easy to maintain a respectable position in the English Premier League, especially when you are one of the league’s highest ranked teams. And you do not need to understand betting odds to know the important role money plays in the EPL.

The best clubs are often the richest clubs; they stand unopposed by their lesser rivals because they can afford to buy the best talent around. Money pretty much talks in the EPL, and that is a problem for a number of clubs.

Not only does it restrict the ability of poorer clubs to climb the hierarchy but rich clubs are often caught in a cycle of financial complications where they must keep dishing out ever more extravagant contracts to not only purchase players but to keep them.

Arsene Wenger is struggling with problems like this today. Mesut Ozil is arguably the best player in the club. But even if you do not believe that you cannot ignore the fact that he is the highest paid player in Arsenal.

Ozil earns a whopping 140,000 pounds a week. Most people couldn’t possibly fathom earning that much money in a year, let alone a week. And it seems like Ozil isn’t content with his current remunerations.

Wenger pretty much admitted that the club would probably have to break its wage structure in order to keep Ozil. Ozil has also admitted that he is looking to negotiate a contract that will see him earn 200,000 pounds a week.

The midfielder’s current contract expires in 2018, so there is still plenty of time to haggle over the deal. Besides, there is no telling what could happen between now and then.

Wenger backtracked on his claims somewhat when he said that, while Ozil was definitely looking to get a bigger piece of the pie, his decision to stay with Arsenal wouldn’t be determined by the money. Rather, Wenger claimed that Ozil was keen to stay at the Emirates.

So maybe Wenger won’t have to work nearly as hard to make Ozil stay with Arsenal; though that doesn’t change the fact that money might be the deciding factor here. Arsenal will have to make some tough decisions with regards to either giving into Ozil’s demands or choosing to trust that his loyalty for the club will remain strong regardless of the contract details negotiated.

Of course, even if we have the money, Arsenal needs to ensure that they are still a viable club for Ozil to play with by the time his contract expires. We need to show that we can win titles. In a league with clubs like Liverpool, Chelsea, and Manchester United, that will be a challenging objective to accomplish, though we continue to make notable strides with each new season.

Arsenal hasn’t taken the Premier League title home since 2004. We are in a great place to compete today because of the vast improvements they have experienced in their financial situation.

The club need not worry about selling their best players to raise capital. We are also looking at additional talent to bring into the fold, this including Hector Bellerin and Alexis Sanchez.


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