Why Arsenal fans should boycott ‘Football365.com’

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As someone who loves to know all I can possibly know about tactics, news and analysis about football I,  like most others in my generation, have relied heavily on the use of the internet to keep me in touch with the world football community. Over this time ESPN Soccernet, Sky Sports and a unique little website called Football365 has demanded my attention and earned my loyalty with their comprehensive coverage of all things football.

Stand up for the boys from Arsenal!

I have always relied on ESPN Soccernet for results and comprehensive articles; Sky Sports for match previews and weekly round-ups and Football365 to hear the unbiased discussion and opinions of regular fans like you and me. Whilst the former two sites still provide what I want, Football365 has fallen in a way that makes me both sad and disgusted.

You see, the key to Football365’s charm was always in it remaining unbiased, in it enticing natural arguments and discussion between fans of different teams because these arguments were impossible to avoid. Differences of opinion exist in all forms of life and this is highlighted no better than in the football world. Dispicably, regular contributor Pete Gill has ruined this charm that Football365 once had by forcing the arguments with sensationalist writings that borders on ridiculous.

Pete Gill writes – amongst other columns – the weekly “Premiership Winners And Losers” article. You can read the lastest joke of an installment here. In this article he chooses teams, players, referees, managers etc that he believes have had a good or bad weekend and lists various reasons why. I am sure that any Arsenal fan who regularly reads this article believe the same thing – that Pete Gill absolutely hates Arsenal and, win or lose, he is determined to make them look bad.

Whether he places Arsenal in the winners or losers column, his comments with regards to the club are consistently negative. Consider the following extracts from the past three weeks of this feature:

“Not that their victory over Fulham – inevitably featuring the usual disgusting profligacy and a concession from their opponents’ first shot on goal – mattered: Everton and Bolton’s failure to win on Saturday confirmed the Gunners’ Champions League qualification.”

“There was nothing new in any of Arsenal’s failings at Tottenham. What was original, however, was their appearance in the same match.”

“Goalscoring – or lack of it – is the major shortcoming in his game. Two months ago, the chief sports writer of The Daily Mail declared Fabregas the ‘best teenager in the world’. It is an extraordinary accolade that cannot be endorsed until he troubles the scorers more frequently.”

“Less than a minute before that, Abou Diaby, in conjunction with Julio Baptista, squandered a second clear goalscoring opportunity in a manner that was pathetic even by the Gunners’ disgusting standards.”

“Ahh yes, that notorious Arsenal crowd. Presumably, Allardyce has never read a book in his life because he is too intimidated by its volatile custodians to enter a library.”

These are all extracts from the past three “Premiership Weekend Winners & Losers” column, a period in which Arsenal scored two wins over Bolton and Fulham and drew 2-2 after dominating rivals Tottenham. Despite this, not one of the above comments made by Pete Gill was in any way positive towards the Arsenal Football Club – regardless of whether the team or certain Arsenal players were placed in the winners or losers section.

My point is simple – Pete Gill’s drivel is not worth listening to and, as a result, Football365 is not worth reading. Until Pete Gill stops writing for the website, I’m encouraging all of you to boycott it.

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29 thoughts on “Why Arsenal fans should boycott ‘Football365.com’

  1. pete gill is disgusting, i’ve read his stuff about the other teams, and he just seems like a negative nancy, and if i was head of 365 i would fire his ass, which poses a new question… what happens in leap years, does football 365 only function for that number of days and not the 366th day.

  2. I think I’ve already said enough about this so I’ll leave further criticism up to you guys :). Interesting point you’ve made about there only being 365 days in a year, I’m tempted to Email the website and pose your question to them.

  3. Maybe he is so disgusted with Arsenal’s finishing because he is a fan? Can any Arsenal fan claim they haven’t been disgusted at Baps etc. woeful finishing this year?

  4. Pete is a gooner as well, I don’t see what the problem with having a negative view on what has been a tepid season at best actually is, I have a season ticket at your biggest rivals and yet I am happy to see both yours and my clubs fortunes in a positive and negative light when the appropriate time arises. You will also notice that Arsenal feature heavily in the winners columns when they are flying, which they clearly are not right now.

  5. Arsenal will be the first team to drop out of the big 4!

    Now where did I leave that afro comb?

  6. Things have gotten a little out of hand around here tonight.

    Many of the comments left on this article (well over 130) have been deleted due to offensive content.

    For obvious reasons I have had to disable posting until further notice.

    Apologies to our regular readers for the inconvenience.

  7. Comments are now enabled but will be moderated by myself (the administrator). I encourage readers to voice their opinions on what has been an interesting response to this post. Negative and positive opinions will both be printed as long as the content is not offensive.

    Best regards, Spanish Fry.

  8. I find this article surprising, Peter Gill is a notorious Arsenal fan and has been criticised in the past for giving too much weighting to Arsenal in his winners and losers column, regardless of their performance.

    Whatever accusations are leveled at Gill, he most certainly is not anti-arsenal by any means.

  9. regardless of his views he will suffer a Pox as yet unknown to man

    This football365 will crumble under the might of SILVER!!



  12. Ironic you left links all over the piece. Encouraging people who read this to go on the website before encouraging them to boycott it. You’re not only boring but unintelligent.

  13. Hola, soy de Acapulco y Arsenal es lo mejor de este planeta!!!!!!! Saludos a todos los seguidores..

    Arsenal rules.

  14. i love the club, and i wish to play in the club, my favorite player in arsenal is van pasie bcus he play as i play too the same left and the same wing. i pray to almighty God 4 me to have the opportunity to play in FC ARSENAL i will be so glad, my regards to coach and other team member thanks.

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