What I wish Appiah would say to Arsenal

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Enough said really.

Have a lovely weekend and don’t get too bored. And if you do, there’s always the Arsecast to keep you going. Cheers!

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41 thoughts on “What I wish Appiah would say to Arsenal

  1. I’ll be the happiest man on earth if Wenger can consider Appiah’s move to the emirates. Fabregas can now sigh a feel of relief. Gunners 4 ever!

  2. u hav no idea wat ur missing at mr wenger!!
    tis is a gd chance to make ur gooner fans to feel good about….BLOODY SIGN HIM!!!

  3. Appiah is supposed to be making up his mind after the match today, so we will have to wait. It wouldn’t cost Arsenal any money only wages, and what would he have been earning in Turkey, So us fans will have to be patient and see what Appiah decides, he’s the only one who knows what he wants to do and where he would like to play his footie, whether it’s Arsenal, West Ham or Pompey.

  4. Wenger would not miss out on something for nothing. If he was that good (and I do not know) surely Man City would have jumped in.

  5. Appiah is a top quality geezer,just what we need to add a bit more strength and depth to our midfield.He plays well as dm and also going forward with good skill and strength and a good shot too,similar in some ways to the great patrick vierra.There are stories going round about his injury and also attitude in relation to his cancelled contract at Fenerbache,but if you investigate a bit further as I did what you find is interesting-he was prepared to play with a bad knee and take pain killing injections to help his club win some crucial matches.After helping his club to win tyhe league I think it was he finally had surgery which he had delayed.After a successful operation he then started becoming short of breath and was treated by the team doctors who diagnosed asthma.After a couple of months of treatment Appiah was not getting any better so sought a second opinion from doctors in Italy who realised that he actually had micro emboli(small clots in his blood) as a consequence to his surgery,he was then treated for this and made a full recovery.His club then suspended his pay because they were upset that he had sought treatment from another doctor which ultimately led to his contract being cancelled and thats why he is a free agent.Now the interesting thing is that micro emboli can kill you or disable you so if he had not gone to another doctor he might not be alive after the team doctors misdiagnosis and treatment.So as far as I see questions about his attitude are rubbish,he is fully recovered and has been training and is fully fit.

  6. Pls Pls Pls Pls Pls sign Appiah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Pls dont ignore the cries of ALL your very loyal arsenal fans!! sign th man, he’s free for heaven’s sake!!!!!

  7. O dear God! Jusr sign him! what the wors thats going to happen? He’s not going to eat Cesc! More play alongside him as a good holding midfielder!

  8. Let’s hope this comes off – although he is too attacking a player to be Cesc’s true partner but we do lack numbers in there and he’s proper quality.

  9. If appiah was not a free agent and was under contract,what do u all think his market value would be compared to some other players recently transferred?Got to be around 10 mil think if we were prepared to pay 14-16mil for alonso,then this guy must surely be worth signing for the cost of his wages only.

  10. If he had any interest in Appiah he would have signed him during the transfer window……….forget it aint gonna happen no matter how much the tabloids want to sell it.

  11. How about an idea,wenger has been quiet about transfers-he know we all expected to be signing a couple of players by the end of the transfer window,maybe appiah has been a secondary target in case he couldnt get alonso or inler,and that also he has been making time to talk to this guy giovincio who is in stalled contract extension talks with juve.Apparently they offering 500000 per season for 5 years think we could beat that easily and again would be no fee cos his contract nearly expired.

  12. sign please sign,appiah was exelent along side essien for ghana,not as good as essien,but qualty for free. the new gilberto i think.

  13. Do we need Appiah? Do we need anyone?

    Assume that our CC midfield is Wilshire, Randall, Ramsey & Medira. Assume our first choice midfield is RvP, Cesc, Sami, Rosicky (with Eddie & Ade up front). What have we in between?

    Walcott, Eboue, Vela, Denilson, Diaby and Song. (Perhaps Djourou and Toure).

    How can we look for a 7th midfielder who will only play when there are injuries and suspensions? I know that RvP, Diaby and Rosicky have been injured a lot. If that continues this season, then they must be sold – or given away.

    Take Appiah and we are looking at another Diarra situation.

  14. another Diarra situation? Think you forget, that we’ve made nearly 100% profit on Diarra in merely 6 months..:) Is this so bad? I think he’s gamble, but worth a trying. And he’s not a real defensive midfielder what the video shows as well.

  15. well if arsene can just sign him i will be the happiest person on earth we need something opponent will fear maybe appiah is that this so that a repeat of fulham will not happen again.

  16. Please WENGER, SIGN this guy, he is for FREE!!! No cheaper way of replacing Flamini. Arsenal wins and their brand of soccer cheer me up, and a maltitude of all Gunners, here in the nation on fire – Zimbabwe!!!

  17. Appiah is owned by a Sports Media Company, a third party company. these kind of companies own such ppl like tevez and mascherano. how many times wenger need to clarify that he won’t deal with these kinda of deals. this deal will never happen, unless something extraordinary happens.

  18. I’m indifferent about the signing of appiah,if wenger thinks he’s worth it,all well and good,if not,all well and good.

  19. Ahem…please “StepApp” to the Emirates.

    @SF: Yeah mate if you ever head out this way Portland or Seattle we’ll have to meet up even if it’s not for a match, just to have a pint and talk footy. Just give me some notice.

  20. I bet LeBoss will be offered a sit on the board of one of the big banks if he decicides to hang his football management jacket, but even he will realise that this makes economic sense! Frugality aside, Appiah is quality on the cheap. AW cannot go wrong with this one. Please sign him now,AW.



  22. Hello there.

    Here’s a Benfica fan declaring his support to Arsenal against the corruption of FC Porto in the Champions League.

    So I let you know this, in order to make you understand how their victories were obtained all over this 25 years:

    – FCP’s President, Pinto da Costa (PC), and many collaborators were caught in about 50 phone calls to referees or referees’ president, asking for easy games.

    – The trade was made often with prostitutes, vacations and money.

    – Due to the limitations to phone listening by the police, many accusations were drop and never came to court.

    – However 3 games went to court and are expecting to be judged. In one of the matches it’s known and proved that the referee was in PC’s house in the evening before the game.

    – At this time the Portuguese FA also started a inquiry in order to investigate the facts involving the 3 matches.

    – Porto was declared guilty for attempt to corrupt (?!!!) in 2 of the 3 matches

    – Why is that? Why attempt and not consumed corruption? Because the Portuguese FA regulations ridiculously consider that even if you ask for the favour and pay for it (what is proved for the 2 games) it’s needed to prove that the referee really helped the paying team. That is so subjective that the experts failed (or were asked to fail) to prove this benefice. However the referee’s, incomprehensibly, were condemned of consumed corruption. No need to say that this regulations were made by a very well known FCP Supporter, also involved in football TV shows where he is representing the club.

    – So PC, who asked and paid for the help, was merely guilt of attempt to corrupt. The sanction for this is the deduction of 3 points per game (6 in total) in the season when the sentence was read. This was in the end of last season of Portuguese league.

    – As they were more or less 20 points ahead at that time and with the fear that if they recur the punishment could be taken this season, they didn’t do it, declaring to anyone that they really are corrupts. However, in a personal way and not dangering this season to FCP, PC recurred himself as he was also condemned.

    – When UEFA declared that FCP may not participate, due to a regulation made after the calciocaos in order to punish corrupt clubs that are not really punished in their own countries, they rushed to try to involve FCP in PC recursion. This could be possible in Portugal because in a condemnation where more than one person (or entity) are accused for the same facts if one condemned recurs and wins, all the other condemned are beneficed. But that was not the case, because in one of the matches it was not PC that corrupted the referee, but a collaborator. That means that FCP could never recur for that match, as the deadline for that was passed and PC didn’t recurred for that match.

    – So, in first place, they tried to confuse UEFA, sending paid Portuguese FA members to UEFA, saying that PC’s recursion could benefice FCP. Then, when his recursion was about to be decided, in a meeting of a comitee of 7 Portuguese judges, and very close to the UEFA’s deadline to solve this problem in order to punish FCP this season, the comitee’s president, observing that 5 of the 7 judges were voting for the condemnation, finished the meeting, without any decision made. However the other 5 members dismissed their president (something they could do) and started another meeting and declared PC as guilty of all charges.

    – Of course that the confusion created by the comitee’s president allowed FCP to recur about the second meeting and UEFA, with no effective condemnations when the deadline came, nothing could do.

    – 15 days later, the second meeting was validated and the condemnations were effective, but not in time to avoid the corrupts to participate in the Champions League.

    – Apparently, Sir Alex Ferguson knew what he was talking about when he said that FCP buys championships in the supermarket. That was said at the time of the clash between FCP and Man Utd in 2003/04, where FCP beneficed from a Man Utd legal but invalidated goal and also the season of the majority of the phone calls recorded.

    What about that?

  23. Sounds a lot like what goes on in Italia. No matter how much people claim the match fixing has been fixed a lot of teams still pay off refs and even players on the opposite team to get the results they want.

  24. I think appiah is a fantastic player.
    please sign him
    we need a player like him
    signnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn him for us

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