Wenger says not to, but Adebayor mentions the T-word + Arsenal close to Arshavin

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Hello, hello. How are we today? It’s an action-packed Tuesday post so sit tight and enjoy.

I’ll start with Arsene Wenger, who has been talking about our recent form and the struggles that our nearest challengers have had lately. Commenting on the lucky escapes by Manchester United, Chelsea and Aston Villa over the weekend and Liverpool’s draw with Everton, the manager remains adamant in his belief that their struggles should give our boys hope. He is refusing to use the t-word, however, preferring instead on remaining focused on continuing the decent run the side has produced of late. He said:

“We do not speak about title at the moment, we just go from game to game. We on are a good run and have good momentum so let’s just keep it going.”

The trouble is, no-one seems to have told Emmanuel Adebayor:

“Why can’t we win the title? If we keep going and keep winning games, let’s see where we are at the end of the season.”

Whoopsy daisy. At this stage I tend to be on Wenger’s side when it comes to talk of the title. In my opinion we CAN certainly win the title, but whether we do or not will hugely depend on Manchester United dropping points. If we win their game in hand we will be 9 points behind, which while not insurmountable, is a figurative mountain to climb. However, I’m the sort of person who won’t give up until the mathematics say otherwise and I feel with a signing or two (more on Arshavin in a second) we’ll have a first team squad that can put the sort of run together that wins titles.

As I said yesterday, we’re unbeaten in the last eight games and have won the last three, a huge turnaround from the shambolic performances at Stoke and Manchester City. As Wenger has indicated, what remains important is that the boys carry on this run for as long as possible and continue to build a winning mentality. The sort of mentality that can allow us some more comfortable wins, at the same time providing us the resources to win games where a draw looks more likely, such as at Hull.

Moving on to the latest news about Andrei Arshavin and it seems as though our pursuit for the Russian is nearing a positive outcome. According to quotes from Zenit St Petersburg manager Dick Advocaat the playmaker is set to leave shortly with Arsenal the likely destination:

“Negotiations with Arsenal continue and the chances are very high that Arshavin will soon play in the English Premier League.”

There has been some suggestions that with Kaka’s move to City falling through, the Manchester side might turn their attention towards going for Arshavin. I tend to agree with the comments made by Gilberto Silver from Gunnerblog, however, who suggested that although City could easily outmuscle us in a financial battle, Arshavin would not represent the type of marquee signing that they are looking for. As a result, I can see us tying up the deal quite soon and would probably expect an announcement within the next day or two so stay tuned.

Finally today are some comments from a couple of Arsenal’s more senior players. William Gallas has indicated that he wants to see out the remainder of his contract with Arsenal while injured midfielder Tomas Rosicky has suggested he is not as far away from a return to action as Wenger and the club have perhaps indicated.

I think they’re both good pieces of news. Gallas remains the outstanding central defender in our squad and the absence of Rosicky has left a big hole out wide. Theo Walcott was beginning to look the part before his shoulder injury but I’ve no doubt in my mind that had the Czech been fit throughout the past year then he would have been first-choice on the right. Let’s hope his comments have something more substantial to them than just hope.

Anyhoo, that’s it for today. I’m off to get absolutely shattered via hardcore pre-season fitness training in 30 degrees heat. Pray I’ll be back alive tomorrow.

Have your say on the T-word, Arshavin, Rosicky or Gallas by leaving a comment.


39 thoughts on “Wenger says not to, but Adebayor mentions the T-word + Arsenal close to Arshavin

  1. Hey SF!! Once again nice post!!Going game to game is defntly the right solution.Kaka deal might be a bad news for us as City might now run after Arsha, but different perspectives can also be considered, like: Kaka deal might also encourage Arshavin not only to look at the financial side of the game but also the status and the quality of the club.
    But im confident that he will land at the Emirates.
    Next, between Ro-sick-y (my best world winger) and Walcott, Id preffer to see Walcott first as he is more likely quick to get back in form.
    I really hope, we sign Arsha this week so that we can have him in the squad agst Everton and City wont jeopardise our deal.

  2. Great post SF, I agree with most of your points. It’s great to see us beginning to put a run together, as this is what will instill confidence in the team. Lack of confidence and swagger is what we have been missing this season. It’s a shame that injury has done so much damage to our season. We’ve got so used to having 5 or 6 first choice players absent that it’s become the norm, but if actually consider what sort of side we could have put out if nearly everyone was fit, I’m sure we’d be well above our current 5th place. It was great to see Ashley young get his marching orders at the weekend. I thought the decision was a little harsh, but it means Villa won’t have his services for 3 games. Him, along with Agbonlahor has been the reason that villa have had such a good run. We’ll now see what they’re made of. If, by the time ha comes back, they’re still above us, we may need to start seriously worrying. Having said that, our own quiet progress should have Martin O’Neill looking nervously over his shoulder. We achieved this with lots of injuries, and without hitting the heights that we know even a patched up Arsenal side can. I’m encouraged by the fact that the manager seems to have got over the strange selection and tactical aberrations of the early part of the season. a settled side will be a bonus as the season drags on.

    A word about my favourite Danish footballer! I’ve been fairly forthright in my view that Big Nik wasn’t good enough, but I have to say that his performances from the bench in the last 3 games have been excellent. He hasn’t consistently given the ball away, and his goals have been well taken. One of the other lads on this blog suggested that he should be playing wide. At first I thought this a strange idea, but this is where he’s been operating when coming on recently and it’s worked well. When Risocky and Walcott are back I don’t think will be a serious option, but I think Bendtner is better with his back towards the sidelines- perhaps with the all the play in front of him, his lack of vision is less of a problem.

    I hope the Arshavin deal gets sorted quickly, one way or the other. The uncertainty isn’t good for any of us.

  3. Well said SF. Wenger is right, we have to focus on maintaining our wining streak. I dont mind players who tell the media that we are gunning for the title though, it shows that they are growing in confidence.

    Arshavin will not snub us for Citeh. A player who is after success (not money) would join Arsenal over Citeh anyday. Arshavin made it clear that he wants to join a big club to prove to the world that he can make it at the highest level. He wont be able to do that @ Citeh.

    Good news from Rosicky and Gallas. Lets hope Rosicky returns earlier than expected, we need him badly. Gallas will be 34 years old and nearly at the end of his career by 2011 anyway, so thats really good news.

  4. I would like to know, in a fully fit Arsenal side (if only) where does Arshavin come in?

    Presumably as a midfielder rather than a second striker, right?

    So where?

  5. Yep, i agree, 1 game at a time. We can win things this season as long as we continue our recent form.

    Im getting excited now about Dre Shavin. It does seem like he will be an Arsenal player. I cant wait to see him in an Arsenal shirt (#10). He could be vital in our FA cup campaign. I see the game is on Setanta here in OZ SF. So looks like a dirty ol’ stream it is.

    Gallas running his mouth off again….meh. Sell him at the end of the season, but he must be replaced.

  6. We need to focus on each individual game… If there is an ounce of overconfidence ever Wenger needs to bury it. Its a real thin line. Everton wont be easy… Tottenham after that we should be quite pumped… One game at a time and the others will drop points…

  7. I was delighted to hear the news that Kaka was staying with Milan not out of spite for Man City but because it shows that there is still some loyalty in the game. Even in the face of hundreds of millions being waved in his face, Kaka has said “no, my heart belongs here and this is where I want to play and achieve things.” As an Arsenal fan you have to be able to appreciate that. There are always going to be people with wads of cash sniffing around our players and it warms the heart to know that not everything in this life can be bought and that history, past achievements, current set-up and the future possibilities still weigh heavily on players’ minds when it comes to change contracts. I believe that if a player is mercenary enough to take Man City’s money and run, they would be equally mercenary to pack up and run if they decide that life at City doesn’t suit them. I think we are seeing this with Robinho and unfortunately, I don’t see this situation sorting itself out easily.

    I believe that Man City’s problems are only beginning. To be honest, I don’t think that Mark Hughes is enough of an attraction as a manager to sign big players. If you had asked Robinho if he would have signed for Mark Hughes without getting the big wads of cash – he would have said no. The club also need to show ambition not just be able to wave wads of cash around to attract players. It’s for that reason, I don’t think that the Sheik will be able to solve all of City’s problems.

  8. you guys are killing me with your long ass posts! I must have ADHD? Anyway, I think Hughes made a mistake by going into city. He is in a difficult position and by the sounds of it is being over-run by players and management and owners.
    Arshavin- I feel pessimistic about this saga. It’s not Andrei it’s Zenit! My perception is they are money grubbing bastards! 12-15 for AA is over the top. It should be sufficient and was until Kaka’s deal fell through…Now the tone has changed from Zenit, unfortuanately Arsenal and AA are going to be the victims. In the end AA won’t go to city…Again very boring!

  9. If I were negotiating at some point the realization has to be AA 27, 28, 29, 30? Is he a necessity for survival of this club or rather someone who could legitimately improve the club. Then pay him accordingly. Survival = 15-17 sterling / improvement = 10-12 sterling. I believe the latter is more like it. The other thing that is interesting is Latcher’s comments on being 10 months away from FIFA buy-out…(paraphrase)Then AA will be in betterstanding to deal with Zenit. Who knows where AA will land Spain, Italy, England.
    For me this is not what I want to hear no matter how difficult the negotiations are. It sounds like there may be better teams for AA to play for.

  10. 13.02 Sky Sports News understands that Arsenal are rated at only 50-50 to land Russian star Andrei Arshavin.
    Is it the “same old same old same” for us gooners? Beginning to look like it.I hope not because if we don’t strengthen in this window then the best we can look forward to is fighting Villa for 4th place.How much more exciting can life get ?!!

  11. @ Filipino Dan – I am thinking Arshavin would be playing next to Cesc with Nasri on the left and either Rosicky or Walctt on the right in a fully fit Arsenal side. Hope Arshavin deal is sorted so he can play this weekend. Dont want to sell Bendtner if im honest.

  12. @ Filipino Dan; that is exactly my reservation with regard to Arshavin move. I will welcome it, but not above 10 mil pounds as, as good as he is, his role in a fully fit Arsenal squad will be a number of cameo appearances in wide midfield. Speaking of wide midfield, Rosicky, Walcott, Vela and Eduardo will also be used there and this makes for a very unhapy Asharvin(possibly). With Walcot doing well on the right, Vela and Eduardo forcing themselves into the team, I don’t see Arshavin get the nod ahead of a fully fit Rosicky. He may get ahead of Nasri, but again, he may not.

    I see Adebayor being the most likely to be scrificed once we have too much creativity and penetration power with the likes of Theo, Nasri,Vela, Eduardo, RVP, Rosicky, (Arshavin?!?!) Diaby and even Bendtner. Cesc and Denilson will remain our CM Maestros.

    I still don’t see the wisdom of shelling too much money for Arshavin when we are about to get our regulars back.

  13. Arshavin might get cameos also in a 4-5-1.

    @Fatboy; I still would like to see another striker wide, Vela, and he might be more useful when we have a tall Ade in the middle and another tall player in the opposite wing scavenging on the far post.

  14. I should add that Vela impact at LM will be very different from Bendtner’s at RM. Appart from being able to provide crosses and go outside of RBs, he will open up Central defences by attracting one a bit wide thus leaving more room for RVP and especially Adebayor to operate(if Ade can stay around the box most of the times)

  15. @ Bergy-James09;

    You are a true football “fan”, and by that I mean you do what “fans” do, Cheer at what is the flavor of the day. I bet you go to a match or whatch a game on TV and take 100% of what the pundits and commentators say as your take for the day. If you read people’s post here, you will find that everyone is in agreement that Arshavin is good. Arshavin himself has to fit into a system unless you want to buy Arshavin and 26 other players to fit Arshavin. As good as he may be, he was not able to prevent Zenit’s exit from CL, or win the Euros, did he? I an not speaking for anyone else on this blog but myself, I watched his entire Euros very closely which was just a handfull of games, one of which he completely became useless and inefective. When Rosicky got the kudos in the last world cup, where was Arshavin?

    History lesson for you my friend! do you remember a fella by the name of Chevchenko!?!?!? He was top class, better than Arshavin in rankings before he went to Chelsea. He didn’t just became a bad player overnight, it was how he fitted in the new system and players around him.

    He would add something to the side but in my oppinion, I don’t see that little bit extra worth more than 10 millions and only if we have given up on Rosicky.
    You, my friend, will be naive to believe Ramsay and Wilshere have 5 years to catch an ageing Arshavin. They are closer than you think to even surpass him at his current level. 2 years max, unless something tragic happens. Now Arshavin will probably play a very small part for us this season, and with everyone fit at the start of the season, who will you sit on the bench for Arshavin? With the rate Wilshere is coming through, he will have a say in the team, together with Vela by mid next season. And you want to spend 20 millions for someone you may not need for even a half season?

  16. Tay;
    Good post!
    Bergy-James;I Don’t believe this post disputes the talent of AA or what improvements he would bring as a result of a transfer to Arsenal..What is in dispute is Zenit’s unwillingness to be reasonable under these circumstances. Instead you insult guys that are on Arsenal side? Tay is correct in regards to Shevshenko because there are no guarantees….But, here’s the real deal if he comes great…He will contribute! If he doesn’t that’s football and this team moves on!

  17. @ TayGoon – I think you’re being exceptionally harsh on Bergy. I actually agree with most of what he’s said about Arshavin (if not the way he’s gone about it).

    Arshavin is worth more than 10 million. Like he said, he can play 5 years at Arsenal. He’s not a player that relies on his speed – he’s a creative mover and passer who relies on his mind more than his quickness of feet. As for the comments about Wilshere and Ramsay, I think what Bergy is getting at is that he will provide the depth not to have to rely on that pair so early and I certainly agree that this is a good thing.

    The last thing I will say to both you and Bergy is that I’d prefer it if people didn’t attack each other for expressing their opinion. That’s what blogs are for and this one works really well because everybody gets a go.

  18. Im agree with TayGoon about Arshavin!

    As I said before I will be very pissed if Arsene buys him IF he doesnt buy BEFORE someone to cover our real needs.

    Yes he is good but I think we have four better players than him in a place for just three.

  19. We need to lock him up. IMO Arshavin > Walcott. I know people will call me crazy but Walcott is a bit one dimensional with a great future. Wenger claims Walcott is better up front and I would do that, put Arshavin and Rosicky/ Nasri on the wings… This signing will solidify our attack for years… Needs to get done

  20. It’s all about depth for me. People complain about us not having the squad to challenge the best and now we’re looking at bringing someone in the same people are complaining about certain players being pushed out of the side.

    The idea is to improve the overall quality of the squad so that the cream rises to the top and we get the best possible team. It’s not that complicated 🙂

  21. I think if we sign Andrei Arshavin, Yuri Zhirkov, Alex, Shay Given and Christian Poulsen, we will be fine. We will have a midfield containing : Cesc Fabregas, Tomas Rosicky, Samir Nasri, Theo Walcott, Andrei Arshavin, Christian Poulsen, Yuri Zhrikov, Alezandre Song, Diaby, Denilson, Aaron Ramsey and Jack Wilshere. Now that is squad depth. Plus Arshavin can play upfront and Zhirkov can play LB. Given to play in goal obviously and Alex as a big strong tall CB we so crave. However I wouldnt mind getting Micah Richards either. Christian Poulsen as the DM we need. What everyone think?

  22. jay-jay; I agree with Arshavin and Given. Zhirkov is pretty decent with good dribbling skills. I have seen him score fine goals. Actually he can play both Leftback and Leftwing. He will provide good squad depth but he hasn’t impressed me very much. Much better option that Eboue or Diaby on the wing though. Alex was tremendous when he was at PSV but now with Chelsea he is looking ridiculous. I will take Poulsen over Denilson or Song anyday also.

    My choices:

    Sergio Asenjo – 5/6 million – Was considered the 2nd best goalie in Spanish league last season after Casillas. He is young player with plenty of potential. If Cech and Casillas were good from age 16, he is also great for a 19 year old.

    Miguel Veloso – 12 million – Have seen many times since I watch Portugese League quite often. Really good tackling ability with composure and intelligence. He can be a better player than what Flamini was last season. Hey, he also scores quality freekicks. In RVP’s absence it will be really helpful. Every successful team have a history of scoring crucial freekick goals. We also need to improve that ability.

    Arshavin(Of Course) – 14 million – We all know his quality.

    Hangeland – 8 million – Some one might laugh at me and say he plays for an average team like Fulham. The guy is monster in air. Most of the goals Arsenal has conceded for last few seasons from air can be prevented with this tall strong CB. We already have Toure and Gallas who are worldclass in the floor. Brede looks like he has adapted to the physical game in premier league. Has international experience with Norway national team.

    Total sum of 38 million. We got to invest in a reasonable way in the Janaury and Summer to get ready for next year.

    I would also like to sell Bayor to Milan or Barca and use that money to buy David Villa.

    Look at my team for next year:

    Sergio Asenjo
    Sagna Brede Hangeland Toure Clichy
    ……Miguel Veloso….
    A.Arshavin Cesc(c) Nasri
    RVP David Villa

    Subs: Fabianski, Djourou, Ramsey, Traore, Denilson, Rosiscky, Wilshere, Vela, Bentdner……

    Almunia, Eboue, Diaby, Song and Silvestre may leave for Las Palmas, Ethopia United, Sedan, Charlton and Nancy respectively. One by One. I would kick out of the Groves.

  23. TayGoon; I think Arshavin is worth more than 10 million. Like FrenchFries says he relies more with his creativity and footballing brain than his power or speed. Football is all about how quick you can think in your head. He also has decent speed and quickness. Be sure he will not turn like Super-Flop Svenchenko.

    Bergy…, To say Ramsey and Wilshere will be ready after 5 ‘ucking years is insane. Those two kids along with Vela are already better than Eboue, Diaby and Song.

  24. ARSENAL are steadfastly sticking to their £12million valuation of Andrei Arshavin and have given Russian club Zenit St Petersburg a January 26 deadline to sell him.

    That’s from todays Daily Express (UK) and there’s lots more there with “quotes” from Zenit.
    Maybe it’s “good housekeeping” but it’s not going to convince me that we are SERIOUS in pursuit of trophies.
    The world of football does’nt revolve around good housekeeping. It revolves around financial insanity and if you want to win trophies you better sign in to the asylum . That’s a fact.We still have’nt booked our room.

  25. Spanishgooner; That’s what’s up.

    We can see Arsenal not being serious for past 4 seasons. Releasing best players at the club without reasonable replacements. That’s reflects our ambition, seriousness or pursuit of trophies. Whatever you want to say. To pay most expensive tickets to watch grosses like Almunia, Eboue, Diaby, Silvestre is really painful. I can feel for all season ticket holders. Arsenal seats has been empty for last few matches. Wenger had to make a statement at arsenal website saying that his main objective is to make fans happy. Does Wenger think Arsenal fans who pay the highest ticket price in the planet are happy? I am not. And I am sure many fans are not.

  26. http://gunnerblog.com/

    Arshavin deal is almost off.

    Fuck Zenit; Fuck His Greedy agent; Fuck me for dreaming about the Russian Playmaker.

    I would not be surprised if we sign ZERO players in this transfer season. Wenger will come out and say Song is “Like” our new signing. “Luke Freeman” is for the future. He will say he tried his best to sign someone but didn’t find the exact quality he was looking for. Oh Lord! I say guys forget about trophies or any glories. I would be a happy man if we finish within top 4 come May.

  27. What the fuck has Gazidis been doing?

    Day 1 in the office – fax Russia with plaltry opening offer (8m)

    Day 2 – nothing

    Day 3 – nothing

    Day 4 – check fax is turned on

    Day 5 – nothing

    Day 6 – call in sick (bored)

    Day 7 – fax from russia. it’s a no.

    Day 8 – nothing, show the russians we’re not desperate

    Day 9 – fax new offer (12m), won’t be long now

    Day 10 – nothing

    Day 11 – nothing

    Day 12 – contact IT and ask if email has been properly set up?

    Day 13 – consider booking ryan air flight to russia

    Day 14 – fax from russia. another no.

    Day 15 – plead with p diddy wood for more money for deal. 3 million should do it

    Day 16 – message from p diddy. u can have 1.5 million

    Day 17 – fax to russia, final offer (13.5m)

    Day 18 – nothing

    Day 19 – is my phone working?

    Day 20 – email arsene, ask what to do. he suggests his good friend david might know someone who can help.

  28. @ramgunner
    Agree totally.Releasing players without adequate replacements – if indeed any replacements. Sylvestre.Alex Ferguson must have pissed his pants laughing every day for a week over that one.
    Papers now saying Shay Given on offer for 8 mil.THAT’S a bargain.Anyone who’s telling me that Almunia is a good ‘keeper is living in Disneyland.He was at fault again on Saturday – rooted to his line when Hull scored – header from 2 yards out!! Anything in the 6 yard box is the keepers – or should be.
    You’re right when you say our lack of spending reflects our ambition.I agree completely with the policy of youth but it has to be balanced with experience.I am not a AW knocker.I can’t imagine Arsenal without him , he’s THE BEST – but there’s something wrong at Arsenal regarding the ambition and the cash neded to realise it.
    You say you will be happy if we finish 4th.Well,in a way, I suppose I will be too. That’s sad though – and definitely not ambitious.

  29. The possibility of Arshavin buying out his contract has been mentioned again.

    I wonder if this is to scare Zenit into selling for the price on the table.

    Waiting until November when we can get him for free may sound okay, considering the return of our attacking options. However, there is a huge risk we would miss out on him as he would go to the club that offers him the best deal (financially).


  30. @Filipino Dan
    I fancy that Zenit are holding out waiting for Man C to come in with a bid – and I feel that just might happen.Lot of egg on faces over failed bid for Kaka. What better way to wipe the egg off than signing Arshavin ahead of us – and he must be someone they’re interested in.

  31. @ Bergy-James09;
    My appologies.
    I take great care, although I may not be as articulate as one would expect, not to explain my point of view without treading on any toes. This is a public forum owned and operated by SF, whom I have a lot of respect for.

    @ SpanishFry; My appologies mate. although at the time I didn’t think I was attacking anyone, rather defending self and diffuse a personal insult.

  32. The momentum is with the gunners. Everybody forgets about the players that they have been missing for over a year and others multiple weeks at a time. They must do the double over Man United unless Man United loses or drops points that aren’t expected. Robin has been shooting rockets lately and I truly believe it’s inspired the team. Liverpool is beginning there decent down the “top four/five table.” The boss knows what he is doing and noone including the players should doubt what he is trying to accomplish. Think about this people….when Tomas, Eduardo, and Theo are fully ready to go…who will stop them from at least winning either the FA cup or Champions League? They have persevered with a first-team injury nightmare for over a year and still only 5 points from the top of the league. All I can say is I cant wait till after they rip Cardiff and Arshavin arrives.

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