Wenger ‘playing mind games’ with the media on his future at Arsenal

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Playing mind games among coaches is not new in football. Arsene Wenger did that recently against Pep Guardiola when he said he may not use the 3-4-3 formation in the semi-final of the FA Cup which the Gunners won by 2-1 but he eventually used it.

But after, perhaps seeing the effect of using that, Wenger seems to be playing the same mind games with the media about his future at Arsenal.

The Gunners boss has refused to make any statements as far as his future at the Emirates stadium is concerned. He has been tight-lipped whenever the question about his future is popped up.

In the recent interview he granted ahead of Arsenal match against Leicester City, Wenger only responded “No, no”, when asked about any news concerning his future. His current contract expires at the end of the season and he is yet to sign a new deal.

But that notwithstanding, the French boss is not relenting on his transfer plans fuelling speculations he may be staying at the club next season.

“I work until the last day of the season for the future,” he said.

“Transfer targets are important for the future of the club. That (my future) is secondary, the future of the club is important.”

The media, pundits and the fans may be shrouded in uncertainty as regards his contract issues but it appears Wenger already has a glimpse of where his future lies.

There have been continuous calls for his removal from the disgruntled fans but while the recent wins and some impressive performance may have silent the fan, it is obvious they will resume their outcry against him if Arsenal miss out on a spot in the Champions League next season.



One thought on “Wenger ‘playing mind games’ with the media on his future at Arsenal

  1. Good thing if the mind game works well for wenger=Arsenal. But the media deserve the mind games; they should be partly responsible for the problems at Arsenal.

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