Wenger outlines transfer plans – how about Diego and Metzelder?

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Arsene Wenger has had a lot to say over the past couple of daysThose of you who read yesterday’s post will know that I commented that Inter Milan are in an advantageous position to steal Alex Hleb from Arsenal due to the fact that they can very easily buy out the final two years of the Belarussian’s contract via the ‘Webster clause’. According to Arsene Wenger, however, it seems that may not be the case.

“What people say about the buy-out clause, it is not as simple as it looks. It is much more difficult and the clubs are reluctant to do that [invoke the ‘Webster Clause’].”

Although I’m not overly sure why this would be the case I’ll give the manager the benefit of the doubt. If anyone can shed some light on what Wenger’s comment that it’s ‘not as simple as it looks’ then I would love to hear it. Either way, it is clear that the manager does not want to lose any more players following the Mathieu Flamini saga.

“We have lost one player, we do not want to lose more.”

According to Arseblog (congratulations again on the big break by the way) and backed up by Football 365 the manager met with the Arsenal Supporter’s Trust (AST) yesterday to discuss the present and the future and spoke candidly about the type of players he particularly wants to bring in; a central defender to deal with long balls as well as a creative playmaker.

I know I said I wouldn’t talk about transfers until at least the end of the season but after a comment like that from the manager it’s a little bit hard to refrain. As such I’ll just go out on a limb and say what I want to say: how about Christoph Metzelder from Real Madrid and Diego from Werder Bremen?

Metzelder is very much out of favour at Real Madrid due to a previous foot injury and the emergence of the partnership between Fabio Cannavaro and Pepe. There have been rumours that the German may be on his way out at the end of the season and I think he fits Wenger’s bill as a strong central defender perfectly.

Diego is one of the world’s best playmakersA class act

As for Diego, I think he would fit into Arsenal’s attacking set-up very nicely. Anyone who has watched the Brazilian play will know what a class act he is. His ball control and creativity is right up there with the best in the game. He’s excelled in two seasons in the Bundesliga, netting a total of 26 goals and being regarded as one of the very best players in the league. Although the Brazilian is under contract until 2011 I sincerley think he is worth throwing a little bit of money at.

If Diego is too pricey then I would hope the manager looks at someone like Samir Nasri from Marseille. He is a player very much on the up at the moment and has the potential of developing into a world-class prospect under Wenger’s guidance. He is already a full French international and although his goalscoring record for club side Marseille is not the best he definitely has the raw skills and speed to improve this over time.

Anyway, they’re just my thoughts and I encourage you to voice your own.

Carrying on with the manager’s meeting with the AST and Wenger also made it clear that regardless of who was brought in the most important thing in determining whether his side was successful next season is the attitude of the players.

“I hope that the core of the team says ‘come on, we have only just lost’. And it is ‘just’ because we were leading at Manchester United, we were leading at Chelsea and we were leading at Liverpool in the Champions League, and every time we just lost a little bit of focus and lost the game. Let’s come back and show we are winners. That is the real target of the team.”

Hopefully the players will do just that. In the meantime, let the transfer speculation begin!

What do you think?

Have your say on Wenger’s transfer plans by leaving a comment.


34 thoughts on “Wenger outlines transfer plans – how about Diego and Metzelder?

  1. If we could sign anyone this season I would love it to be Diego he is an oustanding player but he would cost alot of money so not likely. I agree Metzelder would be a good choice as a centre back, German defenders are normally very strong & that is what we need. I’d like Ben Arfa as he is a great prospect but I don’t know much about Nasri although lots of people have said he is a talented young player.
    Also lets hope Arsene signs a couple of players we have never heard of & turns them into world beaters again
    I am hoping we will hold on to Hleb because il miss those quick feet of his. Come on you Gooners !!!!!

  2. If Arsenal can get a world class finisher (striker) who can covert many of the chances they create they can win all the trophies on offer.

  3. A tall center back and a creative mid-fielder are what we need desperately. agree with Arsene

  4. previous season, fortunately Ribery was couped by Bayern and not Arsenal. He is one of the player that Arsenal should sign. This season the MUST BUY player (if Hleb left) is Ben Arfa. I rated him even better than Benzema. Perhaps similar to Kaka in terms of dribbling skills and creative mind.

    Arsenal need an established holding midfielder and another defender (cover for Gallas and Toure). I would be surprised if AW buy Diego. Where would he fit into Arsenal lineup? Alongside Fabregas?? U must be kidding…..

  5. mikel arterta!!he can replacement hleb if he gone…arterta is not expensive and good skill tat needs by arsene wenger

  6. Hmm… before talking about Diego, Nasri and Ben Arfa, don’t you guys think we need a good replasment for Fla-money, I’am thinking about lorik Cana or Makoun.

  7. Diego wud be great saw him once very agile, as for the German will be a good to strengthen defense dept.

  8. IMO nasri is a good player with yards of skill and foresight, but he’s only really started defining himself as a player this season.

    he’ll take about one more term before he’s matured his footy culture

    1.diego -good
    2.metzelder -great, but what of stelios papa, or miguel veloso?

  9. Diego and Nasri ohhh!!!!
    BUT I never see them play on the wings, they just play the same position of Cesc so its impossible.

    I think Diaby could cover Rosicky very good and Walcott could cover Hleb, if we buy a winger I hope would be S.W. Phillips, A.Lennon or Gourcouff but I dont think we need it.

    What we really need is a defensive midfielder (I dont know who could be) and a top class striker (Huntelaar, Benzema or Villa)…. and maybe a central defender who puts pressure on Kolo and Gallas because they think that no one coud steal theyre first team spot.

  10. Wenger will not buy well known players the prices are hiked up. Don’t tell me you heard of Eduardo Hleb and Sagna before they came to Arsenal. I’m expecting the same policy unknown players that fit the Wenger style of play. I don’t mind if Hleb goes its better to cash in on him otherwise he’ll do a Flamoneymoneymoney and go for nothing his heart is not at Arsenal and that is not good.as I said before it will be a blessing in desguise as we will hopefully get a goal scoring midfielder instead.This player is outthere and Wenger knows who it is.

  11. Miguel Veloso would be the perfect replacement for Flamini and Gilberto. He can play either the midfield position and at central defence.

  12. we cannot 4rgt the fact that rozicky and eduardo would be making their come backs next season,i agree with arsene to have a solid defender at the back,for me it would be makelele or puyol…………..plese!

  13. I would agree that Metzelder and Diego are exactly the sort of signings we should be aiming at and also don’t conflict with Arsene’s usual spending policy. If Metzelder isn’t possible my vote would go to Per Mertersacker, a very similar German centre back.

    Allow me to elaborate on the Webster clause for those of you who don’t know. It indeed isna’t as easy as it looks, and I personally can’t see it being implemented. Basically, it allows Hleb’s contract to be bought out within a 15 day window that begins after the last game of the season – next Monday. If the contract is not bought out during that period then that window shuts. Simple as that. So in order to make it happen, Inter Milan would have to have everything in order and ready now. No player has ever evoked this clause other than Webster himself, so let’s hope Hleb doesn’t become the second. Although if he doesn’t want to be at the club then he should leave – I’m not interested in having players who don’t care about the cause.

    As for transfer targets, I have to say I’d like to see Gareth Barry in our team but I think he has his heart set on a move to Liverpool.

  14. its another season without trophy.the buck stops with wenger and his sturbbon policy.he should wake up from his deep slumber and realise that football world is changing.for any team to fight on four fronts you should have indepth in squad.our first 11 is good but we need more proven backups, not eboues,denilson,senderos or hoyte.we need not only creative but goal scoring winger.centre back is a must with experience not another understudy.wenger should not place much hope on RVP,Rosicky and even eduardo.am afraid they wont come good.

  15. For those people that think that someone like Diego wouldn’t work because Fabregas is playing, I think what Wenger is getting at his having more variety and therefore the luxury to rotate his attackers more. Guys like Flamini and Fabregas were out off their feet towards the end of the season and that was when the creative spark dried up. If Wenger rotates the likes of Fabregas, Hleb, Rosicky and Diego/Nasri/Ben Arfa then they will have more depth and fresh legs at the business end of the season.

    On another note, I’m actually quite surprised that everybody has taken to my Metzelder suggestion. I thought I would cop a bit but there you go.

    Good to hear some great balanced comments and none of that ‘We need Kaka/Ronaldinho/insert ridiculous superstar here’ to join. Great stuff!

  16. @ TDP – Cheers for the info on the ‘Webster clause’. Makes sense. Also, I agree with you about Barry – it would be great to add some English grit to the heart of the midfield. We’ll see what goes down…

  17. Our new centre half, if we can get him, should be Joleon Lescott, currently at Everton. He is tall, very mobile, young but experienced, scores goals and is equally as good, if not better than Micah Richards – but should be cheaper!

  18. TDP is spot on with regards to the ‘Webster Clause’ and the 15 day window. Further to this restriction the top clubs are unwilling to use it as it sets a very dangerous precedent for all clubs involved. No club wants a situation where their best players can just join a new club if they choose

  19. lanuss is indeed correct that most top clubs are reluctant to evoke this clause due to the potential relationship damage it causes amongst these clubs. It is very much seen as a dirty trick and not at all gentlemanly or respectful, and I really don’t think that Internazionale are considering using it.

    @Spanish Fry – I was very pleased to see you highlight Metzelder as the sort of player we should be going for. He is a realistic target and an excellent player who no doubt would actually like to play football – something he isn’t doing in Madrid. As a tall and intelligent German centre back with a great deal of strength and aerial ability, his attributes surely suggest he is tailor-made for a career in the premiership. Per Mertesacker would be my second choice for very much the same reasons, and neither player would break the bank too much.

    As for Barry, perhaps Arsene has underestimated ‘British grit’ in recent seasons. Lets not forget, Arsenal have never won anything when fielding entirely foreign XIs. But Barry would win my vote for a number of reasons. His versatility is by far the most important incentive – He can play the holding role, can cover for Cesc in midfield when needed, can cover for Clichy or at left midfield. He is technically astute he can pass, he can cross, he can take set pieces, he has drive and energy. Nationality should not be a pre-requisite for success, but this Summer it actually is important that he is English, as England have a free summer while a number of our players will be playing in EURO 2008. Barry isn’t the most mobile but the squad rotation advantages that Barry affords us make him an ideal candidate in my view, and he also brings proven premiership experience (no settling in period or learning the langauge) and leadership to the table, something a lot of players may have been accused of lacking in recent months.

    As for French Ralph, I can completely see the logic behind bringing in Lescott and I would be happy to see him at our club. He would have every chance of improving further and building on his success this season.

  20. i want wenger to sign an experience player who can deliver 4 arsenal and i also want him to sign diego and alfa nasril and somebody that is very spetacular at it best.

  21. Good shout Jasonz

    Arteta is proven in the premiership and is wasted at kick and rush Everton.He would not be expensive £8m maybe.We need a Commanding CH,a goalscoring winger and another striker.Benzama would be my choice as striker as he reminds me of a young Henry but he wont come cheap £15m plus

  22. Hi,

    Knowing AW, he probably has his transfer targets set for the last 12 mths… but here are my thoughts

    Some thoughts (defence):
    Diego Lugano – Fernabache – Uruguay – 28 – $$
    Lucio – Bayern Munich – Brazil – 30 – $$$
    Christoph Metzelder – Real Madrid – Germany – 28 – $$
    Marco Andreolli – Roma (on loan to Vicenza) – Italy – 22 – $$

    And promote the nordic fellow Harvard from the reserves and get Patrick Kisnorbo (Leicester City – Australia – 27 – $)

    Creative Players: I like Arteta too, but we are Arsenal and must aim high and aim for the very Best. Arteta is in the Hleb mold and I don’t think we want like for like, lets get some explosiveness: I would love Ribery or Quaresma – but if it hasn’t happened yet, it won’t happen and the competition from other clubs with more money will be fierce. Maxi Rodriquez(Ath Madrid – 27 – Argentina) might be a mature purchase. Ben Arfa, or Nasri would be expensive options but if they score 20 from midfield, who’s worried about the price?

  23. I think Ben Alfa is coming and we are also after Richards , Diego,Samir Nasri and Aquilan..Honestly for once I think Wenger has given me the assurance that we will win something next season cos he has never been this clear on what he intends to do ..I just hope Hleb does not have to but if he decides to go then we should release him without delay since he is not bigger than the club and we will always find better replacement though it will take time before players adapt to the style but then I don’t think any one should hold the club hostage if he wants to go then I say bye…just go and sit on the Bench Like Henry…any soccer lover who will like to interact with other fans and dicuss any soccer related issues should check out Soccer fan base dot com it is free to join.

  24. pls,we should go 4 de best.players like villa,diego,ben alfa,nasri& metzelder.wit dis players,arsenal will nt have any problem againe wit de bench.up guners 4 life.

  25. i think that is avery good idea. Arsenal needs depth as a squard. lets get the Nazris and the Diegos to cover up Cesc in the times of need they are both good players and age is on their side. Walcott needs to play more games than we are playing him i think it is high time we used his talent than the age supremacy of Eboue

  26. hleb should go bcz he doesnt play gud at wing so we need a natural striking winger (left footed)

  27. juju wenger, spend your money to buy players. stop being stingy. the money is there to use. buy martins, sell hleb and adebayor. buy barry from aston villa. as for adebayor, he thinks he is the new igwe. anyway is not his fault as wenger has polished him like that. though he can never be as good as my igwe. so prof, the earlier you sell him the better for you. buy santa cruz to replace the togolaise striker EMMANUEL SHEYI ADEBAYOR. GUNNERS 4 LYF

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