Wenger makes promises to Arsenal

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Arsene Wenger has committed to ArsenalWenger to stay on next season

Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger has responded to speculation about his Arsenal future by saying that he is committed to the club and will see out his current contract with Arsenal.

“I have a contract for one more year here and I will complete that contract. I have never broken a contract in my entire career and I will not break a contract now. So I can tell you categorically that I will be at the club next season. And next summer I will sit down with the board and see.”

With the likes of Cesc Fabregas saying that his future is intimately connected with manager Wenger these comments will no doubt be a relief for many Arsenal supporters. What Wenger is ultimately saying is that he will see out his current contract – which finishes at the end of next season – and work out with the board whether they want to keep him on for future years. I would be relatively sure that Wenger will want to stay on with the club at the end of next season and whether he does sign an extension will rely heavily on the results that he can produce in the Premiership and Champions League. All in all, this is positive and reassuring news for the club and its supporters.

Arsenal fans have no need to worry about speculation about Thierry HenryNo need to panic about Henry

Wenger has also commented on the speculation surrounding Thierry Henry and assured supporters that there is no need to worry about Henry’s committment to the Arsenal cause.

“There’s absolutely no need to panic [about Henry]. We finished fourth in the table – level on points with Liverpool – and we have a very young side which, I believe, can improve again this season.”

I absolutely agree with Wenger’s comments. The pressure will definitely be on Wenger and Arsenal to produce some results next season but I also have every right to believe Wenger when he says the side will improve next season. With the likes of Robin van Persie, William Gallas and of course Henry all missing large chunks of last season with injury their return to the side will make an improvement on last season’s performances almost inevitable.

Fabianski’s comments should be music to any Arsenal supporters earsFabianski wants to be Number One

In other news, Arsenal’s new Polish goalkeeper Lukasz Fabianski has stated that he expects to challenge Jens Lehmann as the club’s top goalkeeper next season. Many supporters assumed that Fabianski – who is only 22 years old – was brought in as a long term replacement for Lehmann but the big German would have another full season before being replaced by the Pole. However, Fabianski’s strong statements suggest this may not be the case.

“Lehmann and Almunia are very good, but I’m not afraid of anyone. I’m confident of my skills. I want to be first choice at Arsenal as much as they do. My message is clear – I’m ready to fight from day one. I want to be at Arsenal from the start of the season and learn everything about my new team and team-mates. I need to get accustomed to training at Arsenal and the atmosphere in the locker room. That’s how I see my future at this club.”

It seems Lehmann will need to get his act togetherThe new Jens Lehmann? 

Is it just me or does Fabianski seem to have a little bit of Lehmann in him? This clip from a Polish league game with his old team suggests he just might do. But more seriously, I think these sort of comments are exactly what Arsene Wenger and every Arsenal fan would want to here from Fabianski. It is obvious he is focused on his task and wants to succeed as an Arsenal goalkeeper in the long term.

At the very least his statement of intent will give Lehmann a good kick up the backside and ensure he does not go into next season with the same laxed attitude that seemed to affect some of his performances in goal for Arsenal last season. A little competition might be exactly what the doctor ordered.

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  1. well, fabianski is quality, make no mistake. many people compare him to cech (but that seems to be wishful thinking), he was voted best goalie in the Polish league for two seasons running so…as long as he doesnt have the PSYCHO switch in his head that Lehmann has, i reckon he cn challenge for top spot.

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