Wenger hinting at Arshavin? + Toure out, Ireland in?

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A very good day to you and I hope you’re doing well this fine Tuesday. Tuesday’s are usually the worst day of the week but the combination of some lovely weather and a delicious Indian meal at lunch meant that this one was far from the dodgiest I’ve had to live through. 

It’s all transfer news today which I’m sure will excite the majority of Arsenal supporters.

Arsene Wenger has given – in my opinion – the biggest indication that he is attempting to sign Andrei Arshavin from Zenit St Petersburg, with some rather candid comments on the official website about Champions League ineligibility not being a concern. The manager did not specifically mention the Russian but the following statement definitely suggest to me that a move for Arshavin is being negotiated. Observe:

“If the right player comes in, even if he is not available for the Champions League, his class is more important for me. At the moment I feel that if we do add somebody, we need to add somebody who has a special class because we have good players.”

In my eyes this comment directly refers to Arshavin and am a firm supporter of most people’s notion that he is a player with the class to improve our squad. In terms of ready-to-play creative midfielders we have Cesc Fabregas, Tomas Rosicky, Abou Diaby and Samir Nasri and considering the first two are injured we’re in dire need of reinforcements. I think Arshavin can provide something that we lack – namely intelligence and confidence in front of goal – and as I said yesterday I’d love to see this move eventuate. 

One move I would not see eventuate though is that of Kolo Toure leaving the club. However, various reports in the media suggest he is on his way to Manchester City with some even insisting that Stephen Ireland might come our way in return. While I would not like to see Toure go I’m even more uncertain about the impact that Ireland would have on our team having watched very little of City this season. It’s definitely and interesting situation though.

In other news Jack Wilshere has signed a professional contract with the club (yay) while ex-Arsenal midfielder Alex Hleb has been complaining about a lack of playing time at Barcelona and blaming his lack of Spanish for the reasons. It’s kind of sad to hear him say that but when you think about the way he treated the club I guess it’s not really surprising. The silly fool.

And that’s it for today ladies and gents. Let the transfer debate continue!

Have your say on Arshavin, Toure, Ireland or Hleb by leaving a comment.


74 thoughts on “Wenger hinting at Arshavin? + Toure out, Ireland in?

  1. I hope we bring somebody in, I don’t know whether they have to be special, as long as they can score goals, fight for the team and win balls. However I don’t like the idea of letting Toure go, he has been a really good player, I would rather see Gallas go, but would Arsenal actually pay £20million for one player.

  2. the other teams such as MAN city , VILLA and Spurs are trying to strengtherning their squad. especially MAN city .for more being sure of the titles and at least stay in the big fours .Arsenal must sign new players like Arshavin and defensive midfielder ( Alonso )

  3. Hi spanish fry, long time no blog.

    Happy new year.

    It has to be kranjcar(RW,CM), upson(Def) and parker(DM). Arsene will never pay £20million for arshavin. He doesn’t have any top league experience. I guess kolo and bendtner will be on their way out. It will be very sad to see kolo leave anyway.

    Good Day.

  4. Arshavin – a good guy. Wenger should buy. Toure shouldnt go if Galas is going. Hleb should come back to Arsenal where he is valued. Alonso is good for us also. But we need more of prayers for these players not to have injury and and those on injury to come back

  5. great move…if the boss can make that…ireland+arshavin=good but he has to sign holdin g midfielder too….if possible a replacement for toure……but i know it won’t happen because it’s weneger and the club is arsenal…….and “the kids are doing great” though they haven’t got any title….wish to hear more on transfers…..don’t u think we have a flamony shaped hole i n da middle?

  6. I am not worried about arshavin in the squad but would be glad to see Ireland playing for us as he is a realistic and perfect one for us.I am worried if that will happen at the expense of Toure.

    Thanks for praising Indian Meals.

  7. Its unfair the should be treated like this, here we are again tranfers window opens and we get speculations flying around and the end of the transfer window we end up with one player (Stephen Ireland exchange for Kolo Toure), then Le boss says they didn’t find a special player, I believe arsenal have lost ambition and should get their priorities straight, rather than the board members scuffing all the money, claiming, claiming Le Boss has all the money to spend and Mr Hillwood talks rubbish about, the credit crunch, can anyone please tell me where Man Utd get the money for players(considering they are owing bust still buying) even good ol’ spuds are spending.I have lost all hope and I’m tired of getting heartbroken by arsenal every season and transfer windows with speculations and who they could have bought(Cristiano Ronaldo, Gokhan Inler..etc). to all you other gooners keep the faith, but surry the tale of Andrie Arshavin is Mere Mirage

  8. I think Wenger’s comments are refering to Arshavin. Wenger has come up with a great combination with Nasri in CM and Vela on the left and one of the strikers moving to the left to give Nasri more space in the middle, and with Arshavin on the right and a great DM like Veloso in front of the defense, it would be a perfect midfield.


    Cesc and Walcott will struggle to find a place in that midfield when they come back.

  9. Pple, ARSHAVIN is the answer for now that will really ELECTRIFY the SQUAD. Those of us that have seen the youtube display of him, which I tagged “on the field profile” will sure agree with those of us who want him in. Also,let AW add another world class name, let him come from any league but he must be a world class name. we need pple to make ADE breathless on the field. I really cant wait to see the screeming headlines on different pages of both the print & electronic media. One will look like this “ARSHAV-IN THE GOONERS SQUAD”. The Dude rhymes in so many ways with his transfer destination, even his name ARS(HAVIN) & ARS(ENAL). Plz Wenger, pull down the bank to bring in this ELECTRIFIER.

  10. i hope kolo stays but i think he wants out… if he leaves we need to sign a CB as well this window so it could hurt our shot at 2 MFs like we want… Has Veloso been linked?

  11. Don’t think Wenger will spend 20m on one player and we may get him for less as he seems keen to leave. Hoping that Wenger will actually come through and display some of his old guile and just announce that he has signed two players … even 3 if the long standing rumours of Shay Given have any legs. We ABSOLUTELY need 2 new players and not to sign any assumes that we won’t have other injuries between now and Cesc, Theo, etc. returning. The fact that we let Diarra go and even Gilberto amazes me. Fingers crossed that all the speculation amounts to something! Neilo

  12. Wenger will not pay £20m for Arshavin, he will offer about £16m for him. Zenit are desperate for cash and they will be open for negotiations, im confident that it will happen b/c we have Gazidis.

    Poor ol’ Hleb, did that bloke actually think he would fit right into the star-studded Barca, maybe he would if he scored more goals? And Flamini is also struggling at Milan even with Gattuso injured? What a shame, what a waste of talent, you shouldve stayed at Arsenal fellas, you only have yourselves to blame for that.

  13. @ Kasper DK
    No mate, never played it before.

    @ MoMONEY
    Yep, Veloso has been linked with us a number of times before, during, and after the summer transfer window.

  14. I think Wenger will spend £10-12 million on Arshavin. When you look at buys like Nasri, Hleb, Reyes, even Wiltord they were all around that mark and I think it’s about the level that Wenger would be willing to spend.

    Wages are an issue though…

  15. Priority needs to be Arshavin and DMF. If Kolo leaves we also need a CB. Given is just a dream IMO. If we didnt have other needs maybe but he is really a last priority. I think Wenger is set on Arshavin and trying to get it done. I was watching some of his interviews from Euro 2008 and he described Arshavin as world class and stressed the importance of a player like him in any team. I think he is the focus right now and I pray it gets done. After that we NEED a DMF. Veloso would be great and the quite surrounding him recently could mean somethings are in the works. Other then him I dont know who else would be a target. CB could become an issue though…

  16. Is it me or does anyone else start to feel ditrustful of the board and Wenger as there are clearly issues there. Firstly the Walcott and Van Persie situation with their contracts why have they not been tied up. The whole Gazadis appointment was mean’t to hasten these things not hold them up. Why the hell we had to wait until over a year to get a new Cheif exec is beyond me. Wenger seems to be on a different planet 2% of being a giant, a giant in the second half of the table. He’s not intrested in Inler he could have Appiah on a trial for a free. The only player we have been solidly linked with is Arshavin but he is not the CB we need, he is not the DM we need. Maybe I’m wrong and Wenger has a loud of excellent targets but he is not giving off that impression. I can Imagine we will have the customary last hour bid for another player because he will weigh in with a meesly half the price offer. I understand you have the credit crunch and it effects the way clubs operate but Arsenal dont seem to have any interest in being competitve at all. The board are quite happy to line their pockets and have a team of nearly men. Thing is if they are that bothered about making money why not sell up. We are basically average and that’s it, Im not being bitter or foolish but we are the Valencia of England of the Feyanoord, Roma or Borussia Dortmund in the fact that we will pop up every now and then but nothing is sustained. I’m sure we’ll be back but we don’t seemed to have that sustained class because If we did than players would have no qualms about spending the rest of their careers at the club. Look at Man Utd with Giggs, Scholes and Nevielles. Becks only went because he fell foul of fergie. He never courted Real the way Vieira did. Henry says he a gooner for life but I garuntee if he’d been at United he’d finish there. Our whole outlook for the club needs to change.

  17. With the defoe deal coming to light i think it shows how ludicrous the transfer window and general transfer are..There is no loyalty from players to clubs and i think fifa should now consider taking action on players such as downing and defoe because they are playing the fans for mugs. Downing maybe signed a deal for middlesborough to get the maximum profit from him but he must of known that he will demand a move next season. Now defoe going back to spurs just shows that players dont play for the badge on their shirt but either the pay packet or who the managers, maybe they should bring out contracts between players and managers i.e. Defoe and Harry, Ronaldo and Fergie…then you’ll see a massive frenzy for managers and players. Where does this stop, i for one think fifa need to stop it because they have shifted the power from clubs to players. Football should be about loyalty and not absolutely absurd what has become of the transfer market.

  18. Another great post SF. I don’t know much about this Arshavin character but i trust your opinion. All i know is with Cesexy out we really really need some midfielding genius play. Its what the last few games have been desperately short of in my opinion. Wenger’s comments are reassuring. I have faith.

  19. Wenger said that Flamini could leave 18 months ago if he wanted to, but without a good offer from anywhere, Flamini chose to stay for the last year of his contract. During that final year the quality of his performance improved greatly, and as we all know Wenger offered Flamini a new contract, and Flamini turned it down. The point is quite simple – Flamini had not been good enough, but then had one great season. Wenger had not wanted to offer a contract extension earlier because the quality was not there, and when it came to the time for offering a new contract, he still wasn¿t sure the change in Flamini¿s ability would last. So the new offer reflected that. In that regard he may well have been right. Since moving to Milan Flamini has had a paucity of games, and has been reported in the press (which of course is an unreliable source) to the effect that if he doesn¿t start getting some more matches he will ask to move again. Of course we could argue that had he stayed at Arsenal his standard of performance would have stayed high – but there is no real evidence either way. The point is Milan have been disappointed by what he has to offer. If we take this back to the issue of screwing up contracts by not signing up players quickly enough, the answer seems to be that Arsenal have got it absolutely correct by not paying the earth for players who simply can¿t deliver at the highest level year after year. there is an assumption over Flamini in particular that having discovered great form after several years of being a bit-player, this would automatically continue. I think that when a player suddenly comes good after several years, there is no guarantee at all that his quality of form will continue, and it is more likely that the one year will seem to be an oddity, not the start of performances at the highest level.

  20. Paresh, I think this whole loyalty thing is a bit over excited. I work for a company that pay me very well and have recently sent me on a few qualifications that have helped me strengthen my CV.

    But if another company came to me – a bigger company, a richer company with greater chance for wider exposure and they offered me more money I’d move tommorrow. I’d pack the car, tie up the wife and drive at 90mph to their headquarters to sign the new contract of employment.

    I don’t see why people expect footballers to be any different.

    Just look at Defoe. Rednapp rescued him from a nightmare at White Hart Lane under Ramos. Its only natural that he should want to follow his manager back there as he knows the manager will support him whatever. Coupled with the fact that even if he stays, Pompey will have to sell other players just to avoid administration…. the only way is down for them as sad as it is to say out loud. Adams is sitting on a timebomb.

    So is it really any wonder that Defoe whats to leave the sinking Titanic and jump on to a bigger better boat who are still (just) in Europe (though he’d be cup tied I imagine) and will pay him more money?!

    And Parsi, you are wrong about the board lining their pockets – none of them receive more than 10k a year from the club. I earn quite a bit more than twice that working in the beer industry.

    Though you are right about being average. In terms of European history, we are behind Man U, Liverpool and even Nottingham Forest. In terms of size we are dwarfed by Madrid, Barcelona, AC Milan, and again United.

    We are however better than 20 other teams in our league and consistantly show in the top 16 in European football….. so it could be worse! We could be Southend or Histon and get excited by making the 3rd round of the FA Cup!!

  21. IF TOURE LEAVES, IT WILL BE DESASTRIOUS FOR ALL OF US, I dont see any single Arsenal fan being happy with that situation.This would be the same as Flamini’s case.They’ve done it first with Flamini, its ok!!But now again with Toure, I dont think its fair!!!Now we need to buy a player exactly like Flamini, and If I were in their shoes I would buy such player for even 15 to 20M.How could we loose Toure again?????
    @SF, Ive just seen lately a comment from the club saying: “..We cant afford to let anybody leave the club at the moment….Yes Kolo has handed us a transfer resquest but We spoke to him and now he has changed his mind, he is happy here now……he still has a 2 and half yrs contract with us…..” these comments were from the official club’s website, there is no way that these are some kind of speculation or rumours as these pundits from Goal.com used to do.And as far as I can see, its the club itself who dont want to see Toure go.Last time I checked Goal.com they also said that Walcott isnt happy and could be sold for 400.000Pounds, as well as Eboue’s speculation which has been mentionned early today.SF, can you please refer me to some of those sites or blogs that you have seen this updates of Toure’s concern????I am really curious abt that coz when I left my computer yesterday, I was very confident that the threat of Toure leaving is completely out of question and sight from all fans.
    About Arsha, I think that hes defntly bringing him in.But,Then again,we sign a great player meanwhile we loose one.Of course we are now strong enugh on our defensive quality, and the improvemnt of Djourou’s game has been a very big impact for all of us but still Toure’s presence on the pitch is for me a real brand of an Arsenal squad facing their opponents.

  22. @ rilub – Losing Eboue is not going to help us. He seems to be one of the players which is actually content to play from the bench – a rare thing in modern-day football.

  23. I definitely want to keep Eboue… He has had some good performances for us and in the past was consistently great at RB… The perfect bench player for us IMO. Can play wings and sometimes DMF… We should definitely keep this him and I feel like a lot of his criticisms are quite unfair…

  24. Being a football fan you get players who you love for many reasons, Some who tried hard, Some who are workhorses, Some who are just brilliant & some who you put there heart and soul into every game and play football not for money but for the joy of the game. For me Kolo Toure has all of the above and much much more.

    I love the guy and if this rumor is true that he cleared out his locked before saying a tearful goodbye to the staff at the training ground are correct then i myself will have a cry for the player who has grown on me and has now become one of my all time favorite players in the clubs history.

    When he first came on to the club I was not sure what we signed, I could tell that the guy was hungry to win and was very powerful and played with fire in his belly, I remember him going in for a 50/50 challenge with Peter Schmeichel and sending him crashing into his own goal and flat on his back, I could not stop laughing. I said to the gooner next to me, “That Toure is an animal i like him” Wenger playing him all over the place, RB LB as a wide man an at times he looked to be nothing more then a squad player, but then Toure found his place at the heart of the defence next to Sol Campbell and between the pair of them they became a solid partnership. For me that partnership was perfect. You had Sol who was great in the air and Toure who had loads of pace to sweep up.And it worked like a dream as we went 49 games unbeaten and won the double.

    Since the Campbell partnership Toure has looked a different player if I am completely honest,The problem we have had since Sol is that Gallas and Toure are both very similer in styles and both need that big powerful CB next to them. For me Toure and Senderos was the future partnership until Gallas arrived.

    And to the present day and reports that Gallas and Toure have had a bust up in training and cant stand the sight of each other. On 1 hand you have a player who has been since smoking till the early hrs of the morning, A player who sat down in protest at the way the team was playing, A player who runs to the press every time he feels he needs to get something off his ego. And on the other hand you have a player who was the lowest paid player for years at Arsenal and never moaned about it, A player who has given everything and more, A player who has supported his player and has never said anything about them to the press. A player who did things the right way.Its seems like the manager had to pick between the 2 and he picked the french 1.

    If Toure is sold then i will feel sick, I would feel let down by Wenger yet again. I would feel that my heart of the club I love has been ripped out yet again.

  25. SF, as i might i beg to differ, the guy does not offer us anything in the game and we need a replacement

  26. SF, as i might i beg to differ, the guy does not offer us anything in the game and we need a replacement

  27. Perhaps the interesting thing about the Arshavin situation is that AW hasn’t come out and said he’s not interested – as he has done with some of the other names being banded around.
    The price could well be a problem but you know what? For once I’d be quite happy to see us fork out some big lolly for a player. I’ve always agreed with Arsene’s sensible spending policy – that is to say – refusing to pay over the odds for players (although his failure to replace Viera, Flamini, Hleb has surely been a mistake) but this one time I think I’d quite like to read a headline saying ‘Arsenal sign Arshavin for 20 million’. Not because I think he’s worth it necessarily but because it would give the club a bit of kudos again. People would be thinking we mean business. Opposing fans would be jealous. And at the very least it would give rival teams a player in our side for them to worry about. We’d probably instantly gain a few million extra Russian fans too. Let’s go mad for once.

    One thing bothers me though. Why aren’t Man City buying him? We know they can afford to buy Jesus Christ himself and then stick him on the bench. Is anyone else after him?

  28. Stephen Ireland has been fantastic for City this season and I would welcome a move but would prefer to keep Kolo Toure. Also Wenger is interested in Kranjcar again and apparently has bid Bendtner + 5 mil for Matthew Upson.

  29. Latest news from Russia is that Arshavin wants to buy himself out of his contract, he will be able to do that buy paying £5m and he will do so at the end of the year aparently. So Zenit will have to drop Arshavin’s price tag if they want to gain anything from him.

    How crazy is that huh?

  30. I am a rich oil tycoon from Kazakstan, seeing the turmoil in the Arsenal board I have decided to mount a takeover bid, when appointed, I will sack Arsene Wenger who in turn will be replace by Billy Davies, who I think with the right club has the potential to be huge, we have drawn up a shortlist and have decided to purchase Turnble of Boro to replace Almunia, Bramble to replace Toure, Paul Scharner will replace Fabregas and Dean Windass for 25m to replace Adebayor these signing will be funded by the sales of Fabregas, Ade, RVP, Kolo Toure and the new captain will be Sendros!!!
    Expect a press conference in two weeks Friday 23rd Jan!!

  31. The news is that Toure has had a major bust-up with Gallas and that’s why he wants out. If this is true, he’ll probably go. I agree with you Spanish that it’d be a shame to see him leave, but he hasn’t been playing well for over a year now, since he returned from the last African Nations tournament. Gallas and Djourou have been improving as a partnership, so Toure is now on the fringes.

    Arshavin is a class player, but he’s small and looked lightweight when the going got physical during last Summer’s Euros. I’m not convinced he’d cope in the Premiership. Also, I agree with others who’ve said they can’t see Wenger spending £20m on one player. When the boss makes comments about CL eligibility not being important, he could be talking about Alonso as well as Arshavin.
    Rumours about Bendtner leaving for West Ham in a swap deal for Upson are rife. This would cause me untold joy, as we’ll need CB cover if Toure goes and I’ve always been convinced Bendtner wasn’t good enough.
    Even if this one materialises, we’ll still need a DM urgently, and I’d like to see us sign a keeper. Shay Given’s been mentioned a few times. At present, we have a very average goalkeeper in Almunia, with no-one to seriously challenge his position (Fabianski’s too young, and I’m not sure he’ll ever be good enough judging by his lack of any significant progress over the last year). Given would be a good addition to the squad and he wouldn’t break the bank. We need 3 players down the spine of the team just to get us to where we were last season. Realistcally, this must be our goal for the second half of this term. I cannot agree with Spanish’ last blog about us still being able to win the league- we’re nowhere near good enough for that. We need to strengthen the team in January, leaving the second half of the season as time to bed the new guys in. A decent run in the FA Cup would be good, and if we’re really lucky with who we draw, we could even win it. However, this would mean avoiding all the other 3 “top 4” teams as well as Aston Villa. We aren’t serious contenders for the CL, but if we can get through a couple more rounds to either the quarters or the semis, it’ll give the bank balance a lift and hopefully make more squad additions possible in the summer.

  32. I would like us to buy Hatem Ben Arfa. An out and out left winger which would free up Nasri to play in the centre in place of Cesc.

    Also, get Scott Parker if possible

  33. As it is very claer to all Arsenal hearted people that without that creative instinct of Cesc, a tall and strong defensive midfielder and and probably a replacement for Kolo Toure(incase he leaves);we should all count any silver ware this season as a dream.

    In my opinion and from the news around, Arsenal would be flying come June/July with the services of 3 good players and the are; Andrie arsharvin, Mathew Upson and another deffensive midfielder in someone like Scot P.

  34. Do any of you really believe that Arsene Wenger or any of the board are going to make their transfer dealings in public? The only things coming out of The Emirates is smoke and mirrors, it’s all done to confuse the media and deflect attention away from the real business which will only now be getting underway as Ivan Gazidis is finally in place.

    You can all speculate from now until this time next year but that’s all it will be SPECULATION.

    You will just have to WAIT AND SEE!

  35. That’s a good sign. Although it must be a cut price deal but the comments above explain how that could well be the case.

    So yeah, fingers crossed! He would be a vast improvement on Hleb.

  36. @Jay
    Im trying not to get my hopes up about any of the speculation…but looking at it written on the SkySports page has got me smiling…lets hope they dont price him out of AW market!!

  37. I think Arsene Wenger shoudn’t sign Arshavin until the summer because wenger doesn’t need to sign him not just yet, because I think Arsene Wenger in his own mind should go out and sign some defenders in January Transfer Window. Also we need a right back because phipph senderos is on loan at AC Milan but he might not come back to Arsenal. But then if he does not come back to london then proberly he should sign Evra, Cannavaro From Luca Bedford FC

  38. He’s fast, he’s aggressive,he’s young, he’s hungry, bring on Arshevin. The only thing which gives me pause is his lack of size but our game is not based on running boringly down the sideline every time and hoping for a good cross. God in heaven, Manchester Unityed were doing that in the seventies when Stevie Coppell was on the wing. Wimbledon then took it a stage further and just hoisted long balls in the eighties, unfortunately with some success. It was NOT the beautiful game.
    Kolo has been a good part of the team fora long time and I will be sorry to see him go. However, there is one thing I have learned from Arsene; do not be sentimental, it hurts the performance fot the team. Loyalty is good, but sentiment is sapping.
    Go Gooners!

  39. Arshavin is ofcourse hungry to show his talent to the world, and he knows that the only way to do that is for him to be part of the PL teams.Remember, he didnt even mind to be at Tottenham,his wish was just to be part of it, even if playing agst Arsenal, manu,Liv or chelsea but just to be able to leave his fingerprint and name in the history.Now he knows that he does have the chance to be part of on of the big team, I dont think he will let it go.I personnaly think that he might be buying out his contract if necessary.But he will do everything to make this deal happen.With my optimistic view, Im not worried anymore abt Arsha is comin in or not, because I know he is on his way to the emirates.

  40. he is a perfect match for us, and Im happy that he will join us.I really hope that Walcott will be fit in February when we play Roma.His recovery is supposed to be for 3 months, so theorically he will be fit, but recovery time could change so we dont know!!what do you guys think???

  41. I rate Arshavin. I thought he was the catalyst for everything creative that happened for Zenit in the UEFA cup competition last year. If he came I would be ecstatic. I’ll admit I fell in love with him a bit after the Euros but I did see him in three or four UEFA cup games before then.

    I like Toure and I’d prefer not to see him go, but is it just me or has Toure been a bit rubbish since the African Cup? I’m sure there’s a reason why Arsene hasn’t played him. If Man City comes in with a big money offer it wouldn’t surprise me to see him go. I mean I’d think long and hard about it.

  42. Stephen Ireland would be a great signing. I’ve seen him in a few matches and he is all class, particularly during Citys last win.

    Plus, he is Irish. Gotta support them!

    I’m excited!

  43. Is anyone else worried about Theo leaving?? I’ve been reading that we are still not in contract talks with him. Is this just idle gossip or something to be concerned with?

  44. if we get Arshavin (which at this stage im sure we will)
    why would we want ireland, especially if we lose Kolo?
    i mean we dont need 2 creative midfielders, we need one (arshavin) and a DMF.
    swapping for kolo is not a good move.

  45. @ Jess
    Theo is not leaving, his agent confirmed a long time ago that the rumours of Theo being unhappy are not true. Arsenal are in contract talks with him.

  46. The only thing that worries me about Arshavin signing on is that it could mean the end of Rosicky at Arsenal. Obviously it is too early to know if it will but I hope not as he is one of my favorite players when healthy… The one hope I have is that Arshavin/ Walcott can both play as a second striker. This could maybe leave enough space to keep Rosicky and Nasri on the wings…

  47. @MoMoney
    100% Agree. Arshavin is a VERY small player. It worries me that he may not be able to cope with how physical the PL would be. But hopefully he’ll be fine.

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