Wenger has some serious thinking to do + let’s all laugh at Drogba

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It’s Friday, I’m back and I’m not quite sure where to start.

I should probably begin by apologising for the lack of a post yesterday. The truth was that I was utterly exhausted after getting up for two days of early morning-football and emotionally drained from watching us lose to Manchester United the way we did and having to write about it afterwards. Two days on from the loss I’m still unsure about what to conclusions to make about it, or indeed our season as a whole.

While I’ll speak about this in more detail once the season is complete, the feeling I have at the moment is one of overwhelming disappoint at our club’s inability to improve on last season’s efforts. While I don’t think we’ve gone backwards, we certainly haven’t moved forwards and I find that a little disheartening.

You can tell from the various player reactions after the game that they feel the same way. Kolo Toure and Cesc Fabregas was particularly distraught, Nicklas Bendtner hilariously drank his sorrows away, while Emmanuel Adebayor’s call for new players to be brought in indicate his feelings. Personally I don’t think he should be the one to say it – nor his recent comments about the interest of Milan, which have been hugely inappropriate – but it doesn’t necessarily stop him from being right.

I get the feeling that Arsene Wenger knows it too. He mentioned needing to “step away” from this game and review what had gone wrong and if he doesn’t dip into the transfer market at the end of the season I would be very surprised. I know I said that at the end of last season but the impression I get is that the manner of the defeat will force the manager to ask some serious questions about the quality of his squad.

It is, however, an issue to be dealt with at the end of the season. Before then we have three Premier League games to get through starting with fellow Champions League losing semi-finalists Chelsea on Sunday afternoon. Given the difficult week both clubs have had it’s likely to be a pretty ordinary game with nothing more than pride at stake. There’s not really much point in providing a preview because Wenger is likely to rotate his squad and I really have no idea how we might line up.

One player who won’t be returning on Sunday or indeed for the rest of the season is Gael Clichy. He’s been told to rest his injury and will not feature again as a result. It means Kieran Gibbs is likely to start and if he doesn’t get a huge reception from the Arsenal fans then I would be very surprised. He must still be feeling awful after Wednesday night and I think the supporters at The Emirates have a huge opportunity to show their support for the young fullback. I hope they take it.

Finally today is the good news that Theo Walcott has signed a new contract. Good on him.

Anyway, that’s it for today. It’s a bit of a jumble, I must admit, but I’m looking forward to starting afresh next week. In the meantime watch this if you need a bit of a laugh. What a twat he is.

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65 thoughts on “Wenger has some serious thinking to do + let’s all laugh at Drogba

  1. What a bonus from that Drogba video, seeing Ashley Cole’s distraught face in it, too! If that happened to Arsenal, I would be totally outraged, so I can’t criticise them too much. I’m just glad Chelsea aren’t in the final, I couldn’t stand to see them buy another trophy.

    Like most Gunners fans, I have my fingers crossed for some productive summer transfer market dealings. On the other hand, will we be losing any of our players? Adebayor, Toure, and Gallas have all been linked with moves away this season. Who knows?

    One thing I am hoping for next year is a fully fit Eduardo. We went through a scoring drought in the middle of the season and it’s not surprising with the laziness Ade was displaying up front. We had four 0-0 draws in a row. If we’d have snatched a goal in each we’d be 8 points higher up than we are now. Nobody would complain at that.

  2. trophies are a distant memory to you arsenal boys. Difference was , we were cheated and you were outplayed (totally)

  3. Now Arseanl are out,I fervently hope and pray Barcelona can rip the heart of the red nosed/faced cunt’s side especially in the the dying minutes of the game. Remember Bayern Munich.
    Incidentally the red faced/nosed has been getting with murder and I am praying very hard he will get such an experience.

  4. After seeing all the Chelsea penalty shouts in real time and factoring in Drogba’s worldwide reputation as a blatant playacting cheat I can easily see why the ref waved them away. This was the same ref who did our Villareal game and i thought he was excellent that night as he had a lot of feigning fouls to deal with then too. The most blatant penalty over the 2 legs of Barca v Chelsea was the one denied to Henry and the greatest miscarriage of justice is that Abidal was so wrongly sent off. Those who say the Pique handball was a stick-on should look in real time. From Anelka’s boot to his, already outstretched hand, is less than one tenth of a second. There is no hand to ball at all as he arm is out for balance. Yes, we have all seen them given but if they were all penalties then Chelsea would concede a half dozen every week given the regularity with which Terry, Carvallho and Alex drag people down in the box. Ignore the stance taken by Sky which says that there should have been 4 penalties and that Drogba and company were fully justified in the way they acted. Ignore the bleatings of Hiddink who made a serious cock-up by not protecting the lead with some intelligent subs late on and think about Drogba missing the easy chance to win the game. Sky are all smoke and mirrors these days. Don’t get sucked into their bias.

  5. blueboy – don’t start getting technical. you’re out we’re out. keep your sob stories, no-one’s interested.

  6. Chelsea and its players are a disgrace to footy, their actions after the game were disgusting. They are not the first team to be robbed, Abidal was sent off for Anelka tripping over himself, we were also robbed in the quarter finals last year but we didnt act out like they did. And Drogba is a cheat, how many penalties and games has he won for Chelsea through diving? They got what they deserved imo.

  7. Paul, that’s an excellent analysis. It’s like Chelsea players feel they should each be given a whistle to blow and a couple of cards to dish out to the opposition whenever they feel like it. Chelsea players are all wannabe refs! W*nkers! They should try playing football!!!

  8. @ Paul – Well said. Chelsea should have had a penalty, Barca should have had one in the first leg. Howerver, Chelsea’s diving and whinging prior to the appeals meant they ruined any chance of getting the calls they needed. Abidal should never have been sent either.

    If I saw Arsenal behaving the same way I would be disgusted.

  9. Spanish – you know what? If Arsenal players behaved like that, it’d be a disgrace! A F*cking Disgrace!!!

  10. spanish fry – if you saw arsenal etc etc you need to be in the ground to watch arsenal not on the tube… see you boys sunday or will you leave after you go 2 down.

    wenger in ! keep wenger please

  11. It will be interesting to see who these clubs sign this summer. Will they spend? I’m sure that the chavs need to. Straws in the wind will be the number of Pounds that they strew about. Not many, then you are on the right track Tony. A lot, then the insanity shows no sign of ending.

    I would not like to see any club go under completely but I would love to see the response from, say, mancs and their arselickers in the media should there be a fire sale at the club. Although I suppose they would claim that they were being ‘financially prudent’, which would immediately become the sign of a great club.

  12. Drogba was just furious at the ref, because he did cost them the match. When a ref cant spot 5 pens, he is rubbish. I wanted Barca to win so im happy I just think the nature of his actions were ok. But its still disgraceful but his reasons were ok. The reason why United are one of the best teams in the world is because of their defence : Evra, Vidic, Ferdinand, RB is a bit complicatet atm. During a match they have like 8/9 players in the box when the opposition attacks and then they break. Thats Uniteds stlye. Their midfield : Park, Carrick, Fletcher, Ronaldo. Only Ronaldo is a world class player (although I hate him), look at our midifield : Walcott (better than Park), Fabregas (better than Carrick), Song (the same as Fletcher), Nasri (not as good as Ronaldo but still better than the other 3), they have Ronaldo and Rooney in all the breaks. Thats why they can play any 3 mids with Ronaldo and win. And it is very annoying, Park and Fletcher are Fulham or Blackburn quality, not Top 4 quality. Yet they play all the time. We play better players but we arent as successful, it drives me mad!

  13. Sod off blueboy.

    SF, who are the players u would like to see joining the club in the summer?

    My wish list:
    Xabi Alonso
    David Villa (if Ade leaves)

  14. @ SF – I must disagree with you mate about us going backwards this term. I feel we’ve definitely gone backwards. Last year we finished 3rd, a mere 4 points off the pace. We led the table for long periods and I truly believe we would have won the title if Eduardo hadn’t been injured. It wasn’t just losing a great striker, it was the manner in which it happened and the after-effects on the team. This season we’ll finish 4th, at least 12 points behind the winners. We’ve never looked like serious challengers. We let key players go in the summer (again) and didn’t adequately replace them (again). You’re right about the penny finally seeming to drop for AW. His comments about us falling at the penultimate stage in both FA Cup and CL, and the blatantly obvious fact that investing in Arshavin brought immediate tangible results, finally give me hope that he’ll at last accept the fact that the squad needs major investment. I don’t care if we lose Ade, or even Gallas for that matter, as long as we replace them with experienced quality players. We have the basis of a team capable of challenging anybody, but it needs 3 or 4 new players to do it. In the Premiership we need a DM with bollocks who can scrap their way through games against crap teams like Sunderland and Stoke. In the CL we need experienced players with cool heads who can guide the youngsters through games like the Man U away leg, so we can come away with professional draws like Chelsea did at Barca, rather than defeats like we did at Old Trafford. I really don’t think we’re a million miles away from being able to seriously challenge, but it’ll take new blood to do it.

    On the Drogba incident- you obviously can’t condone what their players did, and it meant they lost the moral high ground in the argument about the awful refereeing. It’s also quite true that both Drogba and Ballack are serial cheats, so don’t invite a lot of sympathy. Having said that, anyone who has played the game will fully understand the anger they felt at going out like that in the 93rd minute. I’m certainly no fan of Chelsea, but even taking into account the Henry penalty in the first leg and the Abidal sending off, they were on the end of some shocking decisions. I’m sure we all remember the Hleb penalty claim in last years quarter final home leg against Liverpool. The sense of injustice definitely causes tempers to rise. Frankly, I wouldn’t mind seeing some of our players showing that level of passion.

  15. @ blueboy – SF lives in Australia, you knob. A bit far to travel to the Emirates every week.

  16. i don’t know why things got exaggerated on drogba; and about us…..why we blem gibbs? no reason to blame him with only 18 matchs in the first team, he was there to get expirience and he got the worst. i know he learned a lot but if doesn’t support him, then he will lose confidence as sendros did after community shield against chelsea………so just let him get the other side of expirience= love and support….and wenger should buy few but specialy some english players, u know what ann english player means>

  17. I¿d like to point out that of the big 3 competitions Arsenal have competed for this season (I¿m going to exclude the carling/worthington/coca-coal/littlewoods/milk cup as its one for the kids team) we have finished in the top 4 in all of them. while admittedly this is not the same cause for celebration as, oh I dont know, say, winning them its still a pretty impressive achievement when you consider the facts. 3 trophys, competed for by: FA cup apparently 762 entrants this season, plus the 20 competing for the premier league, plus 76 teams who entered this seasons champs league¿ ok¿ so thats 858 teams, though counting only unique teams (ie counting each team only once in all competitions) its a marginally less impressive 834¿ so errmm¿ 1/834 = 0.0048 which puts us clearly within the top 1% of all teams in europe¿ Did Forest fans celebrating their second european cup in a row in 1980 think that just 27 years later theyd be battling relegation from the second tier of english football? Did Leeds fans in the champs leagues semis 2001 think that within 10 years theyd be celebrating merely getting into the playoffs to get out of the third tier?! Arsenal are still competing for trophies year in, year out, without crippling debt, without being stretched beyond our resources. Each year we¿re up there, and although we all want to win trophies we should still congratulate a very young side on coming so darn near! I was gutted on tuesday, cheered up on weds (thankyou Iniesta!) and now am positively chippper at the realisation that despite a season of unbelievably bad run of injuries we¿ve been competing right up to the end. In Arsene we trust!

  18. @ Gibbs, with all due respect mate I think it’s time we learned about getting our hopes up with regards to Wenger buying such players. I guess part of the fun of pre-season is fantasising over such guys running out at the Emirates, but I won’t be doing it this year.

    @ blueboy, we will keep Wenger, which means at least we know who will manage us next season. I hope you come back to this blog on Monday!

    We’re not going forwards, we’re not going backwards. We’re going sideways and have been for a long time now. It’s no surprise we’ve hit a wall. This perpetual period of transition is starting to get a bit old. Changes have to be made this time. Not big changes, but tweaking the defence and allowing certain players to leave would set us up nicely for 09-10.

    Moving on, I can’t wait to see the new away strip!!

  19. Filipino Dan
    I understand where u are coming from mate, but after seeing him so gutted on tuesday (ive never seen AW so gutted before) and admitting that his team cannot deliver when it matteres, i think le boss will make some changes this summer.

  20. Great news on the Theo contract and a really good interview with him on the BBC website….love the bit where the interviewer comments on his earings and he claims theyre just Argos rubbish!!

    Such a down to earth chap and he clearly misses Henry as much as us!

  21. i think wenger should sign a striker, a striker dat can run on defender thinking of van persie as an injury pron player and adebayor not as strong as striker i which for but i know wenger know best


  23. Wenger has done well with his resources. the talk of high profile signing will not happen – he has never done it (he couldn’t afford to).

    Instead he needs to look at where the team is weak (central defence) and bolster that area (with a really big fella).

    We are weak in the following areas:
    Set pieces (attack and defence) – solution, buy a big fella.
    Crossing – give the set pieces to someone other than Van persie – really ineffective this year, or buy someone who can get on the end of them.
    Taking chances – this keeping possession thing is driving me nuts. If you want to score goals you have to take chances and hey, lose the ball sometimes. All players should make breaks as well as find space. The shackles need to be released.
    Attitude – some players have not turned up this season (Ade, walcott in some games, Nasri in some games, Song (before he got good) in some games, Diaby in some games.
    Left hand side. Clichy needs to learn to use his fantastic pace and have confidence to take people on. We have nothing on the left hand side (unless Arshavin is playing)
    Commanding goalkeeper – Almunia have been better this year, but does not command his area – not sure this can be resolved unless a signing is made.

    Most of the above can be resolved by attitude and effective training – a first class coach would be the best signing for Arsene

  24. Yes, if I had to sum up the year with one word, it would be… “Disappointing.” Wenger went all-in with his youth strategy, counting on his management acumen to pull it all together this year. Sadly, he simply overplayed his hand.

    VERY disappointing, but I really admire and respect AW’s approach and principals.

    For next year we need a couple of signings that have strong personalities and leadership qualities.

    P.S. Drogba epitomizes all that is wrong in the universe…

  25. @Ibbs, yes mate we know, we get it, Arsenal has been embarassing get over it, there’s no need to repeat the obvious. And another thing web browsers have a shorcut key ctrl + which increases font size, no need to write in caps mate, I know your trying to be helpful so that we could locate your post.

    Today I want to fantasize about summer signings, I second Gibbs about the idea of bringing in Villa, if only we could afford him.

    Okay before I rant on and on, any thoughts on Gallas, you guys think he will stay? I really want him to stay on the condition he gives up the number 10. hehe

  26. I really think next season is going to be more of a 6 horse race as everton, villa and us top 4 will attract more players and add city plus (should of been relegated) spurs might make it the season where champions are born. We have the biggest head start as players like sharva will know they will be cult heroes and give the youngsters a real fight for their place as the likes of denilson thought since flamster and silva left there is no-one that can overtake me in the starting order so I can play like shite but still get picked. Add 3-4 class players with decreased values as there is no major internationals to bump up the price (like sharva) We will be there with a good pre season and don’t forget our last pre season we done so well with the likes of vela and wilshire and i’m a bit miffed why vela didnt get more of a chance but if players go he might be our new henry and wilshire our new overmars with nasri as pires and an unbeaten season with a quadruple will be nice….
    But 1st things 1st and fuck up chelscum then manure…..

  27. I should think AW should do more to prevent more suicides as allegedly happened in Kenya. He should bring in FOOTBALLERS not academicals. Does he know what he could do to that young boy’s carrier? Yes his nose is bloodied, but it could kill him ……. So, so, sad …..

  28. SF Have you heard of Benik Afobe he is a goal machine plays with the youth team. from what Ive heard he is a real prospect. Enough of those as Wenger put it on Friday “And if we buy, it certainly won’t be players who lack experience. We have enough of those.”

    I’m sick to the teeth about the negativity and the rubbish written about our team and its pethatic when |I hear people talking about a wholesale change. Yes we were well beaten by manure but also we were very unfortunate in the manner things went against us Gallas Clichy and Eduardo get injured at a crucial time and that slip by Gibbs against Manure was the turning point in the game prior to that we were playing really well.Manure were thumped by Liverpool and Fulham not long ago but they bounced back and that when experience comes in handy. I have no doubt the players we have will bounce back and I hope against Chelsea, above all at Old traford they’ll have a chance to redeem themselves and end the season on a high.

  29. Le Gunner where did you get that quote? He really said that? Hmm maybe Arsene has a plan all cooked up even before the season ends.

    I have an idea for a replacement if Van Persie leaves, which I am hoping he dosen’t. Gorcuff. Seen him play for Bordeaux and looks a top player. Never seen him get a chance at Milan though. Maybe he’ll decide to leave with Pato being Milan’s first choice striker. Just think he would be a good addition to our squad.

    On Sunday’s game, I hope the boys is all geared up for Chelsea. I guess this is the litmus test to see how mentally strong they are. Chelsea and then ManU back to back, can’t get much tougher than that.

  30. Wenger says he is looking to add 1 or 2 experienced players. He says not a striker but I expect that to change if Ade leaves. Also I have been thinking a lot and I think Walcott needs to go back to forward. We need speed up there for sure. Im still holding out hope for David Villa somehow. This would put us immediately on the map IMO. Throw in M. Diarra or Vieira and we are set IMO

  31. what I don’t understand is why when porto2003 won the uefa league they played anti-football and the english media were complaining bout porto tactics.When manu and chelsea played barc at nou camp again anti-football,but english media loved it were is da logic in that,Iam so glad that chelsea is not there,imagine having too watch anti-football team in the final like last year.FINGERS CROSS FOR ARSHAVIN FLU TO HAVE VANISH FOR 2MORO

  32. I wouldn’t love to loose Gallas because it will be very difficult to seal our backline.All we need to is to fill in an experienced man to help galvanise the midfield,someone to anchore the midfield(like Alonso,Yaya).We also should find a versatile stricker who should be firing from outside the 18yard box because that is what is killing us.Why don’t we buy a guy like Iniesta to partner Asharvin/Adebayor.Patrick.

  33. I though Chelsea’s elimination was absolutely hilarious.

    The ref got all big decisions right without question. But he should have sent Drogba off for his constant and truly disgraceful diving.

  34. Arsenal – watch out as Sp*rs are catching you up and will be the top North London team next year. Remember dont leave the game early tomorrow – also check ebay 50k red flags for sale only used for 7mins…..

  35. Another guy people have forgotten: Mario Gomez. Could be a possibility with his height as well

  36. @ blueboy I hear ramos might be chelsea manager as no one good wants the job hahahahaha.

  37. I would just like to say the chances of us buying quality players is zero. It all started to go wrong when Viera went. Since then all our world class players have slowly left over the seasons and never been replaced. Wengers a stuborn man and that is his bigest problem. It don’t take a genius to realise the squad of players he has will win nothing. You do now start to wonder if it’s time he went. We pay top price for tickets, and we’re not getting what we pay for on the pitch. It’s time the Arsene Wenger Experiment stopped!

  38. yet again arsenal concede from a set play in nearly the exact same spot on the field (after another dubious reffing decision).

    Is diaby secretly a cripple? He is playing terrible in this match

  39. What a joke! Let’s face it we can’t compete against the top tier teams like Chelsea and Man U.

  40. hey gooners im back and i predicted the ground would clear out and i was right. well at least you are a young team and you play pretty football. COME ON YOU BLUES


  41. Wenger picked his team and said I dont really want to win, Where was Djourou and Arshavin – Walcott, Nasri, Song, Diaby, Fabregas. No Wenger!

    4-1, and we have just been thumped by a team we should be on par with. Why! Why are our boys incapable of beating teams they are more talented than, well our line up was pretty crap, why Fabianski? Im pretty fucked off, i dont mind we lost, its the margin of the result.


    I’m glad that Shava (Arshavin nickname in Russia) is on the bench today to show the difference between him and his teammates.

    Nice shots by our players – Walcott, Fabregas.. Weak shots by Anelka, Alex..

    I wish i was MU, Liver, Chelsea fan.. I would be laughing as hell at gunners..

    Waiting for next week game at Old Trafford. Hope Arshavin will be also left on the bench.

  43. Arshavin wasn’t picked because he was sick. There was an excuse not to pick him this time at least!

    Just an honest question, blueboy, which Chelsea players do you actually like?

  44. Serious question. Ok Frank is our main man. Essien is brilliant. Ashley !! Alex – and JT We lack pace but i think the new manager ( hopefully Guus) will sort it out in summer. Arsenal dont have any backbone like the old Petit/Viera days

  45. Guus has been great for you boys, he could be the man to turn you into a really terrifying team. Everyone says that managers can’t come in and prove themselves immediately, but he’s done just that.

    I thought even Chelsea fans hated Cole though. Most of my family are blues fans and they can’t stand him.

  46. This was hard to take. But i think its blessing in disguise, this heavy defeat only adds pressure on Wenger to do what the fans have been asking for since 2006.

    Buy experienced quality players, please Arsene.

  47. Jay Jay, err i think our team is talented but certainly not on par with Chelsea or ManU, the gulf in standard is painfully obvious to see over the seasons and this game just reinforce what we have been fearing. Tabloids are going to have a field day again.

    Its nice to see Bendtner trying untill the end, untill next week, ManU hmmm….they could actually win the league by defeating us. I hope the boys don’t let them do that. It is a blessing in disguise as Gibbs said but I have a feeling Arsene won’t buy anyone.

  48. This team [arsenal] are starting to get beyond a joke. I’m not surprised we lost, what arsenal fan is? We need some english backbone. Wenger just wants teams to let us play our prety football and not tackle our players. Why do we need to make 25 passes before we shoot at goal? It’s time to wave our cheque books at Wenger at our last home game of the season

  49. Again we outplay another team and lose to a sucker punch goal!!!!! Surprised more players didn’t end up with bookings or another all out brawl. Diaby and fabianski are really prone to errors and only saw tweety have 1 good tackle in the entire game although he nearly had a goal. If only rvp and ade played with half the desire theo and bentner has than we would of been a lot closer.
    On the plus side song is a better partner with cesc and he also played well.
    But the arsenal player that stood out above everyone on the whole pitch was gibbs as he played well the whole 90 mins with constant running and tracking back and it was awesome the way he pinched the diving dog drogba off the ball and most of all a big shout out to all those gooners at the match that gave him the backing he deserves as he was unlucky against manure and I have no dought he will be better than clichy and cole combined as the lad has talent and can even cross the ball plus to top it off he has a good throw on him.

  50. Also sf you jinxed us with the lets all laugh at drogba title as he’s laughing now :-[

  51. ‘When sorrows come, they come not single spies
    But in battalions.’ Hamlet

    What a kick in the teeth that result is. More than with the Chumps League exit – at least I was half expecting that. Again The Gunners have flattered to deceive this season. Believe me I’m hurting.

    However…as Gibbs said a few comments back – it may actually be a good thing. Like tough love. Because surely now The Great Man knows he never will get the team he wants with some of these make-weights we have. Let’s get some serious players back in the squad. C’mon, Arsene! On the field. On the bench.

    The Arsenal website says ‘next season now can’t come soon enough for everyone at Emirates Stadium.’ Well it fricken can for me. I don’t even want to look at some of those players again. And I’m dreading what’s going to happen against manure. A beaten, demoralised, failure of a team against a rampaging, super-confident, on-a-roll one who are playing in front of their own baying supporters.


  52. Spnish Fry, really there is nothing good to comment about about. if Arsenal has to challenge for honors and win any trophies in future, then AW has to change his stupid , arrfogant know it all, experimental approach to how Arsenal is going to play and recruitment of players. Chelsea proved it again yesterday, 4 past a confused team with no motivation.
    whichever you you look at it, Arsenals way of play is no longer a threat to English teams which are more physical. ther more reason why youth and inexperience do not have a place in the English premier league. recently Arsenal was struggling to keep pace with Aston villa, this after systematic selling by AW of players who mattered and investing in this noble but stupid idea of youth.

    well, it is my opinion. AW should think, and think hard.

  53. i noe this is past news but we shd have kept hleb and Flamini. that was the recipe for our 49 unbeaten run. henry, pires, ljunberg, to name a few, gelled like crazy. of course that does not happen overnight. this is what s missing in arsenal team today. too many young players, consistency is not there. while i do hope wenger buys a few stars i also do hope he keeps many current ones. then only we can truly cruised. we still can!!!

  54. spanish fry and fatboy – its monday and im on here. i did say your ground would clear again. ONE TEAM IN LONDON NOW. i wonder if Wenger saw the four goals….

  55. The fact remains that this current arsenal team are shameless and not winners.i am really ashamed and humiliated to be an arsenal fan.how can we lose to chelsea and man u in the manner we did.boys are boys and men are men.they are not a serious bunch and in my opinion should be shipped off
    next season is the team for arsenal.what a shame

  56. That fool wenger is saying he will only buy one or two players.just one or two? this is a big shame.i am ashamed of being an arsenal fan.

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