Wenger fibs* about Arshavin as the boys prepare for Everton

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Sweet mother of mercy – what is going on with Andrei Arshavin?

One minute the deal’s on, the next minute it’s off. Then it’s on again, then it’s off again. It reminds me off that clip from The Simpsons where Mrs. Krabappel keeps teasing Bart with a yo-yo. It’s cruel and evil and I don’t like it.

The latest news on this topic is of course the word from Arsene Wenger in the pre-Everton press conference that we have not actually agreed a fee for Arshavin and that we are not close to concluding any transfers. However, after watching the press conference and reading both the manger’s voice and his body language I’ve come to the optimistic conclusion that he’s telling fibs.

I of course can’t substantiate that with anything other than a previously excellent sense of intuition and an increasinly desperate desire for the transfer to go through. It’s just my opinion and it could well be wrong, but at the same time my gut tells me that Wenger’s telling wobblies and there might even have someone else coming in along with Arshavin.

Thankfully the transfer annoyances can be put to one side tonight with the boys facing what is quickly forming as a crunch game against Everton. With Manchester United smashing five past West Brom and Villa sneaking past Pompey we’re now nine points off the top and six off Villa and anything less than a win would heap sever pressure on Arsenal’s situation.

Everton are on a decent run of their own at the moment and are going to be extremely tough to beat away from home. They’ve put in two good performances in a row against Liverpool (*cough*chokers*cough*) despite being forced to play Tim Cahill in the lone-striker role. Nevertheless, as I say before most games, the players we have at our disposal are more than good enough to get the win we require at Goodison Park.

Emmanuel Adebayor will surely return to the starting team in the place of Nicklas Bendtner while the manager needs to choose two from three of Alex Song, Denilson and Abou Diaby in the middle of the pitch. Teacher’s pet Emmanuel Eboue is likely to start on the right with Samir Nasri on the left, although if I was manager I’d be moving Denilson to the right and allowing Song and Diaby to pair up in the middle.

At the back Wenger has admitted he has a decision to make with the return from injury of William Gallas. In terms of getting a result I think Johan Djourou has to remain in the starting side and that means a choice between Gallas and Kolo Toure. Who he goes for I’m not really bothered, but Toure hasn’t done anything particularly wrong in the past few games and it would be somewhat harsh if he was benched again.

I’m feeling extremely excited about this game. It’s going to take a performance of real determination and character for Arsenal to overcome the Goodison crowd and get the job done against David Moyes’ side. Once again it’s a matter of which Arsenal side shows up; the one which sensationally beat Manchester United and Chelse; the one which wobbled to a draw and a defeat at Stoke and Villa Park; or the one which sneaked out results against Bolton and Portsmouth.

I’d take the latter, but I’ll be hoping for the former. The middle option is just too scary to think about. Come on Arsenal!!!

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* May not have been a fib. Claims of fibbing are completely subjective to this blogger’s opinion. Anyone who is unhappy with this can take it up with Mama Fry.


64 thoughts on “Wenger fibs* about Arshavin as the boys prepare for Everton

  1. Lol, nice one SF. From now on, im going to ignore all the headlines with the A word (Arshavin) on them. Im tired of it, Eduardo, Walcott, Cesc and Rosicky will be like “new” signings anyway, so what the hell, we dont need him.
    That team should be too good for Everton. 2-0 to the Arsenal!

  2. BTW, i was watching Simpson last night and he is pretty good. Besides the part where Ronaldo almost scored, he had a decent game.

  3. As a an Everton fan Im also looking forward to tonghts game. It will be refreshing to welcome Arsenal who Ive always admired (as many Everton fans do) and are the team (other than my own) who I want to win the premier. Wenger is also much smarter that that fat, ungracious spanish waiter that we all have to endure when the Liverpool fail to to take anything from a game. At least Wenger acknowedges that good defending is an art in itself. I expect a tight game. The return of Fellaini and hopefully Arteta will bolster Everton and I think we are in for an entertaining and tight game.

  4. “I’d be moving Denilson to the right and allowing Denilson and Diaby to pair up in the middle.”

    Denilson’s performances are improving (thank god) but I’m not sure he’s ready to play in 2 positions at once.

  5. I didnt know we had 2 denilsons.lol. Should be a real good game.iv always liked everton and david moyes.but we got 2 win. If bolton are in tallks with veloso,surely we can aswel

  6. God! You mean Wenger will use Diaby and Ebue today? Chei!! He should please ask Diaby to be brief with the ball. Avoid uneccesary dribbling. Wenger should not combine Toure and Galas. They dont seem to understand themselves. Ciliche should avoid permiting opponent to balance with ball before marking. Nasri should try entering Everton’s defence because he will be underated. We are winning the match 2-0

  7. I would like to see Gibbs fiven a game on the left with nasri on the right. Eboue needs to be dropped to the bench. Hope Arshavin signs as he is the type of player we are missing. Quick and takes defenders on. Come on Arsenal win 2nite!!!!

  8. With Villa continuing to pick up points against tricky teams, well they are still winning whilst i type, it seems Arsenal need to follow them home but we are scraping through games at the minute. The sad thing is though, Villa are buying players this month to maintain there charge and we are messing around playing games with Zenit. If you ask me, and im the biggest Arsenal fan you can get Arsenal have been asking for this for some time, we have been skating on thin ice as far as champions league qualification is concerned and it is only a matter of time before a team beats us to it, Villa may just well this year. Man Uts, chelsea and Liverpool have strengthened, Villa are strengthening and we are loytaring with ordinary players. If Arsenal fail to qualify for CL this season it will be deserved. Arsenal need a huge rocket up thier arse and now.

  9. Just as I get in to work, the dot com reports that Arsenal have not agreed to the fee with Zenit over Andrei Arshavin.

    Also, they are not worried about the deal because Arsenal are playing Everton tomorrow.

    Also, Usmanov has not bought anything, apart from a box of Krispy Kreme’s.

    Also, the only place where we should be getting our news about transfers is from the dot com.

    Also, no deal is none.

    Also, I’m not mentioning this any more, unless he signs for Arsenal and I read about it on the dot com and there is a picture of him holding up the number 613 shirt or what ever “squad number” we have left over.

    Full Stop.

  10. I am no expert on fibbing – only on witnessing Spanish thinking he he is a world beater at everything- including fibbing! Shame spelling wasn’t on the priority list.

    Let’s hope Timmy Cahill doesn’t spoil our party tonight. Come on Arsenal! (That hurts as I grew up in love with Liverpool!)

  11. Whatever he says these days you should take it with a pinch off salt.The latest from comedy Ali or Ali spin is that Everton can win the title i have never ever heard such complete and utter tosh and largely shows that Wenger is getting more and more desperate and delusional in his statements.

  12. I would much rather Timmy Cahill was playing for the Socceroos against Indonesia rather than against the Gunners.

  13. Spanish Fly,
    Zenit want £17m for Arshavin and Arsenal have offered £12m + £3m in the future. They initially rejected that bid but have now accepted it on the condition that Arshavin or Arsenal repay half of a £5m signing on fee Arshavin received. Arshavin’s agent has asked Arsenal to pay the £2.5m or increase his wages to cover the payment. Arsenal have refused as this would mean they would be paying £17.5m for the player! Zenit have switched the emphasis from themselves to Arshavin/Arsenal but are still demanding £17.5m therefore a fee has not really been agreed. So how is Arsene Wenger lying?

  14. This and every other football blog in the world should be grateful for “The Greatest Generator of Speculation, Invention, Guess-work and Pure Bullshit” the January transfer window. Without it there really would be very little to amuse us all in this the dead of winter (Norfolk UK).

    The only way to be sure that any transfer has taken place is when the new player actually runs out onto the pitch. Until then just wait and see

  15. How sad is it that some of us have become so use to Arsene’s constant refusal to spend any money (and their blind faith in him even when he is going off the rails) that they are even taliking the same rubbish like him. Injurfed palyers coming back will be like new signings WHAT A LOAD OF FUCKING BOLLOCKS N

  16. Transfer Period is always a torture time for Arsenal fans. I gave up about Arshavin transfer Saga. My feelings is either we will sign Arshavin or NOONE.

    Why is Bolton targeting Veloso and Arsenal watching? This Portugese guy is pure class. Veloso can improve our team a lot better than Arshavin, me thinks. Veloso is Flamini type player with more technical abilities like Vision and Free kick ability.

    Everton Game: Win is must. My prediction 1-1.

  17. Whats with all the negativity people? We are 8 games unbeaten, in the knock out stages of the ECL, a possible 6 points from the top in the EPL and we have world class players that are coming back from injuries soon. Smile a lil will ya, and stop whinging, its not that bad. We could be Citeh or worse, the Spuds.

  18. Mama Fry,
    Spot on… Now as for being a Liverpool fan? Hopefully that’s been squashed by SF! We all know there is only room for one team in a household…
    We all started out optimistic, especially with the great video compilation. But, as time moves forward and the honeymoon period ends a few red flags begin to appear. AA personal terms…which are somewhat understandable. Why? Money is money…In Russia if you make 50 Thousand/ week you bring home 43,500. In England you bring home 30,000. I’m assuming based on reports from Advocaat; but Arshavin seems like he is stagnant. Point being Zenit finished 5th last year and Advocaat senses a move for AA is both good for Zenit and AA. Lastly, dealing with these Russians is like talking to your wife who just wants you to listen.

    The good thing about playing them is the players earn what they make on the pitch and the fans actually get their moneys worth…So the game will be fantastic! I’m optimistic iff we get on the sheet early…because then Everton will increase pressure and we could easily walk away with 2-0. If not I see a 2-2 draw…

    Lastly, Aston Villa sucks!

  19. Say what you will, but I would prefer to see both Song and Diaby on the bench.

    – – – – – – –
    – – – – – – –
    RVP – Ade

    This would give plenty of cover in the back and would seemingly allow for plenty of flair and inventiveness up front.

  20. Guys the period between now and till the end is going to be one of the most difficult period for us and will be for AW(Still have some faith in him).Personally we all gunners felt that we need Some Bodies in pitch during the transfer window. Because we are seriously short of player in there respective position. But MR Finance (Arsene Wenger) went for an player like Arshavin who I think and most of the people who are watching arsenal when they were invincible would promptly say he is not required. Because AW has made this team which play sleek,quick,passing football. He(Arshavin ) would have been better of playing for an team which requires such ingredient. On serious note when arsenal were invincible we had an sound and effective defence with Lauren-Sol Campbell-Toure-Ashley Cole and Gk as Jens Lehmann. Guys we hardly conceded goals. As midfield was not that worried about the defense that time. We played some scintillating football. Remember 6-0 against Mcity. Oh God give us those days back. But now we have what I can say is one of the weakest defense in TOP 6 clubs.AW the priority was when the season begin was one CDM and CB and still it remains the same. I am not going out of my focus and concentrating on transfer. But don’t you guys think what we are lacking when we see games of gunners. I sometime think that if he is not going to add members to the squad it would be very difficult. We only have few physically fit player to play. As far injured player as new signing concern apart from Eduardo. I don’t see any body coming at the right time. What is the use when fabregas,walcott,rosicky coming when we are 10 point behind Villa and with few games left and already out of the CL and FA cup.WHAT IS POINT OF PLAYER COMING AT THE WRONG TIME please somebody explain

  21. Bottom line is that Zenit never wanted to submit on their price and took advantages of the fact that Arshavin was desperatly hungry for a move by mentionning that he was ready to move out even with a wages cut.Now, they put all the charges over Arsha’s shoulder.Nobody wants to submit on their prices and Arshavin is the one who takes the amount difference from his wages, thats why he is asking for a higher amount.So Obviously, Zenit doesnt wanna make any further steps anymore, thats why they kept on saying that “..Its up to Arshavin now….”.We only have two options here: Either, Arsenal pays for the 2.5M difference or Arshavin just accepts his offered wages and still pay the difference.This is tough!!!I dont see any single sunshine on this transfer so far!!


  23. im sorry guys to have written so long, as my heart cant stand seeing bully people like these Zenit’s guys.For 2.5M, they cant just give the lad a chance to go at tHe age of 27, he only has few years left to show wht he’s got.And the offer is fair, comparing to any PL players price tags.Enugh said!!! lets just wait and see!!!.
    As for the Everton game tonite, i think we’re gonna have a tough game.As i said in the previous post
    that id like to see Vela on our startin 11 which most of you guys has also gone for, but I just dont see it hapennin.Le Boss will stick to Eboue and Nasri on the wings,Deni and Song/Diaby in the middle.Id prefer to see Deni/Song as Deni has made a big improvement on his defence being a gud attackin mdfldr and Song has shown a gud attckin pace durin the Cardiff game, being a DM.So the two would give a combined gud attack and defensif strategy.I say again, my best option is to have Vela on the wing and get Nasri to do Fab’s Job, along with Deni and Eboue.Estimated line up:


  24. @jOHN, TOTALLY RIGHT,except for Deni who is very slow on the wing.But I really agree for Toure being a DM, Its been a long time Ive dreamed to see that happen, but Im sure that it wont happen tonite but may be some other day.

  25. Frankly I dont care if we sign my nan atm, i just want Arsenal to sign somebody. If we didnt need any transfers we would be top of the prem, we are 5th and uncertain of a CL spot, surely thats enough to make you buy. And with only a couple of days left, we still have no-one. Once again Wenger has come out, I have not bid for Richards and We are not close to Arshavin. He enjoys pissing us off im sure. Whenever we get jopeful of a signing, he jus wipes it away.

    As for Everton, would like:
    Sagna, Toure, JD, Clichy
    Eboue, Deni, Song, Nasri
    Rvp, Vela (i know he wont start)
    Subs: Fab(GK), Gallas, Gibbs, Diaby, Niklas, Ade, Wilshere.

  26. @ Balarabe – I know I said anyone, but not Bentley, he scored the worlds flukiest goal past Almunia and he has done nothing for Spurs really, I hate the guy. I would rather AW sign my nan.

  27. @ John – I love your line-up!
    Wenger is going on and on about his selection problems between Djourou/Gallas/Toure – why can’t he just put Toure as a DM?!

    When he first joined Arsenal, he was a defensive midfielder like his brother Yaya – it was Wenger that made him a CB. My point is, it’s his natural position, and with his pace and tackling ability I’m sure he could do a hell of a job in that position!

    I doubt it will happen tonight though, it’s too important a game for Wenger to start experimenting…

    However, for the future, if Gallas is staying for another two years (his contract duration), I definitely hope Wenger will think about “re-adapting” Toure to his natural DM position.

    This could however limit Denilson’s (and also Diaby/Song) playing time – but a little competition for places is just good for the team, and is exactly what we need at the moment IMO.

  28. @Gibbs
    Last time I looked we were 9 points from the top in the EPL – that’s 9 points behind Man U !! Anybody here mad enough to believe we’re going to get that back from Man U ?
    As for being Spuds – well , fair one – but they ARE in the final of the Carling Cup !
    I actually don’t like myself much lately because of my negative attitude but I’m pissed off big style with the whole scenario around Arsenal and the crap about injured players returning being like new signings – where are they living for ****’* sake.We have a game tonight – and then another one , etc, etc, etc.We need players on the pitch , not in the treatment room. We as fans look at and judge a season on titles and trophys – the Board (and AW) judge it on pennies earned ! Yeah, I know, that’s the real world.

  29. Does anybody knows where I can see the game online???

    Stupid fox sports will show Liverpool game instead of Arsenal.

    I use a good site but today they dont have the game in live flash window just using a program and I have Mac and I cant download that programs.

  30. ROBIN VAN PERSIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    We need reinforcements badly. Diaby is trash IMO. One or two skills in 10 games is hardly enough for Arsenal. Get rid of him.

  31. My prediction came right 1-1. I was not confident that we could win at Goodisson park. If you guys watched the match today you will know how we are. Van Persie’s brilliance saved the day for us. We were very poor. Diaby was the weakest link in midfield but overall we lacked vision, intelligence, imagination in midfield. Crappy midfielders like Diaby and Song who cannot make a 10 yard pass or play one touch football are wearing Arsenal shirt. This is absolutely disgrace. Today’s Arsenal looked like a Bolton side.

    HOW THE HELL ON THIS EARTH BAYOR IS MAKING 80K PER WEEK AT ARSENAL. What he did today playing one of the crucial game of the season. He was very very lucky last season with his so-called 30- goal season and now he is making 80k per week. Pathetic.


  32. We nicked a draw in the 92nd minute to a team without a striker.That’s what all the negatativy is about.Now 8 points adrift and played a game more.5 behind Villa! 2 ahead of Everton !Anyone looking forward to (maybe) EUFA Cup ? AW is living in a time capsule and he needs slapping around the head to bring him back to the present.Tonight WAS AWFUL – except for the 92nd minute !

  33. PS- Clichy needs to be benched. I hope Traore or Gibbs can take his spot. Diaby is absolute garbage. Sell him now- make 2 mill and get arshavin. And Adebayor needs to go. Can anyone tell me what he offers us that Bendtner doesnt? I fail to see the point of having him…

  34. Woefull Arsenal, 1-1 what a disgrace, this unacceptable. That Cahill bloke just had to score, great pass from Diaby and brilliant finish by RvP absolutely brilliant! Our midfield really is pathetic, we need Arshavin, Cesc, Rosicky, Walcott and Eduardo badly, very badly. This team is so pathetic, it brings tears to my eyes. 🙁

    RvP is a great player, he and Nasri stood out tonight. I hope Wenger will finally see how much we need Arshavin, and he must act now!

    5 points from the top4 and 8 points from the top. We really have to hustle now!

  35. 11 points from the top if ManU win their game in hand… We just need to finish top 4… Hopefully some points will be dropped by Liverpool/ Chelsea/ Villa

  36. Gibbs; you were talking in this blog about winning 16 of remaining games this season.

    If you play like today we will not beat Spurs; one of the worst team in England. Mark my words.

    Everton are not a great team, no way. But, their determination was spot on. Our team lacked both quality or determination. This team is a shit team. There is some good reasons why football experts are saying that this Arsenal team is the worst in Wenger Era. I have been watching Arsenal since Wenger arriced and I feel the same.

    Almunia – worst Arsenal keeper ever.
    Diaby – worst No 10 played for Arsenal. We used to have Bergkamp in this role.
    Song, Bentdner, Silvestre, Eboue, DEnilson are also not Arsenal standard.
    Adebayor – Most overpaid and overrated striker in Europe.

    Wenger makes 5 million a season, more than Mourinho or Ferguson. What has he done in past 4 years and counting… Of course he has helped the Board to make lots of profit and run a Business at Arsenal.


  37. pple it was all CRAP! CRAP!CRAP CRAP!!CRAP! CRAP! CRAP! CRAP! CRAP! CRAP!CRAP!CRAP! all 90 mins. We need the 3 xtra players. 1,Arshavin, 2,Veloso, 3,any lady from our female team will make the difference.

  38. There were lots of performances today that were sub-par. First and foremost though is Song. He has to go. He is full of energy, but somehow manages to use that as a disadvantage. He has no focus or vision. He just runs. We cannot afford to play him, especially in big games. Clichy has also been quite suspect. It might be time to give Gibbs a run at it and at the very least make Clichy earn his supper again.

    And where was Vela, especially late when we really needed a goal. Wenger needed to put Bendtner and Vela in for Song and Diaby, with Nasri sliding to the middle. Still, I am relieved we have a healthy RVP this season. We surely would not even be within sight of the top 4 if not for the Dutchman’s contributions thus far.

  39. RVP is one of the genuine class player at Arsenal alongside Cesc. Nasri and Sagna are close. No other player’s count in the category of class players. Still some jokers were asking to get rid of Van Persie 3 months earliers. And the same morons support Almunia, Diaby, Song’s in our team. JOKE. Where we would be in the table without Van Persie?

    Janaury 28 is almost over. ZERO signing. Guys, we will play UEFA cup next season. By the way how many teams qualify for UEFA?

  40. @ New-Arse-Hole
    Bash me when we drop points in another 2 games, ’till then, keep the faith. We can still win 16 games this season, all we need is Arshavin, and the injured crew.

    Im going to sleep the pain away now.

  41. @Arse!

    Last year we were in first w/o RVP…This was a hard fixture with few chances either way. That’s football.

  42. Last year we had cesc flamini and helb playing their best so that ade could scrap goals. We can’t expect much from deni, diaby or song, that is their standard and we just have to accept it. If Wenger had confidence in deni he wouldn’t made a failed attempt to get Xabi, deni, diaby and song were supposed to be backups. I have a feeling Wenger is just seeing it out and making the team gel so he can make drastic changes in the summer. Arsene is just saying we have a shot at the title to conjure up confidence on his ‘young’ fragile team. If he dosen’t make some improvements in the summer, then I guess he is either arrogantly overconfident or he is seeing something special in the current team that I don’t see. Anyway our fight is with Villa now, and they don’t look like they are not giving up their 4th place easily. Cheers!Go gunners!

  43. Anyone dares to say that we still need CDM??? No need!!! No creative run from our mdfldr once again.Its true what have been said: We badly need Arsha, the bloody Zenith people are greedy but I think we are gonna have to pay the 2M xtra or give Arsha some more xtra on his wages.We dont have choices, this is a very very very poor squad, we are gonna have to pay more and get Arsha in.RVP and Nasri fought alone by themsleves, there is nothing that our mdfldr has done to create passes and run durin the whole 90′, you better be happy to see one or two single attempt on goal.I CANT BELEIVE THAT I SAW DIABY PLAYIN THE WHOLE 90′ mn YSTDAY, WHILE HE WAS THE CRAPIEST ON THE PITCH.

  44. Can’t Disagree any of the comments that this team is turning into an worst were team that could have played for AW in is time in arsenal. Apart from Fab,Walcott,RVP,Nasri,Toure,Clichy,Sagna I don’t think any one who is first choice for AW is good enough for arsenal to play. Song and Diaby are here in arsenal for more than 2 season. But if they can’t hold the ball in the midfield than why are they called midfielders. I suppose there should some drastic changes required in the current team. Thankful we dint lose the match. Everton I thought were good enough to take all 3 points. But once again RVP saved us. But how many times he will save us ?. Mr. Finance(AW) called it our team had character.

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