Wenger & Fabregas to leave Arsenal? Not a chance.

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Tony Adams shows he knows more about Wenger than the mediaThe latest musings of Spanish Fry

Former Arsenal Football Club captain Tony Adams has brought some sense to the supposed crisis looming over the club by stating that Arsene Wenger’s future is not dependant on his close relationship with recently exited vice-chairman David Dein.

“Arsene was obviously very disappointed David Dein left as they’re very good friends and always worked closely together. But I honestly don’t think it will influence him when it comes to deciding whether he wants another contract. He’s always been very much his own man, who makes his own decisions. He seems like a man who will always honour a contract, so I expect him to still be manager next season.”

It is great to hear such an important member of the Arsenal Football Club community put some logic back into the situation at the club. The media has predictably been in a frenzy over Dein’s exit, going so far as to say that both Wenger and Spanish midfielder Cesc Fabregas could be on the way out of the club at the end of the season.

Arsene Wenger will not follow his old friend David Dein out the doorAll I can say to that is – what a load of rubbish!

We are talking about a man who has spent ten years at the same club building relationships with the board and players based completely on trust and respect, and a 19-year-old who has the maturity to sign an eight year contract so that he does not have to worry about money and can simply enjoy his football.

There is no doubt that Wenger is well-aware of the problems currently facing his beloved Arsenal. But people of his sort do not simply run away at the first sign of a problem. As for Fabregas, it is quite obvious he sees his career as a footballer as such a privilege that he would not throw this into jeopardy by signing for big money clubs like Chelsea, Real Madrid or Barcelona at this stage in his career.

Fabregas is smarter than your average football wonderkidNo one could argue against the fact that the current Arsenal side does has it’s fair share of on-field problems but the fact remains that the off-field harmony that is so valued by Wenger is in good shape. If the club can sort out it’s boardroom dilemma and Wenger can find a suitable goalkeeper, central defender and winger in the summer break then success for the club will be a formality within the next two years. Regardless of this success, Wenger is not the type of man to hide from his problems and will not throw ten years of hard work away because of Dein’s departure.

As Adams said and Fabregas and the rest of the Arsenal squad surely know by now, Wenger is his own man who makes his own decisions. Arsenal fans should take note of this before they start panicking about Wenger leaving the club because his good friend Dein did. Failure to do so would quite simply be an insult to the respect and credibility that he surely deserves after ten years of honest and committed service to the Arsenal Football Club.

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3 thoughts on “Wenger & Fabregas to leave Arsenal? Not a chance.

  1. If ever fabregas decides to leave arsenal, imy only hope is that he stays in the premiership. He brings so much to the game to arsenal’s game in particular!

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