Wenger’s big secret

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Does Wenger have another big signing up his sleeve?Super player still to come for Arsenal?

Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger has given his reasons for signing Croatian striker Eduardo da Silva and French full-back Bacary Sagna in an interview whilst at the club’s training camp in Austria. Wenger mentioned that the departure of Thierry Henry to Barcelona forced him into the Eduardo transfer whilst Sagna was brought to the club with the African Nations Cup firmly in mind.

“I could not go into the new season without a striker. When [Henry] was staying I was buying one super class player. The problem became different when Thierry left. Then I had to buy a striker. Also I came to the idea to buy a full back who can play right or left because we will lose Emmanuel Eboue and Kolo Toure during the African Nations Cup.”

There’s nothing surprising about the manager’s reasons for bringing Eduardo and Sagna to Arsenal, but I am intrigued about Wenger’s words regarding the “super class player”. I would suggest that he means one of two things:

(1) There was a big signing lined up to join Arsenal before Henry left and when the ex-Arsenal captain went to Barcelona the other possible signing fell through. This probably happened because the potential signing was intent on only playing for Arsenal if Henry was present and when the Frenchman left, any hope of luring Wenger’s “super class player” disappeared.

(2) There is big signing yet to come.

Obviously I hope it’s the second option but in all reality I’d suggest it is the first. Maybe Henry’s exit is the reason why Franck Ribery is now playing for Bayern Munich or Florent Malouda is now at Chelsea. If it is the second option then a new wave of speculation and rumour is about to begin for Arsenal fans. In this case, who would you like it to be?

Fabregas would love Wenger to give him the Arsenal captaincy, eventually.Fabregas wants to captain Arsenal

In other news, Spanish midfielder Cesc Fabregas has said that he would love to eventually captain Arsenal and also stressed that he is very excited about the future of the club.

“Everybody wants this kind of responsibility and 100% me as well. It’s something that I have liked ever since I have been young and it would be no problem for me to be captain of this club. The future is looking good. We have very good young players and most of them are teenagers.”

There’s not much left to say about this except that you’ve got to love Fabregas. He’s copped a lot of criticism from the media for supposedly being disloyal to his club but this really couldn’t be further from the truth. He obviously loves Arsenal and these words suggest that he is more than ready to take on a greater responsibility in the wake of Henry’s departure. Players like Fabregas, Gilberto Silva and Kolo Toure will be so important in this period of change. If they can get the younger players thinking positively then it will go a long way to helping produce good results next season.

What do you think?

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47 thoughts on “Wenger’s big secret

  1. One are you did not address in the post was where would this new signing have been put, out on the wing is the first place that springs to mind. If that was the case I would wager that it may well have been Ribery if the deal fell through.

    On a side note the daily telegraph reports we now have first refusal on Luka Mordich ( Spelling ?)of dinamo Zargreb.

  2. Woops forgot to mention Yoan Gouffran made some interesting comments about us to setanta sports yesterday and Anelka is apparently back on the radar.

  3. I dont understand!!
    if Arsene really want to buy “superclass players” who cares if Henry was or not in the team
    thats ilogical
    now that Henry is not in the team he really need to buy a super class striker
    if Henry dont left the team so I will understand that he dont buy “big names” and just buy some good players
    actually I dont think Ribery and Malouda are superclass players, I really like both and they are not superclass, only very good players

  4. let the ‘mysterious’ signing come people.. we definately need more and more especially a wide player… don’t be surprised if we get another striker though coz it is always wenger style in emirates

  5. I don’t think the superclass player Arsene Wenger is talking about is Anelka,
    Don’t be surprised if Wenger sign Eto’o or Robinho.

  6. I too am unsure about the super-class player not joining due to Henry’s departure. I believe Wenger and the Club are far more enticing. A young, talented player who wats to learn may have made the decision to not join due to Henry leaving. However I feel a top class player would find the club and Wenger moer attractive. So I dont believe this supposed “super-class” player didnt join due to Henry. More likely that Wenger had to change his plans.. just a thought tho.. As for potential arrivals.. we are obviously without natural width on the left, and with our massive pitch, I feel this is a needs to be adressed.. As for Modric, i think he is a central player, no? something we definitely do not need.. Gil/Fabby/Diaby/Denilson/Rosicky/Hleb(last 2 i feel are more central than wing..). Quaresma would be an idea, but I think it would have happened if it was going to.. I know its unrealistic now, but Robinho would probably be my choice. It was between Real and us for his signature, and I think he may get sick of the unstability at Real(champs or not). I also think Schuster is tryin to usher in a more Euro style of football, seeing the Brazilians dry up a bit.. Like I said, highly unblikely, but that would be my choice. Only his physical strength would be in question. Weather aside, I think he would acclimatise quickly with Gil, Denilson, Da Silva helping..

  7. Hearing Anekla linked makes my stomach churn. He doesnt even deserve to play AGAINSt us… plus why buy back the guy we got £23m for!?!?!? Robinho or nothing!

  8. I thiught Robinho would be good too, but he is a SS not a LMF. He cannot cross to save his life and will definately not solve our width problem. He is also not clinical enough for me to demand him.

    Anelka however ticks all the boxes fast, strong, clinical and experienced. However I like you do not relish the thought of him returning but sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do.

    My recruitement drive for the rest of the year would probably be domineering CD, 2 wide players, experienced clinical finisher and any super talented youngsters. the team though would be far too big if we were to recruit so many. So I guess we wait for Arsene to decide.

  9. “I thiught Robinho would be good too, but he is a SS not a LMF. He cannot cross to save his life and will definately not solve our width problem. He is also not clinical enough for me to demand him.”

    I totally agree with this statement. Right on the mark.

  10. MexicanGunner – Thanks for your comments about Carlos Vela in the previous post, they were most appreciated. You probably missed it but I asked what your opinion of Vela was? You didn’t seem to think he was ready to play for the Arsenal first team just yet. Why? I’m sure there are a lot of supporters who would love to hear more from you about him.

  11. I do know Robinho is a SS, however, our wing play has dictated a more advanced winger. Its very possible we will use a 4-3-3 more often, and he would make a perfect left-sided advanced player. I slightly disagree about his crossing as that is skill that can be perfected, not necesarily one you either have or dont. He does have natural width, but get the impression that a more traditional Pires style 4-4-2 winger is what you are after. Fair enough.. I dont believe there are any left midfielders available that could improve our team!

  12. Again, great comments. It really does depend whether we’re going to head towards a 4-4-2 or a 4-3-3 next season. I think the next signing (if there is going to be one) will give us a very strong indication of what Wenger’s plans will be.

  13. Arsenal have a young,high quality squad.I am sure we are ready for the battle this season,Our attack will have breathing space this time with Thierry Henry gone.The young gooners upfront will begin to assert themselves and play with solid confidence,Van Persie,Da Silva,Walcott,Adebayor and Bendtner.We waited for Henry to mature and we’ll wait for this team to mature too.
    ”My happiness is that Eboue is an attacking midfilder”

  14. “However I like you do not relish the thought of him returning but sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do.”

    True… but Anelka does tick one other box. A disloyal and troubled fella who has absolutely no loyalty our Club. A guy who has played for how many clubs since he left us? Now he finally scores goals as the only real striker at a direct long ball club(that gives us hell) and he is worthy of the Arsenal?! I dont think he is class enough for us. Class is not only shown on the pitch. Its a shame too because I believe Anelka was the perfect mould for a striker.

  15. Hey there Joshua. I’m hoping the young players up front will flourish without Henry as well. I think you’ve made a great point about staying patient and waiting for these players to mature into a great team.

  16. Words of comfort for all Gooners. Remember when he said we could go a whole season withot losing,be hounest we all thought he was crackers. Anyone remember the ‘Untouchables?’ Wengers plans are lke a jig saw you only see where he’s at,when you have the last couple of pieces|||

  17. I’m not a fan of bringing Anelka to Arsenal at all. Whilst I think he would actually do quite well (and score quite a few goals), signing him would be a step backwards for a squad that is based on youth and looking to the future as a team. Anelka is not the answer in the long term, and signing him as a short-term solution would be a cop-out.

  18. Totally SF. He would probably bang goals in for fun, but it would not be the right move(even if we really needed strikers!). Joshua is spot on too. Just a BIT more patience and we could witness something special. Again. Its a fact Henry’s departure will allow some players to come into their own. Ade in particular could be extremely important for us. A brush with the “clinical finishing wand” would be all he really needs!

  19. Too right. I love Adebayor and I think the criticism that he has copped is totally unfair. He’s an absolute workhorse and if he could just finish the chances he gets a little more clinically he could become an amazingly effective player.

  20. Eddy Wardo and Bakary Boy to get their debuts tonight. Absolutely nothing else is going on in the world. Arsene will sign someone, it won’t be Anelka and it won’t be till after Reyes leaves. I’m so bored.

  21. I personaly believe we should have gone for DRENTHE; now Chelsea want to go for him and put him on the bench. Sometimes I don’t understand AW; his over-reliance on some the players who have proved over and over that they’re not Arsenal quality beats my imagination. I find the arguement of new players hindering the development of some players very weak. Do we stop bringing in new players against the interest of Arsenal or individual players? As Cesc said recently, we’re Arsenal and we need to win trophies. Besides, our rivals are not waiting for our players to develop but will be building year in year out even if they are making huge losses; like Chelsea.

  22. Ade really has to step up this season if we can challenge for the title. Ade is capable of scoring 20 league goals a season if only he can take only two of the scoring chances he misses in a match. At the last match against BARNET Ade actually missed four glaring scoring opportunities and scored only one. In matches against defensive teams like POOL and CHELSEA, those chances don’t come often and when they come we need to take them. There’s no problem with Ade only that he seriously has to work on his finishing and he’ll be a complete player. Already he gives 100% but for the goals; scoring 12 times the whole of last season was not enough methinks. I’m hopeful that this year we’ll see a complete Ade. Mind you he scored thrice against the SPURS so he’s become their new PIRES. Remember, PIRES always scored against our friends down the street.

  23. Drenthe is young and inexperienced and Chelsea would be in for him regardless, there is no point entering a bidding war with them and we cannot compete financially with them either. Sometimes I think this over reliance is borne out due to lack of other means to tackle the problem.
    Fact is we can only table a bid and see.

  24. Im a big fan of Adriano! I heard Real madrid are tryin to but him for 22 million, He would be an exellent replacement for henry dont you think?

  25. Surely Drenthe is going to Real as the replacement for Roberto Carlos…

    klon announced what I was going to. di Maria could get a special ability permit like Denilson. Would love to see him in the squad next season! He would pretty much cover our left sided competetion with Rosicky…
    Anyone know anything about Pedro?

  26. Trunkstuff: They’d be signed and sent to Salamancia in La Liga (possibly with Vela and Merida) for a year for work permit reasons and experience. If Salamancia beat Henry’s Barca next season, I’m gonna be well ecstatic.

  27. Drenthe is a good looking prospect. He was the best player in a fairly bland U21 EC. I think winning the U21 EC will have given him enough confidence to take his game up another level. Chelseas interest will cause any transfer value to spiral, so it may be unrealistic…

  28. Exciting news!! I hope it all goes thru.. I would be happy with those two, even if they are loaned out. If its all true, then we will probably see Freddie stay on.. hopefully..

  29. could anyone tell me, how much money we have for transfers?I think we have to buy migul veloso he is an universal player. he can play in center defence and in midfield(winger too). secondly arsenal must buy a winger like quaresma, jenas, simao, joaquin or drenthe I will be very happy if one of them will be our for the next season:D

  30. di Maria is coming, very good LW; 19 so he can possibly go straight into the first team but why loan him? We should get a working permit for him on the grounds of special talent like the Denilson was brought in. May be he’s the guy Arsene is working to bring in to replace Reyes. Reyes move too might stall as Real is working to bring in Robben of Chelsea. He might be forced to eat back his words or move to a middle table club in Spain. Don’t understand why Spanish players like Almunia, Cesc and Merida can cope living in London but he can’t.

  31. Arsenal are understood to have struck deals for Angel Di Maria and Pedro Silva.
    Another Silva to Arsenal and this time not Gilberto Silva or Da Silva,But Pedro Silva.

  32. The match is over. 3:0 for the Arsenal. Theo was great and is going to develop into an awesome winger. One assist and one goal and a lot of wing play, its only going to build his confidence further. Mind you he’s targeted 10 goals this season. He’s definitely going to give Hleb a run for the RW position; believe he’s in Arsene plans this season. But Song, why still Song, still not convincing to be in the team.

  33. agreed.. Waloctt looked really sharp and will only get better as he adapts to wing play. And as for Song… light years behind Diaby and Denilson, and Flamini is far more effective than him. Please sell him…

  34. agreeed…. teo was great!!!!if arsene buys youth de ridder it would be great. he is very afactive player

  35. oh well angel di maria is the left winger we need, but he is going to be loaned out

    maybe we be signing yoan gouffran soon as well on a similar agreement

  36. The new young players (di Maria and Pedro Silva) are good signings for the future but are not the answer for next season. I just feel there may be one more significant signing on the way.

  37. oh in some comment I read that he will be pleased if Salamanca beats Barca this season but thats not possible because Salamanca is in the 2nd Division

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