Weekend update: Samir Nasri signs for Arsenal

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I don’t usually post on the weekends unless something really important comes up. Obviously this weekend it has.

That’s right, Samir Nasri has finally signed for Arsenal. The attacking midfielder agreed to join Arsenal from Marseille on a long-term contract on an undisclosed fee. Typical.

While it’s certainly not as unexpected as, say, Eduardo’s signing last summer, it’s nice to see the move finally confirmed all the same.

Arsene Wenger had the following to say about Nasri’s capture:

“We are delighted to be signing Samir Nasri. He is young, quick and technically an outstanding player. He has shown great potential with his performances for Marseille and the French national team over the past two seasons and he will add great quality to our squad.”

While Nasri had the following comments to make about joining his new club:

“I’m very happy to become an Arsenal player, it means such a lot to me. This is a very important step in my life as a football player because Arsenal is a massive club. I really hope everything will go well for me here. I will do my best for Arsenal and its fans and I am honoured to be part of such a great football club.”

Good stuff. I have a little bit of gut feeling that this kid could be something special. If he can play in a direct manner and use his obvious pace and creativity to unsettle defenders then I’m in no doubt that Nasri could become a real favourite amongst the Arsenal supporters.

Although it hasn’t been officially announced yet, I’d be 95% confident that Nasri will take on the #8 shirt vacated by Freddie Ljungberg a season ago. Can he be the new Freddie? I think he can.

Let me know what you think about the signing of Nasri by leaving a comment.


23 thoughts on “Weekend update: Samir Nasri signs for Arsenal

  1. Spanishfly,

    The best news I’ve heard since Arsenal were first in the PL last term! I think your right in terms of his potential and position (Ljundberg). But, he’s going to be more skillfull and bring much more to an already robust offense. He will be the winger who beats Van Der Sar or Chech in the 90th min. 2-1 first year!

  2. SF:

    He indeed is a no 8 as per the official Arsenal Website. For some reason I feel the team will be different and very rejuvenated come next season. I also think that he might dislodge one of our wide midfielders easily. Vela might have to set the CC on fire first, but that will be all good. I am anxious to see what AW plays Theo next season. As we are we are getting too crowded upfront and in the midfield(attacking) so the 4-4-1-1 may have to take a back seat if AW had to give playtime to Theo, Bendtner in addition to our bonafide starters (if fit) VanPersie and Eduardo.

    I have a sneaking suspicion that Eduardo will eventualy compicate AW’s life by being fit and better than before in a very short time.

    I can’t wait

  3. YES YES YES BET NEWS BY FAR THANK U SPANISH FRY U just made MY day now I something to tell all the other fools at soccer today. This kid is special and I really hope he does well best of luck NASRI welcome to the club.
    How old is he again?
    I hope this is the first of A few new signings. I heard on the news that HELB is OFFICIALLY signed whit BACA so WE might get another midfielder but do U guys think WE really need another 1.
    And one more question where in the midfield do U see him playing? cause IVE seen him play quite A few places across the park so yeah.
    Take it easy and GO THE GUNNERS.
    KURUPT 😉

  4. @ KURUPT – Nasri is 21. I’m not sure yet where he will play – it really depends whether or another attacking player is signed. I suspect he’ll play wide but he can also play through the middle. It seems like a swap for Hleb’s role.

  5. Nasri is a versatile player he can play across the midfield but he loves going forward at every chance. Fantastic Skill and pace. He grew up in one of Marseille’s tough northern suburbs and he will not be intimidated by the Premiership bully boys.I wish him many years of success at Arsenal.

  6. Just got back from a week in Brisbane and this is very good news. I didn’t keep up to date.

    I am really disappointed and sad about the possibility of Adebayor leaving. He’s just so Arsenal and I’m surprised that he’s looking at leaving.

  7. Looks like youre putting in a bid for Barry, hope you get him, you need some steel in the team.

  8. Am happy now that Nasri has signed, good player, and when your dubbed as the next Zidane you must be happy to but im, am throughly pleased and he can play CAM, CM or on wings, he is class.

  9. YES YES YES!!!!…Finally something good happenin for arsenal rather than Ade and Hleb saga..I belive that Nasri will be a great player and will adapt quickly to arsenal team and tatics…YEAH!!!

  10. Oh to, Oh to be, Oh to be a Gooner! I am hoping that we see some of this new talent that the club has acquired during the friendly next week. Nasri is the kind of player who can very easily become an Arsenal legend. Thankfully Arsenal got the player they really wanted…still think there is more to do but this is very good news! I believe that Theo and Nasri are going to make history together before their careers are over.

  11. Ha, Ha, Ha laugh everybody Milan don’t want Ade anymore as they are signing Ronaldinho and Barcelona has never made an offer for him.He must be feeling embarassed now. How is he going to show his face in front of Wenger and his team mates? He did shit himself really well.Ade you are a fool. He’ll get some stick from the fans. He thought he was a hot shot and the football world is after him.Reality check time.

  12. As an arsenal fan i hope that the signing of Samir Nasri “new Zidane” will make us to make great success for the upcoming english premier, league god bless the gunners.

  13. as an arsenal fc fan i look forward for great success as the signing of the “new zidane” will bring in new changes for the team to make it at the upcoming leagues and other tournaments.

  14. yeaaaaaaaaaa anova fantastic frenchman in the side and kno hes not gonna be a nxt wiltord hes gna be a pires slash catonna slash zidane type of player and by the tym he is 24 (three years) he will be on of thje best in the world .. hes gna have a good season and all of europes top club are goin to prey over him … neway welcome nasri

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