Video Highlights: Arsenal 3-0 Tottenham

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Watch and enjoy!

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32 thoughts on “Video Highlights: Arsenal 3-0 Tottenham

  1. We Played on the first Half one of the wrost performance for us this season at home , But We Scores 2 great great goals and ended the first half In High Mood just like we played the better side by too far from the Sp*rs ..

    I like the commentator thats the real way to cheer on great goals 😛

  2. The commentator was having a major ORGASM especially when Cesc did a Kaka and decided to run the pitch. lol. I like the part when right after the RVP replay when he goes… “oooooooooooh…. Cesc Fabregas… ohhhhhhhhh”

  3. I love that commentator.

    Van Persie’s first goal was underrated. I thought he did brilliantly to get to that ball and knock it past Gomes. Neither was it a stale-mate up to when we scored. We always looked more in control and more likely to score. I don’t think Spurs had had a shot up to then had they? Apart from Bentley’s abortion.

    @GetGunMN re: comments about Diaby from last blog. I was thinking about this today as I sat in the sun happily contemplating a fine win against the riff-raff from the sh*ttier part of Nth London. There can only be one real reason, which is what you’ve said. AW can see as well as us that he’s pretty hopeless – but he must believe that he has some exceptional talent that can only be brought out by playing him as much as possible. Obviously I can’t see it myself – but I defer to The Great Man -and acknowledge that he’s a better judge of players than I am. So hopefully one day a fabulous Diaby will suddenly blossom before our eyes on the pitch. Or failing that – at the end os the season – as you say, he’ll get shot of him. I’ll say one thing though. I bet AW wouldn’t keep faith with him if he wasn’t French! Seriously.

  4. Pitty we did’t draw the spuds away in the cc next game but our kids will avenge our fallen brothers in the game and hopefully eboue will stamp on ade.

  5. …-al a badada, which language is that? (I refer to the commentator), but yeah, he’s really enthousiastic! … 😉

  6. Fantastic , d match was absolutely fantastic. Fabregas goal was exceptional with d 2 goals 4rm r.v.p .arsenal ave taught spurs a football lesson.

  7. Cesc took a big step towards becoming a Gunner legend with that goal. Terrific stuff, could easily have been 5-0 and I’m glad Almunia had a good game as well. It’s all looking rosy.

  8. Hey Nonny Nouse, remember the ‘smiling fool’ Reyes? AW kept playing that useless piece of shit as well until he was pissed off at the end of the season to Atletico Madrid I think. Whatever happened to him anyway?

  9. You have to admit that Diaby is a bit of a rough diamond. For the most part his game is lacking and he’s eclipsed by every other player on the team, but sometimes he sticks in a great tackle or brilliant dribble that someone of his skill level shouldn’t be capable of. I reckon that spontaneity and unpredictability is what makes Arsene continue to select him. It’s the only thing I can come up with! I doubt he’d keep playing a player until he’s good enough to sell.

    Fabregas’ goal will be my new homepage this week. Exquisite stuff.

  10. @nonny mouse,
    before the season started i made a conscious decision to not critisise any of our players for the sake of it,havin seen some of the unwarranted stick that diaby,eboue,song and nic wud come in for…there is nothin personal wit almunia hes loyal and a fine professional,maybe the best at the club….but he simply isnt the standard we need and NO he does not instil confidence in the team,i can go back to so many times he has been at fault in games…yesterday was his first clean sheet dis season and they had two shots….darragh how you cud compare the mannone save last week to almunias is disturbing…west hams free went over the wall to the unguarded side of the goal where he made a great reaction save and was unlucky,bentleys free yesterday went to the side he was standing and was straight at him…there were no need for the theatrical dive,had ledley king buried a header from the corner ud be sayin different today no doubt,or maybe u just dont see these things
    if a team has 5 shots on our goal almunia wil concede twice, his shots to saves is appalling but alot of you seem to think becos he makes these ‘photo friendly’ diving saves when a standing catch would hav sufficed that hes a worthy no 1…wel hes not and it would be much more beneficial to us to hav either of the younger lads in there where they hav a chance to learn their trade…them makin mistakes is acceptable because they will learn..almunias around long enough now and still makes some terrible and COSTLY errors…..
    CL final-atrocious rookie near post errors
    liverpool last year keane goal,rooted to his line after ridiculous punt upfield by carragher
    manu game…a simple call and diaby doesnt even go near it
    man city game they had 6 shots on target
    for cryin out loud,ul all bitch about him in march…im just doin it in advance

    Posted by shambogunner | November 1, 2009, 10:23 pm

  11. Those of you criticising Diaby are just a bunch of brain dead sheep who have jumped on a bandwagon started by a couple of non-entities with Arsenal blogs. But he will make you eat your words just as Denilson, Song and Eboue have.

  12. what a comentator !!!! man if u understand what he is sayin u would never wanna watch a game with him commentating !!!!! its arabic by the way!!! cesc lovely!! van persi first goal mirecly !!

  13. Great result. Wonderful goal by Fab. To be perfectly honest though the Spuds were missing arguably their three best weapons. I was actually quite happy with Van Persie especially when he took some time to tell Nik giving the ball away that cheaply was not acceptable. Cesc is a calm controlled captain but it’s good to see RVP showing some emotion and letting the lads know about what’s expected of them.

    I worry about when the African Cup rolls around. I hope AW knows what he’s doing and we can soldier on without Song Bilong.

  14. Outstanding performance…We should have had 6 and spurs were very lucky not to be looking at a cricket score…They came to match up and could only contain…They are not known for discipline and it was only a matter of time before they conceded!

  15. @Passenal re: Diaby’s critics are brain dead sheep? I disagree with that comment. If you have a real argument, you are welcome to make them. We’re simply concerned and trying to figure out Wenger’s motivation as Diaby is not carrying his own weight right now. That is clumsy in tackle and wasteful in possession. Just my observation. He may turn out to be incredible player next year as Nonny Mouse mentioned above.

    Btw, when we trash a team, why is it all the pundits line up to tell us that the other team’s defense was shambolic? So we can’t do this on our own without the help of the opposition giving us gifts? And none of them think we can win the championship. ManC also tied, oh well.

  16. man city wud hav been beat 3-0 had it not been for shay given,who is a proper match winning goalkeeper…it makes my blood boil when i think of how wenger let him go to city

  17. @shambogunner .Your’s is not the only blood boiling buddy – for me it was the biggest mistake Wenger has made – and I was saying it here when Given was up for grabs .

  18. @spanishgunner
    if we had signed him wed be a serious outfit mate…thats wot a top four goalkeeper is all about,he is the only reason they came away with a point there and that puts them level with us and cud be a huge point come the end of the season, hes gained them points single handedly before this and will do it again plenty if times before the season ends…thats wot im sayin we lack.
    van der sar and cech will do the same when called upon and im afraid wel be found wanting in this position…a player like given is invaluable…and we turned our noses up at a 5m askin price……its sick

  19. wow. even winning against Spurs 3-0 everyone is whining about how bad we played.

    man. get a life. we won 3-0! Against Spurs! After all those comments by Spurs! That was a great game. had a smile on my face the whole day.

    i’ll just wait till Andy gives his thoughts on the game. my comments be wasted among tabloids fans.

    we won 3-0!

  20. my apologies. everyone is too generalized.

    just irritated, people tend to see the glass half-empty as opposed to half full

  21. not at all dat result made my weekend aswel but can we not hav a debate about somethin that is gonna play a huge part in our season??i apologise if im not like sum dudes in here who when we lose dog our lads out of it,i speak the truth when wer winnin or losin which makes it an honest valid opinion..i cud wait for his next mistake and do it then with 50 others if ud like
    anyway theres no such thing as a pessimistic ‘glass half empty’ arsenal fan..its not possible wer all eternal optimists thanks to AW,otherwise wed be supporting the so called ‘winning clubs’ the last 4years
    wots with the blog being so quiet lately…i love this place
    andy hows ur hangover???i wudda loved to see u and ur mates for cescs goal i was doin cartwheels in my livin room

  22. Its performances like that make me sit back and just enjoy watching the team play. But seeing the players enjoy playing, and playing with enthusiasm, and enjoyment is really good. I love fabregas. I hope the team becomes so good that he never leaves…..

  23. I still think we need a world class keeper like Lehman when he saved the penalty in CL Simi final.
    I still remember Ronaldo’s goal in CL Simi final against us, Alumina was poor, but the whole team was poor too.
    I don’t think we will win the title until we sort out our form away from home (2 loses at Manchester and the 2 points at West ham) But still I support them and I am hopping they will proof me wrong this season, because I am tired of hearing this team will be good in 3 years. Who remembers who finished 2nd let alone 4th?

  24. Mannone is the sole reason we walked away from Craven Cottage with any points a couple of weeks ago. I think every keeper has his day and doesn’t have to be a big name to have a safe pair of hands. Given is 33 and probably only has a couple of seasons left in the tank, I’d have preferred we kept the 7 million and given one of our other four keepers a chance. Just my two pence.

  25. It has all been said above. The commentator sounded like he was having a knee-trembler when he described Cesc’s goal. HA HA.

  26. Our guys played a fantastic ball i encourage them to keep it thanks RVP and the solid diffensive Galls, Thomas job well done….

  27. @ leo lehman was really great in the cl final though????? really don’t understand why gormless gomes is no.1 when I’d be happy if we had cudchini as 1st choice instead of almunia. But I’m happy with him as all keepers make blunders and he is a great keeper when he is on form.

  28. it took time to break the spurs defence then they lost concentration then we took advantage but i can see why arsen was livid we must not get carried away and protect our back four and be alert the whole game great result well done

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